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Into the Mystery by tombraiderfreak

Blue43 6 6 8 8
DJ Full 7 6 7 7
dmdibl 6 6 8 8
eRIC 5 4 8 7
Gerty 5 6 8 7
Jay 5 5 8 8
Jose 5 5 8 7
manarch2 5 6 8 8
MichaelP 5 6 9 8
Orbit Dream 4 4 8 8
Phil 7 8 8 7
rtrger 5 8 8 8
Ruben 4 4 5 6
Ryan 5 6 8 8
Scottie 6 6 7 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 21-Dec-2009
# of downloads: 65

average rating: 6.66
review count: 16
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file size: 85.38 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Peruvian assets? Say no more. Obvious bias aside, this is a short quest for two skulls, one behind a small underwater maze and the other across some flame emitters. Nothing major or noteworthy along the way, perhaps except for the flyby cameras introducing each of the key areas, but it's ok. I'd rather have more short levels than more long levels in all honesty. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 10/22" - Treeble (16-Oct-2022)
"This is very short but also cute and cozy, and the entire range of micromanagement tweaks makes it obvious the builder has cared a lot. Recommended anytime while waiting for full version. The secret is unfair though. I would also not require jumping over the spikes like it was done here because it's very unclear if it's intended or a skip." - DJ Full (25-Jul-2019)
"It's a shame that this wasn't extended into a longer adventure, as it did have potential. Still, it provides enough enjoyment as it is for the 17 minutes it lasts in a good looking and atmospheric setting, with a few moderately challenging traps, a bit of swimming and an encounter with a lone dinosaur. The spike traps never gave me much trouble as just performing an angled jump worked fine. Worth a look." - Ryan (18-Apr-2019)
"Pretty hefty download for a 20-minute demo. Still, it's entertaining enough and has some nice surroundings, albeit shrouded in excessive darkness from start to finish. There's only one enemy, a raptor that you need to kill before you get to the shotgun and the uzis (which is evidence enough that the builder intended this as part of a larger adventure that never materialized for some reason). Getting past the spike traps on the death tiles was a bit tricky, but I found I could do it most of the time by running across the corners and taking a little damage. When that didn't work I just took a running jump over the corners. Too bad the builder didn't flesh this one out, because his debut effort shows considerable promise." - Phil (31-Oct-2016)
"Here we have a small taste of the ability of this new builder, a pity that he didn't pursue building as he has talent. It is a little romp and it ends rather abrupt. If you haven't played it and have some spare time on your hands, give it a go." - Gerty (12-Mar-2016)
"This 15-minute level looks pretty good, has some interesting traps to solve, but gameplay isn't so good as you often go searching for the next lever, and so on. The placement of one of the crystal skulls was not so good, hidden in some square somewhere in the water. Also, there weren't many enemies, only a raptor, but nice objects. It was a well-atmosphered level and I hope this demo will have a continuation, as the builder has indeed talent." - manarch2 (16-Mar-2011)
"This is more like a demo than an actual level since it can be finished in around 20 minutes. It definitely shows the abilities of this builder to create a nicely designed and well laid out level with excellent texturing and lighting. I didn't find it too dark, but I played in a dark environment and my monitor is a little on the bright side. There was good use of fire torches and some nice jumps over spikes. A raptor attack, a couple of dives and finding 2 skulls, round up this short adventure. Everything is nicely done specially texturing and lighting. It clearly shows the potential of the builder. We hope to see more in the future." - Blue43 (26-Sep-2010)
"This level is a first work and there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately he is only a little bit short. Otherwise the level builder has made everything right. There are a few nice traps, some easy riddles, nice and cleanly applied textures and also the sound fits. Lara makes some curious and strange looking dislocations when she makes a swan dive. Though this Move is interesting, but quite superfluous. All together a well-arranged level. I hope that we will hear and play even more from this level builder." - Scottie (17-Jan-2010)
"This level is pretty dark, but where are the flares? It seems to be only a demo of a major project, 'cause the level is very short and the name when you save is different than the name of the level; evenmore only a dino to shoot and later I found the shotgun and some ammo for another gun and all this was unuseful. I liked the atmosphere but the level is a bit dark. There are not puzzles, only pull some switches and place two skulls. At the end the author could place the finish trigger when picking up the sphere. Waiting for the final and longer version." - Jose (24-Dec-2009)
"This 15 minute adventure serves more as a teaser of this new builder's capabilities, but as that it works really well and makes you want much more. Clearly inspired by the 'GMac school of building', this is a good looking raid with some spikes, burners and blades to (easily) work around, a few levers to use and some swimming to do. The ending is very, very sudden and makes you wonder whether the auhtor got tired of turning this into a bigger adventure or indeed released it as a first demo to the world. Either way - looking forward to seeing the next release from this builder." - MichaelP (23-Dec-2009)
"This is the first work of the author, and it looks very promising. Good choices of musics, nice enviroment, one secret to find, but it's placed very well, and of course, the level is a fun to play - unfortunately, this fun ended after 20 minutes of gaming. I hope this level will be continued, with a good story, maybe, because it seems to be unfinished. Sad. But, that's a very nice start. Hope we can play more levels from the author in the future." - rtrger (23-Dec-2009)
"Although a well-made and solid little level,this ultimately disapoints with a duration of a mere 20 minutes.One enemy,a handful of puzzles and challenges,and straightforward progression.It's constructed with care and the lighting is darkly atmospheric without being too oppressive,so you'll be enjoyably absorbed for the duration - but you leave expecting considerably more.Nonetheless,this little debut shows promise and I look forward to more from this builder." - Orbit Dream (22-Dec-2009)
"This debut level is very short (approximately 20 minutes) so in some ways it may be best to view it as a demo. Certainly, it gives a very good indication that this new builder has spent some quality time with the level editor as it looks well constructed and the camera work appears fairly polished. As far as the gameplay went, it was entertaining, but it is of course a little hard to judge such a short level. A very promising debut though and I look forward to more from this builder." - Jay (22-Dec-2009)
"A nice little diversion, taking less than half an hour, essentially an introduction for what is to come. I suppose the author has released this for early comments, so my suggestion would be to make the forthcoming level brighter. The texturing, design, and ideas for game play look good. Since this is good, it is a little disappointing that it is so brief." - dmdibl (22-Dec-2009)
"OK now , never start winging or moaning about other peoples works that you cannot accomplish yourself is one of my principles in life , but is this 20 minute mini game really worth the huge download ? Laras job is to climb up , collect 2 skulls ,work around the area a little bit and soon after its time for tea ! I somehow felt like leaving the cinema before the film had really started. This builder surely has good potential that he wants to improve by thinking about his complete project , a real storyline with the aim of creating a real little big adventure ! Hi Freak, looking at certain reviews on the TRLE sites about your first own game is not an issue and should not be your goal in respect of TRLE levelbuilding ,look ahead and keep working !" - Ruben (21-Dec-2009)
"A solidly made level for this new author, set in a Peruvian setting. I don't remember any enemy. Game play on the easy side is what you can expect here , with also good flybys , classical audios that fit well this type of world. Technically good lighting but on the dark side , so increase your gamma screen and immerge yourself in a level that is player friendly but does not last very long. Without being outstanding , the setting is quite solidly done. All the qualities of this first level augurs well of what the builder can offer next. Anyway good work. [ 20 minutes ]" - eRIC (21-Dec-2009)