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BtB2010 - Door to Venice by mugs

Alien Autopsy 4 4 6 6
Bene 7 7 8 8
Bogey 8 7 8 8
Cory 6 6 5 6
DJ Full 6 5 8 7
dmdibl 8 7 7 9
Dutchy 8 8 7 7
eRIC 7 7 6 7
eTux 6 7 6 6
Eva 9 8 8 8
jawi 6 5 6 6
Jay 7 7 7 7
JesseG 7 7 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 4 6 7 6
Jorge22 7 7 7 7
Jose 7 7 7 8
Josey 10 9 9 9
Magnus 4 3 3 4
manarch2 6 7 7 6
masha 5 5 8 7
MichaelP 7 6 8 7
Minox 7 7 7 7
Mman 8 8 7 6
Mulf 5 5 6 6
Mytly 7 6 8 8
nerdfury 4 7 6 7
Obig 7 7 7 7
okuhtfesq 6 7 5 5
Orbit Dream 7 7 6 7
Phil 8 7 7 8
Relic Hunter 7 7 6 6
repley 5 6 6 7
Ruben 8 8 8 8
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Scottie 5 6 7 7
TheStig 7 8 7 9
Treeble 6 5 6 7
release date: 01-Jan-2010
# of downloads: 133

average rating: 6.73
review count: 37
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file size: 37.66 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"(4) Gameplay & Puzzles: First of all, the platforming and trap segments were a lot of fun. Unfortunately there wasn't much else going on with this very short level. There weren't any puzzles, or much exploration. Also, it really wasn't good to be faced with a torch at the end of the game, and the fire to light the torch as well as the receptacle for the torch was RIGHT NEXT to the torch. I consider that to be a bit of a face slap towards the player. I also didn't like how the player was punished excessively with forced rat swarm damage while wading very slowly in water. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The goons were fine, however I would have liked to have seen some more enemy variety such as dogs or wraiths. Object decor was lacking, although the gondola storage room was well done. I thought the second secret was too obvious. (6) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: As the gameplay is entirely set in the sewer, the atmosphere just wasn't very interesting. Sounds and static camera hints were effectively utilized, although I don't recall a flyby. (7) Lighting & Textures: These were generally applied well, although there's some wallpapering/warped textures at times. I did think it was weird that the builder utilized TNT crate textures on geometry that clearly wasn't meant to be a crate. The builder chose to omit all of the beautiful, colorful Venetian textures for gameplay, which was quite a shame. Overall, when one expects a BTB level to provide ~1 hour of net gameplay and I beat this in 15 minutes, I can't help but feel let down. I also felt let down due to the fact that the builder clearly had skill in making beautiful Venetian architecture, yet it was all unreachable in the distance. 4/7/6/7." - nerdfury (17-Feb-2021)
"This clearly wasn’t destined to come out on top of the heap, if only for its brevity. However, at half an hour or less it doesn’t outstay its welcome, which it surely would have done had it continued in its manner for the duration of the heavyweight contenders in this contest. As it is, it falls squarely in the category of ‘quick and dirty’, not just because in the BtB context, it plays out in a contrarian manner—all industrial sewage system, allowing only tantalising glimpses of the outside and ending the very moment that you reach it—, but also because of its prominent mean streak, which is one of the defining characteristics of the genre. It’s no surprise, then, that this level scores so high with the Grand Wizard of Q ’n’ D, even though some of the builder’s choices are clearly and unequivocally wrong: as Magnus said, if you think you need to give the player two big medipacks when they reach a certain area, you might want to reconsider the plans that you’re hatching. The questionable use of swarms of rats as mere health drains may be partly on the makers of the wad (the object is a useful gameplay element only in very specific situations), but then nobody forced the builder to actually use them, or use them in the way they did here. Then there is the monkeyswing / firetrap / slope-hopping combo, at the end of which you will inevitably be flattened by a rollingball even if you did everything just right up to that point—a very Marksdadian move that is not inherently wrong, but can easily lead to frustration (and is, of course, intended as such). Similarly, one of the baddies is placed in such a way that if everything goes as the builder intends, he will push you into deadly water immediately after a tricky jump; this, too, is straight out of the Marksdad playbook.
Visually, the level isn’t particularly appealing; this is not surprising, as the texture set obviously wasn’t developed with this level’s setting in mind, though the builder did reasonably well with what she was given; the contrast between the outside that you can’t reach and the sewers that you are confined to is realised quite effectively. She overdid it, however, with the numerous TNT crate textures, which are entirely pointless, as no explosion is ever threatening to occur. The Mafiosi are out of place as well of course: one can only wonder why they would risk besmirching their pinstripes lurking in some nook or cranny of the local sewers, or why they have it out for Lara in the first place. Lighting is inconsistent and sometimes seems barely present, as in the large wallpapered water flipmap near the beginning, where it would have been particularly important. Puzzles are few and perfunctory; the game’s focus is clearly on platforming and traps. As such, it works well enough for the short time that it lasts, though I tend to agree with dmdibl that it scores low on replayability." - Mulf (01-Dec-2019)
"This super easy level took me 20 minutes, which was quite dissapointing. Overfilled with medipacks and ammo to make it even easier. It is hard to review something so short, I guess the author has run out of time. Few tricky jumps, timed runs and one cool trap with the falling ball. The "outside" of the level looked really promising and served a nice contrast to the filthy, dark canals filled with rats... and I am sad that we were not allowed to go there. Good as a warmup/introduction, but not too special overall. It has the venecian atmosphere, yet leaves you quite hungry for more." - Alien Autopsy (27-Dec-2016)
"Rather than make use the elegant Venetian elements provided, this author has chosen to set this level entirely underneath the sewers, which makes for a change of pace. This seems like one big assault course for Lara. It's not very long and as soon as you step out of the door to Venice, the level ends." - Ryan (16-Mar-2016)
"Quite a short BTB Venice level. But its not easy since theres alot of rats that bite laras feet and theres not alot of medipacks that being said. There were not that many puzzley gameplay but its a fun way to kill 15 minutes." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (22-Feb-2016)
"I'm just halfway through with my BtB-Venice run, but I'm positive this is the shortest level in the bunch. It's also the most unusual so far, most of the time here is spent under the sewers, never a moment of doubt of what to do next. There was, however, this one switch for a trapdoor that didn't seem to make any effect until I returned to it after picking up the wires elsewhere and stepped on the tile to finally trigger the trapdoor open. The secret rose dropping out of a shatterable circuit box also was rather weird. It's not a bad effort, but it definitely pales in the face of every other entry thus far. I did get slightly annoyed with the pesky rats bursting out nearly every room though, there are plenty of medipacks to be collected however, so make sure not to leave any one behind. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 12/13" - Treeble (01-Mar-2014)
"Right after an action-packed prologue of a dense agility test and pleasant fights (apart from cruel scarabs), just before entering the even more promising outside area, the level abruptly ends and nothing is more disappointing in adventure games than such things. That eventually approached non- accessible zone could definitely be filled with some wonderful ultimate riddle the solution of which could open a much more rewarding door. SUMMARY: Feels unfinished. Please Pat, return to this project someday and push it further because it's not good to leave such a great zone untouched by Lara's feet." - DJ Full (04-Nov-2013)
"This almost had a "Rapid Fall" feeling for me as this also was a very, very short but also fast proceeding and action- packed BtB level. The level was quite fun throughout as there are a lot of tricky jump sequences and quite tightly timed runs which took me a few times. The usage of the electric boxes (shooting them to let an item fall out) is ingenious and the sound is also good. The textures were OK but a bit uniform and lighting was also not so good as it was flat throughout but very few shadow and light effects. I even would have rated this level a little higher if the builder did not make the odd choice of using the rat swarms on two different parts of the level. This was heavily health-consuming and annoying, as you simply cannot get rid of them until much later. Really, no level needs these kind of enemies, I did not like the scarabs in "The Tomb of Semerkhet" as well (or bad) as in each other level. Builders, only place them when there is a floor lattice nearby to get rid of them, please!" - manarch2 (16-Jan-2012)
"It's a pity that this level is short, he deserved a better grade. Many challenges in a short time but very pleasant and only in sewers, I wanted to go outside and visit a little Venice.Which good idea this gondolas garage." - Minox (20-Feb-2011)
"I remember the author's approach for her 2009 BTB entry, and she tries it again here by not going for the obvious choice and sending Lara on an adrenaline inducing search of the sewers, with only the occasional glimpse of Venice cropping up now and then. Great risks don't always round up to great pay-offs, but the act of trying in itself certainly is commendable. I won't go around second-guessing as to what could have resulted in the level being as it is, since ideally we should always evaluate the result and not the effort put into it anyway. However, the result here is not exactly as gloomy as I half-expected from the other reviews. Gameplay is where this level shines the most - it's fairly straightforward, but the use of traps and architecture to create a challenging course is good. With 20 minutes of net gaming, I was not that impressed with the duration, though. Content-heavy 20 minutes could still be scored on the high end, and while I was by no means bored here, there just objectively wasn't that much going on to justify a higher score. As far as the looks go, there are a few texture problems and lighting is somewhat uneven throughout the game. Some rooms are moody, others fairly bland (a 'sun' bulb in every room (even the ones that are not set outdoors) would've alleviated that and given the atmosphere more of an edge). The problem with sewers themselves is that, at least in my humble opinion, they simply are not the most visually striking environment to play in - or at least need a lot of effort, and an even more non-traditional approach to be pulled off really well. There were some hints of that here in the use of objects - I liked the room that looked like a gondola storage area, for example - but on the whole it doesn't quite add up when you stumble upon the finish trigger. Overall - harmed more by the brevity than anything else, this level still has loads to offer and can be a welcome change if you're taking on the Venice BTB levels one after the other." - eTux (28-Jan-2011)
"“Find the door to Venice” – it’s a simple objective. It’s as simple as the gameplay in this level. Game is straightforward without any difficult moments, puzzles or exploration. There are only some jump sequences and one timed run. No difficulties, no troubles with playing. Visually it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Although lighting is ok, textures are rather similar to each other in every corridor. I like the idea of transparent bars, behind which is a beautiful city, but even though you can get bored with the brown brick texture seen all around. Additionally, I found some squished and stretched textures in my way. One of the biggest disadvantages is level’s shortness. It only took me 25 minutes of joy and I’d like to play much more. It would be a good idea to create some gameplay in the city, after going out from the canals, to extend the playtime. It’s a pity that we really don’t know what could wait for us, behind the door to Venice…" - jawi (27-Dec-2010)
"A really annoying thing on thin levels are the too many rats, and there’s nothing you can do except if you run. There weren’t too much medipack in the game though. Those dirty rats follows you even if you are in water. I must have use a few medis because of them. The second interesting thing is that you have to shot the switch-box to find the rose. There weren’t that much enemies only a few armed guys. I’ve founds some very precise jumps but they weren’t that hard. For me this levels seems undone and i missed to walk around int he town but i can only see it through the bars. The game is a bit srtaightforward so it’s quite hard to get lost. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (01-Jun-2010)
"Realtively short, quick raid here. This probably explains the agressive spacing of some of the enemies and lack of medi-packs. I was preparing myself for an hour or so of gameplay and therefore kept trying to conserve my ammo. I'll probably replay now knowing that I can use the glock all the way through! A nice tricky jump sequence in the sewers to keep everyone challanged. I also had a few problems with triggers, but nothing that stopped me from completing the game. Completed in approx 20 minutes." - TheStig (02-May-2010)
"This level is very short, but not bad. Lara looks for a way through the sewers searching for an exit to the city. In her way will fight with some bad guys and escape from hundreds of pesky rats, taking some dangerous jumps over deadly pools to finally reach the exit. Very short but well builded and entertaining." - Jose (01-Mar-2010)
"Well, the game, the last one I played, isn't as bad as I'd thought it would be from the reviews I'd read. It isn't particularly inspired, settings-wise, since everything happens in the sewers and because it's mostly composed of the old "pass this trap overcome that one" routine. But it's well done, nonetheless. I enjoyed playing it." - Jorge22 (01-Mar-2010)
"The shortest of the levels in this year's competition, but while it lasts it offers an enticing agility test for the player with combinations of jumps, breaktiles and climbable walls and a few timed sequences thrown in for good measure as well. I also liked how you got quick glances to the outside world you are trying to reach here and there - alas it is not meant to get there in the end, so we can only hope for a more elaborate sequel to this level perhaps? Apart from being over too soon, I did not like at all the heavy reliance on those health depriving rats right at the start and later on when you need to pull two jump switches, but at least you get plenty of medipacks for compensation along the way. I wonder if the level was maybe finished off in a bit of a rush, as it certainly had potential, but apart from the above described elements, the rest of the game typically has the crucial item lying next to or close by the place where you need it and just when you want to go and explore the outside, you hit the finish trigger. (15 mins, 2 secrets)." - MichaelP (01-Mar-2010)
"At fifteen minutes, this is by far the shortest Back to Basics level this year, and it's clearly the work of a new builder. Taken as a first attempt, it's a decent effort, but it's not going to set anyone's world on fire. The gameplay is straightforward and fairly uneventful. You'll do some swimming and kill some bad guys, and it's all very linear. The most fun part was probably a couple of jumping puzzles. Though not challenging, they did spice up what was otherwise a standard level. The author seems to have fallen in love with the rats that attack in packs (probably better known as the beetles that attack in packs), and uses them on a number of occasions. My advice would be: don't. If you need to give the player two large medipacks before an area, you should probably rethink whatever you've got planned. The Venice textures and wad are, I'm sad to say, completely wasted on this level. The entire level takes place underground, so it's a drab affair overall, and just as you finally make your way outside, the level ends. Building outside areas is more difficult and maybe that's why what I'm assuming is a new builder decided to set the level underground, but whatever the reason, this is a visually uninteresting level, and the few looks you get of the 'real' Venice just make the level feel even duller. As I said, for a first attempt this is decent, and if you're going to release your first level, you might as well sneak it into a competition like this, where more people are more likely to play it. It's just too bad that people will judge your level in comparison to levels by much more seasoned builders if you do." - Magnus (28-Feb-2010)
"This is a short action packed level. I would rather call it a base level than a Venice level, as the player only gets some short glimpses of the city. The game play is mainly about passing nasty obstacle and trap courses and gauntlets. In particular, you meet those pesky carnivorous beetles several times. The game play is brief, but it is certainly not easy." - Bogey (26-Feb-2010)
"A rather short level and more of a tour de force through channels and sewers than a Venice level. One that easily fits into your lunch break . It was ,however, somehow refreshing to play an action pack after all the endless searches for keys and items in other levels. But , alas, not at all a Venice level." - Ruben (14-Feb-2010)
"This is obviously a debut level, so I'll try to be more forgiving. So let's start with the positive points: the builder has clearly mastered the use of space and understood the limitations and possibilities of the grid system - as some of the really enjoyable jumping sequences show. Texturing is pretty good, and lighting is surprisingly good - or at least bright - given the fact that the level is set almost completely underground, which often tempts even experienced builders into turning the ambient lighting down to nearly zero. The few outdoor areas that can be glimpsed from the openings look quite lovely (oh, how I wish I could have explored the pretty canal-side buildings at the end!)
Now for the negative points: Quite apart from the strange decision to refuse to allow the players to get out into the open air, there's also the extremely short length and the ultra-simple fire element puzzle at the end, all of which lead me to believe that the builder simply couldn't finish the level in time. Some of the use of objects was a little strange: why does shooting switches somehow make a key or a secret rose magically appear on the ground? On the enemy front: the extreme overuse of the pack of mice is simply ridiculous. Trying to activate two jump-switches while wading through waist-deep water while being chased by a horde of these health-draining mice is just incredibly frustrating.
Overall: The level works quite well if you look at it as a quick little jumps-and-traps-based challenge. But given that it is an entry in this year's BtB, it seems to be missing a lot, including the beautiful textures and objects seen in the other entries, or simply just some outdoor areas." - Mytly (14-Feb-2010)
"In this level you are more inside than outside and many traps have to be conquered. In addition some nasty enemies like the rats immediately at the start of the level. It was a short level too. Lighting was ok, texturing too." - Dutchy (13-Feb-2010)
"A minute into this level, with rats nibbling at Lara and a closed door ahead with no where to go, you may think Lara is in for a bumpy ride. Once through the now opened door and having Lara go 'splat', you know this for certain. This is more of a 'how-can-I-kill-Lara-over-and-over-in-the-shortest-time-possible' fest. Fast paced, as it has to be with those more deadly than they need to be rats and with well-constructed traps, this is a good game for experienced players that don't mind saving every few moments and grabbing more medipacks than usual. Definitely a change of pace from the other entries and a must play to experience. It's one you won't forget." - Bene (12-Feb-2010)
"Because of the fact that the way is easy to find and the necessary items are simply there, this level become very short. No really riddles, some traps and jumping tasks, many enemies. I didn't like the used sound. In addition, the level unfortunately only plays in the sewers, from Venice itself you see only a small part. Overall a few good ideas with the traps, but requires an enhancement." - repley (05-Feb-2010)
"Even though this is the shortest entry in the contest, lasting barely 20 minutes, this is a neat little assault course that tests the skills of raiders. I enjoyed the challenge that this level provided, where you will navigate through sewer canals filled with deadly green water. In theory it sounds pretty simple, but add some slopes, burners, monkey swings, collapsible floor tiles, slicer blades, and also a boulder trap to the mix and you got yourself a nice little trapfest going on. The use of objects to setup the traps was the highlight for me in this level, but the use of objects had some little oddities, like rats that spawned out of thin air. On a side note, I liked the stored gondolas in the final parts of the level. The room design is quite basic and doesn't really have special lighting or texturing in it; these qualities don't have apparent mistakes, but they seemed a tinge above average to me. Atmosphere is pretty basic, with the beating heart audio track, and a couple musical cues to signal significant happening in the level, but there aren't any interesting moods to drink in. Perhaps another shame is that in some parts of the level you can see outdoor sections, which looked nicely constructed, but you never do get to go outside and play in them. Overall though, even as a very short level, it's quite entertaining and found it pleasurable to play." - Relic Hunter (04-Feb-2010)
"Very short run in the wesers from Venice. Adrenalin pur. A lot of enemies and the full risk - rats, buddies, traps - and too many medis and munition. No riddles. Sound was perfect for this game. Lighting ok, textures ok. Result: Quick and painful :)" - masha (03-Feb-2010)
"A flight through rat-filled sewers that will give you several timed runs and falling platform sequences to maneuver through to escape outside. It is not a difficult escape, as I managed it in 18 minutes (though I missed one of the two secrets), which is kind of a let-down. The green, radio-active sewage sets the level apart somewhat from other entries with sewer areas, and I really enjoy the challenges the author gave, so if this were a more substantial level I would have been a big fan." - SSJ6Wolf (28-Jan-2010)
"This level has you running from rats and doing a timed run within the first minute, and the pace rarely lets up from there, at one or two points it almost seems like it's trying to be a next generation "Run Lara Run". The fast pace of the level is quite refreshing when it's played around much more complex levels in the contest, on the other hand, it can't really stand up to them as it's quite short and simple.
Oddly the stuff you can't enter looks quite good and much better than what you can, which is mostly a crate maze and sewers, with pretty average lighting and texturing although one boathouse type thing right at the end made some original use of objects. It could also have at least done with a final flyby to show off the city at the end. It's obviously a beginner level, but they seem to have some skill for fast- paced gameplay that could work well in a more substantial experience." - Mman (26-Jan-2010)
"And where was now Venice? Lara is run through a few underground canals and has seen a few sheds from inside. Besides, she had to deal with many boring little bugs, solve a few light riddles, ace a few dudes and was already after less than half an hour at the level end. But where was then now Venice? One or two times one could see through a grid something which should probably be Venice. And at the level end again a canal and a few houses. More or less. A teacher would say at school following in addition: Topic missed, sit down, mark 6. Is there not a rule with BtB which should last a level at least 1 hour? The level is not complete bad. Definitely not. He is built quite good. But there is no Gameplay. And no play fun. And the lighting could be also much better. He is ok as a normal level. But he is really bad as a BtB level." - Scottie (26-Jan-2010)
"You know what? I liked this small game, perfect in its (cruel) style, and I think it should have been better rated. (At least all the reviewers seem to think that it was great fun playing it, and what more could you want?) The game has difficult, but not irritatingly difficult, challenges - that consist chiefly in preserving Lara's health and heart throughout damp (but not dark) sewers full of immortal rats and mortal traps. The projected gameplay is straightforward and well imagined; the textures are perhaps a little repetitive, for the environment is Venice's sewers and not the beautiful part of the city, but the lighting is very good; the author is certainly competent. And, last but not least, it's nice never to be lost, for a change. Cheers!" - Josey (22-Jan-2010)
"In this level Lara only needs to find and open the way into the city of Venice. It is the shortest level of the contest so far.There are a few very well done jump combinations across deadly water, which I liked a lot, and as Lara mainly runs around the sewers she gets to deal with plenty of nibbling rats. Unfortunately you could never take a stroll through the streets and canals of Venice, because what you get to see briefly at the end of the level looks very promising." - Eva (17-Jan-2010)
"A short romp underground, with a few fun gauntlets , timed doors , and enemies well placed. Everything is well dosed. I don't know if the author did not had the time to extend the map , as we can see one key placed near where it is needed , or the fire in the same place where it has to be used. Anyway this was fun to play, and the looks are okay even if some textures would need fine tuning and lighting seems to be missing in a couple of places. I quite like the hanging gondolas. Maybe we shall have a sequel , who knows ? [ 18 minutes ]" - eRIC (17-Jan-2010)
"A very short level that is unfortunately not very well done. There were some good ideas and a hint of really good/non-linear gameplay in here, but ultimately this level leaves a lot to be desired. It consists mostly of flame emitter traps, timed runs, and slope sequences. There are also many rats which were annoying, but enough medipaks so that this wasn't much of a problem. The atmosphere was OK, but nothing special. In this level, it seemed that 75% of the rooms were made of the same two textures. Also, the only time you actually see Venice is at the middle and the end, and you only get small glimpses. A nice little level that offers a change of pace, so play it if you want a small, relaxing raid in between all of the more intense levels." - okuhtfesq (17-Jan-2010)
"Evaluated against the pool of complex and visually awesome levels in this year's Venice competition, this virtual hors d'oeuvre should by rights be ranked near the bottom of the pile. However, standing on its own, it's a neat little adventure that's a whole lot of fun to play, even if it's too short by at least a third. By no means would I consider it a beginner's effort, but for whatever reason the builder decided not to make use of the elegant Venetian textures (other than giving us some tantalizing glimpses through windows and fences). Play it for the pleasant diversion it affords from the mind-twisting exercises required by most of the other Venice levels." - Phil (12-Jan-2010)
"When the opening sequence to a level consists of a timed run whilst being nibbled to death by rats (retextured beetles), you really feel you may be in for a bumpy ride. This is actually a far shorter level (at approximately 20 minutes) than the others in the series, but the builder has managed to pack quite a lot in. There are a couple of timed runs, some enjoyable slope bouncing, the odd trap, a sprinkling of enemies, a couple of secrets to find and more encounters with those pesky rats. The action takes place in the less salubrious parts of the city so the only glimpse you get of Venice is through a grate in one area, but at the half way point of the series as I am, I rather appreciated the change of scene and brevity of the level. Easy to accomplish, but far from boring." - Jay (10-Jan-2010)
"This left me baffled. Lara's adventure lasted for exactly thirty minutes. During that time Lara travels through cistern-like tunnels where ravenous mice are always nibbling at her. Toward the end she is in a warehouse-type environment. Most of the level is about trying to kill Lara Croft. We've all been there: Lara does a series of slope and ladder jumps over deadly water. She slides down, leaps a scything blade, leaps to a collapsing platform, saves herself in the nick of time by leaping to a ledge hemmed in by wire mesh, where a boulder rolls down a slope and crushes her. If you're like me, you may be asking what this has to do with Venice. Well, the title only says that Lara gets to Venice. Lara solves the world's easiest element puzzle--she is carrying a bottle of wine, and she finds a torch, a lit fire, and the fire element part of the puzzle. That done, she turns to the open door to view lovely canals and buildings of Venice. She steps through the door and the level ends. During the game Lara was at a few percent health about five times. Then a bad guy would drop a medipack, and she was able to continue a little longer. Often the gymnastics are clever, and the appearance and texturing are well done, so this doesn't seem a beginner level by any means. I enjoyed playing this, and encourage others to sample this quick exercise, but I'm not sure the replay value is high." - dmdibl (06-Jan-2010)
"This is definately not the strongest of all of the entries for the BtB competition, as it seemed very rushed as you could see by the architecture, texturing and gameplay. The gameplay was pulling levers, shooting baddies and running away from rats, and the puzzles were ludicrously simple ( The torch and the fire were given to you at the end). There were some nice gauntlet sections, and a few good time runs. Texturing seemed repetitive and wallpapered and there were few cameras. Despite this, it is still a fun little adventure (though not really Venetian) lasting for me around 15 mins. 15 mins 1 secret." - Cory (06-Jan-2010)
"This may not be a beginners level,but it certainly feels like something which was put together in a bit of a hurry! Actually,it's hugely fun and filled from start to finish with fast-paced,speed-driven gameplay(hordes of rats;loads of mafioso;gauntlets a-plenty;timed runs;fun acrobatics to perform);but it's essentially nothing more than a 'corridor adventure' with a very brief glimpse of Venice at the extreme end - and as a result,it may just as well have taken place in the Arctic or beneath the Nevada Desert.What Objects there are,are placed well;but there's not much call for them in such a restrictive setting;and,while lighting is effective,the texturing is really rather limited. At the end of the day,this won't be a contender for a prize; but don't let that put you off.It offers 25 minutes of absolutely action-packed gameplay and makes a refreshing change from all those larger and more complex BtoB entries." - Orbit Dream (06-Jan-2010)