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Carlos Level by Carlos De La Calle

Ceamonks890 5 5 4 4
dmdibl 5 6 6 4
eTux 3 3 4 3
Gerty 5 7 6 5
Jay 5 7 6 6
Jerry 4 5 6 4
Jose 5 7 7 6
manarch2 4 7 7 5
MichaelP 5 7 6 6
Nuri 4 5 3 3
Obig 5 6 6 5
Orbit Dream 6 5 6 4
Ryan 5 6 5 4
Torry 5 7 7 7
Treeble 2 4 3 2
release date: 10-Apr-2002
# of downloads: 136

average rating: 5.08
review count: 15
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file size: 22.93 MB
file type: TR3
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level came with some creative ideas, no doubt about that. Unfortunately, that's all it is. There was no level decoration whatsoever. We play as some unknown woman with the purpose of rescuing Lara from a prison it seems. The author put the whole scenery well together, by adding diverse camera angles that show us how Lara proceeds through. What bugged me a little in this level was the improper graphic (The protagonist's nearly naked crotch, that stretched right into the camera, every time I was climbing out of a crawlspace, or the female mermaids with naked boobs). Let's not even talk about what the hell ever the other female prisoners were wearing........" - Nuri (03-Feb-2020)
"Here's another entry for Raider Croft's contest, but this time we get a bigger level built around the character showcase. You play as an original character on a mission to rescue Lara from this prison; upon every new switch you operate, you see Lara perform an action in her cell. I thought it was rather clever, although the level itself is very poor, with boxy rooms and poorly textured rooms (and with no lighting at all), and generally all you do is move from one switch to the next. Quite a few of the doors also feature the infamous 'door bug'—it also was a thing in TR3! 15 minutes. 10/19" - Treeble (27-Oct-2019)
"An odd level this one. If you enjoy animated characters running about in their underwear or mini skirts without knickers then this is for you. Personally I found it insulting both to the player and the character. However, if you disregard this the actual game play is not too bad and the object here is to rescue Lara. There are no tricks, no secrets (that I could find) and no near impossible jumping sequences, just a straightforward progression to the exit. 15 minutes and you are done." - Torry (07-Aug-2018)
"A bit of an oddity this one, with a strange woman running around a prison setting, encountering mermaids (?) and escaping with Lara. It's an interesting idea, but the gameplay is pretty thin and it's not especially attractive to look at. I'll give the builder credit for trying something so different however and the scantily clad inmates who took out the guards, apparently one-handedly, are rather cool." - Jay (16-Mar-2018)
"A bit of an odd level, clearly designed to show how various different characters work. You play as a rather questionably clothed woman who operates switches and kills guards, while in the meantime, Lara slowly makes her own escape. The cameras are well set in scene and helpful and the mermaids are bizarre, although their significance was unclear to me. Architecture is a bit ragged, but the idea was hilarious and the concept well done, so it is Worth a glance." - Ryan (13-Jul-2016)
"A strange woman helps Lara to escape from a prison. Original concept with some nice cutscenes of Lara escaping in several locations. Some switches to find, some guards and dogs to shoot, also two "mermaid-men" LOL! Poor architecture and texturization, and a floating switch at the end difficult to pull, but this short level is entertaining anyway." - Jose (29-Jun-2016)
"With Lara currently finding herself in a massive pickle after somehow getting locked up in a prison filled with scantily clad women, we find ourselves playing as random no-name questionably-clothed woman no #564(who's surprisingly well-equipped for the journey ahead), despite not really needing a whole lot of it, in order to rescue Lara and some other fellow scantily-clad women along the way. While I do question the overall premise in a nutshell, it's thankfully not as bad as the builder's latter 'At Home with Lara' release and at the very least, you can actually get through this one without too much mental scaring, with some clever non-gameplay interrupting cutscenes utilized to give the illusion of Lara and the random questionably-clothed woman helping each other out throughout the prison, as you run around activating switches and gunning down every security guard and canine that just so happens to be in your way, while moving around from place to place. Despite a few good praises however, not everything was given the proper attention it so rightly deserved. For one thing, the overall level design is pretty uninspired(revolving a lot around blocky, empty and repetitively textured-looking rooms), which unfortunately doesn't really lead to an experience as memorable as you'd expect and secondly, the atmosphere and lighting of the prison as a whole is generally rather flat(which I believe, could have done with more tweaking before being let out the door.) But at the end of the day, this is one bizarre level that I recommend at least a playthrough of. And if you're willing to swallow the utterly ridiculous setup and accept this release for what it is, you'll find yourself going through fifteen entertaining minutes of gameplay, before its all said and done. If you don't happen to be a fan of the builder's specific 'desires' on the other hand though, then this most likely isn't the level for you and you'd simply be better off downloading something else over this." - Ceamonks890 (21-Sep-2014)
"I suspect someone with raging hormones at work here LOL. But an interesting concept what unfolds if you play this level. The story is about a prison where Lara is kept. You, as the player, have to free Lara, with a little help of some other prisoners. Go for it." - Gerty (20-Feb-2014)
"Welcome to the prison of scantily clad women aka the author's weapon of choice for channeling his libido. The protagonist here is a nameless black-haired lady that flicks switches, traverses numerous crawlspace (so numerous entirely by coincidence and the author's desire to realistically depict the ventilation shafts, not to give the best upskirts views, I'm sure) and in doing so either aids or merely observes (it was not always clear if the switches were just devices for initiating the camera shots or if they actually contributed to the prison break efforts) the prison riot made up of her, another even more poorly dressed lady and thankfully rather puritan Lara in comparison to these two. Despite the ambiguity of what the camera shots were supposed to be about - I found them to easily be the best part of the level, giving it some illusion of a collaborative effort in achieving the goals. Apart from that the level doesn't really have much to offer - the geometry is very simplistic and very rough, rooms mostly textured with one, two or a handful textures at most. Personally I don't think the sexual overtones are such a bad thing if well done, but they hardly contribute anything worthwhile if the level can't stand on its own. The cutscenes and the collaborative effort of the women to overthrow those misogynist prison guards were a good start and make this level worth a look - but ultimately don't make up for the level's shortcomings." - eTux (18-Apr-2012)
"After not being very generous with the builder's other two levels and not giving any points I can see here that he has done quite well. OK, gameplay is linear, but searching some switches was quite interesting. I really liked the different prisoners who helped poor Lara getting out again, I also liked the idea of the little cutscenes of Lara and the harmless TR2 baddy mermaids. Good ideas used here, and good level!" - manarch2 (19-Nov-2010)
"Lara's outfit is a bit interesting, short, just like her girlfriend too. We are on a base, the main goal is to free a woman. Be careful, don't shoot her, because she will be angry. More enemies are dogs, guards, baddies, and we have to kill undines boyfriends too. Short level, nothing hard challanges. Avarage textures." - Obig (25-May-2010)
"A genuinely clever idea. Lara has been taken prisoner in a desert (Nevada textures). We get glimpses of her waking up on the floor, but almost all of the action takes places with other female prisoners and their guards. A prisoner overpowers guards and throws switches to open doors, and we see Lara freed from her cell. Other prisoners take out more guards, opening a passage for Lara. At the end Lara climbs a rope for her escape. TR4 has the guide AI, but it isn't the same as a whole group supporting Lara, who herself plays a tiny role. Admittedly, the play and construction are on the crude side. The author tries to convey atmosphere, the oppressive heat of the desert prison, by displaying the female prisoners in scanty underwear. Though perhaps this interpretation doesn't account for the mermaids swimming in the pool....Anyway this is good for a chuckle after a dark TR4 level." - dmdibl (12-May-2010)
"There are some nice touches in this level like the mermaids, that blonde woman lending a helping hand by fighting guards, and several cutscenes with Lara. Unfortunately gameplay is reduced to shooting guards and dogs and pulling some switches in rooms that look more or less all the same. I found the outfit (skirt and high heels) a little unsuitable in this prison level." - Jerry (13-Oct-2009)
"This mini adventure takes place in a heavily guarded Desert Prison,which appears to have been built for the sole purpose of incarcerating various scantily clad women. You play as a nameless dark-haired amazonian beauty wearing an outrageously impractical outfit which does nothing to hide her modesty;and the object of the level is to infiltrate the prison and free the captive nubile young ladies,who proceed to take things into their own hands and give their guards a damn good thrashing.Via a series of cleverly set up camera cut-aways we see Lara gradually making her own escape;while on the way,your glamorous playable character shoots a few dogs,pulls many reach-in switches and shoots several guards. Taking into account several exotic mermaids swimming around in a Tank,and the resultant level is a veritable teenage male fantasy. It's hilarious and great fun;and quite possibly the most enjoyable fifteen minutes you'll ever spend in a short level." - Orbit Dream (09-Oct-2009)
"A bit of an oddity this one, as the author manages to use other 'characters' to fight the various guards and sets them in scene well with cameras. Progression is quick and smooth and essentially revolves around a series of reach in switches and doors. The swimming with the mermaids is also sort of bizarre and the ending with Lara climbing the rope to escape a technially interesting set up. Worth a look for the 15 minutes it takes." - MichaelP (11-Sep-2009)