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Bravo Alarm by Peppigno Rafiele

alan 3 3 2 3
Ceamonks890 2 4 2 2
Charles Kane 4 4 3 3
dmdibl 3 5 3 4
eTux 3 4 2 3
Gerty 1 4 2 1
Jay 3 5 4 2
JesseG 5 5 5 4
Jose 2 4 3 5
Lizard Queen 5 5 1 2
manarch2 2 4 3 2
MichaelP 3 6 5 2
Nuri 2 3 1 2
Obig 5 5 4 4
rtrger 4 5 6 2
Ryan 3 4 2 2
Treeble 2 2 2 2
release date: 31-Dec-2001
# of downloads: 61

average rating: 3.22
review count: 17
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file size: 21.24 MB
file type: TR5
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I came upon this level out of sheer curiousity regarding a game stopping bug that prevented some players from completing the level. What I liked about the level: 1) This is the first TR5 level I’ve played and was pleasantly surprised to find it worked nicely on my lesser CPU WIN 10 computer. 2) The design of the level was cleverly compact such that navigating through felt quite “puzzle-like”. 3) I liked using the sniper rifle weapon. What I didn’t like: 1) There is a game stopping bug preventing a gate from opening in the silver ductwork area if you use the wall switch in the orange striped shaft. 2) Another game stopping bug happens where you are able to enter a red coloured area to pickup a “cloth” item without first picking up the two puzzle pieces needed to proceed. Without the puzzle pieces, there is no way out except to reload to a previous savegame. 3) I experienced very glitchy split second cut scenes where Lara disappears into the wall after using switches. 4) Quite a few unmarked ladders. 5) In the room full of buttons, all the cutscenes point to the wrong door. 6) The timed trigger to open a final door to end the level is beside the moving door near the final secret. The trigger is unmarked and without a cutscene. Conclusion: Despite the glitches and bugs, I actually enjoyed playing this level long enough to see it through to the end." - Lizard Queen (07-Jun-2022)
"I can't finish the level because of a bug that made a grated door to be not opened, despite I pushed the switch. But from what I played, this is probably the worst among TR5's VCI levels: improbable geometry, weird Lara light that made her looked like having severe hepatitis, the dark rooom with death pits, unmarked climbable walls, dead ends.. this level is wrong on so many levels. I wished the builder could properly betatest it with other builders or players so that this level could be more fair and more realistic." - Charles Kane (15-Mar-2021)
"This was a bit complicated level in a base, where you have to make your way through very dark areas. Some objects and areas are hard to locate, the animations are weird and there aren't many cameras. What I hated was the complete darkness and that Lara can't use a single flare. I didn't like it a lot, so I don't recommend it." - alan (22-Nov-2018)
"Seems like Von Croy Industries has forgotten to pay the electricity bills! Seriously, why is this level so dark at some points? I mean it is actually a good idea to create a puzzle with dark rooms, that you have to cross and try to get along with the tiny lights in some corners but this idea didn't succeed here, it was rather annoying that it was so dark. Speaking of the level in general: I totally recognise this authors level structure and all the bugs that came up with this level. It reminded me of "Darkness Castle", the previous release of this author. These both levels have so many negative similarities: Level structure is completely out of order with inaccurate rooms, sometimes it's unclear what you have to do, it's very unrealistic and there are many bugs. One room with a golden rose in it is a trap, because a door closes behind you once entering the room and you are doomed! Another similarity to darkness castle. At least you are able to save your progress here, because the whole level is pretty hard. The amount of ammo you find through the level is very small, so you might have some trouble with all the enemies.......... I couldn't enjoy this release, was rather glad when I reached the end." - Nuri (15-May-2018)
"Not agree with the design of this level; many black rooms where you can't see anything, even with deadly pits, unmarked ladders, lethal enemies in very small rooms where you'll need to reload dozens of times, important items attached to the walls hard to see, and more... Not many objects to ornate the rooms, no camera shots or flybys, no puzzles to solve; the best here is the texturization and the lighting in some rooms. So not recommended." - Jose (08-Jan-2018)
"Oh, dear. What you get here is a bunch of random rooms strung together (was it supposed to be a building of some sorts?), but the level design itself is the least of your concerns. What aggravates things is the overuse of dark areas, so most of the time you have no idea where you are or where you're supposed to go next, coupled with a total absence of flares and even the infrared vision on Lara's goggles doesn't work. Sounds like fun, eh? But wait, it gets better: unmarked climbable walls and death tiles! Lara's animation for pushing buttons is also missing, so everytime you push one, you'll see her fall through the floor and make the camera go insane for a few seconds. Good thing there aren't many buttons, right? Except for the very last room, in which you have about 30 of them spread in a single room with two cyborgs you cannot dispatch... Ultimately I cheated my last small medipack into unlimited medipacks (gotta love the TR5 engine) and went on a mission to press every single button. I have no idea whichever of them operated the way out, because it makes no sense at all. One of the buttons (or all of them, for that matter) opened a trapdoor for a secret in an out of sight corridor, and picking up said secret opened the exit door. Yay? Yeah, this wasn't any fun. 30 minutes, 3 secrets. 07/17" - Treeble (30-Jul-2017)
"What an utterly buggy and unfair level. Total pitch black spots, no flares, items placed in front of a seemingly solid wall, which means that if you are facing the wrong way when you pick them up, you glitch into the wall and have to reload. Add to this inconsistent lighting (yellow one moment, blue the next), lack of medipacks and nauseating camera angles when activating switches, and you have a badly designed mess. I couldn't even finish it because one door refused to open for me. This review may be rejected because of this, but I hope it is posted to warn other potential players away." - Ryan (27-Jul-2016)
"Have been trying to finish this level for a couple of times and even with the walkthrough next to me I haven't been able. The culprit was all the black voids that this builder used and I got stuck at the same place over and over again. So I give in, sorry I don't like that at all. It has no purpose and is not funny." - Gerty (04-Jan-2016)
"Well, what else can really be said about this VCI asset-used level that every other reviewer hasn't already pointed out? For one thing, this is another one of those releases that I personally classify as a 'badly-designed mess', that no sane person should have to torment themselves with. Unmarked triggers, awful lighting that is either far too bright or far too dark(including jumps that require outright leaps of faith in the latter), on top of the environment lighting not matching up with what's on Lara's model, there is no animation for Lara when she pushes buttons or pulls a switch(making the camera swerve about drunkenly for a second or two), texturing is repetitive and makes the level design a major pain in the butt to navigate and the placement of enemies at inconvenient spots(like mechanized soldiers or an infamous helicopter with a turret), just screams cheap at certain points and absolutely infuriates me. Simply cannot be recommended to anyone, including those players who crave a challenge. As it's rather painfully obvious the builder didn't care enough to add some proper balance to the overarching game design whatsoever." - Ceamonks890 (12-Jul-2014)
"I really wonder why the TR 5 marking for a level in nearly every case is a sign for either dreary or defective gameplay (this level being better placed in the latter category); no level (with the half-exception of some test level of Vinci's) really got it right for me until now. The start of this level was actually halfway decent, with interesting usage of the out-of-crawlspace move and nice encounters with enemies, but after exiting the initial rooms, everything goes downhill quite fast. I doubt it can be fun for anyone to explore pitch black rooms with the necessity to perform blind jumps and climbs, and this several times within a single level. There were way too many unmarked climbable walls too and in general the progression was getting more and more boring in this level, up to the point where I wasn't able to open a certain door. Others have noted it could be moved aside via Fexinspect, but since the program doesn't even open this level file, I had to quit at this point. Apart from the lacklustre gameplay, I had more gripes in this level, like odd animations when using a switch, very strange architecture and badly applied texturing, which was also rather uniform throughout the whole level. All in all this level feels like never being tested even not from the builder and thus should be ignored. I have yet to play The Wolf Whiplash though, so my hope concerning the quality of TR 5 levels isn't completely lost yet, but this second last chance is definately wasted. 15 minutes until I couldn't move on anymore, one secret found." - manarch2 (17-Jul-2013)
"I have to admit the main reason I played this was because it was the only TR5 level I had not yet finished and reviewed, and I could almost hear it sitting there in the listing, taunting me. If you ever get a similar experience - you should probably get yourself checked first to eliminate the possibility of brain-damage, and then simply ignore its words of mockery. This is not a level for players who want to enjoy themselves, and the only person I can imagine trying it is either a completist or some innocent, doe-eyed reviewer lulled by promises of community validation by completing Michael's review wishlist entries. In regards to this level - don't be either of those persons! The author has clearly not cared enough to eliminate ridiculous amounts of darkness with no way of mastering it, unmarked climbable wall and ceiling segments, even defunct triggers and doors essentially trapping you at about 70% progress through the level (I am still not sure how anyone (particularly the walkthrough writer) got past that legally - I only managed to the same way SSJ6Wolf did - by moving the door aside via Fexinspect), stuck-for-good moments, unfair gameplay moments that don't make sense (the 30 button final room where apparently only 1 actually does something? The timed run from the final secret to the final door with no indication of it being one?). And this doesn't even account for the relatively minor offenses as missing animations for switches and kickable walls, often monotonous texturing and odd lighting. The sad thing is, that it didn't have to be this way - had some of its more obvious shortcomings been taken care of - it would've been a halfway decent shooter level for the TR5 engine. And if I'd have to mention a good aspect of the game - the combat would probably be it. Especially to the end it got pretty intense, you question whether you should spare your (limited) ammo for baddies you have no choice not to kill, a laser-wielding baddy could appear just about after every corner to fry Lara, making it exciting in all the right ways. But even if you're into stuff like that, what is here will be of little consolation outweighed massively by the level's shortcomings. Found 3 secrets." - eTux (20-Apr-2012)
"Well, I did at least like the HK weapon. Apart from that I can't exactly say this level was my cup of tea. The base type environment was for the main part rather drab, interspersed with areas of sulphurous yellow or almost impenetrable gloom. Lara starts off with no flares and, guess what, she ends up that way too, so you'll have to play very much by trial and error for a lot of the time or go to the walkthrough (I suggest the latter if you value your sanity, although even with that benefit this is no walk in the park). The enemies are also pretty hard to kill unless you manage to shoot them in the head really quickly before losing too much life. This may just be the least player friendly level I've ever come across and I honestly couldn't recommend it unless you have strong masochistic tendencies." - Jay (30-Jan-2011)
"Patience indeed - well, at least you can save in this one and thus you can manage to get to the end. And it could even have been a rather decent VCI/Base level and quite a challenging one with the guards throughout, especially those cool raygun guys which you need to hit between the eyes with your HK gun. Alas, the author decided to be unfair and inconsiderate and added several pitch black areas, unmarked climbs and monkey swings and no hint whatsoever for some timed doors etc etc, so ... it does require patience to get through and it will take you longer than the 30 mins of net gaming time to finally manage. Simply not fun and I suggest you rather play something else instead." - MichaelP (22-Sep-2010)
"We have to find out the good way in darks rooms and tunnels. There aren't any lighting solution. We have to find out, what walls are climbable, because you can't find any ladder. And we have to find what is the correct swith at the end of the level... By the way there are 4 golden roses, but you have to collect minimum three ones, for the continue of the level, and for the last one minimum we need to search the place of the secret." - Obig (25-May-2010)
"This one has been sitting on my HDD for 5 months. Now I know why. It's frustrating as hell. No properly marked ladders, horribly black rooms for no reason(that's why I'm underrating the lighting and textures), tons of shooting and the level lacks of medipacks, and it's incredibly boring. Not worthy to play..." - rtrger (01-May-2010)
"Imagine all your worst peeves in one Tomb Raider level. Patches of total blackness for Lara to play in. Without flares. Give Lara the binoculars, but disable the light function, so they are worthless to see by. The climbing walls would be unmarked, would look just like adjacent walls. The monkeyswings would also be unmarked. Or, better, the monkeyswing texture, a sort of abstract art, could go off in one direction, while the actual monkeyswing went in another. The switch animations for Lara could be disabled, so when Lara presses a switch the camera does loops. When Lara finally sees a much needed large medipack, have an automatic machine gun in a hovering helicopter, so Lara dies trying to reach the medipack. And essential pickups could be placed not in the center of a tile, but against a wall, so that the stub of a key looks like wall texturing. Of course when Lara does get near the exit, make it so the final door wouldn't open. There is a switch nearby, but no matter how often Lara presses it the door is never going to open. Well, you can have all this and more in "Bravo Alarm." In addition, Lara picks up ambient colors, so sometimes she is a glowing yellow or blue, even after she has left the light source. The enemies are heavily armored guards, that will only go down if shot in the face in sniper mode." - dmdibl (24-Dec-2009)
"This level did not rub off on me very well. First off you will have no flares, and the lights on the binoculars do not work, so you have absolutely no way to light your way. Of course the author then throws in many pitch-black corridors and rooms, some of which you have to performed timed runs in or avoid deadly pitfalls. Lara is also lit strangely in some rooms - she may be glowing yellow or white or blue. Some doors or gates, such as the final one, refused to open for me. When I used fexinspect to check, it only gave a message that a trigger existed but was not placed in any room, so I removed said door. Lara also has several missing animations, for swithes and kickdoors. There are many ladders that are not textured distinctively, and many useless corridors and dead-ends for you to explore. The monkeyswing is also textured deceptively (the actual monkeyswing strays from the texturing). The final room is ridiculous because the whole parameter is surrounded with switches for you to press while androids shoot away at you. Basically the only thing I really liked in this level was the combat, which made me tense, especially those guards with the laser guns. 30 minutes, found 3 secrets. Only look at this if you have a high amount of patience." - SSJ6Wolf (15-Nov-2009)