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The Probe by hannon13

DJ Full 1 1 1 2
eRIC 0 1 0 1
Gerty 0 0 1 1
herothing 0 2 2 3
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jerrod 0 1 0 1
Jose 0 0 1 1
manarch2 0 1 1 1
MichaelP 1 2 1 1
Mulf 0 0 0 0
Orbit Dream 0 1 0 1
rtrger 0 1 0 1
Ryan 1 0 0 1
Scottie 1 0 1 2
Selene 1 1 1 2
Torry 1 0 1 2
Treeble 1 1 1 1
release date: 25-Oct-2009
# of downloads: 52

average rating: 0.81
review count: 17
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file size: 10.21 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I've been going through massive levels and today is going to be a rather busy day so I looked up something short, but this almost feels like cheating, so I'll play something else as well. Anyway, nice bikini, but that's it (and likely the merit for that goes to someone else entirely). No sound effects on my end. 5 minutes. 10/22" - Treeble (02-Oct-2022)
"Quick, as a budding levelbuilder, what’s the first thing you do? Easy! Muck up Lara’s perfectly fine animations. Oh, and outfit! Need a new outfit obvs, preferably one that doesn’t suggest anything Tomb Raider at all! Barbie Croft! Bang! Done! Oh, still need to slap some boxes together to pretend there’s something to do! There! Finished! What you got to whine about, you, you…hipsters!" - Mulf (12-Oct-2019)
"Just a showcase of Lara's new bikini and a custom animation of Lara standing. Other than that no real objective to this five minute level." - Torry (10-Oct-2019)
"Another test level that really shouldn't have been released as is. Do a bit of swimming, pull a switch and there's no finish trigger. Unless you want to admire Lara's swimsuit and custom standing animation, I wouldn't bother." - Ryan (08-Nov-2016)
"Yet another beginners effort which really should have remained on a Hard Drive somewhere and not been released to an undeserving public.As with so many levels of its type,this is actually comical in parts and entertains simply by being awful." - Orbit Dream (21-Jul-2012)
"Swimming to two levers is enough to open the doors. Textures were wallpapered. There was nothing to find, well, a Large Medikit. This level reminds me much on my own first room I have built for BtB Steampunk, although, and not to be self- glorifying, I don't think it looks that bad as this one." - manarch2 (02-Jun-2011)
"Beginners level and with a lot of beginner mistakes. Triggers don't work properly, no sound/music, textures are stretched and the rooms are big and empty. Lara does however is wearing a nice bikini and yes, lots of swimming is involved. There is no finishing trigger so when you have the compass and open even the cupboard beside it (nothing in there) that should be the end." - Gerty (24-Feb-2011)
"The only nice looking thing was the final room, with a pedestal surrounded by two objects, and two underwater valves, however once you jumped into the water to see them, there was no way out. Generally, the whole level resembles "Diving area" from TR2, so there's a lot of diving. Only 2 objects to pick up and 3 levers to pull. Not enough, definitely not enough. Gameplay comprises moving from one room to another. What I disliked was a lot of samples were missing. SUMMARY: Short level, but nothing special. If you liked ocean levels from TR2, I advise you to look for something better." - DJ Full (07-Oct-2010)
"Gameplay: Swimming. Puzzle: Activate 3 switches. Lifetime: Approximately 90 secondes. Ennemies: Several collision bugs. Ambience: Nothing (no sound for Lara). Textures: Despite a recent skin for Lara, this level look like a cheap game from Amstrad CPC464." - Jerrod (29-Mar-2010)
"If you play this level and hear absolutely nothing, you must not ask yourselves whether you have to go to the ear doctor, because in this level there is really absolutely nothing to hear. One could be almost of the opinion, one sits in a cinema and sees a silent film. The underwater doors have not the right trigger, because they also open to themselves without one has used the lever. The rooms are very big and very empty. The textures are very often stretched and there is also no Finishtrigger. In other words: Here are more or less all mistakes in it which one can make as a beginner. There one can only recommend hannon to go once more completely through the manual." - Scottie (09-Jan-2010)
"Nothing to compare with your "paisano" Josep Borrut. Switches you don't need to pull, stretched textures, no puzzles, no enemies, no cameras, no lights... There are some very good sites in the web with great tutorials so you can learn if you want. Please visit one of that sites before releasing another level!" - Jose (20-Nov-2009)
"Regrettably, this is another short debut level that shows all the hallmarks of the absolute beginner and unless you want to view Lara in a quite fetching blue bikini (plus backpack and guns of course) standing in a rather cute hipshot position when resting then there really isn't any reason to download this." - Jay (28-Oct-2009)
"Quite a pointless level if your are an experienced builder, but since this builder is quite new, i would say that this is a good start ish... some rooms look good, like the one shown i the game description but others look disastrous with the bad texturing etc. Please, like i say to many builders, play a level with high grades before you play another. Grade = E++" - herothing (26-Oct-2009)
"Yet another well intended debut level that is however being released very prematurely. While choice of textures and overall room geometry show that some basic thinking was put into this, the texturing is careless, the lighting non-existent and the little gameplay there is (pulling three switches) is ruined by a technical mistake (as you do not actually have to pull the switches to trigger the nearby doors). There also seems to be no finish trigger and I took the picking up of the compass to be the end here. The selected Lara model is a nice one though and I thought her stance when not moving was funny." - MichaelP (25-Oct-2009)
"Another debut level, but, unfortunately it isn't so good. The textures are streched. The triggers are problemistic - you only have to step onto the square of the switch to trigger a door. Water has some kind of problem too. And, where is the end trigger? And if Lara stops, magically, her legs will slip away a bit. More magic: maybe a ghost? opens the locker in the "final room". The compass doesn't make sense, you also get one at the begining of the level. And one intresting thing, if you jump into the holes in the "final room, you can trap into two small rooms, and die awfully." - rtrger (25-Oct-2009)
"Apparently this is another one of the levels used by a builder to show off their first feeble attempts with the level editor. It's a far better attempt than many I have seen lately and at least there's a slight touch of gameplay to speak of. I couldn't get any further in the room with the compass. After consulting a former review of this level it seems that this is indeed the end and so it stands as yet another example of a new builder not being able to incorporate a trigger that ends the level. Most of the levers are useless as the gates open automatically upon approaching them. Texturing seems random, most of the rooms are box-like and with only one possibly exit in each and the lights, sound and atmosphere is at best non-existent. Love Lara's outfit though." - Selene (25-Oct-2009)
"The author should have built the tutorial level with the manual before releasing this map, to know how to set triggers properly ( stacking a switch trigger upon the normal trigger for the doors opened by a switch, finish trigger not functionning when you pick up the compass ) , how to segment the walls , add lighting , among other things. This is short at about 2 or 3 minutes and there is almost nothing to do aside from some swimming." - eRIC (25-Oct-2009)