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Rock the Easter Boat by illyaine

afzalmiah 8 9 8 9
Akcy 6 9 10 9
Andzia9 9 7 9 10
Bene 8 9 10 9
Czar 6 7 8 9
DJ Full 8 7 9 8
dmdibl 8 9 9 9
herothing 7 7 10 8
High Priestess 7 5 10 10
Jack& 6 8 9 8
Jay 8 9 10 10
Jerry 8 9 9 9
John 6 7 8 8
Jose 8 8 9 9
manarch2 7 9 8 8
MichaelP 8 10 9 8
misho98 7 8 8 8
Mytly 6 8 9 8
Oxy 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Razzi 9 9 9 10
Ruben 8 8 10 9
Ryan 7 9 9 9
Shady Croft 8 9 9 9
Shandroid 8 9 9 8
Spike 5 9 9 8
TheStig 9 9 9 10
totizedger 8 9 9 8
Treeble 7 9 10 10
release date: 13-Apr-2009
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 8.45
review count: 29
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file size: 40.42 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What a lovely ride. The boat works exactly as it did in TR2 (and the author even recreated the puzzle where you have to lock doors to raise the water level, which I often wondered how that would work out in real life Venice). It's a short, but super sweet, quest for an easter bunny through beautiful environments and a very relaxing atmosphere. This 'pick-me-up' really was what I needed after a stressful couple of weeks at work, truly. I now have half of a password for a still functional website, so I'm making sure the next level I play is The Eastermansion where apparently I'll find the rest of it. 25 minutes, 1 secret. 06/22" - Treeble (26-Jun-2022)
"A very calm relaxed and gentle little level we have here taking place outside and inside buildings and courtyards with some driving on waterways/lakes rivers etc with the speed boat. Its very bright and serene with sun shining and birds singing with lovely textures music and cameras as well. the gameplay perfectly fits the vibe with all the tasks and puzzles being quite straight forward and simple with no traps or enemies to kill the mood. theres some swimming, a clever pushable puzzle, platforming and climbing, item finding and using with some nice rides on the boat as well through pleasant areas. so if your looking for something easy and relaxing then give this one a go but for me personally there just wasnt enough variety and challenge here and with a lack of original puzzles, interesting tasks, traps or timed runs i found myself slightly disappointed when it ended after less than 30 mins" - John (18-Nov-2021)
"This is another Easter level that boasts gorgeous surroundings and well fitting music. It's maybe a little garish at times but I'd rather take that than stumbling around in the dark any day. Objects are also used nicely but I must have missed the scarecrow as I ended up blazing through the level in around half an hour. The highlight is definitely the boat journeys down waterfalls and through streams. Otherwise the gameplay is simple, with an admittedly rather neat pushable puzzle, some item searching and some switches to pull. I suppose this is fine for a placid level such as this, but I personally would have preferred a little more variety and possibly a longer length. It's still a pleasant experience though." - Ryan (16-Feb-2018)
"This short Easter level doesn't offer much in gameplay as most of it is rocking the boat through long rivers and running around big areas. The scenery is definitely beautiful although a bit too artificial for my taste. The atmosphere is amazing but the backing soundtracks don't really match the surroundings in my opinion. Anyway, if you need something simple, relaxed and enemy-free - this is a great choice!" - misho98 (16-Apr-2016)
"I noticed this level is complementary with l.m.'s Eastermansion (they give a combined password for resources I need), so I decided to continue with this one as a sequel or prequel. The worst thing in this level is exactly the same as in all other boat levels: You never know if the surroundings are explorable or not, so such adventure is always both filled with thrill and doubt. Fortunately the author clearly stated there is just one secret, and since I found it in the prologue zone (a half of the game considering sudden speed change at entering the boat), I was quite calm for the whole ride. Nonetheless I swam through one or two pools, curious if there's something at the bottom (either I didn't find it, or it wasn't). For the dry part of the game, it's structure remains a total mystery to me. Hard to tell if a passage entered is a corridor or a space between two houses. Can't specify if the ending rooftops are rooftops or streets. We exit a cave and find ourselves under a roof, one without transition to the other, and there's a piano in the middle of everything, followed by a barn exit door, and a fountain standing on the bank of river filled with water. Nonetheless if we look in a bit larger scale, we can see the surrounding bulk has recognizable shapes of a city, cave or canyon, though you need to stand very, very far. I think this is some kind of "integral disintegration". The level didn't have to be sized that big. But it's easy and plays smoothly, so I ended after 40 minutes in stats with frequent help of sprint button. On this rapid way, I met two characters of scarecrow and cat, both matching the theme desired, and it's really good they could be thrown in, because a rush level needs somebody who isn't in haste. Wait, so maybe I can also count the bunny or the ladybug, because they never moved a mesh. SUMMARY: This level stands in total oposition (if one can stand in partial) to Fortress of Fear I played recently. Hard to believe it's the same builder responsible. But this is a clear sight of a mature author. Recommended, like everything else I recommend." - DJ Full (09-Apr-2015)
"Im so happy i got the chance to play this level as it was deleted from this website. This is a peaceful raid in a beautiful environment with fast paced gameplay ensuring you an enjoyable raid for the time it lasts. I particularly loved the boat ride and the scarecrow running around the place. The one secret was well hidden and sadly i know exactly where it was now but oh well it doesn't matter too much i guess. I recommend playing this while easter is here as it actually helps with enjoying it even more. It has a very good atmosphere both in the visuals and audio. I just loved hearing the birds in the background." - totizedger (27-Mar-2014)
"Gameplay is very easy, no enemies and traps as it should be in such a festive peaceful level. I had much fun with the boat. Very nice objects and texturing, wonderful choice of musics. There were invisible walls, that's a cheap solution to limit the movement of the player, if an area looks perfectly accessible then it should be. The level is so short, left me wanting more." - Akcy (15-Oct-2011)
"A very unique experience here with many interesting objects like the wind mill and some enjoyable rides with the boat, including a nice climb-out. The texturing was very good and the bland lighting too. Gameplay was rather easy but it still was much fun, except some annoying shimmies around the roofs or some climbing on a pole, which was quite tedious. There also was a good amount of backtracking in the second part of part 1, but two good puzzles, first with pushblock/raising block, then with raising the water level, sorted this. It was a nice level, it ended much too soon after just 25 minutes. One secret found, with a strange message I couldn't use anywhere. I will look for the meaning of it." - manarch2 (20-Mar-2011)
"This was a really enjoyable level. Nothing was too annoying and the level flows quite quickly. The texturing was good and not any flaws (I think). There is a short second part which is a lot easier than the first. My favourite part was the boat ride. It was one of the best tomb raider experience ever! A very talented builder and recommended to everyone." - afzalmiah (03-Mar-2011)
"Very short but beautiful level. No enemies, no weapons and no traps, so this level is for children too. Nice rooms, lovely gardens mades that playing is pleasent. Only defect is there is nothing much to do. Only one puzzle and very few pick ups. But riding on boat was fun." - Andzia9 (02-Apr-2010)
"This is above all a very charming level, albeit disappointingly brief. It put me in mind of Holland with it's charming little windmills and beautiful flower-filled terrain. There are no weapons involved in this game for there are no enemies to tackle and if you want a bit of "Alice in Wonderland-esque" surreal adventure you'll enjoy this level with it's beautiful music and vibrant settings. It may arguably appeal to a gentler gamer and it may not be challenging enough for the more seasoned player but don't be detered by that for this is something of a coffee time treat. And the boat does indeed handle the tall waterfalls with ease, causing Lara virtually no damage. I was definitely left wanting more though and maybe this is part of it's charm in that it leaves you when your enjoyment is at a peak!" - High Priestess (09-Jul-2009)
"Being a fan of Illyaine's levels, I was really looking forward to this one, and upon level load I could instantly recognise this as one of his, for he always seems to capture that same feel, a feel which I can't describe but which seems uniquely him. So, screaming Illyaine quality then, I am hopeful for another great adventure. The early part of this game has some irksome pushing with a pedestal to an upper level. This I thought was slightly over-long. Likewise, a roof shimmy too was over-long, but neither seriously detract from the level. In the background the player is serenaded by some beautiful birdsong as the first part of the game is figured out. As things transpired for me it all turned out to be rather simple and didn't contain the extensive and intricate environments I've come to expect from this builder. Before I know it the second part is loading with a wonderful flyby of beautiful waterways, gloriously lit rocky edifices and a picturesque windmill. When control of Lara is returned to the player we are close to a speed boat. I am not convinced this will be a vehicle for use but try anyway, and much to my pleasant surprise it is. The animation of Lara climbing into it is almost perfect and it is so nice to finally see a really well animated speed boat in use in a custom level. So off I speed, enjoying the long drive over the water and the easy drops off the edge of several waterfalls is great fun. Before I know it I have completed an egg puzzle and find myself at a series of locks. Getting the boat straight through to higher water levels without any hassle I come to an area of buildings in water, complete what needs to be done there and before I know it the level is finished. At the end of it I am left perplexed, fail to see any real, solid cohesion and can't help but think I've had some kind of bug and missed a lot. Maybe I was expecting too much but this really seemed like a ten minute job to me that unfolded like a demo rather than a fully fleshed-out game. So empty I found it that it's been hard for me to write a reasonable review. I'm even reticent, knowing how much of an expert builder Illyaine actually is, but for me this one really fell short. Scoring then will largely reflect appearance and the great fun with the boat alone." - Czar (05-Jul-2009)
"Easter levels - filled with eggs, bunnies, and furniture that you'd never even consider buying in real life. The same applies to this level, which is as a whole a nicely designed romp through a cheerful and bright environment, yet one that doesn't particularly deliver in the gameplay department. The visuals are the main appeal of these two short levels, with the sunny and well-designed locales being perfectly suited to the Easter theme. Objects are also used well throughout, adding greatly to the overall feel of the level. The atmosphere, sound and cameras are particularly difficult to fault, although the audio at times seemed to oddly flick between tweeting birds and what could easily be the soundtrack to a televised thriller. The gameplay on the other hand is less successful, being particularly uninteresting and simple as a whole. It may indeed be suitable for the calm and relaxing nature of an Easter level, but the majority of TR players will likely breeze through it at a decent speed. Recommended, but perhaps only if you're looking for a relaxing and visually appealing experience that doesn't require much effort on your behalf." - Spike (02-Jul-2009)
"A short level, with lots of pleasant scenery, and little to impede the forward motion. There is the title boat to drive, very maneuverable, though it took me a while to hit on Ctrl-Shift-Left or -Right Arrow for Lara to exit the boat. Lara gets to rev the boat over some high falls, which seems inadvisable, but the boat takes it in stride. All this is good fun. We have the same cat that was hanging around in the author's previous Easter level, and an active scarecrow running about on a high hill. Sometimes there were invisible barriers, some preventing Lara from exploring the rocks by a falls. And when Lara was swimming underwater the light level was unreasonably dim. Ends with Lara picking up a cute Easter bunny. No guns or violence, overall a lovely interlude in keeping with the Easter season." - dmdibl (11-May-2009)
"Quite a nice level. I thought it was well thought out and i liked the idea and the way the pushable easter egg with stand thing was used. I liked the most out of all of it, the music as soon as you get into the boat; very nice :D. The costume was not so good, i dont think it fitted in as well, i did think the disability of weapons was good also. Nice Work ;) Overall - 8/10" - herothing (02-May-2009)
"This level has a very nice environment, full of flowers, full of light, marvellous landscapes, water channels and lakes. You'll ride several boats to finally get your prize, a bunny. There's not difficult tasks, only explore, find objects and receptacles to place them and solve some puzzles. Suitable for children, there are not guns or ammo, you don't need to fire a single shot to finish the game. Short levels to admire the environment." - Jose (01-May-2009)
"A fun little level, with lovely, colourful textures, nice music, and an enjoyable boat ride. But unfortunately, that's pretty much all that can be said about it. The gameplay is extremely basic and consists mainly of riding around in the boat. No traps, no challenging jumps or puzzles, no enemies, no weapons at all. All of which makes for a very simple and tension-free journey, appropriate enough for an Easter level ... though it does leave one vaguely unsatisfied. The bright, cheerful textures and lighting, while quite suitable for the theme of this level, could get a little too bright at times. Most levels tend to be too dark for my taste, but this one went to the other extreme - the courtyard at the beginning was so bright that it hurt my eyes and I had to turn down the brightness on my monitor. The music was lovely - nothing negative to be said about it. My favourite bit in the whole level - apart from the boat - was the cute little cat. I wish it had had a larger role - I kept expecting it would lead me to something important. This was a recurring flaw in the level: simply not enough things to do in it. Even exploration was hampered by blatant invisible walls everywhere. On the whole, it was a nice enough level, though not one I'll be replaying, unless I feel like taking Lara on a boat-ride again." - Mytly (01-May-2009)
"Almost as bright as one would imagine the first Easter morn to have been - maybe a bit too much so for most monitors but rather a relief to all who dislike dark levels. In fact, there is nothing dark about this second Easter level; once again, no enemies, traps etc. And no pistols. But a way is found to enter windowed areas - simply walk through to break and enter. It's a nice little fun surprise as are the boat rides and figuring out how to jump from them. There's a funny little scarecrow up above on an area Lara can't get to; it's like a little 'Easter egg' within and the little ones enjoyed spotting it. In fact, their little hands were all over the keyboard once they heard the object was to find the Easter Bunny. The atmosphere is perfect for a game that can be shared with the little Raiders-In-Training. The ending seemed to come too quickly but that may be because we were all having such a good time, we didn't want it to end." - Bene (27-Apr-2009)
"There are no enemies here, or even traps for that matter, so the natural emphasis is on visual and auditory appointments. Even on my too-dark home monitor this level provided plenty of ambient lighting, so you'll find no complaints from me on that score. If the sound of trilling birds soothes your nerves, you'll be practically comatose by the time you finish after 45 minutes or so. If, on the other hand, such background sounds tend to drive you batty (yes, I know, a mixed metaphor), you may want to turn down the sound a bit. Part of the fun here is the required use of a motorboat to carry you from one part of the level to the next. Nothing fancy or particularly noteworthy, but the eye-pleasing scenery made this one of the more memorable levels I've played recently. Recommended whether it's Easter time or not." - Phil (27-Apr-2009)
"well a pleasant little game with some nice boat ride across waterfalls some eggs picking 2 keys red and gold some levers to pull reali nothing difficult ... what was frustrating is the get off from boat at open water wich u need to doo several times and this is a big throwback at albeit nice game ....." - Jack& (27-Apr-2009)
"The boat section was simply brilliant and I say kudos to Illyaine for it, and the outdoor fields were really beautiful, but other than that, I really felt the level was missing something. I don't know what it was, but it was missing the spark. Other than the boat section, it was simply running around and trying to find your way forward, nothing unusual about it. However, for an Easter level this is delightful and is worth trying. TR veterans will certainly be delighted to encounter the TR2 Venice boat puzzle. Textures are well taken care of and I loved the mist used around water pools, sort of gave abit of realism. Happy Easter, Illyaine !" - Shady Croft (19-Apr-2009)
"A most beautiful little easteregg by Christoph ! So peaceful and charming and wonderful music to accompany you on your quest. No razor blades , no nasty spike traps , no poisoned waters in this game. There are no pick-ups here simply because you would not need any of those. Wonderful Easter Present , Thank you !" - Ruben (19-Apr-2009)
"Not so much to say about this level what hasn't been said before by other reviewers. There is not so much to do, just pull a few switches, do some pushing, collect the one or other item or key and marvel at some self-bursting windows when getting close to them. The boat ride was a nice new touch and a highlight of this level, I never experienced this before in a custom level. But it would have been a handsome gesture of authors when using new moves or other new features then mention in the readme how to use them, in this case how to leave the boat again instead of leaving the player alone with this question. But this aside it was a nice and pretty looking easy to play level." - Jerry (18-Apr-2009)
"Easter treat 2009 - Part 2 and a great little level to have fun with. It is a bit shorter than the first one and I thought easier as well, as your next step is always quite obvious, but the fast pace and the diversity of tasks ensure 40 minutes of great entertainment. Especially the boat riding is a unique experience, of course. The one secret is not too hard to find if you keep your eyes open in the starting area and the idea with a password protected webpage with a few goodies is a nice one as well. The only 'enemy' here is a hilarious scarecrow guy running around in one of the areas. Very funny. The only thing I did not like so much is that in several places you hit invisible walls that define the 'end of the world', but that is a minor gripe in a level that will definitely put a smile on your face." - MichaelP (14-Apr-2009)
"I enjoyed this one a lot! Lovely background with great music! Yummy! I like the nature with the 'singing' birds! Well, sometimes it was so easy (jump there, go there beware a pit with water! :) but I like it. The best was a ride using a boat. I played a level with boat long time ago and after it I haven't find any with it. But in this it was. It reminds me a bit Venice in TR2 (did it was Venice?) Very well done level! :)" - Razzi (14-Apr-2009)
"Here's another lovely Easter level. Although I didn't feel as though the textures were as well-conceived as l.m.'s Eastermansion, Rock the Easter Boat was still quite lovely and very fun. I loved the inclusion of the boat, especially the waterfall drops. There was a fun boat puzzle reminiscent of TR2 and lots of traversing across an amazing building apparently built into a mountain. I didn't feel as though the music was aptly chosen for an Easter level. It made me feel a bit anxious, and that of course, is not a good thing for a peaceful level. I was also a bit skeeved out by the walking and breathing scarecrow. It's presence here was a bit strange. Aside from those negatives, this is a short and fun Easter adventure for all ages." - Shandroid (13-Apr-2009)
"What a pretty level - the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming everywhere and the birds are singing their little hearts out. Oh and, yes, there is a boat, in fact there's a succession of boats and I had a lot of fun speeding around in them. The gameplay is simple and straightforward and your end goal is to find an Easter bunny, so relax and soak up the super atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful surroundings." - Jay (13-Apr-2009)
"Environment in this level is beautiful textured and build, worth to see - still a little too colourful for my eyes. Game-play is easy - you must find Easter egg and some switches to drive a boat, which was great fun. Level is without enemies and atmosphere somehow encouraging. Worth to play." - Oxy (13-Apr-2009)
"Wonderful, relaxing change of pace. Great choice of music to add to the ambience. Nice custom objects and simply wonderful environments. Looking forward to seeing more from illyaine! :)" - TheStig (13-Apr-2009)