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Unknown Tomb by Frank Petser

BlackWolfTR 4 3 3 4
Blue43 3 3 3 4
Ceamonks890 3 3 4 4
dmdibl 4 3 4 4
eRIC 4 3 4 5
eTux 3 3 3 3
Gerty 4 3 4 4
Jay 3 3 4 5
Jerry 3 3 4 4
manarch2 3 3 4 4
MichaelP 4 3 4 3
Obig 4 3 4 4
Orbit Dream 4 4 3 5
rtrger 3 4 3 4
Ryan 3 4 4 3
Torry 3 3 5 4
Treeble 4 6 6 6
Xela 3 3 5 4
release date: 22-Mar-2008
# of downloads: 63

average rating: 3.71
review count: 18
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file size: 21.84 MB
file type: TR3
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"15 minute level. The goal is to get the crystal and open the door to the tomb. There are a few doors to open, two enemies to kill and that's it. It is strange that it is raining in this tomb and you can hear the sound of waves (which is quite relaxing). And besides, I give this level sentiment because it is the first custom I ever played. Thanks." - BlackWolfTR (19-Mar-2020)
"Short Tomb Raider 3 level of around ten minutes if you do things in order. You collect a serpent stone and open the exit door. Only two enemies and one trap which nearly got me." - Torry (22-Dec-2019)
"Nice to see a Khamoon-styled level running in the TR3 engine. It's a very simple incursion where you set off looking for a couple of buttons to ultimately grab the Serpent Stone and make your way to the sarcophagus (the final trap definitely got the best of my unsuspicious self). I rather liked the level design, with all the side rooms and crawlspaces, but admittedly the gameplay is pretty standard. 10 minutes. 12/19" - Treeble (09-Dec-2019)
"A short raid in a TR1 Gold setting where Lara has to find a Serpent Stone in a roundabout way and then make her way to the top to use it, then go back down to use it again. I am clueless as to why it is raining inside, despite there being no gaps in the ceiling, but the texturing seemed nicely done. OK for a short and sweet raid." - Ryan (12-Aug-2016)
"A very short level in Egyptian style, although not sure about the natives I encountered. There is a bit of backtracking but nothing serious. Getting the gem and using it to open the last door and up to the next adventure." - Gerty (23-Nov-2014)
"A relatively standard and short venture in Egypt, where we find Lara searching for more treasure in order to pay off the manor monthly bills, I suppose. But beyond the brief first impressions however, what's on offer here is done in a passable fashion at the very least(despite some generally flat lighting, out-of-place opponents/objects and an atmosphere that could have been handled better, among other things.) Still, if you're in the mood for a quick and barely taxing distraction in Egypt under the TR3 engine and have got nothing else better to do, then this will certainly do the trick for the five- ten minutes it will take to complete. But overall, not really something that I'd classify as a keeper though." - Ceamonks890 (21-Oct-2014)
"On the quest for more treasure, Lara stumbles into another tomb. But she wasn't expecting Egypt and the South Pacific to conspire against her! This is an interesting choice for a crossover, where a few bits work and a few don't. Not that you'll have time to do a thorough analysis, as the level is ten minutes tops. But what is there is decently-crafted. A bit of simple platforming, button pushing, and enemy frying. Texturing is alright, though there is little variation in the lighting. Not really my cup of tea, but certainly not a waste of time for those looking for a quick distraction." - Xela (30-Aug-2014)
"It's probably far from a candidate for the most memorable raid there is, but what this short South-Pacific/Egypt crossover offers, it does so competently. I'm not overly fond of overreliance on crawlspaces as a gameplay device, but the brief roundabout for the Serpent's Gem was well put into action, as was the jump-sequence for placing it to open the door to the titular tomb. Apart from that there really isn't much for a reviewer or player to go on here - it will be over before you know it, and save for the lacking lighting, the brevity is its greatest issue. While you sort of do achieve the (implied) goal, the actual journey could've been more eventful. It seems the builder had it in him to make it happen, but may have been a bit too eager to get this over with and/or to move on to other projects. A nice fit for an uneventful 15 minute break if you want to give it a chance." - eTux (14-Apr-2012)
"Here we have a really short TR3 level with very simple TR1 Egypt texturing, fairly boxy rooms and bright, flat lighting. The game play is easy and limited to a little bit of climbing, finding a gem and 2 buttons. The only enemies are two out of place natives and they drop quickly since Lara has already picked up the UZI with plenty of ammo. The level can be finished in less than 10 minutes (if you get into the correct crawlspace first), so if you are looking for something real short and easy in TR3 style, it might be for you." - Blue43 (17-Oct-2011)
"15 minutes of easy gameplay. Few enemies to shoot, no really challenge here. The level ended soon while going into a treasure chamber." - manarch2 (30-Oct-2010)
"Short, Egypt level. But the natives doesn't fit somehow. Other enemies could be better. And would be longer too. And harder. There aren't anny challanges, just we have to find cracks." - Obig (30-May-2010)
"Quick 10 minute Egyptian romp with two lost natives in the wrong place. Still, I enjoyed it and the builder did at least manage to get me to the wrong place several times and then backtrack along another path to complete the necessary task first." - MichaelP (14-May-2010)
"Very brief, small level with the play not bad. Lara hunts out a button (the symmetrical crawlspaces is a good idea), then searches for the door it opened to get a pink gem. Lighting is uniformly bright. This looks like TR1 Egypt, so it is curious that when Lara climbs up to place the serpent stone she encounters South Sea natives, who are completely out of place. The stone opens a tomb; when Lara enters it the level ends." - dmdibl (13-Apr-2010)
"An egyptian-style level with a few ridiculously easy tasks. Some jumping, climbing and swimming to collect a stone, then place it to it's socket then exit. Can be finished in 5-10 minutes." - rtrger (13-Apr-2010)
"Just a short visit to a rather nice looking TR1 Egypt setting. Not much to do - a bit of climbing, swimming, crawling and a couple of rather inappropriate enemies thrown in for good measure. It's a shame it's so short as it might have made quite an entertaining level. I'd have liked a souvenir from the underwater treasure pile at the very least." - Jay (08-Oct-2009)
"For a short little level,this isn't at all bad.In fact,it's really only the lack of lighting which lets it down,as the atmosphere could have been considerably more potent.Why rain pours down from a solid roof is beyond me,but the level design is compact;the texturing is perfectly competant;the gameplay is as interesting as is possible within a 15 minute adventure;and there's a really sneaky death trap right at the very end! Play for a quick and reasonably satisfying short raid." - Orbit Dream (08-Oct-2009)
"A short level, built in tr1 style, that seems unfinished to me, as Lara's only business is to crawl a bit, climb a bit, find a gem and push 2 buttons. It all ends very abruptly after entering a new chamber of this tomb, so in the end she doesn't even escape. The uzi can be found, but is not needed, there are only 2 enemies to shoot. After about 10 minutes I was through." - Jerry (28-Sep-2009)
"An Egyptian level with the TR3 engine and resources. Rare but possible although the natives look out of place here , the author could have also placed crocodiles. Anyway this level by the setting reminds the TR1 Egyptian world , and it is very pleasant to play , there is a bit of jumping and a couple of passageways to find. It seems that this was only a demo , the end occurs after 12 minutes, which was quite disppointing as the level was entertaining." - eRIC (22-Sep-2009)