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St. Joseph's Cathedral by Bartoli

alan 2 2 3 3
Casual Raider 2 1 2 3
Ceamonks890 2 2 3 3
DJ Full 3 1 2 3
dmdibl 2 3 5 3
Ejecta 2 2 3 3
eTux 2 2 3 4
Gerty 2 2 4 4
Jay 2 2 4 4
Jerry 2 2 4 4
Jose 1 1 1 3
manarch2 2 2 3 4
Mehrbod 2 2 3 4
MichaelP 2 3 6 6
Mulf 0 3 1 3
Nuri 2 2 1 3
Obig 2 2 5 4
Orbit Dream 3 2 4 5
rtrger 1 3 2 3
Ryan 2 2 3 3
Torry 2 3 4 4
Treeble 2 3 4 5
Xela 2 2 4 3
release date: 11-Dec-2000
# of downloads: 85

average rating: 2.73
review count: 23
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file size: 21.44 MB
file type: TR3
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This one of those levels about which there’s little left to say once the first few reviews have trickled in. There’s so little substance to it that it would be blown away by the last breath of a dying fairy. I will use this opportunity to explicate my scoring category by category.
G&P: I was considering a pity point for gameplay, but obviously not for the maze (it’s a maze. Concede, Treeble!), nor for the all too simplistic jumping sequence (of five pillars, two can be skipped, and very obvious it is, too), nor even for the two dog attacks. This latter element is actually what works best in this level, but it’s not sufficient on its own. No, it was because of the game’s structure: Enter place, see keyhole, where key? Go look, twists and turns, there key! Get back to place, use key, the end. Note that this sequence does not involve any backtracking. Unfortunately, the builder chose to pad his level by repetition instead: he makes Lara drop down deep shafts twice; and his solution to the problem of bringing her back up again is two long ladders. This would be highly questionable in a full-scale level; it’s unacceptable in a level that takes all of ten minutes to complete. Hence a round zero.
EOS gets three points because there are three dogs, three candlesticks, plus a key and its keyhole and Lara. Why not nine, then? you may ask. If you do so, you haven’t quite grasped the principles of numerological reviewing. Go and study Rabbi Löw’s Sefer Yog-Sothoth.
ACS, this is a pity point. Atmosphere is in fact next to nil, dominated as it is by squelch. (I’m promoting ‘squelch’ as the technical term for omnipresent squelchy footstep sounds regardless of which kind of surface Lara is actually treading on, because it is such a widespread phenomenon in TR3 levels.) TR3-typical visual glitches occur repeatedly, presumably due to faulty room connections.
T&L, three points. The interior of the cathedral may not look too bad, but the builder uses textures depicting an organ, stained glass and rib vaults as mere ornaments with little regard as to what they represent, or how they should be used in order to create a convincing approximation of his chosen setting. There’s wallpapering here as well, but especially elsewhere in the level; proper segmentation, though. No lighting.
So there you have it. Bottomline: inessential." - Mulf (14-Mar-2022)
"Fairly pedestrian Tomb Raider 3 level that only lasts around eight minutes. You locate a key, open a door behind the pulpit and you are done. A long maze type affair hinders progress somewhat with a couple of interminable ladder climbs thrown in." - Torry (16-Oct-2019)
"A small, fast-paced raid through (and under) a small and empty cathedral. A few dogs and jumps, plus a bit of swimming and a series of corridors that don't quite add up to actual mazes, then you retrieve a key and can reach the finish trigger. Texturing is better than average, and, oddly enough, I spotted rain in one of the rooms beneath the cathedral. 10 minutes. 10/19" - Treeble (13-Oct-2019)
"A very short 8-10 Minutes level, where only the first room looks like a cathedral. The rest clearly consists of long passages on land or in water that make no sense at all, but are just there, so the player has a route to run. Only enemies here are dogs." - Nuri (03-Jun-2019)
"A pretty short TR3 level with a poor gameplay, honestly. The enemies consisted of dogs only, nothing special to praise. An unnecessary maze was designed for the game, which was a bit frustrating. Atmosphere needed a lot of work, and in some indoor rooms, you saw rain dropping through the ceiling. No specific soundtracks were involved. But, there is one thing you can commend, and that is the "Textures" element. The original TR3 textures were put up together in order to make somehow a coll church within an indoor area, and some other miscellaneous textures were cunningly used throughout the level. Not recommended, only for a short play." - Mehrbod (05-Aug-2018)
"Another short TR3 level with a poor gameplay. Not an appropriate background music (underground) for a cathedral, not items to pick up except the key, a bunch of dogs to shoot as only enemies, a nasty maze and climb a couple of long ladders. Not cameras or musics to create atmosphere, flat lighting and only some effort with the texturization (sometimes I got problems with the viewing, but I solved it running straight ahead). Not a level to recommend, of course, but only playable." - Jose (06-Nov-2017)
"While you may find that the actual cathedral itself is quite pretty and colourful, don't judge a book by its cover: the gameplay is beyond simplistic and unenjoyable. There are a handful of dogs, some of which appear in quite tight spaces, making health loss pretty much inevitable. It's possible to complete this level in under five minutes, seeing as all you have to do is get a single key and slide down a slope to a small room with the exit trigger. I'd say don't bother, unless you want a really, REALLY quick and easy raid." - Ejecta (14-Aug-2017)
"A cathedral level with some dogs to kill, make a jump sequence and find a key. Go back inside the cathedral by climbing the long ladders and go to the last door where you fall to a blue room and the level ends." - alan (12-May-2017)
"The Cathedral of the title doesn't look to bad and the stained glass windows look quite nice and colourful. Aside from this, there is little gameplay to speak of: drop below the cathedral itself, pass an easy jumping sequence, shoot a few dogs, negotiate a very easy maze in search of a vital key, climb back up using two long ladders and the level ends not long after. This barely lasted five minutes." - Ryan (07-Aug-2016)
"The cathedral is nicely crafted and has some texturing detail but three candlesticks are just not enough. The basement mostly consists of unipattern maze but provides some dogs for a little challenge instead. We find a key and get trapped in a crypt, possibly our own. SUMMARY: Another good prologue to nothing, and recently I find too many of them." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2016)
"As a short level of only 5-6 minutes set in a passably-textured cathedral, we find ourselves exploring in order to find a random key needed to access an empty room, only to have it conclude in a rather abrupt fashion upon proper entry and that's it. With a lot of empty corridors to traverse through, an incredibly flat atmosphere and generally uninspired gameplay included in the overall package however, this is one release that is only worth a passing glance at best and nothing more beyond that." - Ceamonks890 (28-Sep-2014)
"Like other reviewers have mentioned, the cathedral itself isn't too bad to look at. But once you actually start playing through the level itself, it becomes quickly monotonous. Large drops down into water, go through an uninspired maze, and climb all the way back up. The enemies do a little to spice up the experience, but not much; it's hard to undo the awfulness that is 1x1x[enter large number] corridors. Not really worth the 5 minute escapade." - Xela (13-May-2014)
"Short level with slightly boring gameplay. Textures are rather fine at moments but most of them are monotonous." - Casual Raider (12-Jul-2013)
"You begin the level and enter in a cathedral. I really thought this was a cathedral, the textures are not bad. But the gameplay could have been better; you only have to search a key, the level is very linear. If there would be several puzzles, and the level would be longer, I think it would be a very good one." - manarch2 (12-Jul-2010)
"The level starts at the entrance of the titular cathedral, but you soon depart underground to battle a few dogs, do a nice, simple jump-sequence, find a key, traverse a maze (thankfully fairly simple) and then do 2 long climb sections back up to the cathedral where it all ends soon after. There's nothing that particularly stands out in the entire experience, but it's uncomplicated enough to be a suitable introduction for people who're unfamiliar with custom levels, and should not provide a whole lot of difficulties even for the most inexperienced player. Others can consider it for a brief 5 to 10 minute distraction." - eTux (27-Jun-2010)
"It is a very short level. We have to find a key in the Cathedral. Some dogs are enemies. No secrets, no interesting challanges." - Obig (25-May-2010)
"A short one what takes place in a cathedral with labyrinths, ladders, and blocks to jump. It has pits too with water to land safely on the lower floors. Enemies are dogs, but they're trained so well that they take half of your health in a bite. Odd concept for a cathedral. The first room and the final room looks very nice. Although a rather rushed level." - rtrger (05-May-2010)
"An attractive if small cathedral, where Lara shoots a few dogs, falls down shafts and climbs back up again, to finish in six or eight minutes. Someone learning the level editor, as there are several mirror effects, as if textures are set improperly. An abandoned project." - dmdibl (11-Apr-2010)
"The start does look promising but from there on it is just falling deep into water, swimming a bit. Then it is running a bit through a maze till you find a Key, then two long ladders to climb and then you are back where you started." - Gerty (24-Mar-2010)
"With a level as short as this (5 mins), the reviews almost end up being walkthroughs, but I still think the Cathederal itself was nicely built and textured. The little gameplay about dropping below it, searching the key in a maze, killing a few dogs and climbing back up is a bit uninspired though and so it quickly ends..." - MichaelP (24-Mar-2010)
"The design of the main room is not bad and looks like a promising start. But unfortunately running through maze-like corridors, collecting one key and shooting a couple of dogs is all you have to do here to finally end up in a dead-end room where the level ends. 9 minutes net gaming time." - Jerry (22-Oct-2009)
"Another very short TR3 cathedral level, with some dropping into water, jumping, dog killing, key finding (in a small maze) and very long ladder climbing to achieve before exiting the level. I couldn't quite figure out why it was raining in the cathedral. I mean, the ceiling certain was high, but not, I feel, high enough to generate its own weather." - Jay (02-Oct-2009)
"It's more of a TARDIS than a Cathedral,really;as,judging by its simplistic exterior,it's clearly far bigger on the inside.The Nave is visually not too bad (there are no pews,but the colourful stained-glass windows look quite convincing);it's when you reach the Transept that things become rather odd,what with the chunky stairs leading up to the corners of the ceiling and a small Library hiding behind the Altar.You very quickly plummet hundreds of feet beneath the Cathedral into water and,after negotiating a very straightforward maze in order to aquire a key,laboriously climb all those hundreds of feet back up again.Placing the key into a sliding door in the small Library leads to the level end.Two dog attacks are quite effective and help keep you on your toes;and there's a slidy jump sequence which is easy but fun. Ultimately,though,the builder evidently got bored rather quickly with trying to emulate a convincing architectural location,and then got even more bored with trying to build an actual level! The Atmosphere disolves after the first few seconds and there is little attempt at lighting.It's all over after 7 minutes,though,so at least it doesn't outstay its welcome." - Orbit Dream (25-Sep-2009)