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Quadbike Riding at Lara's House by TRWad

Ceamonks890 2 1 2 3
Charles Kane 5 3 4 5
DJ Full 1 2 2 2
dmdibl 4 4 3 4
Jay 3 2 2 3
John 1 1 0 2
Jose 1 2 2 3
manarch2 2 1 2 3
MichaelP 2 1 2 3
Nuri 2 1 4 2
Obig 1 0 3 3
Orbit Dream 1 0 1 2
rtrger 3 1 3 3
Ryan 1 0 2 3
Torry 0 0 3 1
Treeble 2 2 2 2
release date: 15-Dec-2001
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 2.08
review count: 16
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file size: 26.44 MB
file type: TR3
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A fun small level, even if it's mostly empty and glitchy, such as when the quadbike often disappears in random terrains or that the texts are replaced with jumbled textures.
Recommended for a short adventure." - Charles Kane (05-Oct-2023)
"You start off near a church near lara's tr3 mansion, the church needs a key to get into and you have a quad bike at your feet so off you go driving to the mansion to explore the house for a key. the mansion is another copy of the tr3 mansion only this time its even worse because all objects, doors, lighting and even some textures are missing meaning the only thing to collect is the key in lara's bedroom. the assault course and winston is still there but the race course mostly isnt so when you go back to the church and enter with the key thinking maybe theres something do there your greeted with a large empty room oh dear! if you wanna finish trigger then theres switch near a gate back outside. it was fun riding around on the quad for a bit but apart from that there is seriously no point to this level" - John (12-Aug-2021)
"Pointless exercise and despite the title not much jun at all. The quad bike textures fade in and out and sometimes disappear entirely. You can end the whole thing in 30 seconds by driving the bike through the gate to the race track. This is a test level obviously but a test of what? Our patience?" - Torry (28-Oct-2019)
"In similar fashion to my review to Sophia's Revenge, my ratings only reflect what's actually new here. Apparently, it's the standard TR3 Croft Manor level, with a few changes and lots of objects (doors and railings, for example) removed, and a few new areas outside of Lara's garden. The church resembles a lot the one seen in the title fly-by for TR5, and strangely enough it's empty within, so I'm not sure why there was a key for it hidden inside Lara's bedroom. Not really much else to do other than brielfy ride around the manor just for laughs and then open the exit gates to leave. 10 minutes. 10/19" - Treeble (20-Oct-2019)
"Basically, this is just Lara's Home with a few rooms added at the beginning outside of the gate, a few glitches and a quadbike that you can drive around the mansion. Everything that has decorated the mansion has been removed and some rooms like the quadbike course have been reduced. Generelly, there's nothing you can do here, except find a key and insert it somewhere, which is absolutely pointless." - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)
"Quadbike fun? Is there any fun exploring the mansion and surroundings with a quad? I finished the level in a minute or so, mounted the quad, saw a wall with two buttons, press them both, mounted the quad to cross to the other side of the water and voila! Finished. Then I reloaded and explored the mansion (no balustrades?) and found a key to use in the outside area, but when I went there I found only an empty room... Really not funny and neither interesting for me." - Jose (07-Jan-2018)
"The only thing you can do is ride the quad bike around the mansion (and over Winston, if you so maliciously desire). The mansion looks a little worse for wear, no banisters, furniture or doors. Textures weren't bad, but not really worth playing." - Ryan (13-Jul-2016)
"I like the bike riding idea but one will eventually get off the quad to explore the manor on foot in search for hidden content - but the quad is really is a sole improvement. Oh wait - there's one key hidden in Lara's lockup but it leads to an empty chapel so it cannot count as a legit puzzle. I really took time to check every single corner and could notoriously find nothing except from some unintended access surprise - it's one of few house levels allowing to get on the bedroom balcony from the assault course. The reason for that isn't good: the original manor stuff is mostly gone, including missing railings, textures and whole large zones of failed portals. I don't know how this construction has come to life so I won't suspect anything but it just feels like a raw ripoff gone buggy and released without even caring to fix the conversion flaws in the way other than replacing organic lawns and windows with patchwork bricks and grass. I would really wish to find more superlatives for this game, but the only one extra point can be awarded to default Winston, who seems equally unhappy to witness the butchered (e)state. And the sky cries along with him... SUMMARY: It's hard to imagine Lara's mansion remake inferior in quality to the original build, but yes, it happened. Take a ride to the chapel and quit - searching for more in here is a pure waste of time." - DJ Full (06-Sep-2015)
"Essentially nothing more than a slightly expanded version of the Croft Manor level we all know from TR3, albeit rather noticeably incomplete and having more of an emphasis on the use of the quad bike(in comparison to most home levels.) Personally, unless you're wanting to have some fun driving the quad bike around for a bit, I wouldn't recommend bothering with this one, due to the generally unfinished nature of it all." - Ceamonks890 (19-Sep-2014)
"I would have said that this was a ripped prj,but it's so graphically incomplete that it would appear that the author had a go at building a recreation of Lara's Home himself - which garners a 2 (for effort) in the final category.The level does exactly what it says in the title,only without containing any trace of the enjoyability factor that one imagines it ought to have.So you can drive through Winston and out of an upstairs window,can you? How very interesting." - Orbit Dream (20-Mar-2011)
"What makes the level so interesting is that ... Oh no there isn't anything good here! The well-known Lara's Home, a bit enhanced with the hilly area with a chapel and a gate where you can finish this level. Ride a bit but then realize it isn't more fun than just running through the mansion. The builder wasn't very resourceful..." - manarch2 (07-Nov-2010)
"I think it is just a test level. Or training by quadbike. Not better for anything. Reduced Home level. So that reduced, we can't find banisters in the manor. And the temple unfournitured, there aren't cross too. If you would like quadbiking, try it, but won't worth it." - Obig (30-May-2010)
"Quad bike riding for lazy people--no need to do the timed run for the racetrack key. Lara starts in front of a quad bike, which can be driven everywhere around and in the house. Most doors are missing, including basement and trophy room doors, so a timed run is meaningless. There is nothing in the trophy room, banisters are missing from the staircase, and Lara doesn't even have a bed, saving the author the work to fill the mansion with objects. This is all about riding the quad bike at Lara's house. The racetrack is now a small dirt lot, so nothing to do there. Lara has a key in her bedroom closet, but it unlocks a bare room. Note that if Lara doesn't choose the manor gate at the start, but goes to the other gate, she exits the level immediately." - dmdibl (15-May-2010)
"In this level, you can simply go to the end trigger ~ and finish the lvl in 10 seconds. OR: Having some fun with the quadbike. You can ride through Winston - he's immortal now! The only pickup is a key, but you don't need it I think since it leads to an empty room. Someone think it's just a time-waister, but I think it's a cool level if you want to relax a bit." - rtrger (07-Oct-2009)
"Well it was quite fun I suppose, riding the quad bike all over the mansion. That's just about all there is to do though and clearly, Lara has been doing far too much of it because the place is definitely looking the worse for wear - no banisters left and precious little furniture either." - Jay (23-Sep-2009)
"The hardest part was to figure out how to actually get off that quad bike in TR3 - had to look that one up. Other than that it really only is a fairly crude rendition of Lara's Home in which can drive over Winston with the Quad and find a key that opens the door to an empty room. Not really worth a look unless you are a Quad bike addict for some reason." - MichaelP (21-Sep-2009)