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TR Anniversary Retold - Part 2 Prequel by PH

Chronicles5 7 6 8 7
DJ Full 7 7 8 7
eRIC 6 7 7 7
Fridge Raider 7 9 9 9
Gerty 4 8 7 7
herothing 8 7 8 9
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jose 7 6 6 8
m.julien 8 8 9 9
manarch2 6 8 7 8
MichaelP 7 6 8 8
misho98 7 10 10 9
Mman 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Roli 8 8 8 9
Ryan 6 7 8 8
Sarikman 7 10 8 10
Scottie 5 7 6 8
SeniorBlitz 7 7 7 7
Spike 5 5 5 5
Vaughnage 4 8 5 8
Victoria 5 4 5 5
release date: 26-Aug-2009
# of downloads: 124

average rating: 7.25
review count: 23
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file size: 69.77 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I may be among the minority, but I do like utilising Lara's new moves in custom levels and this is no exception. There are plenty of opportunities to use them here and they do make for pretty tense gameplay. Talking of gameplay, it's very linear and mostly straightforward (although I found that the lightning room took a few tries and the first timed run was a bit too reliant on precision for my liking), but the surroundings are fairly pleasing and the trap sequences are well put together. The Bow was a bit irritating to use as the response time was slow and made enemy battles rather tedious, but it's not a huge issue. There's admittedly not a great deal more to the gameplay and those who prefer stone cold classic raiding will probably turn up their noses at this level, but this does display competence and at least some form of effort, so why not give it a go?" - Ryan (24-Apr-2018)
"A somewhat short prequel that is supposed to give you context on how Lara entered the folly. The controls and moves are simplified and there is a new obstacle. Sadly the project seems to be canceled, but, I think it is still worth a look, it is short and simple." - SeniorBlitz (25-Jan-2018)
"I'm glad I didn't read the earlier reviews before downloading this level, because I found it to be an invigorating raid. It's a bit short, less than 40 minutes for me, but it didn't seem that way because of the refreshingly new (and challenging) sequences that featured Lara's new moves. Jose documented everything quite well in his walkthrough, and I especially enjoyed that timed sequence involving the poles and the rope. Somehow I made it through by backing into the door's hinges, something the builder surely didn't envision. And like Ian I spent a good bit of time with that last slide/jump over the spikes (about 25 tries as opposed to 300, however). This is where the "die and crash" bug got to be especially annoying (almost as annoying as those 2-D fixed cameras). I finally grabbed the pole (the trick is to wait until absolutely the last instant before jumping off) and was able to finish the level. Fun to play, so give it a try, the wet blanket reviews notwithstanding." - Phil (12-Feb-2015)
"As a prequel to the Greco-Roman section of Tomb Raider 1 I was excited by the idea that this level might try to capture Lara's (presumably) epic climb to the top of that mountain shown in TR1's intro cutscene to that section. I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed to discover that that isn't the case, and instead this is a pretty bite-sized Anniversary-based Greek adventure with some influence from early concepts of the reboot. Compared to the first part of Anniversary retold this feels like a good improvement visually; the lighting is still the weakest point, but it's nowhere near as lacking as in part 1, and I found parts like the initial outdoor section actually pretty impressive, it's lacking in wow factor (although the start brushes with it, especially with the ambience the rain effect adds,) but it's all functional. Object use is good, although, as the only weapon, I thought the Bow could have done with a bit more punch (although there aren't enough enemies for this to be too big a deal). Spider webs also felt slightly overused at times, given there aren't even any Spiders in the level, and some pickups are labelled as weird stuff like "Continue".
Assuming that this is how Anniversary Retold was intended to go on I can't say I miss some of the weirder control changes much, and while this level has various new moves they feel better integrated into Lara's standard set rather than replacing stuff that already works fine in odd ways. Lara's faster swim seems a bit odd, but it's helpful for avoiding a certain turbo-charged fish at least. A balance pole move was also pretty buggily implemented, and I could have done without it. On the note of bugs I also had a do an interesting-in-concept 2D part half-blind, although I got lucky and managed to finish it fine that way. Past the exterior intro the majority of this level is set in a linear Greek ruin with a few rooms vaguely inspired by St Francis' god rooms, it's okay but it all feels kind of inconsequential; it would be cool to play an attempt at adding more to Lara's journey from the original game, but this doesn't really convey that and just ends after 20-30 minutes. In the end this feels most harmed by it's association with the original and Anniversary; if it had just been a short, Greek inspired adventure it could get away with it's simplicity, but by promoting itself as something that adds on to the tale of TR1 itself it opens itself up to much harsher judgement. A pretty good level in itself, but keep your expectations in check." - Mman (09-Jun-2013)
"With this level I now have finished all existent PH levels and even if everything is already said about this level I must say that I expected a bit more from it. The overall ambience of this 20 minute level is really nicely done with good lighting usage and mostly clean texturing, what lets it down a bit was the over-usage of the suns in every room blocking the sight at a few places. The technical achievements in this level are yet again brilliant (faster swimming, jumping on small pillars etc.) BUT this level is far from getting a 10 in this category (as the previous part did) as only having the crossbow to shoot those enemies was rather enerving and there were a few carelessly applied things in this level as missing names for items, an unmarked shootable stone or blades that kill Lara even if she isn't exactly standing near them. There were no secrets in this level (some would have been a nice addition) and I had a few problems with the cameras as a fixed one didn't return to Lara so that she had to do a blind jump over a spike gap; also missed a clue for a timed sequence and few sounds were missing (although I can forgive that, since the builder is aware of it and had his reasons). I really liked the general idea of Lara having to gather the key for an at that time future adventure, and this prequel even with those mistakes works as a nice appetizer for the next TRA remake, if it is to be released someday..." - manarch2 (30-Aug-2012)
"I am pretty sure that this author is very talented. I liked the cutscences, I like the sceneries, the places and I loved the animations. But there was no info about these new moves and I couldn't understand what to do in many occasions. Thank God there was a walkthrough. Except that the level is too small and usually you have to do very simple things, it is very nice. The textures and lighting are very beautiful. All in all, I enjoyed this one a lot." - Sarikman (22-Jun-2012)
"For me this level is pretty good. The gameplay is simple and linear, the snake in the beginning is kinda unfair, just like the crow. You get a lot of ammo in the end but there's nowhere to be used and in the beginning is exactly the opposite. Also if there's a bug in the menu why in some areas when Lara falls in the deep the loading screen comes before Lara actually died? That's the bad. Now for the good - the animations are amazing and new, the areas are beautiful, the atmosphere and lighting are also very good. Textures are well applied as well. There where some new objects like the well puzzle - at least I see it for the first time. The timed sequence was very challenging and I liked it, the bit with the huge boulder also brings me some memories. The gameplay is not top-notch but it's still good and if you want to - you may give this one a try." - misho98 (12-Apr-2012)
"Another overdue couple of notes, now becoming a review... I generally like PH's levels. This builder - however not a hall of famer (yet?) has already developed some kind of unique style, what makes these levels recognizable. I would call it both "modern classic raiding" and "classic modern raiding". Filling old ideas with NG mood and custom stuff to make it feel like Crystal Dynamics, and - in the same time - just like those we can see in Anniversary and Legend - they're quite new, but they have already managed to become an estabilished way of building, a "new tradition"... and PH implies their atmosphere and feelings very well, with objects and animations designed in similar way, and great usage of Troels Folmann's music, making this way of remaking some kind of unique style, what makes these levels recognizeable. I always like it, imo this deserves applause no matter what effect a builder gets. In case of this particular prequel, effects are various. I will never understand why to use the ugliest outfit available. Lara looks like a man here. No, she REALLY does. Fighting the crow takes several minutes, as - although the author has put much work in customization of this weapon - firing it is very annoying and feels sooooo heavy... I understand the goal was to make reloading arrows realistic. But if this was the goal, why to speed up swimming? Btw, later on, I found it simple fun. Also, LIGHTING!!! Why to discard sunbulbs completely and change ambience only while surrounding the scenery with nice texturing and filling it with nice objects? The latter things draw a player's attention away of flat Lara (and landscape), but no-one needs a sensitive eye to notice something is out of balance. Also: there are some new moves applied. Nice animations they are, indeed. But if we don't use the modified crawlspace roll, STANDARD crawling fails and we wonder why we can't enter a hole, even though we don't miss anything and we have no clue what went wrong. Also - as it tends to happen recently in case of builders filling their games with hi-res texes and objects - the game often lags, even though it's quite small and short. As for gameplay and puzzles, we can encounter some torching, caving and jumping through an electricity trap - the same we could see in St. Francis' Folly. The question is: if this is a PREQUEL, what will happen with this element in ACTUAL folly? Same with Atlas' rollingball and Damocles' swords, also present here. Will the author use them in the next level or will them be skipped and replaced by something equally creative? And - the most important thing - if it will be equally creative indeed, will it match the whole unmodified rest of the folly? Unknown, and quite risky. SUMMARY: A prequel mostly in the title only, as it includes much from the actual Folly. More and more atmospheric while You progress. Lots of customization - not always successful, and contrasting with things made without care at all - but it's not so important. What matters is that PH's will of creating a completely own world is almost touchable. So I recommend to play... and watch it." - DJ Full (30-Aug-2011)
"I very nearly gave up on this one at the final slide/jump sequence,as it seemed quite impossible.Even with the help of VonCory it appeared to be futile,until (around the 300th attempt) I managed to get Lara to grab hold of the elusive pole and swing clear of the pesky spikes - persistence is everything,it seems;or perhaps not,as the level ended 10 seconds later anyway. This is one of those endeavours where 'technical accomplishment' is everything,as the gameplay is a very linear run through generally rectangular rooms.The builder has worked hard to modify Lara's moves and,in addition,create quite a few new ones as well (although these could be better explained in the Read-Me).Although fun to perform,I didn't feel that they added much to the experience - indeed,the unlikely gymnastics actually detracted from the overall enjoyment on a number of occasions,as Lara wasn't always easy to control (viz. the aforementioned final jump).Give me the original moves any day. In other respects this is a fine showcase for the builders capabilities,as lighting and texturing is often beautiful;cameras are used helpfully;sounds are evocative and the overall ambience is extremely pleasing. Those who don't object strongly to mastering an assortment of new moves should give this one a go; but players who enjoy the traditional intuitive controls will probably blanche at this and justifiably mutter aphorisms such as "if it ain't broke,don't fix it",before quitting and playing something else. A shame if they do,because this really does display heaps of talent (as well as featuring the largest rolling boulder in Custom Level history!)" - Orbit Dream (01-Dec-2010)
"Thank you PH - I really enjoyed this refreshing level. I appreciate your imagination and creative innovation. I liked being able to get through the gameplay without consulting a walkthrough all the time or spending hours on impossible jumps. I liked Lara's look and new moves. The arrows take a lot of shooting to eliminate threats but a different technique to kill or avoid is a challenge. Maybe it could have been brighter but it wasFridge Raider (08-May-2010)
"I am so torn about this level. I really enjoyed the story, the location, much of the gameplay, etc. I love prequels and getting to see what Lara did before or after her well-known adventures. So the premise of the level was very interesting to me, as were quite a few of the new innovations. However it is a very short level, and the gameplay (at times) was brutal! I don't know what I would have done without the F5 and F6 buttons, especially with the game crashing to desktop at death. That said, let me walk through the level. The first area was really nice, we got a sense of the lovely Greek surroundings, etc. Nice environment and architecture. The camera angle of Lara falling off the cliff was funny. This outdoor area introduces the player to some of Lara's new moves, which were quite cool if slightly choppy (but respect must be paid for all the time put into them). I also enjoyed the new bow and arrow. The new crouch move was really confusing. I didn't see it in the readme and Lara wasn't able to crouch normally, so I had to find a walkthrough. I enjoyed the puzzles based on the Greek Gods in St. Francis Folly, though it made me wonder why the Greeks built two temples with the same traps? Regardless, the lightning room was really cool. But then...the timed run across the bars and the rope at the end nearly drove me crazy. I probably spent over half an hour saving and reloading to learn how to get all the moves just right. On reflection, it was a very clever puzzle, but too difficult for my taste. Some of the new moves take a lot of getting used to. The pole balancing concept was nice, and I also enjoyed the "Atlas" room with the giant boulder, I believe it's the one from Temple of Puna. And at the end, the level ends as simply as it began, with dragging a skeleton off of a desired object. Oh, and then being blinded by a lens flare. Nice ending FMV to top it off. Overall, I enjoyed the level. Gameplay was good, if a bit unbalanced. Some rooms were impossible and others were far too easy. It was a very linear level. The gold and silver spheres felt out of place here, but I loved the new key objects. Few enemies to speak of, objects were scarce but well placed, and no secrets. As for atmosphere- I liked the outdoor area best, and found the temple to be somewhat dreary (however, this is probably more realistic than most TR games). Cameras were used well at times to help with the new moves. I thought the "side scrolling" camera view was pretty cool. The lighting could have used some work, but texturing was well done. On paper it took me 35 minutes to play, but I'm sure I spent at least an hour here. All in all, if you want to check out some cool new moves, FMVs, and a new weapon in a difficult but enjoyable setting, don't miss this level!" - Chronicles5 (20-Jan-2010)
"I always wonder what the result would be if PH were teamed up with an experienced builder who has more patience to construct an overall setting and storyline. Yet again we are treated to a lot of innovation here, with FMVs at the beginning and the end, with plenty of new Lara animations, like the climbing of a ladder out of the water and the balanced jumping on poles. Or the bow and arrow weapon which unfortunately is painfully slow, but given the few enemies in this 30 minute linear level that was not too much of an issue. There are also a few timed sequences which are not easy to manage, but in the end it all feels too much like a showcase and demo for these Lara moves than an adventure you would really like to explore. It is still fun to see though, so if you are up for a few new things, give it a quick try." - MichaelP (08-Nov-2009)
"Innovative this new level from PH, with some new movements and the bow (crossbow)as only weapon. Few pickups, perhaps you can get out of ammo and medipacks if you play fast and don't look well. As usual a natural environment with a good ambience, some interesting puzzles but there's a very nasty timed run very difficult to do. You must jump into a pool in a room where you're attacked for a very voracious fish and you can't do anything. A very big rolling ball with an Indiana Jones style, sometimes gameplay is based on the new movements so people can get stucked. I think this author build his levels very fast, 'cause I've player another better levels from him." - Jose (04-Nov-2009)
"I like custom level and for me it's a great level. the author has the courage to propose a new gameplay, for example Remain on a beam like TRAnniversary. The texturing and lighting is both well applied. Besides, new animations are excellent, amazing!!! Nevertheless, the game is quiet short and there is a bug (the game will crash),when you die I regret that puzzles are not complex Even if this game don't have real difficulty,it remains for me a reference." - m.julien (08-Oct-2009)
"Overall this is an interesting level to play , with quite a few innovations , and is also pleasant most of the time. It would have been even better without having to kill the enemies with only the crossbow and a few other things could have been fixed before release, such as a couple of missing sounds , the fire_emitter for the burner you have to light should be the kind that does not burn Lara, and the crash to the desktop when Lara dies -which fortunately does not happen often- should be fixed. The graphics and ambience are quite good at the beginning , but the looks decrease in quality a bit after that. I like the new moves, but they should be better explained for the novice." - eRIC (04-Oct-2009)
"Another level which rolls of the conveyer belt of PH and like the previous ones, full of bugs, this one is even worse than the previous. Every time Lara dies or if you want to leave the level, you crash. It doesn't make it any better that is says so in the readme. It still is pretty annoying. Pole jumping, again Lara grabs half a meter above the pole and at the beginning when she has to crawl into a crawlspace, you have to use the crouch key and sprint or else she don't want to go in. I hated the so-called arcade sort of fixed camera. Got a crash halfway through and a crash at the end. It is clear that Philip likes building and there is nothing wrong with that, he also has great ideas but it all falls short because of paying no attention to details like the most rudimentary of all... will everything works in the end. Here.. it doesn't." - Gerty (11-Sep-2009)
"This is really about Lara's new moves so the gameplay revolves entirely around them. I had a bit of difficulty picking up some of them, but finally got my act together and finished the level. The column balancing is interesting, as is the running up walls action, but the thing I really appreciated was being able to access ladders from water - it's high time Lara had that ability. I always found it rather laughable that she has all these amazing strengths, such as supporting herself on ledges for hours on end using nothing but her fingernails, but she can't climb out of water on to a ladder. I mean, even I could manage that one - probably, well maybe. Anyway, there's some clever stuff going on here, but it is a bit buggy and crashes to the desktop every time Lara dies if you don't hit F6 really quickly. Most interesting though." - Jay (02-Sep-2009)
"Were I think that this lacks, some other parts of the game seem to pick up and be more enjoyable and that redeems itself right there. The textures are great, but I found the game a little boring, without any weapons at first and the annoying snake and eagles at first get on my nerves really fast, but the rest of the level is really good. The lighting is excellent, and the enemies and objects and stuff like that were really nice, well textured, and fit the scenery really well. THe atmosphere is okay, not great, and the sounds and stuff were kind of tricky to rate, not too fresh, but fit well with everything there. Its a good level overall." - Vaughnage (01-Sep-2009)
"PH should really consider whether he wants to continue so. He builds and builds and the more and faster he builds, the more mistakes and bugs seem in his Levels. The bad one is which he knows about these mistakes. He knows them and can name them all. But why does he leave them in the level? Why does he not build more slowly and more thoroughly and does remove all mistakes? Should we players possibly be guinea pigs? I simply do not understand it. The problem is, that PH actually a very good level builder is. The level are built very well. The textures look great and there are interesting new Moves. The play fun could be enormously high. But by the mistakes he sinks rapidly.
Let's start with the new things: -climb up on a ladder out of deep water: This is really a sensible innovation. Ordinarily it is in such a way that Lara can only go out of the water if there is a flat edge. PH has changed this. Now Lara can climb up a ladder without standing on a ground. -Lara swims faster: Sometimes one has the feeling which she has switched on the turbo. Now she swims so fast under water which even a dolphin could hardly keep up. However, for my taste this is a little bit too quick. Nevertheless, the normal speed is completely sufficient. -Lara shoots with bow and arrow: A first-class idea. Lara really has a bow in the hand with which she uses up arrows. There is also an animation how she gets an arrow from the quiver. This quiver is unfortunately not to be seen. The whole one looks really good anyway. -Lara can jump on a stake and then hop further to other stakes. Such a stake is not a normal block. Lara cannot stand on this stake. She can hold merely for a short time the balance and hop forwards or aside. I am sure that we will see these new move now on occasion.
I have found the following mistakes: - Missing sound: There was such a thing already with the previous levels of PH. By some actions the sound is absent. One hears, for example, nothing if Lara opens an underwater door. Such a thing is really irritating and should not seem. -Lara swims through a round block: This round block stands in the middle of water basin and Lara can simply swim through there. On the other hand, she can stand on this block. This is illogical and badly built. - Crash on the desktop: This is almost the worst what can happen in a level. Lara dies and the game crashes on the desktop. Such a thing can happen to a beginner, but PH is really not a beginner.
Result: I really hope, that PH works more carefully in the future, because his level have not really earned to get a bad judgement." - Scottie (31-Aug-2009)
"Another great level by PH. :-D I always loved the TRAR, and coming soon the 2nd part, yay! :-D This prelevel 6 years before the TRAR (or TR1), and looks like a bit like the TRO (what we see). You reach a mountain, and you can find the key to the Francis Folly. You have only one weapon, the bow, very good weapon and you will get a lot of ammo for the bow. New moves: wall jumping, balancing on the poles, and a lot of new anims by awesome PH. :-D The gameplay is quiet good, maybe a bit short, but no problem, you will eenjoy. The only thing what i don't like: if you die, the game will crash, and you find yourself on you desktop. Atmospheres is very nice, my only problem is the top of the horizon. Textures from the TRA. :-) If you like the easy and good levels, try this out!!! :-)" - Roli (31-Aug-2009)
"I think PH is a fairly talented level builder, i believe that this might not be a 'retold' version since it is quite different in some areas but i think it is still very good work. I don't think the lighting was poor, i think it was far from poor; i think the objects in the levels fit in very well. Animations are good, i like most of them but a few look a little too choppy to me and need work on, otherwise they just look unnatural, even for Tomb Raider. the atmosphere is good, the sound is o.k, the objects fit in to give it a Greek/Egyptian type of theme. Camera's arent very helpful but i have no problems with them. I think this is a good level but the animations etc need some work on, as Spike say's, i think PH should work on projects for a little longer to give himself clarity about the levels and decide what needs some more work on. I may have marked this a bit high but that's me being a little generous. Grade = B" - herothing (27-Aug-2009)
"Part 2 Prequel? Well I was waiting for part 2 and I suppose that if this is just sort of an inside peek of what part 2 will be like, I don't think it will be any different from part 1. Well, this fairly short single level is a prequel to the next part of the TRAR series. It was made by PH, and I can't say I'm surprised because he releases a new level practically every other week and they are getting worse, definitely. Let's start off from the title screen which I just have to comment on even though it's not a big deal. It does not look good at all, the image for the title screen is extremely stretched, I think it was not a good idea to put that image for the title screen because it is very small and it would stretch a lot for it to fit onto a persons screen. But I was thinking, hello, PH is such a good animator, why didn't he make a 4x4 big room, and take the origins costume Lara, and put her in an animating slot. Then, put the torch in her hand, recreate the exact pose in anim edit, and finally place a small flame emitter right where the torch is. This would have looked so much better. And it would only take, what, 1-2 hours to do? Well, before i get to the ratings I just want to comment on the animations and new moves. They are GENIUS PH, they are amazing! One thing I always love about your levels are the cool new moves and animations and they are incredible in this levelset! They look amazing, especially the wall jump which I love! But, animations aren't a big part of a levels rating so I can't increase your score for just them. Onto gameplay/puzzles, I felt that the gameplay was just the same as all your other levels, nothing new or interesting, some jumps I thought were impossible and I was wondering WHY did you have to put them in. Was the rolling ball supposed to be a trap, because an important part of building is to test your level, and also test your traps!! So PH, you should have gotten hit by the rollingball so you could see that it doesn't work properly. I gave enemies objects & secrets a 4 because I didn't find any secrets, and I am sure there weren't any. You should have just given the bow infinite ammo, that would have been fine rather than running around trying to scrape together some arrows before you go into a fight. And I don't understand why we had to pick up the bow, right at the beginning of the level, why didn't you just use a flip effect to add it to our inventory? Onto atmosphere, sound, and cameras. I gave this category a 5 because the atmosphere wasn't too great, some areas were so bland and boring, and the sound was alright, but there were some areas where I though ... oh, a nice sound sample would have fit in lovely. But we didn't get anything. Cameras were used alright. Lighting and texturing, this is usually the lowest point of your levels, because I found cracks, some weirdly stretched textures and squished textures, and some repeated textures. I don't know how you could have missed some. Unless you just decided to do nothing about them. Also look at the sky. Why does the sky have cracks in it? The lighting was actually quite bland in most areas. PH, you need to stop making games every week and take the time to make a good solid level, because honestly your latest levels are getting worse and worse and this is probably another one of your weakest levels. There are just so many things which need to be fixed, you should really focus on creating a good solid level and forget trying to release one every week. You are a very talented animator, and you are capable of creating great levels, now just put the time and effort into doing so! =D" - Victoria (27-Aug-2009)
"Despite the classification, this level isn't much of a Remake, since - bar a few small sections inspired by the "God Rooms" of everybody's favourite folly - the majority of areas are new. As for the level itself, it remains distinctly average throughout. Gameplay for the most part involves low-key tasks, a couple of timed runs here and there, alongside a number of traps that are either reliant on luck or are completely ineffective and easy to bypass. Texturing is mostly decent aside from several rooms that look a little bland, while lighting is generally uninteresting as a whole (with a few cracks here and there to top things off). Naturally, the poor lighting has a detrimental effect on the atmosphere (though the beginning of the level succeeds a little more in this area). The objects also do little to spice things up, often being either badly positioned (with a number of objects seemingly floating in mid-air, and occasionally disappearing from sight at times), or fail to fit in with the surrounding environment due to their texturing. There's even a particularly large rollingball that causes no threat to Lara whatsoever due to the standard rollingball collision giving Lara plenty of room to move. While the use of objects could have been a lot better, the majority of them did at least fit the overall style of the Greek setting (which can also be said for the audio within the level). In terms of secrets, there were none to find - adding a couple in here or there could have helped improve the level slightly. The new animations were a nice touch (with some of the default movements also being sped up a little), albeit a little buggy at times - though being able to hop across pillars and bounce off walls for a short time was interesting enough. As for the cameras, they were sometimes helpful and/or well designed (such as in the beginning of the level, signifying where to perform the "wall bounce"), more often non-existent (puzzle holes and levers usually led me to wonder what they actually did) and occasionally downright unwanted (a side-on trap sequence that requires me to jump over a spike tile while the camera focuses on something else entirely in the room below). I'm honestly believing PH's levels to be getting progressively worse, and if more time, effort and care was put into creating them (rather than releasing a new one every few weeks) then this could have been avoided - let's see if this actually happens." - Spike (26-Aug-2009)