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Radioactive Home (Demo) by herothing

Ceamonks890 2 3 2 4
DJ Full 2 1 1 2
dmdibl 2 1 4 5
eRIC 3 2 4 4
eTux 2 1 2 2
Gerty 2 1 3 3
Jay 4 4 6 5
John 2 5 2 3
manarch2 2 2 3 4
MichaelP 3 3 3 2
Obig 2 3 3 2
Orbit Dream 2 3 5 6
rtrger 2 5 3 3
Ryan 2 3 3 3
TheStig 3 3 3 4
Treeble 2 3 2 2
Xela 2 2 4 4
release date: 13-Apr-2009
# of downloads: 104

average rating: 2.87
review count: 17
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file size: 25.67 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I admit this feels a bit like a "cheat day" by using this level for my daily TRLE quota on a Saturday, but there are so many different things I want (and have) to do that this will have to suffice. Anyway, this demo, which is the only release from the author, is an entertaining take on the manor for however little it lasts. Only two areas are actually toxic, and the manor does feel like a hollowed out version of its former state. The Doppelganger outfit is nicely recreated but something felt off about her proportions (maybe just the lighting) and I couldn't help but imagine the discomfort of wearing the belt that low. DJ Full warns about potential crashes, but by following the short walkthrough I didn't run into any, fortunately. 5 minutes. 06/22" - Treeble (26-Jun-2022)
"back in a tr2 style home with same textures and layout mostly as the original, but the twist this time is that you play as the doppleganger how cool is that! but as far as the gameplay is concerned it was far from cool i can tell you that, i know its a demo but its just too short and simple with no puzzles or fun tasks. ok so you wander around outside and inside looking for things to do and then you find that when you get to the attic you can reach the bedroom balcony below from a window and so enter the bedroom but as soon as you enter laras health starts to decline so you have get to those switches quick, this trick is also in the library for you to quickly pick up a shotgun, its quite an neat idea but then its gets dull after you find a key in an underwater chamber leading off the pool room and put it in a lock upstairs and thats mostly it! all done in 10 mins! but at least to my surprise kurtis is there waiting behind the final door how nice to see him again but unfortunately in order to finish the game you have to kill him which i didnt want to do!. ok to sum up theres some good ideas here but it all feels just so unfinished and disappointing actually because of the wasted potential since a full level or game was ever made" - John (07-Aug-2021)
"A mansion level with a partially interesting concept: make some of the rooms radioactive. Sadly, not much has been brought to the fore. Surely some tanks could have been leaking radioactive liquids, or have some poisonous steam deplete Lara's health, rather than having her health go down in an otherwise normal looking room. Once you rescue Kurtis and shoot him (playing as the doppelganger) the level ends." - Ryan (16-Apr-2017)
"Yet another Core Design-styled Croft Manor release, with the major differences this time being the fact that some rooms are radioactive as alluded to in the title(but in more of a contrived fashion), considerable aspects of the general manor design are missing, we find ourselves killing off Kurtis for some reason at the end and of course, we're playing as the TR Underworld Doppelganger... 'cause reasons. So yeah, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (28-Jun-2015)
"Let me start off by stating how much I adore home levels. I know--every builder has built one, the genre is supersaturated, etc. But there's a certain peaceful charm to the tranquility found in Lara's usually non-threatening home. Something to come back and just enjoy without really needing a goal. But most of those qualities are not apparent here. It's dark, foreboding, and incomplete. Parts of the house are clearly missing. And I have no idea why there are radioactive rooms; there is no context for that occurrence. Surprisingly the best parts of this level are some of the interesting decorative choices and the lighting, which portrays night decently. I guess I can kind of see the authors intentions, but I don't think very much could be done to broaden this piece." - Xela (28-Feb-2014)
"The "storyline" really describes this level perfect: We are (yet again...) at Lara's mansion, and some rooms are radioactive. That's it. Bit of running around, pulling a lever, finding and using a key and then have a short "boss fight" against Kurtis. Texturing was mediocre, lighting not to nearly not existing. Very few objects made this level feel empty. Not recommended." - manarch2 (26-Sep-2011)
"The game crashes without warning unless you replace Tomb_NextGeneration.dll with the working one. I took version (from Daffy's "My Debut" level) and it works properly. So: the place resembles a house and we need to find a key to kill the boss locked in Winston's room. This is the whole level. There are two timed damage rooms to be quick inside them, two good sounds, one misplaced, and lots of useless shells. The door we need to open sometimes doesn't work, so despite of the fact there is no option for us to miss the key, we "search" for it, wondering what we did wrong. And even if the door works properly, linear and obvious gameplay makes the game more boring than it is when the bug occurs. SUMMARY: Definitely overrated. No play here." - DJ Full (06-Nov-2010)
"It's a demo. The author's first meeting with the Level Editor. Anyway there are good ideas, for expamle the damaged air lybrary. Don't want much from this level, just from the second one. I hope we will see. :)" - Obig (30-May-2010)
"A mansion level with a twist more as a demo. Although you can venture yourself a lot here , the things that have to be done are rather few. The setting is rather bright inside and quite dark in the gardens. The radioactive rooms is well done , and for that alone this level is worthy to be tried." - eRIC (25-Apr-2010)
"I agree that this can be a five minute level, assuming that a player isn't misled by some reviews. The radioactive feature, or poison gas, or whatever, is easy to implement, but doesn't really work with the home. So we are left with a shotgun pickup that isn't needed, and an upper door near the music room that doesn't open. The basement door is missing; so is the door to the trophy room. Lara jumps out a window, the rest follows, to end shooting a prisoner. Bah, humbug!" - dmdibl (20-Apr-2010)
"I didn't find anything to do in this level. Although I found some camera bugs, and the level crashes if you step onto a square. I liked the objects, and the texturing isn't so bad, but I found a few places with streched textures. The radioactive room is a nice idea, but the builder didn't exploit it enough. Good start, but more gameplay is crucial to create a good level." - rtrger (02-Apr-2010)
"There is not much to do in this demo house level. Apart from being quick about it in some of the rooms, as they are toxic. And that was the only part I liked, as the rest is just the same old, same old. Do kill Kurtis or else you still be running around in this rather empty house." - Gerty (09-Jul-2009)
"While another uninspired Lara's Mansion level would probably be the last thing on my agenda, some impostor had managed to review this as me, so one of the things to rectify the situation was to provide my actual opinion on it. That said - I can't say that this is completely uninspired - the rooms which were supposed to be radioactive was an innovative enough addition, though it rarely made sense why some rooms were hazardous and while others were not. The level in its entirety felt like it had come out very prematurely - the lighting was basically non-existent, geometry sloppy (even some hedges were not raised the 2 clicks that would've made them distinguishable as such, etc.), the game simply froze for me if I dared exploring the outdoors armed, but considering that the only casualty of the level is Kurtis, you needn't really use your weapons for anything else here until you meet him or save for your OCD forcing you to shoot all the (mostly empty) boxes. There's nothing really to write home about here, but if the author ever expands on the radioactivity idea for a more original project, I'd certainly look forward to it." - eTux (07-Jul-2009)
"Another day,another Home;and this one differs only in having a couple of rooms which rapidly drain Lara's health - inexplicably. Rescue Kurt,shoot him and end the level.Nothing else to add except that your game might crash if you venture outside with guns drawn;not that there's anything to see out there,anyway.Come to think of it,there's not much to be seen inside the house either.Ultimately,it's a partially interesting concept;but a concept is absolutely all it is.A level,it isn't." - Orbit Dream (19-May-2009)
"I am guessing that David may be a relatively young new builder (and also reviewer) and his debut level here shows some promise, but also all the signs of a premature release. I liked the gameplay idea of having to do a (sort of timed) task in the 'radioactive' rooms to progress, but within about 10 minutes or so the guy that looks like Kurtis is freed from his room and despite searching for quite some time I simply could not find anything else to do, nor did I run into a finish trigger anywhere. Later I found out from the author that you actually have to kill poor Kurtis and will then hit the finish trigger right at the entrance of the room, so it is actually possible to finish this level within about 2 minutes and you don't ever need to really go to the outside areas. You play with a doppelgaenger Lara, which I find rather ugly and there is almost no lighting except for a few shadows that have been placed to make a few corners look dark. Needs a lot more work before it turns into a decent playable adventure." - MichaelP (13-Apr-2009)
"I always did find the mansion a bit toxic, but now some of it really, literally is, which necessitates taking a deep breath and doing everything on the run. This is a brave attempt for a debut level - I've seen far worse - but it's very short and the gameplay is meagre to say the least. I had a good look round the grounds, but didn't find anything to do, so I had a quick go on the obstacle course, for old times' sake and rather enjoyed shooting out all the mansion windows, so if you fancy a little wanton destruction, go ahead. Otherwise, it's just a quick explore with a couple of pickups and one enemy and the game ends once you shoot him." - Jay (13-Apr-2009)
"Atmospeherics wise this intially looked promising. Bearing in mind it's a debut level it's not bad work, but I found myself struggling against a series of bizzare camera bugs. The camera would often become fixed, with lara moving away and then the screen would go black. Not a bad start, but definately more testing required before future releases." - TheStig (13-Apr-2009)