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The Forgotten Island (Die Vergessene Insel) by Kimutaku

Blue43 4 5 5 6
Ceamonks890 3 3 3 3
dmdibl 5 4 6 6
eRIC 5 6 7 6
eTux 3 4 3 4
Gerty 3 3 5 5
High Priestess 6 6 7 8
Jose 4 5 4 5
manarch2 5 4 5 5
MichaelP 4 4 6 5
Mulf 2 2 1 2
Obig 4 4 4 5
Orbit Dream 2 3 3 3
rtrger 3 3 4 5
Ryan 4 4 5 4
Scottie 3 5 5 4
Treeble 2 2 3 4
release date: 12-Dec-2009
# of downloads: 50

average rating: 4.19
review count: 17
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file size: 22.43 MB
file type: TR3
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The reviews don’t exactly go out of their way to drum up interest in this level, but I downloaded it anyway as a challenge for myself, to see if I could eke out some interest of my own, maybe find some little thing others have missed or didn’t consider worth mentioning. I failed. This level is so bland and insipid that it manages to become boring five minutes in. One might be tempted to describe the room geometry and the texturing as lazy beyond compare, but that would be wrong. In fact the builder went out of their way to carefully tend to the floors so as to make it look like they used the Random Floor Up function, but they didn’t. It’s all crafted by hand. Similarly, the rooms all look wallpapered, but again, the builder went ahead and manually mirrored every second texture so as to make it look even more like wallpaper. I find this not a little disconcerting. I gladly pass the torch on to the next contestant." - Mulf (24-Jan-2021)
"Most of the areas in this level are boxy and empty, mostly made up of random room geometry, and all you do here is zoom by them. Sure, there are the simple jump sequences and then the quicksand pits, but you more often than not find the keys before the doors for which you need them and when you don't, you get sidtracked so far away that you end up reaching the finish trigger (rather abruptly) with the key still in your posession. Not a bad level in itself, but one that definitely needed a lot of finetuning to become an engaging one. 20 minutes. 12/19" - Treeble (22-Dec-2019)
"This was an unsatisfying and often boring adventure. You mostly just run through huge, carelessly textured rooms, shooting the rare enemy, doing a few easy jumps and the level ends abruptly after acquiring a gem. No statistics either. I suppose it could be good for a quick diversion, but otherwise don't expect too much." - Ryan (26-Jul-2016)
"If you are as inquisitive as I am you'll find yourself sometimes in the proverbial creek without a peddle, stuck and the only way to continue the game is to reload a savegame. Apart from that there are three enemies and a lot of flares (which I didn't need at all) and picking up a couple of keys. I left with one key and the gem I found at the end." - Gerty (20-Mar-2015)
"Another Jungle-themed level that might as well be placed in the 'South Pacific' category with the amount of allusions to that type of location, containing blocky and unappealing environments with repetitive texturing that ultimately leave the rest of the overarching experience lacking a distinct identity to call its own, including simplistic gameplay and object/enemy/lighting utilization to match. Personally, while not necessarily something I'd call terrible per say, this was one release that quickly began to bore me over time with its relatively samey setup, leaving me pretty relieved that it was all over after only 15 minutes in. So if that doesn't really sound like your cup of tea, you wouldn't find yourself missing out on anything drastically important, if you simply passed up on this one and look at something else more worth your valuable time." - Ceamonks890 (22-Oct-2014)
"This is a rather short (15 min) and straightforward raid through an island with very easy game play. Lara has to find several keys to open doors to reach the end of the level. Other than looking for keys and gems there is a little bit of climbing, swamp jumping, diving and a couple of angry tribesmen to combat. The lighting and texturing is typical TR3 South Pacific and looked well done. Architectural there are a few problems, like holes where Lara can jump in and never get out and force you to re-load from a save game. Recommended if you are looking for a quick and not challenging TR3 style romp for in between..." - Blue43 (01-Jan-2011)
"This level lasted about 15 minutes and it was a nice raid, not because of Gameplay, which was normally linear, but of some nice atmosphere and textures this was quite an appealing one. For a quick raid this is recommended." - manarch2 (28-Nov-2010)
"Totally South Pacific based level, textures, objects from there. The goal is that pick up the pink stone at the end. I've just run and run on this huge level, and waited for some dinosaurs. Well enemies are just crocodiles and natives. But we'll go to a base too. Totally linear level, you can't stuck. Shame, because the author could make more things on this level. But this is the first level of the author, so it's great. I hope in a sequel." - Obig (30-May-2010)
"This one is better than I thought. The gameplay is simple and the level is very straightforward, but there are some well hidden keys in this level. The texturing is a bit repetitive, but it looks good. Since the level is only about some climbing, jumping and collecting keys, it quickly becomes boring but the level is very short so it isn't a big problem. Small fun for five minutes." - rtrger (02-Apr-2010)
"Nothing special in this TR3 jungle game very easy to play. Simple and angulous architecture; some defects like the roof of the hut you can trespass or places you can't go back and have to reload; look for some keys; deal with very few enemies; pull some switches; some jumps and swims and few more. There are no cameras and lights are poor; textures are not worked too. Playable but not interesting." - Jose (01-Mar-2010)
"A TR3 South Pacific level. The author has a habit of making the floors a jumble of uneven slopes, which isn't realistic. There is also vegetation plastered all over walkways, when less would have given a nicer effect. Game play consists of following one route to a deadend to get a key, then returning and taking the other route to reach a keyhole and door. Lara crosses swamps, either wading or leaping to leaf pads, and does pillar jumps. Enemies are a few natives and a crocodile. Lara got the Desert Eagle and Harpoon gun, but apparently missed the MP5. Mostly there are large rooms and wallpaper texturing of a beginner level, but this may be the start of a promising career." - dmdibl (01-Mar-2010)
"I guess it is a weakness of a level when you kind of feel it should have been shorter, especially when it only lasts for 30 minutes in the first place. The 30 minutes here are filled with too much of the same though - you keep running through a series of fairly boxy and carelessly architected rooms with nothing much to do other than just that - running... Occasionally you pick up a key or press a button to open a door and later on you get to jump on a few pillars, but everything is very predictable and unexciting. Still, I did enjoy the romp through a jungle setting as a pleasant little diversion." - MichaelP (05-Feb-2010)
"While it is a relatively recent release, in a lot of ways this level feels aged and it gave me the same vibe of the early 2001 levels. The looks aren't necessarily abysmal, but lack the complexity that is necessary to pull off an authentic looking jungle setting, you are way too over-armed for the crocodile and the two natives you'll encounter in the level and for most part, unless you accidentally run into a fire, there won't be much challenge at hand. There are the fake pads in the marsh, but I hardly consider that a fair challenge. Most of the time of the 20 to 30 minutes you spend here, you'll just be running around, gathering keys, and at best doing some easy, but fun jumps, so if you don't set your standards too high, this actually has its merits, but otherwise might not do much to perk your interest." - eTux (31-Jan-2010)
"Anyhow the level reminded me of the movie King Kong. Most of the rooms are so big which it would not have surprised me if the gigantic monkey had immediately rushed towards me at the next moment. The problem is here the missing change. The inclined player runs only through the area, meets once in a blue moon sometimes natives or a crocodile, gathers equipment which one does not need at all, looks for some keys, presses a few buttons and gets from the high rooms a stiff neck. No question, the textures were applied cleanly. But like I said the change was absent. It simply happened nothing. It should be added that the lighting was insufficient. I have well liked the small marsh and the sound felt also well, but this is a little bit too little for about half an hour playing time." - Scottie (12-Jan-2010)
"A very pleasant level which I found refreshingly easy to navigate. Not too many enemies to tackle at all which makes a nice change and the jump sequences were pretty straightforward, much to my delight. A very enjoyable hour or so of Jungle adventuring with some familiar textures from TRIII." - High Priestess (06-Jan-2010)
"An TR3 level with a South Pacific theme and with a low degree of difficulty, it seemed not straightforward in the first stages of the level but that was a wrong impression, as it soon become obviously straightforward. The progression is quite fluent, maybe too much , as monotony kicked in , given the lack of proper puzzles after a while. Not many enemies either , apparently one of each kind , including a native who throws poisonous darts. There is keys to find , the puzzle with the solid tiles in the midst of the marshland , and a few rooms where you have to jump from pillar to pillar. Sounds and looks are good , the author has taken care much of the texturing , only the lighting could have been worked a lot more. A solidly made level." - eRIC (01-Jan-2010)
"If the builder of this level is very young (that is,under 13)then do,please,skip the next sentance.After over 1200 levels,that must be a leading contender for the most boring that I've ever played.(All right,you can come back now).Progression is terribly easy and straightforward;there are no puzzles;only 3 enemies to shoot from a distance;and lighting and texturing is reasonable but not particularly uninteresting.Not to worry,though;the basics have been grasped and there's no possibility whatsoever of anyone getting stuck here (Walkthrough Writers will be redundant for this one);but please,put in more interesting things for the next level!" - Orbit Dream (01-Jan-2010)