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TR5 Test Level - Arena by Xspace

alan 2 3 3 5
Ceamonks890 1 2 1 2
Charles Kane 3 3 4 4
DJ Full 2 4 3 3
dmdibl 2 6 2 3
eRIC 0 1 1 2
eTux 0 1 1 3
Jay 1 3 2 2
Jose 1 1 1 2
manarch2 0 3 1 2
MichaelP 0 4 1 2
Mulf 0 3 2 4
Nuri 2 2 3 1
Obig 0 3 2 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 2 2
rtrger 1 2 1 1
Ryan 1 2 1 2
Selene 1 2 2 3
Treeble 1 2 1 2
vienna 0 3 2 3
release date: 25-Mar-2005
# of downloads: 60

average rating: 1.99
review count: 20
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file size: 51.72 MB
file type: TR5
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Too short. (With only 1 room, 3 enemies, no end-level trigger, what else can I say..?)" - Charles Kane (16-Mar-2021)
"No window-dressing here, as we get straight down to the business of bringing down one of two variations of larger-than-life Roman statuary, namely the one wielding a hammer and behaving rather similar to TR4’s ‘hammer god’. (I guess getting those two gladiators out of the way could be considered foreplay, but that’s it.) As a test of this object, this passes with honours (sounds, effects, and the meshswaps visualising the enemy’s deteriorating health all work just fine), though as a game it falls necessarily short, as this one fight is all there is. You are given the options of doing battle at close quarters, or valiantly retreating to a safe spot on top of one of the ramps and finishing the business from there." - Mulf (21-Oct-2019)
"After you kill a couple of gladiators, you'll find a room (the arena) with a giant gladiator turned into a hammergod. After a lomg time to kill it I had to read the walkthrough to see that there's not a finish trigger. Bad, bad..." - Jose (24-Apr-2019)
"There isn't much to do. Just shoot down some gladiators and one of the gladiator bosses from Tomb raider 5. You do find some ammo on two pillars. No end trigger." - Nuri (23-May-2018)
"Spend a couple of minutes taking down a couple of gladiators (two small, one giant) in a couple of rooms with no finish trigger present. It was nice to see that giant gladiator again, but it could have and should have been put to better use." - Ryan (01-Apr-2018)
"Test level where you can defeat 2 little knights (guards) and a 'boss' one. There's few uzi ammo and it runs out easily. The textures and architecture look quite good. After killing the enemies there's no other thing to do." - alan (18-Nov-2016)
"Test level with two basic enemy and one strong enemy. There are many ammonpacks to your uzi." - vienna (05-Sep-2016)
"The floor is textured nicely, so why not to bring it on by finessing the walls and ceiling? Same with the triple arch - the builder clearly knows how to introduce some nice mood by placing an object exactly where it belongs, so why not to add some nice columns, light beams, supporting fire etc. Maybe he didn't want to distract us but just to kill the guys and quit. The enemy amount and strength versus bullet count is balanced just fine to keep the challenge on the right level." - DJ Full (17-Aug-2015)
"The final TRC test level in the bundle offers a somewhat underwhelming fight with a couple of gladiators and one of the ever impressive stone warriors from TRC. This is a test level so not really much to see or do here otherwise, pretty much only for the completionists. 09/14" - Treeble (26-Sep-2014)
"Pretty much how the title implies. You head into a room, shoot two gladiators and a roman statue(with an enchanted hammer) and that's it. Definitely can't be recommended in this day and age, especially when there's so much better choices on offer." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2014)
"Shooting all enemies is your task in this single-room level, sorry, but nothing more. Can't recommend it in any way." - manarch2 (20-Nov-2010)
"It is a TR5 test level. We can test here how can we defeat the hammer statue from Rome. We can kill him without medipacks and hurts. Well let's go. :)" - Obig (25-May-2010)
"This has an animated giant gladiator statue that can strike the floor with a mallet, much as the Hammer God in TR4. Lara has Uzis and pistols to combat him. The Uzis ran out of ammo too quickly, but it turned out to be possible to kill him using pistols--much to my surprise. The giant gladiators I have seen before have a sword, and usually it takes a shotgun or revolver to kill them. Normally pistols may make them stagger, but won't kill them. A good new enemy. It would be fun to encounter this in a game." - dmdibl (27-Dec-2009)
"Killing some enemies. That all. Nothing more." - rtrger (31-Oct-2009)
"Will anything ever come out of these levels other than a free review(or half a dozen)? You start off picking up some uzis and killing a couple of gladiators. After that you're treated to a bunch of more uzi clips to pick up as well as a showdown with the gladiator hammergod from TRC. There's no way out of the arena, so I take it that this is the end of another level worth less than 5 minutes of playing time." - Selene (25-Oct-2009)
"Shhot two gladiators and a huge Hammer God.Fun for three minutes." - Orbit Dream (23-Sep-2009)
"The title makes one expect the Coliseum, but no such luck I'm afraid. Pick up the uzis quickly as you soon get a couple of gladiators charging down the passage towards you. Other than that, there's just a giant statue to fight, but without a shotgun that can take a very long time indeed." - Jay (22-Sep-2009)
"This is more a quick test of the player on whether you have the patience to shoot at the big guy with your pistols until he falls over - which he does and it did not actually took all that long." - MichaelP (20-Sep-2009)
"A typical test level with only one idea , or rather one experimentation : fighting some enemies from TR5. As there is no end-trigger one can decide to leave when he wants for the big Roman guard is quite boring to shoot at. I have always wondered why some builders put only 90 uzis ammos in a level ?" - eRIC (13-Sep-2009)
"This one seemed rather questionable even for a test level. You just get your uzis, kill the gladiators, kill the Roman statue and that's about it (there's no finish trigger). If the author wanted to test the player's ability to handle the enemies, he succeeded, but otherwise the level struggles to justify its existence. The looks are okay-ish, considering you only get a few rooms, but nothing to write home about. Only curiosities of the TR5 engine I had long forgotten about, like the Roman guards being able to kill Lara when collapsing, seemed to make this more interesting, but that's hardly an achievement from the builder's side. But I would imagine if you feel completely helpless in the other TR5 levels, this might be a good place to put your skills to the test." - eTux (12-Sep-2009)