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The Mysterious House by Sakkemix

afzalmiah 7 7 6 8
Andzia9 4 3 4 6
Bene 6 6 6 7
bERT 5 6 6 6
Blue43 6 5 7 6
Christian 5 4 5 7
Daffy 5 5 7 8
eRIC 5 5 8 5
Gerty 6 6 8 6
herothing 6 7 8 9
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jerry 4 5 7 6
John 6 6 7 7
Jose 6 6 8 7
manarch2 4 7 7 7
MichaelP 6 7 8 6
Mulf 5 6 4 5
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 8
Oxy 7 7 10 9
Pablito_it 6 6 6 5
Phil 6 6 7 6
rtrger 5 6 6 8
Ryan 5 6 6 7
Samu 4 6 7 6
Scottie 7 8 8 8
Shandroid 4 5 5 5
Spike 3 5 4 4
TrueRaider 6 6 8 6
release date: 19-Jul-2009
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 6.18
review count: 28
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file size: 28.81 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Started off nice with a beautiful snowy landscape. Alas, what follows is a rather uninspired mystery level set in a big house. Stretched textures, illegal slopes in the landscape, poor sound effects that don't add anything to the mystery, it's a mixed bag from a builder who clearly DID try to make something out of it but for my taste it was close to boring. This seems to be a first level from this builder so maybe this is just a first step towards something better. Found no secrets." - bERT (03-Dec-2022)
"A gothic tale of murder, madness and very little mayhem, as Lara only gets to destroy a couple of windows during this investigation of a gruesome crime—well, what with organs torn from bodies and a woman immured and left to starve, it all sounds rather gruesome on paper, but the level itself is surprisingly light on atmosphere, not to say a little dull. Lighting and sound would have been of primary importance for developing the foreboding atmosphere that the plot seems to demand, yet both are curiously underused. Some of the custom audio is even of distractingly low quality, as Spike points out; and the house looks fairly bland on the inside (it also sports an awkward construction in the form of a sloped ceiling above its huge and cumbersome stairs). While the house itself is an anti-TARDIS in that its interior turns out to be much smaller than it appears on the outside, the surrounding area is sprawling; yet although the lengthy introductory flyby suggests otherwise, there’s actually very little to do there. Texturing is serviceable but rather careless and not particularly imaginative. I liked the wallpaper in the bedroom, though. I should also like to point out that the SFX are all present and correct, which is not a thing that goes without saying in a debut level.
The plot is essentially spelled out in a written note that you find alongside one of the victims, because whoever did the deed was considerate enough to provide her with a chair and writing implements. This works well enough, but some things don’t add up. For one, a chilly wind blows throughout the level, on the outside and inside the house too, and the entire map seems to be covered in fifteen feet of pure white snow; yet the swimming pool is not frozen over. Also, the neighbours were supposedly hearing screams, but even with the binoculars you won’t be able to spot any neighbouring dwellings. Were they perchance not telling the whole truth? And in which belief system does stuffing a murder victim’s heart into a small hole in a basement wall give peace to his restless soul?
The gameplay suffers from more serious shortcomings: For the most part, it’s indistinguishable from that of any old Home level, as it has you running to and fro between various switches and the doors they open; this is not particularly interesting, but since the interior consists of only a few small to midsize rooms, it doesn’t become too tedious either. At one point, though, German obscurantism intrudes into the proceedings and destroys all plausibility in one fell swoop. It’s a huge miscalculation by the builder; but it didn’t stump me, for as soon as Lara refused to fill the bucket with water, I recognised this puzzle as recycled from that inexhaustible fount of obscurantist gameplay, Christmas levels of German provenance (for the same reason, I knew I’d have to shatter that outsize trash can as soon as I spotted it in the introductory flyby). And let’s not forget that weird construction in the bedroom which appears to be a rather large aquarium but is textured like a very small swimming pool. It’s empty but for an underwater lever, which of course, like the bucket, also opens a door somewhere in the house. These issues notwithstanding, the level manages to bring its plot to a conclusion (even if it’s not a fully satisfying one) despite its short duration, and the fact that it has a plot at all makes it stand head and shoulders above most other examples of its genre. All things told, a very creditable debut." - Mulf (04-Apr-2022)
"A good little mystery in a much too short house level. i liked how this started outside at night in the snow and then lara has to make her way inside, it has good atmosphere and textures but its just more of the usual find a object, key or switch to find another etc, no real puzzles here or traps and nothing really too exciting or interesting but i was enjoying all the exploring around until that was it, end of game when you place the main object your looking for all too soon, i was left wanting more so that cant be a bad thing in a way" - John (04-Jun-2021)
"This is an unremarkable house level that provides about 20 minutes of linear gameplay. There's a lot of back and forth, but the game map is so compact that little extra time is consumed. The surroundings are crudely rendered but well lighted, and the only enemy is a mortal mummy near the end. Not really one to write home about." - Phil (18-Jan-2018)
"A short and quirky level, for sure. There's not much in the way of gameplay as such, simply searching for a few keys, but it's charming in its simplicity nonetheless. There are a few nest moments: using the bucket, being attacked by the protagonist himself and discovering his wife. Potential here, for certain." - Ryan (28-May-2017)
"This was a pretty good house level. You explore a house where people say they were hearing screaming. As you explore you find a lot of clues to the mystery. A pretty good huse level with average gameplay and pretty good textures. Not too scary as well. I would still recommend this to everyone." - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)
"This was a peaceful little adventure, until the point where Lara gets to the attic and gets shocked by a undead monster, which heart can be found here. After placing it the level ends abruptly. Gameplay was too much to and fro with too many levers to be pulled, I think. Textures were good, inside rooms were nicely built, but there were many bugs as Lara could sometimes not drop into the water. Overall a bit tedious, but still worth to see." - manarch2 (16-Jan-2011)
"After a long flyby Lara arrives at a house during a cold and windy winter night. During this short level she has to find several trap doors, switches, buttons and fulfill a final task to free the ghost of the homeowner. The house (it's not a mansion) had good and simple architecture with a few hidden rooms and basement; therefore the game play was rather easy and straightforward. The level had a decent atmosphere and that was probably as good as it can get for being just a regular house. There was only one enemy and I did not find any secrets. Texturing and lighting was also well done, but the place had a bit of a cold and sterile feeling, which could have been, avoided with a little more decoration. The level was very short and fun while it lasted. The end came suddenly and surprising - I was definitely expecting a little more here. If you haven't played a house level in a while you should give this one a try." - Blue43 (22-Nov-2010)
"Not very mysterious and the atmosphere was nothing too special. The gameplay was fetch quest without much in the area of fun factor. The only spook comes with acquiring the heart. This author definitely has promise, though with a bit more work." - Shandroid (01-Nov-2009)
"Must have gotten a corrupt download and although I found the Blue Key, in my game there wasn't a keyhole LOL But once I downloaded it again, this time it was OK. A rather short level, I ran through it in 14 minutes and even if you have to go back and fro a tad too much in this little house. Although from the outside it sure looks much bigger. Texture wise it could use attention, especially in the house. The outside area was very big and must have taken a lot of time to make so it looks like the builder ran out of steam by the time he did the inside of the house. The story however is good and rather gruesome if I may say so." - Gerty (09-Aug-2009)
"A short adventure for Lara in a house where the mysteries are few and to-DOS easy to resolve a debut not bad but too short." - Pablito_it (07-Aug-2009)
"Lately have some new level bulder entered the scene and have introduced to us her ideas. Sometimes it is better to forget these ideas fast again and sometimes one must notice to himself the level builder. Sakkemix belongs to the last category. Though the end of his level is a little bit strange, but I do not want to tack up the horse from the back. First to the outdoor area: Although the outdoor area is rather insignificant in this case, because there is to find nothing, Sakkemix has formed this area, nevertheless, very interesting. The highlights are for me quite clearly the star sky and the icebound pool. Very nicely I found the idea which there is no streets or fastened ways. One saw only one beaten path which led there to the entrance. And this was half covered by the snow. A negative point are the missing contours. One could not recognise the ground holes and hillocks at all so properly. I had been surprised more than once, why I did not get on, or suddenly have slided under it. A little bit more change would have been better there. For example, a few visible rocks, here and there a green place and the similar. The building looked good from the outside, indeed, there were a few places with faulty textures. There Sakkemix has not exercise care. The inside area: The inside area is formed very nicely. Sakkemix has held here the scales between too many and not enough equipment. Inexpressive bald 08/15 rooms look awful. But as badly I find the rooms which are completely blocked with pieces of furniture and fitments. Indeed, the walls could have stood a little bit more colour. Moreover, a few pictures would have quite felt well. To the play: There I come back over again to the beginning. Sakkemix has cut off the actually interesting history simply in the middle. After Lara has looked around everywhere, she finds a secret door and behind it a small room with a skeleton and a piece of paper. This piece of paper means which one must find a heart and bring it to his right place. Makes the players this, a flap opens under him and that it was. Here ends the level. Simply in such a way. Here the level builder has given away a lot of potential. I really had the feeling which gives to do it yet something and, nevertheless, was surprised very much which was over it. There Sakkemix could have made more out of that. Summary: One should notice this name to himself anyway. Sakkemix can well build, but to tell a story is still expandable anyway." - Scottie (02-Aug-2009)
"Less than half an hour to play this short level. No puzzles, only pull switches and look for and place objects to open doors, but playable anyway. I only found one enemie in all the entire game, no extra weapons, I didn't find secrets. Atmosphere is appropriate for the history, and cameras and textures are correct. Not a bad debut." - Jose (27-Jul-2009)
"This debut level takes place in a house and snowy setting surrounding it and lasts 15-30 minutes. Graphics aren't terrific but not bad either even if you can find slightly bland lighting, simplistic room geometry and stretched or otherwise badly applied textures here and there. It is also pretty common for debut levels that they include repetitively textured areas where same textures have been applied to many different surfaces but it's not the case in this level which is a big plus. What comes to atmosphere author has in my opinion catched pretty well the mysterious feeling by the use of audio tracks, storyline etc. There's nothing new about the objects but they fit well to the setting and the only enemy in the level is a murderer in severs which is used very effectively together with the lighting and audio track to create an intense situation near the end of the game. In my opinion the worst part of the game is the gameplay which involves mainly finding items and switches to open doors which isn't exactly my idea of a good gameplay. The only puzzle contains a bucket which you have to place on a correct object but to me it was slightly too absurd and I really don't know how the player is supposed to figure out the solution without trying to put the bucket on a bit everything. My conclusion about this level is that it's nothing especial we haven't seen before but it's a good start and if author pays some more attention to graphics and gameplay to make it more varied he can probably make very enjoyable levels. Keep building." - Samu (26-Jul-2009)
"A pity that this is over so soon. Somewhat inspired by Michum's The Chamber maybe? You will hardly spend more than 20 minutes in this mysterious house, even though the builder does send you back and forth a bit, guided by helpful camera hints. The outside area must have taken a while to design and really only serves the purpose to create boundaries around the house, but it sure looks good for that. The texturing on and inside the house is often stretched or squashed and could have used some fine tuning and the end is very abrupt - as if the author may have run out of steam and wanted to release his first work. A good start into the level building work nonetheless and we can all hope to see more." - MichaelP (24-Jul-2009)
"A short (about 20 minutes) house level in a nice snowy evening setting with a beautiful horizon. But texturing is in need of improvement and lighting is nothing special either. Gameplay-wise it's mainly looking for a key or a switch to open another door and a bit too much running around and backtracking until you find the heart of that poor bricked in man and put it in its appropriate place to finish the level." - Jerry (22-Jul-2009)
"At the beginning of game, level seems very promising on visual plan, of nice snowy areas and a building rather well achieved. Game starts simply with research and use of a key and continues without big complication but in a space reduced by some rooms. They quickly went around the rather classical gameplay and there are enemies, not really a pulze to be solved, and game ends fast, leaving us on our hunger. It well seems that this constructor is capable of good thing and his next levels should delight us." - Daffy (21-Jul-2009)
"Lara is playing the role of a private detective to elucidate a double murder. I like the cold wind background sound, the new move that Lara performs when you hit"control" while she walks , the hamburger in the drawer :] All the ingredients fit well in the plot. There is flaws in the looks and the texturing , both outside and inside, a couple of thin walls too, but for a first try, this is globally well done. Most of the time there is camera guidance to help you, although the map is small. Short level (under 20 minutes) but which does not fail to entertain. Good work !" - eRIC (21-Jul-2009)
"A short, 15 minute long level that feels like it's over before it's begun, with very little to tax the average player. Tasks are simplistic and generally involve trotting back and forth between rooms to pull levers and use items, and the visual appeal of the aforementioned rooms doesn't offer much either. Badly applied textures are common, and the lighting suffers from general blandness in a number of areas. The objects used fit well with the overall feel of the level, however there are some issues with their own texturing and lighting, and the meshes collide with other surfaces at times. The grim atmosphere is decent enough, though the audio feels crammed in with little regard as to its actual quality (for example, tracks randomly cut off for no apparent reason). Plopping Mr. Forest's heart into an alcove apparently allows him to rest in peace, and this short adventure comes to an end." - Spike (21-Jul-2009)
"What a bittersweet little level that was!Despite only taking 30 minutes or so (and a replay - with foreknowledge - could easily be accomplished in 10) the adventure was actually rather satisfying,with a nice little plot which developed quite effectively as the level progressed. It's never difficult (provided you realise what other uses a Bucket could be put to)and the brevity of the level prevents it from being scored highly;but it has one or two superb and imaginative little moments:the discovery of the victims heart;the uncovering of the sealed-up remains of his hapless wife;the attack by the rabid murderer himself. All of this is rather well set-in-scene,with a compact little house in an icy valley. A few signs of inexperience showed themselves here and there (the easily reached end-of-the-world;a few ugly pieces of texturing on the house's exterior);but the good use of objects,cameras,pick-ups and music all combined to produce a charming (and wistful) little mystery. A fine little debut.Keep up the good work." - Orbit Dream (20-Jul-2009)
"I was put off a little bit at the start during the introductory flyby, when I noticed some very stretched textures on the outside of the house. It didn't bode well. However, once I had a wander round and got my bearings I really enjoyed this. It reminded my a bit of Michum's "The Chamber", although on a bigger scale, this time a whole house. By this I mean you have to wander around and find various (sometimes random - i.e the bucket) objects and levers to figure out the story. The playing area is quite small and this is probably what made it fun to play. You are never far from the solution to where to place something or a switch you're missing so searching high and low for them is quite a pleasure. Unfortunately there are many small flaws such as the aforementioned stretched textures, a wrong switch animation and a few other rough edges. But the gameplay itself works well. The downside is that it is very short, fifteen minutes or so in fact. So once it gets going it ends. But very promising for a new builder." - TrueRaider (20-Jul-2009)
"Another level by a new builder and this one is short with a play time of about 30 minutes if you don't get stuck wondering what the underwater lever did and why it opens a door far away. It's only one of the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of a couple who moved to a new neighborhood and weren't heard from since....other than some screams. Nicely set in a winter scene with patio furniture still outside. That being one of the telltale signs that all is not well. Abrupt ending, fading to black when Lara accomplishes the mission given to her by one of the now dead neighbors, to find her dead husband's heart. Sounds spookier than it is but a good, quick adventure, nonetheless." - Bene (20-Jul-2009)
"I was running around, doing my tasks, one by one. Nothing exciting, but I had fun. fine little debut! it could have been a prelude to an adventure." - Christian (20-Jul-2009)
"This level is fairly good but is lacking gameplay in my opinion. The house and it's design is very good but reminds me of Lara's home for some reason!! The lighting is good, the textures are also good as is the snowy effect. There werent many enemies which i think suits a house level and there were plenty of useful objects around. Puzzles were easy and sometimes very tedious. I had no problems with the camera and the sound was also excellent. All i can say is, to improve, the game must be longer, extend the story a bit more, that doesnt mean add a pushblock puzzle to water down the gameplay, it means think of something nobody else has done before and try and make it fit into the level. Grade = B" - herothing (20-Jul-2009)
"This level is a short,but entertaining one.I didn't have to think about too much where to go or what to do,it was quite obvious.The textures are streched at some places,but the atmosphere is great.I would have rated higher if the level had been a longer.And don't put any kind of animations to the combination of Ctrl+forward.Every time Lara did that acrobatics when I wanted to pick up something, and it was quite fustrating after a while.20 minutes of fun." - rtrger (20-Jul-2009)
"Oh, I definitely want to see more levels from this builder - what an imaginative little debut level this is. I'd even go so far as to call it charming, if that isn't too odd a choice of word for a level with such a gothic storyline. It's only a short level with nothing at all challenging to achieve, but I'd really recommend downloading it because we may just be witnessing the first work of a future top builder." - Jay (20-Jul-2009)
"In dark winter night Lara went to investigate what happened in the Mysterious House. You'll have to break the window. I felt like a burglar and was waiting when they'll attack me. The atmosphere was very scary, specially the basement. Also music and revealed secrets scared me. Game-play is easy, finding the key, crowbar, switches ... Everything is well represented with fly-by cameras so you can't get lost. End is some kind of unrealistic - scary and madness - not recommended. :-)" - Oxy (20-Jul-2009)
"Nice level, but it's very short and little boring. Only have to do is search rooms and use buttons to find one artifact. Nice view outside and nice textured rooms." - Andzia9 (19-Jul-2009)