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The Dream by Raider Croft

AdamR 6 5 8 7
alan 5 5 5 5
Ceamonks890 4 4 7 6
Charles Kane 7 5 8 7
dmdibl 6 7 8 7
eRIC 5 5 8 6
eTux 3 4 3 4
Jay 5 7 8 8
Jose 3 3 5 1
manarch2 3 4 6 6
MichaelP 5 7 8 7
Nomad 4 5 7 8
Nuri 4 7 7 6
Obig 6 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 5 6 8 9
rtrger 6 8 8 8
Ryan 5 5 7 5
Treeble 3 3 4 5
Xela 5 6 8 7
release date: 07-Dec-2001
# of downloads: 78

average rating: 5.83
review count: 19
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file size: 23.47 MB
file type: TR5
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Hats off for trying to make a level (or 2) using TR5's Gallows Tree as its base, since you can only rely on textures and geometry to make things, because Gallows Tree has no switches or keys to make for some puzzles. Rather, we are traveling a TR3-esque Nevada with some lush waterfall and cave systems. Sure, the level might be surreal sometimes, like what are we going to do with Heart to ooen doors or finishing a level? But remember, this is Lara's DREAM. It doesn't suppose to make much sense. But, as a level, it makes up for a nice journey, even moreso when you consider the limitations provided by TR5's Young Lara section." - Charles Kane (27-Feb-2021)
"I wasn't expecting the textures to be all messed up, but I couldn't find a way to fix that issue so I just decided to play it like that. The area is pretty much the same as the Nevada Desert level of TR3, only with young Lara as the main character. Some objects have been replaced and obviously there aren't any enemies since young Lara can't carry weapons. I couldn't play the second level because the game always crashed when I tried to load the savegame, so I had to leave it there. All in all, I don't quite see the point of this level. It was a dream but it seems like everything was normal here, except the textures. It wasn't difficult to complete, because I've played TR3 and I remember the layout quite well and I think everyone who has played it won't have difficulty to complete it as well." - alan (23-Nov-2018)
"I can't explain why but the game always crashed when I started a new game, so I needed to use the savegame, that's already in the download file. But that savegame seems to have that typical TR3 graphics glitch with all textures messed up within. At least, only some textures were messed up in my playthrough... I think. Anyways, I won't consider that glitch in my rating. We experience the Nevada desert in this remake, being in style of Gallows Tree from Tomb raider 5. I didn't feel much of gameplay, the "puzzles" only consist of finding some hearts and placing them somewhere to open something. Levers have been replaced by trigger points with items on them. One of the three secrets in this level is somewhere else to find. And there are some funny scarecrows, or whatever those were. Well, there's nothing else special about this level that I remember..." - Nuri (09-May-2018)
"Having played this release back when it was first released, I wasn't happy to comply with the texture issues some fellow reviewers have reported. I messed around with the settings and managed to play it the way it was intended, so if you're struck with the same issue but also the same resolve, hopefully this post will help you. Anyway: yes, this is a remake and, yes, it's a young Lara level. TR3 is among my least favorite games in the series so this doesn't have much of an appeal to me, although it does rebuild areas efficiently. There's a notable shortage on objects however, as you run around collecting medipacks to open doors, so yeah, not the most engaging experience out there but still maybe it might be a regulated dose of nostalgia for some. For some reason the level is split into two parts, both of which require the supplied savegames to access, and both of them crash to desktop near the end... 20 minutes, 3 secrets. 07/17" - Treeble (30-Jul-2017)
"Well, what was that all about? I expected some plot twist at the end or the creature or thing who was laughing to show a sign and explain things. Instead Lara put some hearts on receptacles and levels ended. The gameplay was boring too, if the author changed more of the nevada desert level design and made it more 'dreamy' (barrels and scarecrows were interesting for example) it would be a lot better but in this state it is bland and just bareable by atmosphere and curiosity level brings (which is not satisfied)." - Nomad (11-Dec-2016)
"I don't know what happened here, but I had some serious texturing glitches when going through this, and judging by at least two reviews, I am not the only one, but that may have been my installation. This is a return to TR3's Nevada Desert, only with the exception of some Black Isle audio files and a couple of hearts. Only really recommended if you are a die hard nostalgic, but the original may be worth a replay otherwise." - Ryan (02-Dec-2016)
"Another remake without interest. In my game all the textures changed from their original places so the look is extremely weird (my modern graphics card?). Even so I played the levels anyway but found nothing interesting; no enemies, no new rooms, no puzzles... Only look for a couple of hearts and place them in invisible receptacles (see the walkthrough). If you suffered the same bug with the textures, better go back to the desktop and send the game to the recycle bin." - Jose (09-Mar-2016)
"Now while the idea of revisiting old locales via dreams is a clever way to build a new premise over an existing design, the way it's delivered here feels incredibly hollow and devoid of any real sense of life. There are never any enemies to speak of, no taxing puzzles to test your mind on or even anything truly noteworthy and unexpected for that matter(especially if you've played the original version of these levels via TR3 recently). So all it really boils down to, is you're exploring Nevada Desert from TR3 again(but as Young Lara instead), with barely anything standing in your way, outside of your own sense of place in the game. However, one thing I will praise the builder for, is that the atmosphere created from the Ireland ambiance track here still does a somewhat effective job at drawing you in, even if nothing particularly exciting happens. In conclusion, while this dream concept had a lot of potential going for it here, it feels ultimately wasted. With no new areas added onto the existing design, out-of-place Ireland objects and little to no hints in-game that Lara is even dreaming all this at all, it feels like nothing more than a bland, samey remake that you're better off playing via TR3 instead, for a more satisfying and complete experience. Only worth downloading, if you're curious. Otherwise, steer clear." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2014)
"So, my installation corrupted itself and caused the textures to go all wonky. I've played TR3 more times than I can count on all of my digits, so it still wasn't tough to get around this remake of Nevada. In fact, the texture corruption may have actually improved the experiences, adding an additional layer of surreality. I felt that between the music and slight visual changes this level did a fairly good job of portraying a dream. It was almost creepy to go through at times, especially since there are no enemies. Unfortunately, if you have not played TR3 or if you're looking for a level with, well, things to do in it, there's not much here for you. It really is about as direct a remake you could get with a couple of additional items here and there. Only pick it up if it sounds intriguing." - Xela (07-Jul-2014)
"I was looking for a TR5 level to play just to spend my time tonight and when I saw Nevada textures and Lara as teenager, I thought it would be a good choice. Soon I understood that it wasn't truth. The level is prety much a copy of Nevada Desert. It was nice to going around desert's places with kid Lara. There are not much to do. Just make your way to the end. The atmosphere was nice. Hearing those creepy sounds made you feel like something will get you." - AdamR (25-Nov-2011)
"This is an interesting mix of Black Isle young Lara/sound files and Nevada scenery - a strange dream indeed. The setting is pretty faithfully to the original Nevada level and gave me a nice feeling of nostalgia, although the aeroplane zooming overhead in the original game was mercifully absent (it must have taken about five years off my life the first time around). I was also reminded that crossing the canyon was the first time I had ever come across the 'jump without pressing grab' manoeuvre, which is still known as a canyon jump in my family. This is a two part game, but can only be accessed separately from savegames included in the download. Not at all bad, but really mainly recommended as a nostalgia trip." - Jay (30-Jan-2011)
"Well, at a first view this level looks like a solid remake. Some parts were new textured, secrets were golden roses (as usual in TR5), in one case differently placed, and it seems well-builded. I liked some objects like the barrel or the bicycle. But there were some avoidable mistakes that weren't so nice. In the first secret room, when you go under the breakable floor, it falls without stepping on it. Gameplay was minimized by replacing the water flood and making the Heart to the only one key item, carrying it over to the nearly end of the level and an abrupt stop before the Timex-TMX. The second level was very short and I can't tell much about it. Fun didn't come up here either. All together, not a very good level, but approaches were there." - manarch2 (26-Oct-2010)
"It's been so long since I played the original that nothing in this two-level mini-set appeared familiar;but what you get is an entertaining run around a very well crafted atmospheric landscape.The gorges and dams are set in scene extremely well,and the soundtrack (although a little anachronistic) maintains the feeling of suspense. Gameplay in the first level is all about well-considered progression,although the repeated use of the Torch is a little confusing as you expect to have to light something at some point (the trail of TNT,perhaps);but it is merely a superfluous decoration.The second level is quick and somewhat pointless,but both together provide an enjoyable 30 minutes or so of rather ingenious exploration." - Orbit Dream (23-Sep-2010)
"I wonder what this is telling about me that I really had no recollection that the main construction of these levels follows the original TR3 Nevada levels. Guess I am getting old. But that does explain maybe, why I really enjoyed the overall construction here, the jumps around the ledges of the great looking canyon, the three secret roses, the dam and all that. There was one larger area with missing textures and unfortunately you actually needed to use the provided savegames to start each of the two levels. Part one is quite entertaining for the 15 minutes it lasts, Part 2 feels rather unnecessary and adds another 5 minutes to the adventure. Those animating barrels were fun though." - MichaelP (22-Sep-2010)
"There isn't all that much to review here, as what the author has essentially done is loaded up the finished Nevada level of TR3 and redecorated it with TR5 objects. I suppose there is some appeal to it, or the level would not have existed in the first place, but bluntly put - there isn't anything that the original level doesn't do better that you could find in here. Gone are the currents, gone are the flipmaps, there are no enemies to be seen (even though the moving barrels might startle you are first) and not really that much innovation from the author's part. The only difference I noticed was the torches being used as a substitute for flares, and the author placed the third secret elsewhere than in the original. I suppose I liked that, so there's an extra point for objects there - but other than that, if the level did anything for me - then it made me appreciate the clever ideas of the original much more." - eTux (26-May-2010)
"I don't think this level needs a review. Almost everything is same like in the TR3's Nevada levels, well the first 2. Some things missing from these levels, but its have a good feeling because of TR5 moves on a TR3 level. If you intrested in, try it, worth it." - Obig (25-May-2010)
"This works for me. The author has put young TRC Lara into TR3 Nevada. This means we have spooky objects from Ireland placed in the midst of the Nevada desert. The gnarled old trees look much like four-thousand-year-old bristlecone pines. When Lara approaches the inside of the fenced compound, the barrels move, as if startled at her approach. There is something strange about young Lara in this context, rather as dreams can be strange. I would give higher scores, but this is a remake, following in outline the game play of the Nevada levels. This does mean everything looks nice, the two levels borrow from the original to satisfy nostalgia, while at the same time offering a difference: young Lara is gathering and placing human hearts. The levels go quickly because we can often follow remembered routes. Both levels have to be started from included savegames, and the author should have worked to allow play to flow from one level to the next. Not just a remake, there is enough new here to satisfy many players. A strange notion to create this, but it works." - dmdibl (24-Dec-2009)
"Intresting and unique combination of TR5 Ireland and TR3 Nevada. A very nice combination. The level leads you through Nevada Desert, but it's filled up with items and trees from Ireland. These dry plants are perfect for a desert. Well, maybe a few puzzles would have been made the gameplay better, but going through Nevada again with these unique changes is quite intresting. And an another thing: The script file seems to be messed up. If I want to choose the levels from the main menu, the game crashes. Why? It's so annoying. And I don't understand why the game is in two levels. Probably the engine limits? In the end, I just wanna recommend this level to everyone who want to play a nostalgic level." - rtrger (05-Nov-2009)
"This level is divided in two parts , with objects and young Lara from the TRC Ireland levels , and no enemies. The two levels have to be loaded separately with the 2 savegames provided by the author, the jump between the levels did not worked . The gameplay is sometimes different than the TR3 Nevada level which makes this remake worthy to be played, even if some places are now useless. I had a very annoying visual bug in the corner where Lara should grab a ladder so to place the first"heart" in its receptacle, I had to go on that ledge with the"back drop" move so to land on the appropriate ledge with the receptacle. I also think it would have been good if the torches were used to trigger something but they are of no real use. I quite like in the 2nd part the barrels that are triggered when Lara approaches. The atmosphere globally fits the"dream" storyline. [23 + 7 minutes]" - eRIC (22-Sep-2009)