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Emotions Time Broke In Two by nada

Blue43 7 5 8 8
eTux 5 5 8 7
Gerty 4 3 6 5
Jay 6 5 8 8
Jose 5 4 6 5
manarch2 5 3 7 5
MichaelP 6 5 9 7
Orbit Dream 7 5 5 8
Phil 7 7 8 7
rtrger 5 3 8 9
Ryan 6 5 7 6
Scottie 9 7 6 8
sonnyd83 6 6 7 7
Spike 5 3 6 5
Tim 7 7 8 9
Treeble 6 6 8 7
release date: 31-Oct-2009
# of downloads: 51

average rating: 6.27
review count: 16
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file size: 34.77 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The title screen had me fooled and somewhat convinced this could have an atmosphere similar to Control (the game which came decades after this custom level was released), but that's not quite the case. There's a dense and eerie red fog throughout the atmosphere, which sort of uses textures from sanatorium-like environments, but ultimately all you do is a couple of jumps as you find the levers to eventually reach the two canopic jars and make your leave. The nice atmosphere gets ruined by the bugged background audio with the weird pitch now and then (three levels in a row now have had some sort of audio issues, hopefully this is not something on my dying system which I cannot afford to upgrade). 20 minutes. 10/22" - Treeble (02-Oct-2022)
"Although very similar in style to this builder's previous level, I found this one a bit of an improvement in terms of gameplay. Granted, it's not particularly wholesome and there's undoubtedly still quite a bit of running through bland hallways, but there were a couple of block puzzles that I thought were really well executed and not tedious to solve, which is a big plus in my book. The crackling audio does work well but can get irritating, being attacked (even if it just by a couple of bats) without any means of defending yourself may not be an endearing concept for some and the trial and error button puzzle could have been omitted, but the atmosphere makes this worth a look, in my opinion. Might be a matter of taste, though." - Ryan (13-Apr-2018)
"This builder is not known to me, having released only two levels in rapid succession nearly a decade ago. She (judging from the name) did not want players to use flares in this dark level, because not only were none provided, when I used the well-known cheat to get some (when a small medipack was graciously offered), they did not appear in the inventory and Lara's left arm quivered when I attempted to light one. However, the needed light did come on, allowing me to proceed in those areas where I would otherwise have not been able to see what needed to be done. The atmosphere is well rendered (pink-tinged throughout) and there are some nice touches here, including a seemingly simple block puzzle that proved otherwise for me. On two occasions I was pestered by a bat (maybe the same one), about which I could do nothing because there were no available weapons despite the aforementioned cheat and I didn't want to risk crashing the game by attempting to draw one. That inclusion was a bit unnecessary, in my opinion. Yoav has provided a workmanlike walkthrough that enabled me to get through in a bit more than a half hour. This is not a level you'll want to put on your replay list, but it does have its moments and is recommended for an offbeat change of pace." - Phil (03-Feb-2018)
"As atmospheric this level may be, I just can't really get myself into the builder's style. I actually liked this level better than Black in, Black out because there are some quite interesting gameplay ideas (a mirror room with a block puzzle, some extensive climbing sessions) and overall the level's structure seems to be more sophisticated than before. While there are some neat effects like the waterfall mist in a dry corridor, there are others which don't quite fit like the fires underwater, and there are a few problems with the room lighting changing when doing certain animations. I still felt rather overpowered by the lighting and it didn't really appeal me, although I have to confirm it's very apt for a horror-themed level. At 20 minutes, it doesn't outstand its welcome, and it couldn't be much longer because this kind of gameplay easily gets tedious after a while. Horror-fans might like this but can also be a bit disappointed with it, because nothing quite special happens in this game." - manarch2 (29-Apr-2014)
"This level is quite unique. You start in a very dark and empty area and eventually drop down into a very deep pit into water - I enjoyed that bit. The gameplay does get better as you move along. There are a few traps such as sliding walls, flames, and spikes. I liked the way the sliding walls were placed as they're not just all in one place. You eventually had to make your way back up out of the depths and there was a good amount of agility in this section. The main puzzle was a number of pushable blocks, and the mirror was a nice additon which helped you complete it. The texturing and lighting are quite good - some textures have been rotated, and many are splattered with something - this gives it an almost horror like setting. It does feel like a horror level with a cold war feeling to it. Objects were nice - my favourites were the rolling balls (they look real), and the floor grating (e.g. over the fan in the 2nd water section, and 2 or 3 bits which flip upwards so Lara can walk on them). I felt a little strange after playing it, it could be the unusual soundtrack which inspired this feeling. The main enemy was a single bat which is very effective since you have no guns." - sonnyd83 (10-May-2012)
"A strange level without weapons, where Lara climbs, swims and jumps through an unusually textured but well built world. This is definitely atmospheric and a little on the surreal side. The game play is fairly easy as there are no nasty traps or hard jumps. In general there is really not much to do or to explore which makes this a rather fast paced level that can be completed in about 20 minutes. The mirror room with block puzzle was enjoyable. There aren't any enemies except for a single pesky bat. Several monkeys roam the area, but they are friendly. I did like the atmosphere because it was so different than anything I had played before. The music is interesting and added to the strange setting although I had to turn my sub-woofer way down since some of the frequencies used were very low and everything on my desk started vibrating. The textures were strange but well applied except for one missed spot. I liked the lighting, which gave this level a hazy foggy look and I thought that was a good choice in this type of setting. Unfortunately I had a nasty crash right after the first Canopic Jar. Normally not a big deal, but this wiped out the last 2 saved games before that spot and when I replayed from an earlier save game and reached the same areas again the Medipack was gone and also the Canopic Jar. I ended up deleting everything and replaying from a fresh install. Not a big deal as it does play fast anyway. If you want something different for a change, definitely give this one a try. Also, the posted screen shots don't do the level justice. It found it looks a lot better in real life..." - Blue43 (25-Nov-2010)
"I sit here before the computer, have played just this level and now I do not know at all what I should write. This level is so curious and strange which I lack anyhow the words. First once I am glad about the improvements towards the first level from nada. There was no long-term crash on the desktop, one could see substantially more and the tiresome bats were not there any more, except one bat. But what has one seen then now real and has belonged? The rooms were very often very big and very empty. The sound sounded, as if a tinkerer had built a new device and then aimlessly and desultorily sometimes this and sometimes that key presses. And very often it has belonged to itself in such a way as if my boxes would be on one's last legs. And the lighting was also very strange. However, I must admit that I have liked this level very much. He is so absolutely different than the usual level. And there were present interesting riddles. I can only hope which nada remains on this track, because then we player have guaranteed still to marvel at thus at something." - Scottie (07-Jan-2010)
"Though still following the author's distinguished style, this is certainly a more polished effort than her debut. There still is room for improvement, but she seems to be on the right track, and it seems we might have lots of interesting levels to look forward to in the future. Your main task here is to find and place 2 canopic jars and you do so by exploring 2 rather large pools which take you on a set of individual tasks that include a neat block puzzle, mastering some simple jumps, avoiding traps (I did have a rather unpleasant issue where the 3 rolling blades changed their pattern after I reloaded the game, thus one of them effectively blocked off the passage that leads you to the second jar, but, though somewhat tricky, it could be bypassed). The pink fog is interesting to say the least, but it did turn pitch black when I returned after finding the jars for whatever reason. Unlike the other players, I actually liked the white smoke passage and thought it was a creative touch - if not that, then at least a change from the overwhelming darkness of the inner chambers. While I do stand to what I said about the darkness in my review for the author's other level to date, I couldn't help but wonder whether it would've cost an arm and a leg to at least leave the binoculars in. Other than that, a thing I didn't care about was that the rooms are huge and under-utilized for most part of the game, and though the tasks offered are creative and fun enough, you spend most of your time just moving from point A to B. On the whole - while technically there is less to nag about than in the same author's debut - the whole feel of the game will still be a matter of taste, and while it will not appeal to everyone, I found it to be right for my liking." - eTux (05-Jan-2010)
"Although nada doesn't present the average level, this is (I'm sad to say) not my taste at all. Funny though how something quite trivial can starts to irritate one and from then one it goes down hill. OK, there are no guns, don't mind that, irritating was the stiff way Lara walks and runs, as something is missing in the animation? Then there are no binoculars? I have no idea why some builders leave them (and sometimes even the compass) out of the game. But hey, if I want to play Pokimon I buy the friggen game. So why play in the first place, well another notch in my belt perhaps? Got a headache from the pink clouds Lara had to travel through and had to put on my sunglasses walking through the very white corridors. The static crackling from the speakers also didn't put me in a good (or right) mood. Found also some un-textured bits. Unique? Yes it is. Some nice puzzles, yes there are. Jumping into deep pits and trying to find your way out is the main part of the game, collecting two Canopic jars and one small medipack. The rooms are very empty and tiled all over, not much else apart from a bat (nasty) and some monkeys." - Gerty (12-Dec-2009)
"In a level where you can see nothing in many places, could be some flares, binoculars or so. I only found interesting the moveable blocks puzzle, but rest of the game was bored for me without enemies (a lonely bat you can't shoot) and walking slowly through the darkness trying to find something. I didn't like the background music too, and textures were in concordance with the creepy ambience. At least I didn't find bugs." - Jose (23-Nov-2009)
"nada is one of those builders with a very unique style in terms of creating an atmosphere in her levels that you just don't find in other levels out there. For me, the spooky ambience worked really well, including the sparse but effective audio and it was an interesting experience to play through this 30 minute adventure. Alas, there is not all that much actual 'playing' to do. Mostly you just find yur way forward, avoid the occasional trap, jump along a few platforms, encounter a bat and a few monkeys along the way and eventually you will get the two canopic jars that you need in order to open the exit doors. I did like the mirror room / push block puzzle though, as this was cleverly designed. Worth a look for its uniqueness." - MichaelP (07-Nov-2009)
"I don't often do reviews. After failing as a builder it seems unfair to pass judgment on whether other peoples work is good or bad. However I was so taken with this little oddity that I thought I'd like to say so. Gameplay & Puzzles: Not too hard and not too easy. And no absurd timed runs. I enjoyed the exploring. It is short, but I think it has to be, because without a storyline, or any other reason to be, it would ultimately become boring. Enemies/Objects/Secrets: The level builder has chosen not to put them in, so fair enough. Although I have deducted 1 point for the bat. Atmosphere/Sound/Cameras: All work perfectly to create a haunting, unsettling environment. Lighting/Textures: Chosen so well by the builder to create a seamless and believable fantasy. Overall I think this is a brave level that avoids fashion and convention, that sings to a tune all of its own. Utterly absorbing." - Tim (01-Nov-2009)
"Considering the bizarre title that could have easily been ripped straight from a My First Videogame Name Generator, and my experience with the author's previous level, I wasn't exactly prepping myself for the usual run-of-the-mill pyramid trek. What we do get, however, is another generally average level, that stands out mainly due to its interesting style. Thankfully, nada has appeared to have realised that we don't all own military grade night vision goggles, and ETBIT is at least brighter in the lighting department in comparison to her previous level. Speaking of lighting, a "Pink is the New Black" (ho ho ho) approach appears to have been taken, with the majority of the level covered in thick pink fog. The lighting seems to come predominantly from this source, and while it sort of works in a way, the level has very little variety as a whole in terms of visual design as such - and when coupled with the generally similar texturing throughout, it began to feel particularly monotonous after a while (though that said, the texturing itself was decently applied at times, and wallpapering issues appear to have been averted despite the huge empty rooms - at least from what I could see beyond the fog, anyway). The atmosphere created however, was interesting and unique, though while the audio did try to fit in with the generally odd style, I would have taken a hammer to my speakers if I wanted to listen to static and crackling every few minutes (something which has plagued both of the author's releases, if I remember correctly). Rooms are sparse and bland in terms of decoration, and the few objects that do pop up from time to time don't always fit too well with the overall theme. Gameplay doesn't stand out much either, with the usual bunch of jumps and levers to deal with, alongside simple swimming sections and a number of nonthreatening traps. In the end, there's not much depth to the level as a whole, and is only really worth a look if you want to try something a tad different." - Spike (01-Nov-2009)
"A dark, creepy adventure where you have to collect 2 canopic jars to get through. I like the textures of this level. Quite short level with linear gameplay filled with a few traps. Music seems to be glitchy for me, I haven't heard so much from it. Credits is nice too. A nice level, I hope you'll build more, but please, next time, build longer levels." - rtrger (31-Oct-2009)
"Ye gods, does nobody make light, bright levels any more. I seem to have been stumbling around in the gloom for weeks. Anyway, as with the debut level from this builder, this one is slightly spooky, atmospheric and, as mentioned, dark, even with volumetrix fx turned off as recommended. You have no guns and just one medi in your inventory, but apart from being nibbled by a couple of bats and pushed off a ledge by a monkey, there aren't really any enemies as such. The sound files are really strange, which I hope was intentional, otherwise my speakers need replacing, and the textures are unusual and vaguely unsettling. It's short and the gameplay is quite linear and readily achievable, with a few traps to avoid and block puzzles to solve, in search of two canpoic jars, but it's definitely different in feel and if you like dark creepy levels you'll probably enjoy this one. Not exactly a cosy level, but interesting." - Jay (31-Oct-2009)
"Although not a lengthy level,this is no walk in the park by any means.Let's be perfectly frank here;most of this is very irritating indeed.Whether it's the glitchy,headache- inducing audio;the blinding light effects;the pesky bats that you can't kill (you have no weapons);or the situations you can find yourself in with no hope of extrication without recourse to an earlier save-game.None of this obscures that fact that most of the level is really rather clever!The 'lowering the two columns' puzzle is neat,but effortlessly topped by the push-block Solitaire;while progression is often ingenious and rather fascinating. If you turn the sound down and can withstand the light effects,you will probably enjoy yourself here;but it may be a matter of taste." - Orbit Dream (31-Oct-2009)