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Lara at the Games by PH

Adriel 8 8 8 7
Andzia9 7 7 7 7
billie2001 7 7 7 8
Blue43 8 8 9 9
Ceamonks890 6 7 7 7
Diz 9 8 7 8
DJ Full 6 6 7 6
dmdibl 7 7 8 8
Gerty 5 8 8 8
herothing 9 10 8 9
Jay 8 8 7 8
Jorge22 7 7 6 6
Jose 7 7 7 8
manarch2 9 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
misho98 6 7 7 8
Mytly 8 6 7 8
Nephilim 7 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Scottie 8 7 7 8
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Treeble 8 8 9 8
Yoshi 5 5 6 7
release date: 28-Dec-2009
# of downloads: 90

average rating: 7.56
review count: 24
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file size: 180.69 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"This was a fun take on a few different games. I had never heard of Santa Claus in Trouble, but from the TRLE take I'd suppose it's a 2D sidescroller as you run and jump collecting presents. Mirror's Edge is one of my all time favorites and while there isn't quite as much parkour as I'd like, I still thought the atmosphere was spot on (and also thought the video editing was rather clever, combining the animated sequences from the original game with clips from Re\Visioned, the author really tried to make do with what he had). Lastly, I've recently replayed the Sands of Time trilogy and it pains me to say the original games have aged poorly, but fortunately there aren't many similarities between the levels here and the original games. Perhaps setting and some moves in general, but it's a whole different beast, and in a way, some sort of precursor to BtB-Persia. And then lastly Singstar is there just because. All in all I had an enjoyable time here, while not perfect these levels felt like nice tributes to games the author obviously cares about. 65 minutes, 1 secret. 10/22" - Treeble (16-Oct-2022)
"A collection of three games with a straight-forward and basic gameplay and mostly showcasing some interesting new moves, which are not always working perfectly well and are definitely not well (if at all) documented. Not bad, but with some more care it could be more interesting. Nice finale FMV." - billie2001 (03-Jun-2022)
"A little Christmas touch before this year's Christmas levels start to arrive. It seems this was supposed to have been a group effort which everyone else abandoned except for PH - so that was resilience and the intentions were nice. Unfortunately, the final result could have been better crafted both in graphic and gameplay terms. But I did like some of the ideas, namely those contained in the last "Princess of Persia" levels, as well as the way the "new moves" were put to use. In the same vein, I thought that ending with the singing dolls was totally unnecessary (or it could have been made shorter). Not a million euros level but deserving enough to give it a try if you're in the mood." - Jorge22 (28-Nov-2017)
"Intending to serve as a love letter to video games as an entertainment medium(much like Lara at the Movies was to film-making), PH's project starts off with good intentions. But unfortunately, I don't feel the general presentation is anywhere near as strong. But to bring up the positives first, the few voiced lines from Lara(done by iamlaracroft) are delivered convincingly enough, with the intro 'scene' serving as an optimistic appetizer for the levels to come. And the builder does a good job at capturing the general atmosphere of each respective game's 'world', with music, sound effects and textures ripped from the official titles in question, eliciting their own individual charm alongside the recreated assets & animations(even if I did find the inclusion of Sam Fisher's goggles from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and the random tune rip from the original Assassin's Creed in the Mirror's Edge level to be fairly out-of-place). However, a lot of the noteworthy praise is let down by just how buggy & rushed the game is(in more ways than missing sound effects, finicky swingpoles and the obtainable pistols bug). FMV transitions between some levels have ambiance from the previous map continuing to play throughout, drowning out the FMV's sound and ruining the mood which the next level intended to convey. The SingStar level(based off the PlayStation-exclusive series of the same name), could also have been done away with entirely in my opinion(as its nothing more than an elongated cutscene where you listen to licensed music being performed by female 'singers' that don't animate). Nevertheless if you can look past the above issues, there is still a decent series of levels hidden underneath it all. Overall, not a terrible experience. But not necessarily one that I'll find myself returning to anytime soon." - Ceamonks890 (07-Oct-2017)
"I don't understand PH's patience to make animations but not to fix sound errors. Or using totally fitting objects next to completely odd ones. In such cases I'm alternately in and out because of such basic mistakes, then I of course adapt to them but there are levels which don't require me to, and therefore no way to fully enjoy one which does. Also for sake of Advent non-violence the pistols are out... but replaced with a helpless maze wolf chase, in fact more brutal just like killing lions with spikes instead of a bullet. I don't ask who had these ideas, the author or testers, because I again blame political correctness which poisons all places including our forum. Finally, thanks to Mytly for the boulder hint because it's hard to figure out both for players and builders since no other dog has ever dropped anything in a custom level, and even though I thought about it, he got stuck in the maze so the walkthru has cleared a lot of doubt. SUMMARY: Quite satisfying albeit quite simple and with issues recommended to clear." - DJ Full (24-Feb-2017)
"Well, this was certainly an attempt at something very different and for the most part it succeeded well. I loved utilising Lara's new moves, especially running up walls. A shame that the poles were buggy. If they weren't I would have rated gameplay higher. Well done though for showing some other games in a different light." - Ryan (11-Jan-2016)
"Interesting project with some fresh ideas - some of them work, some of them not really. I liked most of Lara's new moves. The first level was fun despite the annoying music that never stopped. The second felt somewhat unfinished although I loved the rooftop jumps near the end. Third and fourth level have the best gameplay but those poles were more than annoying because Lara would grab them whenever she wants. The world end in the end of Persia's section was very clever. The singing part wasn't necessary in my opinion but it's not a bad thought. The builder has a lot of potential and I hope someday he'll release a more polished and action-filled version of the second level." - misho98 (15-Dec-2015)
"- SANTA CLAUS IN TROUBLE (GP: 7, EOS: 9, ASC: 10, LT: 9) - The point of the gameplay is the same as SCIT, collect gifts, and reach the end, except there's no time limit here and there's only one level of this. The jumps, enemies and traps are rather fun than challenging. Christmas musics playing in the background are really nice and really make one fun Christmas mood. The Christmas themed objects are perfect with the exception of the skinny Santa, if you like seeing skinny Santa doing somersaults and handstands (pretty cool actually), then there it is for you. And the trees that sound like mummies freaked me out the first time I encountered one. Textures seem a bit stretched but are still nice and well placed. This level is nice to chill. - MIRROR'S EDGE (GP: 5, EOS: 7, ASC: 8, LT: 9) - Run! Jump! Bar swing! Open doors! Climb! Push! This would be fun if the obstacles were trickier. Instead most of it are rather too simple, even Skinny Santa got trickier jumps to do. Musics are great but if the big city-ish sounds were added as in ME, it would've been even greater. The colors of the environments are very similar to ME, which are the best interpretation of the actual game here. - PRINCESS OF PERSIA (GP: 9, EOS: 9, ASC: 9, LT: 10) - Finally, puzzles! The gameplay is pretty solid. The traps are similar to those in the Prince of Persia series. The puzzles are well thought. My favorite three elements puzzle is back, and there is a cool way to get each thing needed for this puzzle. Wall run switches which (I guess) are one of the trademarks of POP: Sands of Time Trilogy are here too. And the maze, although not very confusing, it still got me lost a couple times. And the coolest part of the gameplay is the way we kill the enemies as we haven't got any weapons. Objects, architecure, and textures are really something as they really resemble the POP universe, those fountains rock! Flybys are fascinating. The lighting is very similar to that of POP: The Two Throne's, somewhere between dark and bright and brownish. Musics on flybys are perfect. But I think AOD music somehow screws the Persian atmosphere. And I found some missing sounds, one of which is the water sound when Lara falls into the first pool. - FINAL WORDS - This has its flaws but it's still pretty good for a project that had never been done. And I really like the idea of taking Tomb Raider to other games. I gotta thank PH for releasing this level-set. Chill!" - Nephilim (28-Jan-2015)
"This is a very pleasant set of unrelated levels, up until the very end. The first one, a short romp through floating islands, is worth the download all by itself. A new move involving a double jump enables Santa to get across the gaps. Mummies have been converted to hostile Christmas trees. Lots of fun. There was nearly a game-stopping moment for me in the next level, Mirror's Edge. Lara was unable to make a swing jump across a pit. A standing jump would not enable Lara to reach the pole. A standard running jump got her to the pole, but then she would start swinging back and forth and would not respond to efforts to make her climb the pole for another jump. Swinging and jumping forward didn't work either. I finally got across by using the "walking jump," where Lara takes a step forward and initiates the jump at the same time. From there a swing and jump enabled her to catch the rim on the other side. For some reason this problem is not documented either in the readme or in the walkthrough. The Palace portion of the Princess of Persia was probably the most gameplay-intensive level of bunch, involving some innovative touches (such as distracting a ninja from an important key by setting a barrel on fire, and using a rolling boulder to kill a dog to get an essential pickup). There's also an elaborate but not player unfriendly maze to solve. The final playable level (Princess of Persia - The Street) involved too many pole swings for its own good. I thought the jump to the long pole spanning the street was impossible until I finally made it on about the 50th try. But then Lara refused to grab the very next pole after a equal number of tries, so here is where I called it quits (about five minutes from the end, judging from the walkthrough). So the game starts with a big bang but ends with a whimper. Still, it was a fun-filled raid of nearly two hours while it lasted, and I'm surprised the scores aren't higher than they are. Play it for the Christmas level." - Phil (30-Oct-2013)
"Philip, Philip, when will you learn. It is such a pity because in itself there are some nice levels made by this builder but one after the other just fall short. Bugs city in most of them and this level is no exception. Very buggy in the pole department and although I started this many moons ago I had to throw it in the bin as I couldn't proceed. Yes, it was the pole swinging. So downloading it again, still the same buggy version. Oh well, I did had a good time though (apart from the buggy part) and the idea was a great one." - Gerty (14-Apr-2011)
"Well, this is a very interesting and diverse set of level that is a bit hard to rate properly within the given criteria. The level set consists basically of 3 playable parts and a couple of short cut-scene segments which are selectable from the main menu: The playable parts are all in typical PH fashion and contain tons of new moves, which once learned, are actually pretty nice and well used for the most part. Santa Claus in Trouble: A Christmas level on platform jumping basis where Santa gets to use his newly acquired double jump to reach far away ledges. It is lots of fun to play and a pleasure to look at. Nice use of objects and old enemies as something completely different, like the coughing mummy as Christmas tree. Mirror's Edge: I am not familiar with the original game, but this is a fast paced straightforward action game with lots of climbing and jumping, rope walks and pole swings from building to building. It turned out to be a fairly easy quest for the most part, except for a double pole swing over a timed burner that seemed to ask for luck instead of skill. The atmosphere was nice with good action music and texturing was very basic and minimalist, which in this case was definitely not a bad thing at all. Princess of Persia: This part has three sub levels and the game play here is nice and offers a variety of different tasks, even some 3D puzzle work, but for the most part it was based on jumping and climbing using the new moves and it was a fairly relaxing and enjoyable play until the sequence where Lara (without weapons) has to outrun a wolf in a maze to lead the beast into a trap. I found that part extremely irritating and thought it didn't add to the game play in any way, except for frustration and constant reloads. The atmosphere was good with well-chosen music and the texturing and lighting was superb looking with a pretty Lara model and lots of high-rez textures. The end of this Persia part wasn't playable but offered a well-done cut scene where Lara reaches the end of the playable and also the end of the textured part of the level. Another short level with a stage and singing girls ends this interesting and fun game. Conclusion: A wonderful adventure but not free of bugs or problems. There are quite a few reloads necessary here and there and especially the pole swinging didn't always seem to work, as it should have. Definitely highly recommended if you don't mind a few imperfections!" - Blue43 (01-Jan-2011)
"I liked the way of building rooms and textures in this game. I think for who wants to remember other games while playing tomb raider it would be a great choice. I personally loved this idea. The game have great animations and creative challenges. In spite of that, there are a lot of technical errors and texture errors, the game would be with a better rating if this was fixed before the releasing. I didn't like the act that the princess of Persia can hold pistols in one of the levels. The author should do like he did in other levels. The game has it's bad points but it still a good game to play." - Adriel (24-Dec-2010)
"Three games with different topic. Santa Clause in trouble: very short game, but lot's of jumping, running and avoid traps. Quite nice Christmas game. Mirror's edge: again lot's of jumping, running through the roofs of big buildings, not much to do. Princess of Persia: the best game of this custom. Nice textures, beautiful atmosphere. However too many poles in these levels. In conclusion: I liked new moves, the ways for defeat enemies were ingenious." - Andzia9 (03-Dec-2010)
"Santa Claus in Trouble (6/8/7/8, 10 min, 1 secret): A quirky little level with a set of seasonal tunes and largely designed to show off the funny double jump. The bouncing snowman and mummy trees are hilarious and if you go for the secret you even get to do all the jumping twice.
Mirrors Edge (7/8/9/8, 15 min): I really enjoyed this short run with the engaging ambience music. The spirit of the game is captured really well - except maybe for the use of the tightrope. Great flyby about half way through.
Princess of Persia (9/10/9/9, 50 min): And so PH returns to his roots, as his levelbuilding career started with a demo effort around the Prince. He has come a long way in these 2+ years though, as this is an entertaining and engaging adventure, largely through the use of a variety of new moves that take a bit of practice to master. All the pole jumps, wall runs, pillar jumps etc keep you busy quite a lot and I thought they were great fun! Add to that a timed run, a push puzzle, a small element puzzle in a simple hedge maze and you get a nice diverse level. Very clever as well how you need to kill a wolf and two lions without any weapons and the 'finish trigger' is a cool idea too.
As an overall package, this works quite well too with the added intro and long Singstar outro on top of the FMVs that connect the individual games. Something special and a little different - so for sure worth a look!" - MichaelP (02-Sep-2010)
"This is a difficult level set to review given that all the levels within it are very different. I really love the idea of making levels about existing games, and I have always wanted to see a Prince of Persia type Lara game. This level was definitely my favorite. Honestly, though, without the fancy moves, the other levels would have been just mediocre. That said, the moves were there and I loved them. I wish everyone would make levels with these new moves. The double jump would be very helpful, and it was a very smooth movement. I love the idea of the wall bounce in Mirrors Edge, but sadly, this was not used much, and the level became a jumpfest. The most eventful level was the Princess of Persia one, with the awesome pole swinging and puzzle solving. Even killing an enemy became a puzzle! Very nice. I just had to laugh when the guard came running toward the fire and stood there pointing his sword at it like he was going to put it out with that thing! I was quite impressed with the wall running, but bummed that it was only automatic. I have to give PH credit, though, for somehow developing these great new moves. They make levels so much more interesting." - Shandroid (21-Aug-2010)
"Because the levels are completely differnent, I make a review for each one: SANTA CLAUSE IN TROUBLE A nice christmas level and I enjoyed it very much. The new double jump was really funny and of course helpful. Not many objects, one secret and rather little use of different textures, but they were coherent. MIRRORS EDGE As the original it is completely about running and jumping (and as Santa Clause level). Many new moves were interpreted for the world of Lara. Very nice to see the wall jumping which one can find in TR:Underworld now. The only enemies were guards shooting at you but they weren't dangerous. I also liked that Lara rolled instead of stumbled when she falls from a higher platform. Atmosphere was rather little but some textures were good. PRINCESS OF PERSIA I didn't play the real game but I think the blade traps, the new jumps, the interesting puzzles like the water/fire puzzle made these levels to the best in this levelpack. It was very challenging and sometimes hard to perform, but doable. I don't think that these things are bugs. Textures and lightning are well done, but not so that I love them. All in all a very innovative levelpack which is recommendable. The fact that there weren't much textures didn't make me change my mind. A must-play. Single points: SANTA CLAUSE IN TROUBLE 8/6/8/7; MIRRORS EDGE 8/7/6/7; PRINCESS OF PERSIA 10/10/9/9" - manarch2 (27-Jul-2010)
"Santa Claus in Trouble: A very cute little level, involving jumping around on floating ledges and blocks, collecting gifts. Bouncing snowmen, hostile Christmas trees (which aren't really dangerous), talking candy canes, and a lot of other Christmas paraphernalia: it's all adorable and quite a lot of fun, especially the new double jump move. The main downsides are the music (argh, 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' playing over and over hundreds of times can drive anyone crazy!); and the fact that going for the sole secret in the level means having to play the whole level again.
Mirror's Edge: I haven't played the original game, but I do know a bit about it. The builder has done a good job of imitating the gameplay style of this game, but not the looks, which are too grey and dreary. The music adds nicely to the sense of urgency throughout the level. There are plenty of enjoyable bits, from Lara's cool new moves to killing a guard by pushing a box on him.
Princess of Persia (3 levels): Being a huge fan of the Prince of Persia series, I was eager to see how the games could be translated into the TRLE world. Sadly, even though the builder has done a good job of trying to imitate some of the Prince's signature moves, he has not managed to capture the looks or atmosphere of the original games. But even without the comparison to the Prince of Persia games, these three levels are not very enjoyable. The first one has some good bits (like distracting a guard by setting fire to a nearby barrel; inserting a pole into the wall and climbing on it), but they feel outnumbered by the tedious bits (like trying to swing on some very buggy poles; the seemingly never-ending jaunts in the dreary sewers). The second one mostly involves more buggy pole swinging, and the last one is very tiny, little more than a cutscene.
Singstar: Just a cutscene, which might have looked good if the dancers hadn't lacked joints.
There's also a nice Intro cutscene, as well as FMVs in between the levels.
Overall: This levelset has an interesting idea at its core, but it has been executed so unevenly that it feels more like a showcase for the builder's animation skills (which are good, no doubt) rather than a coherent game. Still, it's worth checking out if you are in the mood for something a little off the beaten track." - Mytly (03-Jul-2010)
"I first played this level just as a player and I was puzzled as to the moderately low scores as I enjoyed it very much. I have just replayed it as a reviewer and am still puzzled! Basically, the level is in three parts, the first is a silly, fun level where you play Santa, no weapons, nasty Christmas trees and lots of jumping about, including an interesting 'double jump' that's easy to master. All in all, great fun! The second is set on the skyline of a city. Again, no guns, lots of jumping about, imaginative way of killing a guard and a great finishing trigger. I particularly liked the way Lara drop-kicked doors and tumbled after a long jump. On the down side, I felt that there was so much more scope for the rooftop scenario and there was a slight 'unfinished' feel to it all. The last level sees Lara escaping from a cell, distracting the guard with a very imaginative move, and escaping via a bazaar and a maze. Lovely rip-off of the Prince of Persia's run along a wall, novel way of killing a wolf and some lions (no guns) and some fun pole work! I found the poles to be a little 'buggy' but easily got round by changing direction of the approach to them. Great shout-out to Douggie Fairbanks Snr with a knife slid down a strip of cloth! I enjoyed playing this the first time round and still enjoyed it the second." - Diz (28-Apr-2010)
"Probably better than the scores indicate, but with several buggy pole jumps. I wasn't familiar with any of the games. In "Santa Claus in Trouble," Santa Claus does a double jump [hold down ALT in air], making this mostly a curiosity. In "Mirror's Edge," the heroine springs off walls to go higher and higher up a vertical shaft. Tight rope walking is difficult, as side-arrow keys make the main character do an about face, rather than correct her balance. This brief level is similar to another author release, which is why we find the same laser sight, even though in this version there are no weapons. The highlight game is the longer and well-developed "Princess of Persia." If one plays these levels in series, there is an opening movie that suggests exotic Persia in the female's sinuous dance, so we assume our heroine will be playing in a gauzy harem-girl costume. At level start I had to recover from shattered expectations. There are savegame bugs, probably from shooting a barrel when there aren't supposed to be weapons. A forum post gives the solution: don't play these levels in series, but restart, choose "New Game," and then level select "Princess of Persia." This bypasses the opening and misleading movie, and insures that Lara has no weapons. The emphasis is on new moves and new animations, and some work better than others. Lara can plant a pole in the wall, jump to it, pull up to stand on it, and leap forward to grab a higher ledge. This worked well in play, giving a fresh feeling. But the more common pole jump has problems: in several places a jump is impossible unless Lara grabbed the air above the pole--sometimes far above the pole--then swung and leaped. There is an annoying hedge maze with a bounding hurtful dog: to dispose of it, lure it to put its head in the path of a rolling boulder, which is easier said than done. Much here is creative, the new moves leading to original design and actions, such as the opening sequence to light the candles. A review could make a long list of good moments. But when actions like pole jumps don't work, players are made to feel stupid. A saintly reviewer would put such feelings aside, and rate the game on its many merits, but in the end I was just glad to finish." - dmdibl (28-Mar-2010)
"It is really pity which this project was not completely implemented. One finds here interesting places and some Moves which I have never seen from Lara. That, what PH has published, looks good, but partly incomplete. But one by one Santa Claus in trouble: Who thinks up only such music? Terribly! This sounds as if a small boy jingled on a toddler organ. And one must endure this in the whole level. Well, the level is relatively short, but one gets of this awful sound a hearing damage. The Gameplay is relatively easy. One is on the move as a Santa Claus and must run only a little bit and jump and collect a few presents. This level reminds a little bit of these early Jump & Run-Games from Nintendo Mirrors Edge: In this level one is on the move mainly on high-rises and must jump from roof to roof to reach a helicopter. Now and then one also has to go into the high-rises. The textures are remarkable, because only few colours were used. Two times the player is fired by soldiers. But this is no big problem, because these soldiers stand on roofs and one must simply go on, then they stop solely. Princess of Persia: This three-parter still looked the best, but it comes to a sudden end. And one can take this literally, because one recognises exactly the place at which this level did not build any more. Except two devoted lions and an irritating dog there are no opponents. And because one has no weapons in all Levels, one must get rid of the lions with a spike trap and the dog with a Rollingball. One riddle is built up a little bit illogically. Though Lara can escape from her cell, but was not attacked by the guard who was positioned before the cell if she passes him. This was also with Mirrors Edge in such a way. There a soldier stood on one of the high rises. This soldier had a Disk which Lara wanted to have. The soldier has not stirred himself when Lara passed him. In the end one could still have a look at a small "music video". To sum up, one can say that here a few people have had a really good idea. Unfortunately, this idea was not implemented completely, but what one could see and play, has made fun. Well, apart from this awful music in the first level." - Scottie (19-Jan-2010)
"This is a most interesting idea, with Lara adopting the gameplay mode of various other genres, together with a selection of new moves to fit each scenario. Beginning with Lara as Santa and a super new double jump, you have to negotiate a series of sky high platforms, inhabited by some wonderful objects (loved the bouncing snowmen and weird walking Christmas trees) to collect presents, before driving off in a sleigh. The second segment mainly consists of leaping around on rooftops, with quite a bit of use of pole swings and some fascinating wall jumping to achieve. The final two part 'Princess of Persia' segment is the most interesting in terms of gameplay and, given that Lara has no weapons, you will need to find cunning ways to kill off enemies etc. I enjoyed this level a lot and would have given it a higher score if the pole swinging animations had not been so hit and miss. Sometimes they work like a charm and at other times you can be reloading time after time, trying to get Lara into the exact position to achieve multiple swings, which is immensely frustrating. For this reason, I'd have to describe it as fabulous but flawed. It's still a brave attempt at something different and well worth playing though." - Jay (01-Jan-2010)
"Not bad, but this author apparently only makes an alpha-test when he finish levels, or is that his beta testers are not very good 'cause I found several serious bugs. Is generally in line of previous levels. It has some good details and I liked some new objects-traps near the end, animations and some stages, but greatly abused the horizontal poles and the game relies almost exclusively on the movements of Lara, not including puzzles that make us think a little. It notices little attention to details and a lot of precipitation for wanting to publish the game as soon as possible, for example, rendering of the final singers. This author has much potential, but must learn to use it in another way." - Jose (30-Dec-2009)
"I thought that this level deserves some high praise. Yes it does have the odd glitch but i'm going to ignore that for today since a lot of hard work has gone into the project and a good game has come out of it. I thought that the levels were well designed (mostly) and the outcome of them were all great for me. I'm quite liked the Santa level since for once i didn't have to use the guns which i am getting bored of hearing the same sounds over and over again with. The lighting was great, not too dark and not too bright in some areas and the textures suited the levels well. I won't give any of the story away as i don't like to spoil it for others who may read the reviews before they play it. All i can say for next time is that the game should be tested more often, the glitches arent exactly ruining the game for me but others hate to play with problems in the game. Grade = A/B(if i include glitches)" - herothing (30-Dec-2009)
"Not really a good PH level.The sparks part was really funny because of the animations and the girls had no joints at all lol Okay let's look at the gameplay.The levels needed a lot more beta testing in my opinion! There were a few very big bugs.Especially in the Mirror's edge level!The Santa Claus level was fun,but the impossible jumps were really annoying!The Princess of Persia level also had a few big glitches and some of the moves need fixing.It's a good try thought,but the levelset needed more time before releasing...." - Yoshi (30-Dec-2009)