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Show Light Base by Ronald Ferreira Barbosa

afzalmiah 3 6 5 8
alan 6 7 6 8
Ceamonks890 4 5 4 5
Charles Kane 7 6 4 4
dmdibl 4 5 6 5
eTux 4 4 5 5
Gerty 3 5 4 5
Jay 4 5 5 5
manarch2 3 5 4 5
MichaelP 4 7 4 6
Nina Croft 5 4 3 5
Nuri 4 7 6 8
Obig 3 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 2 6
Ryan 4 6 3 7
sonnyd83 6 7 7 7
Torry 7 7 7 6
Treeble 3 3 2 4
release date: 31-Aug-2005
# of downloads: 62

average rating: 5.04
review count: 18
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file size: 29.92 MB
file type: TR5
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level has a potential to be a nice level, but the surreality of the textures and some weird rooms belongs better to a fantasy-type level. Since this level was made on TREditor and using a buggy VCI level, it's no wonder that this level could be made much better if using DXTRE3D or even Tomb Editor. However, despite all said faults, the level is still enjoyable tho." - Charles Kane (15-Mar-2021)
"I found these two Tomb Raider 5 levels quite good. Everything loaded and played as it should and the only weird thing was an animation when Lara flipped a switch. The first level is only five minutes but the second incorporates all elements of the first and is then expanded to around 30 minutes. I found head shooting the laser wielding guards a chore as it is difficult to target on their heads whilst they are moving about like they do but oh how satisfying once you pop them. The end sequence is cruel as you are set upon by a helicopter and two cyborgs that cannot be killed so keep some med packs spare for that last hurrah." - Torry (29-Oct-2019)
"This level might represent Lara, exploring a VCI-level and being high. The first level seems to be an unfinished version, while the second one is the full level. What we experience here is a colorful VCI-level with beautiful light elements and some crazily moving textures. The lava room looks very nice! Use your medipacks wisely in this level. You might run out of healing faster than you expect, especially in the final room with a helicopter and two cyborgs." - Nuri (04-Jun-2018)
"From the moment this level starts you can tell you're into a rather psychedelic raid. Other than the colored lights all around the place, the level doesn't offer you much though, with very linear and simple progression. There was even room for one unmarked climbing wall... I was a bit careless, I suppose, as I reached the finish trigger with no medipacks in my inventory (I spent my last two to get through the cyborg+helicopter room). 15 minutes. 08/17" - Treeble (24-Aug-2017)
"Well this is supposed to be a "light base", so the textures and lighting match with this place, though some of them are moving crazily. This is a very colorful level and a bit challenging for the enemies and the room with the fire. The button pushing animation is weird though a little funny, but the same has happened to me ;) The final area looks cool, as well as Lara who I've seen with the catsuit more than twice in a TR5 level, but her hair gives her a "cooler" look ;)" - alan (05-Nov-2016)
"If you ever need a respite after a spate of dark levels, then step right up. By the time you've finished this level, you'll never have to complain about darkness again. Zany colours and lighting, moving textures and a few added effects such as snow in the second part. Probably only worth playing for that, as otherwise it is a fairly routine VCI raid, shooting guards and the like." - Ryan (27-Jul-2016)
"Sorry but I found it a bit on the boring side to play a level twice although the second one was a bit bigger and had more enemies. Still it was full of bugs or glitches or whatever you want to call them. Not my cup of tea so to speak." - Gerty (04-Jan-2016)
"Starting up this release for the review, my mind immediately thought of someone on an acid trip, as that's pretty much what the overall experience we have in front of us, ultimately feels like to me. From Lara rocking cheaply re-textured blue hair to the nonsensical level design, there is no way I could pass this entire level off as a believable place. Nevertheless, what's on offer is certainly different to look at, with the first 'Lightbase' level acting like a trial version and the second level, 'Heliport' being the complete experience of that exact same level map(with new areas to explore and plenty of VCI soldiers to eradicate). Does this off-the-wall premise necessarily help make it better, compared to most TR5 releases however? To an extent, yes. But not by a lot. There are quite a number of bugs on offer here(such as a glitchy camera due to a lack of switch animations or badly-placed doors), gameplay is rather simple and unchallenging(until you reach the unfair final area with indestructible cyborgs and armed helicopters which will gun you down faster than you can react) and the texturing and lighting are equally as nonsensical, lacking a consistent tone throughout(but I suppose it just adds to the bizarre charm if nothing else). However, if there's something I won't completely criticize about here, its that while the standard assortment of assets from the VCI levels used(enemies, objects and the respective ambiance track) might not be tremendously new, they at least don't feel too out-of-place in this type of environment thankfully and fit their roles admirably. Overall, despite not being too memorable for me in the end, this is still one series of levels that should be played through once, especially if you want to play something with a slightly different theme." - Ceamonks890 (19-Jul-2014)
"This has the appearance of a very alien world looking at how colourful and animated the textures are. The actual quality of texturing is ok but not perfect, e.g. some aren't lined up quite right. There's a few objects used here such as the nice V sign, broken equipment, furniture etc and but again not perfect as some have no collision, and the plants should have plant pots. A couple of bugs I noticed were Lara's head disappearing when you use look key, and the screen moving oddly when using all switches. Lighting is quite well done, all areas are lit in a pleasant and harmonious way. The tasks include taking out a gunman, and using sniper on a guy with a laser, a bit of climbing, and avoiding a few flames, that's all, then after a few minutes, the next level begins. Here, it appears to be snowing, but the beginning of the level is exactly the same as before, until you reach the place where the last one finished, where we have to shimmy round a corner, and take out another laser wielding baddy. The shimmy around corner animation is missing. I notice some sound effects stay silent until you reload a game, and there isn't much variation in the sound scheme at all. More tasks include finding your way through narrow corridors avoiding fire, switch pressing to open grates, then we get to a room with many gates and switches and a waterfall, there's no puzzle element to this section like I hoped, just more buttons, and some baddies, also the 'walls' beside the gates don't let Lara through, yet bullets can go through. There's a VCI key card to find and place, then you open a door to a sort of sky bridge connecting to another area, quite like that idea, this area is crawling with baddies and laser guys, but for the finale at the end, there's a helicopter firing at you, this is pretty tough so I used several medipacks to get through the door to escape. Overall, this is a good attempt with a genuine VCI atmosphere but is let down by bad animation. Net gameplay 30 minutes." - sonnyd83 (21-Jun-2012)
"Need to stay awake for a few more hours after an already long day? Here's the antidote. This level hits you squarely between the eyes from the very first moment and never lets up,with vibrant colours and moving (although not always well applied) textures keeping you constantly dazzled.Actually (despite being a somewhat overwrought distraction)these are the best elements of this short two-level adventure,as the rest of it is pretty buggy (incorrect animations;wrongly placed doors;poor overall construction;and a pointless repetition of gameplay elements during the first 10 minutes) and is essentially little more than a Shooter. Nevertheless,the action is fast-moving and requires a degree of skill in eliminating the baddies as fast as possible while rationing your fairly meagre supply of ammo;and there's little need to work out where to go next along the perfectly linear course. It all builds to a pretty hair-raising little Finale with unkillable enemies shooting at you en-mass,leaving you with an adrenaline rush as you race across the Finish Trigger after 25 minutes." - Orbit Dream (26-Oct-2011)
"This two-level game was a nice way to spend 20 minutes on a rainy day. It starts with bugs and continue to the end in the same way, but nevertheless, the rich colors of the level definitely helped me enjoy this grey and dreary stormy evening. The gameplay is interesting, involving some climbing and shooting, and some puzzles to solve, but as I said, it is seriously damaged by bugs. For example, I had a lot of trouble climbing over flames, because my Lara would not shimmy around the corner, or if she does, she wouldn't move further. I didn't mind crazily applied textures and lighting, actually I enjoyed them a lot. They may seem surreal, but they helped this level being interesting. However, objects were not placed good, and plants growing on metal ledges did not seem natural to me. However, enemies were nice and my Lara spent a lot of medikits to get to the end. Guards and armoured soldiers (that you have to shoot in the face) were nicely scattered around the level, but also had some strange AI (falling from above, in my case). Cyborgs at the end are obviously not supposed to be killed, so save Lara's health for the outrun. Due to good action and ballance between the ammo supplies and kills, the overall mark for the second category is somewhat higher. Sound was a problem to me, as I heard steps-on-metal sounds when Lara is walking over a marble or glass tile, or stone sound when there is a metal tile. So, low mark there, and the camera also brings a low remark due to some buggy behaviour of camera when triggering something or when climbing around the corner. Textures are great, as I said, and expect some really unusual use of textures, even on Lara herself. However, water surface is missing texture, but somehow it blended well with already surreal atmosphere. ********** OVERALL IMPRESSION: the best part of the level definitely is the action moment and also the lighting and textures. This is a nice level that can be finished without the walkthrough, as soon as you figure out how to kill the armoured guys. Too bad there are some glitches like badly placed doors or mismatching sounds or impossibly placed plants, but you will also enjoy the dance of the light in all colors of the rainbow. This level is definitely worth seeing." - Nina Croft (16-Jul-2011)
"Two parts in this mini levelset, one is kind of an earlier version of the start of the other level. The first one does look a bit crude, second was better lit. The only remarkable thing was the very colorful lighting and a good object placement, but there was one ladder that simply was too long (unfortunately in second level too). Second level was better in terms of visuals, the base setting at some point gets interrupted by an rather Atlantic theme. When Lara pushes a button or uses a switch the camera is completely disturbed and Lara disappears for some time(?) At the end there simply were too many enemies in this level, I could not kill the armed guard near the helicopter so I had to use health kits a lot to outrun him and the two normal guards - thus not being able to absolve the last room with two invincible cyborgs. But since it was the last room, I think I have seen enough. All in all 20 minutes of sometimes decent gameplay, sometimes it was an annoying shooter though." - manarch2 (15-Jul-2011)
"This was certainly a very different base type level with lights everywhere and strange textures but I have to say I loved it! Lara's hair has changed to a cool bright blue colour and the sole of her shoes move. There were enough medipacks and ammo to kill enemies. Enemies were guards, guards with protective armour (you have to shoot their head) and people wearing suits. There are two levels: the first level was really short but with a lot of colour and nothing too difficult. The second level was a bit longer where the builder adds more rooms. At the end it gets pretty hard but you will have enough medipacks for it. The gameplay wasn't that good but the rooms look amazing. Recommended." - afzalmiah (02-May-2011)
"Wow, this base style level certainly can't be described as lacking in colour. Even Lara's hair has joined in, although I'd have thought she's a bit young to have joined the blue rinse brigade. It's quite amusing that I've just finished playing (and complaining about) a TR5 base level that was dark and drab and here I find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum in a TR5 base level that might just make your eyeballs bleed. Still, I'll take it over stumbling about in the dark any day. This is in two parts, the first one very brief and involving a few pickups, shooting two enemies, pushing a button and crawling through a duct. Part two may make you initially think you've looped back to part one as it is virtually identical (apart from picking up some chloroform, which I never used) until the end of the psychedelic crawl space, whereupon suddenly there's extra gameplay, mainly involving more shooting and button pushing. After a while I gave up and just ran away from the enemies, but it gets pretty frantic at the end where helicopter fire is added to the massed enemies. Just suck up the medipacks and run like the wind." - Jay (30-Jan-2011)
"A bit of a weird VCI Base level set. The first part really just being the initial 5 minutes of the second part in what looks like a previous version. The 2nd level presents you with a 20 minute adventure, which is quirky and very colourful but not really in a cohesive way. You get the HK gun to kill a bunch of guards and shooting those raygun guards into the head provided for a bit of a challenge along the way. The level also has a few technical glitches with missing or wrong Lara animations but they do not prevent the completion of it." - MichaelP (20-Sep-2010)
"It's a very interesting level. The level is short, very shame. Enemies are two guards, and a VCI man, who can we give a headshot. Very nice textures too, I hope its will sequel." - Obig (25-May-2010)
"This starts well. Lara is surrounded by bright primary colors in the Light Base. The color array may be implausible, but I enjoyed the bold approach. Lara confronts mechanized soldiers with deadly energy bolts who can only be shot in sniper mode, so players learn to be fast and accurate. This really is the quick and the dead. Lara has no animations for pressing buttons, so she vanishes into walls. After a few minutes of play Lara crawls to the right and the next level starts. This is an identical repeat of the first level, so we play through the opening again, then the second level continues. Lara will only shimmy correctly around corners if she is hanging straight down. Lara picks up a small medipack, and I immediately checked and it never registered in inventory. Guards appear from thin air. There are invisible walls; some are invisible blocks placed on the wrong side of a door, but some probably represent force field barriers. There is troubling design--I include the fact that guards appear behind railings who can freely shoot at Lara, but her return fire is blocked by the railing. Also Lara may appear to have a clear line of sight with the sniper rifle, but if a guard is partially behind a pillar or crate the bullets won't reach him--though he will have no trouble shooting Lara. Even players who enjoy a shooter game may become irritated. The cyborg ending is beginning to seem overused. Mercifully short." - dmdibl (26-Dec-2009)
"I'm a sucker for colourful settings, so in spite of any lacks this level might have had it had won me over from the word go. Admittedly the first part does go a bit over the top in that department, especially when you compare it with the section it overlaps with in part 2 (with part 1 basically being identical with the first 3 to 5 minutes of part 2), but irregardless of how balanced it is at any given point in the level, it still remains its most distinguishing feature. As implied - the surreal atmosphere this lighting creates shadows over the more dubious aspects of the level, like random door bugs, lacking button animations, not overly appealing design, sometimes to an extent where you feel that unintentionally the feel of the earlier Richard Lawther levels might have been achieved. The gameplay is limited to a few jumps, some button pressing, and using up your ammo wisely on the enemies you encounter, with the most excitement being spared for the finale with machine guns and cyborgs being set on Lara's trail. While this might not sound like a whole lot - I still felt to be out of practice with my sniping skills - enough so to add some thrill to the shooter elements of the game, so it was all good. If a somewhat surreal base experience sounds appealing, give this a go." - eTux (30-Sep-2009)