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Cain's Magic Land by Cain

Angel 0 0 0 0
Ceamonks890 0 0 0 0
Cory 0 1 0 1
DJ Full 2 1 0 3
eRIC 1 0 0 1
eTux 0 1 0 1
Gerty 1 0 0 0
herothing 0 0 0 0
Jack& 0 0 0 1
janachorider 0 0 0 0
Jonson 0 2 1 2
Kubsy 1 1 1 1
manarch2 1 1 0 2
MichaelP 1 1 1 2
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 1
Oxy 2 1 1 1
Ryan 0 0 0 1
Scottie 1 1 1 2
Selene 0 1 0 1
Sethian 2 2 0 1
release date: 01-Aug-2009
# of downloads: 109

average rating: 0.66
review count: 20
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file size: 15.06 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"“Cain is a great guy. I think I’m in love.” These are the words with which this level begins, and dare I almost want to agree. The level of course is terrible, although by Cain’s standards and compared to the last pitch-black horror that he released, this one is actually okay. Sure, it is monotonously boring since each room has the exact same task, and is only spiced up via a change in textures (I also caved and used the weapons cheat so I could deal with the iconic Cain eels using the Grenade Launcher). After a few minutes of completing the same tasks over and over, the entire experience almost becomes relaxing and soothing, and I suggest it for anyone who would normally turn to self-help books and meditation in order to find inner peace. Of course, the grand finale has a nice sense of humor sprinkled to it as well, and the entire chapter is over within a few minutes. And here endeth the Cain anthology and my journey through it – I could not have done it without DJ Full’s amazing and humorous walkthroughs. There have been highs, and there have been lows: moments where one thinks one glimpses the inner workings of a hidden genius at trolling, and moments where everything is worth less than the inside scrapings of a toilet bowl. Was it fun? No. Was it worth it? No. Will Cain go down in history as a tragic anti- hero on Always and forever." - Sethian (15-Jan-2021)
"If you play Cain's levels, then surely you will know that they are "prank" levels without any gameplay whatsoever. Thankfully, it is his last level ever released on this website. I generally don't mind "prank" or joke level as long as they are not boring and extremely low-quality. In this level, we have a few rooms each with different texture and Cartouche pieces to collect, but before picking up we have to defeat Cain's symbolic enemy: The enormous eel (Which is honestly annoying) and then you advance to rinse and repeat. And that's it, not recommended." - Kubsy (30-Sep-2020)
"In this case, I had no reservations about cheating to give myself a grenade launcher otherwise Lara would have been there for all eternity trying to bump off these damned eels. It didn't make the level more enjoyable, just more bearable. This, Cain's last offering is much shorter compared to the other ones, for which I'm glad as I didn't fancy putting myself through all that again. The funniest bit about this level was when (purely by chance) two Cartouche pieces left by the eels landed on the same tile, creating a whole one. But otherwise there's nothing else worthy of mention." - Ryan (11-Apr-2019)
"So, we're finally at the last level ever released by Cain. And just as you'd might expect, its incredibly god-awful. I suppose all that can really be said about it now, is that I'm eternally grateful for MichaelP having him removed from the site permanently(as I had previously stated in what was not necessarily a Castle Cain review), and I sure do hope that Cain never tries to come back to this community ever again, if he had intended to continue releasing more levels with the type of quality that he's done in the past. Would not recommend and I'm so relieved in the fact that I'll never have to review anything from this talentless builder ever again." - Ceamonks890 (04-Dec-2014)
"Worthless." - janachorider (02-Aug-2014)
"No need to cheat here.You do that and you'll remove the only (questionable) asset that this level has - eel killing.Repetetive and boring eel killing at that.A surfeit of eels.Did you know that King Henry the Eighth died of a surfeit of Lampreys,which are similar to eels,only smaller..?Now you do.You also now know that I played this level so that you don't have to.Admire me for that." - Orbit Dream (28-Nov-2013)
"I took Gerty's advise and got me a grenade launcher to not shoot and shoot and shoot the eels. Before getting to the jeep, there were more than 20 with raised health so Lara shoots more than a minute to kill one. I didn't want that so it was more easy to get through this level. Well, after getting in the jeep, you get to shoot HUNDREDS of eels, one placed on each tile of the corridor and the "heaven" in the end. Texturing was not that bad actually, at the beginning I really thought Cain wanted to create realistic rooms, but after the lava room I forgot that idea fastly... No real gameplay except for doing the same task again and again and driving the jeep from the guide (not the usual one!) to the nothings. Not recommended." - manarch2 (21-May-2011)
"After you've done eeling... killing... whatever... you fall into the heavenly pit. This is The End Of Everything, so it must be the Omega pit. I need to know where the Alfa is so I'm gonna download next of Cain's levels to find this out. Also, placing some eels ingame isn't such a bad idea. Maybe I will do this one day... Half a thousand eels in Young Lara level, where she is completely defenceless should be enough to worship my master. For He is good. SUMMARY: Play this level if you consider yourself patient. It will prove you're not." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2010)
"As an experiment I tried getting through this without resorting to the all-weapons cheat, just to see how long it would take me. After two rooms and two aching hands I gave up on that bright idea. By that time I had already spent 10 minutes. Imagine all the things you could do in 10 minutes. Instead I've been sitting here bouncing and rolling my way through two cramped rooms, trying to kill four giant and seemingly invincible eels leaving a trail of cartouche pieces behind them. Cheating my way to a grenade launcher I continued the quest, completely losing track of how many rooms I went through along the way. Guess that's how it goes when all the remaining rooms are copies of the first one (eels and cartouches included), only with different textures. In the final room I spied a glimpse of hope as I came across a jeep, but my hopes were immediately crushed as it only led me through a seemingly never-ending hallway and an empty room sporting an army of giant eels before seeing the "level" come to an abrupt end at the bottom of an invisible pit. As I have come to understand this level is Cain's final offering and for one reason or another I'm not so sure that's a bad thing." - Selene (19-Oct-2009)
"I'm going to write this review, unlike my fellow reviewers, by focusing on the good points of the level. Ummm...........................................................Good Bye Cain!" - Cory (13-Aug-2009)
"There we go again picking up 8 medipacks at the start, again a yawn. I cheated and gave myself a grenade launcher. Even then it was still boring." - Gerty (11-Aug-2009)
"This is finally Cain's last level and i'm happy to be saying this, the level continues to be sloppy and it'll be good for us to stop wasting our time reviewing the levels. Grade = U" - herothing (11-Aug-2009)
"As soon as I realized the rooms that followed the first one would be more of the same over and over again, I had no second thoughts whether I should cheat my way through here. Besides, everything's more fun with the grenade launcher! That said, I'm struggling a bit to figure out what to award any points for - the repetition of the same puzzleover and over again? The complete lack of effort when texturing and lighting rooms? I suppose the triggers worked fine, whether they were the ones for the cartouches or the finish triggers that knocked me back to the desktop, but that hardly is an achievement worth mentioning. Even Cain himself can do better than this, and that should tell you a lot about the quality of this level here." - eTux (09-Aug-2009)
"This game is little boring. You will learn how shooting depends from colours; I certainly had the easiest way to shoot in white area. I recommend this game to players, who doesn't have anything more important to do than to kill bad monsters in heaven. It's rewarded." - Oxy (09-Aug-2009)
"I can't imagine what was going through Cain's head as he made this level, but it can't have been good. It must have been something like, "I'll make a level where I just copy and paste the first room! Yeah! People will LOVE that! Oh and of course, everyone LOVES to run around madly shooting seemingly invincible eels!" I forced myself to stick this level through until the end, to see if 'Heaven' was what it was supposed to be. It wasn't. This is definitely the worst ever of any of Cain's levels, and that's saying something. Cain, please pick up the hint that people no longer want the levels that you're making. Can you make something new, please? I can see that you enjoy doing this, so why not really put your full potential into a level? And not another shooter please! I really did strive to find anywhere where a single point could have been given, but I am afraid that I couldn't find anything worth a rating above '0'. Perhaps if I could choose between 0 and 100, I might have given it three in each section. But I'm not able to give 0.3 out of 10, so I give each section 0. I am sorry, but you must try harder!" - Angel (08-Aug-2009)
"kkkkkk .. eRIK . let me compete u . was 9 rooms only lol and for some fun u should put some grenade Launchers blast both beasts at 1 shot .. is simple . u run in circle untill they get aligned and after finish both at 1 shot lol .... what a masterpiece .... lol o yeahh and the ride with the jeep was the best ...only a hooker was missing from the right seat kkkkkkkkkkk" - Jack& (03-Aug-2009)
"Today I have celebrated a premiere. For the first time I have cheatet. Actually, I hold nothing of it, to cheat itself more weapons and/or Medipacks, but fate would have it so with this level. One must let melt in one's mouth: There are eleven identically built rooms. In every room are two big eels. And Lara has only her both pistols. And one cannot flee because one must open a door with a cartouche. And both eels lose this cartouche. In the eleventh room stands the jeep and the eels lose the key for this car. Without cheat I would have used for every room at least 5 minutes. So long it lasts until one is ready with both eels. Should I do to myself such a nonsense eleven rooms long? By no means! Therefore I rather cheat and immediately use the crossbow. There I need only maximum three explosive arrows and the theme is eaten. And, to tell the truth, it is not at all worth this level which one plays him on normal way. Ordinarily I play the level of Cain completely with pleasure, but here this is just miserable and an absolute time waste." - Scottie (03-Aug-2009)
"Cain has developed into a direction I really dislike. In his earlier levels you had good weapons to kill anything what moves, but this time you only have pistols. This level consists of a lot of little rooms, which have all the same architecture, but different textures. In each room you have to kill two eels. To kill an eel with pistols needs 5 minutes, so you'll get bored by this game soon. The only interesting thing in this level is the end: You can drive with the jeep and knock over reams of eels. Otherwise: Cheats can be recommended." - Jonson (03-Aug-2009)
"What a joke again, this one :] The screenshots seem to describe it all. This is your mission Miss Lara Croft : after passing through 10 identical rooms (textured with only 1 sometimes 2 textures) where you have to kill 2 thick skinned eels in each , which both give you a part of a cartouche when they die, you drive the jeep a bit until you reach the clouds. This exciting level reaches the sublime here in this last room , of course there is no finish-trigger so to prolong this indescribable feeling of accomplishment : What a ride it was and what a sight to behold now ! The remarkable thing in the level is that in some of the 10 identical rooms , both eels die on the same spot, and therefore the two halves of the cartouche form a perfect complete cartouche, I was amazed by that ! No, really. Of course the builder is nothing to be credited for this rare moment of pure grace, it is just random probability laws and the engine does the rest probably. Try it if you are really really bored. To add a bit of interest, I suggest you play this little mental game when playing (for truly you don\'t need any brain to play this the normal way). Here are the rules : So one eel is carrying Cartouche_half_1 , while the other is carrying Cartouche _half_2. In each room you have to bet which eel carries which part before you kill the 2 beasties . You get +1 point if you guess it right, -1 if your guess is wrong. If your score is positive at the end, well what can i say ? Congrats. Another variation of the game that I recommend : you get -2 points if your guess is wrong , but +3 if the two halves of the cartouche make on the ground a Cartouche already assembled." - eRIC (02-Aug-2009)
"And so after 2 years the "Cain period" at comes to an end with a unique level. Unique, because this must be the first ever custom level out there which took less time to build than to play. Which is even more impressive, considering that it lasted only 25 minutes for me, because there is no way I would churn through killing each of the loving pairs of eels with the pistols and instead cheated and used the revolver for that." - MichaelP (01-Aug-2009)