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New Adventures of Lara Croft by Levelman

Blue43 7 7 8 9
Diz 8 6 7 7
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 8 9 9 9
eRIC 7 7 7 8
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jorge22 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 7 9
manarch2 5 7 7 8
MichaelP 7 7 9 8
Orbit Dream 9 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
rtrger 7 7 8 8
Ryan 7 8 7 8
Scottie 8 8 7 7
snork 6 7 7 8
Teone 6 6 6 6
TheStig 9 7 8 7
Treeble 6 7 8 7
release date: 06-Jan-2010
# of downloads: 106

average rating: 7.48
review count: 20
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file size: 56.74 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Mostly non-problematic, and as for an unfinished project, it's one of the best. You get familiar assets but with some subtle, unique customizations. It's impressive how level 2 looks like a real pyramid (you can see the plan in trview). Still, keep in mind some things here couldn't be fixed - watch for star receptacles in level 2 and the scroll pedestal in level 4, as the wrong choice order might softlock you. Pharos Knot also - if you miss it and hit the slot, you backtrack then return. But the biggest showstopper is the outrageously forward - backward - forward sequence in level 3... isn't it enough of a slowdown that we need to wait for Ahmed to catch up? Quite recommended." - DJ Full (30-Apr-2024)
"The sole release from this builder is actually comprised of unfinished projects due to loss of data. That being said, I found all levels in the set to be rather complete and competent in design. Sure a few extra hours would benefit better lighting and a more streamlined gameplay (there are four levels, but only two of which are linked into one another). These seem to be built with little or no customization at all, so you have a tut1, a settomb and a cleopal level, plus a "home" level which is quite reminiscent of Alexandria. The stargate and holo bridges were unexpected touchs, but generally speaking gameplay boils down to running to and fro in search of many, many puzzle items or levers to operate remote doors. On that regard, the worst offender was filling up a spike pit with sand in level 3 as it required you to basically go from one end of the level to the other, then back again, which seemed to be pure padding. 75 minutes, 7 secrets. 07/22" - Treeble (01-Aug-2022)
"According to the readme, this is an abandoned project because the builder had an Hard Disk crash, and these 4 levels are all he was able to recover. There's not a proper story, the levels can be played separately, choosing new game from the main menu. The first level is a mix between Lara's Home and Alexandria, the second takes place inside a Pyramid, the third is very similar to the entrance of the Tomb of Seth and the fourth is a sort of Cleopatra Palace. I didn't see anything bad but also anything memorable. The only original touch were some bridges of light in the last level. Apart from that, it's a standard ride, quite enjoyable but lacking in personality." - Teone (17-Feb-2022)
"Lara's got a lovely home by the coast, but there's not much to do aside from shooting targets and a bit of exploration and then it's off to the second level. Gameplay now gets a bit more challenging with some swimming and a few Hands to find and some more wide open spaces to explore. The third level had a bit of a downer in the form of a rather tedious backtrack, but the activation of the Stargate was a nice touch. The final level was the most enjoyable, with the usual suspects in Cleopatra's Palaces to find: Mechanical Scarab, four Black Beetles and Pharos artefacts. A few missing background audios somewhat compromised the atmosphere, but these are indeed playable." - Ryan (11-Jun-2017)
"A very classic levelset which is perfectly playable for beginners, because there are no really difficult tasks in it, very few traps and the levels are mostly based around exploration... a bit too much, if you ask me as a player who certainly likes the challenge. This is certainly a competent effort and I had fun playing this level, but for me there were way too many items to collect and that in each of the four levels. The builder has a certain style in his levels that makes it hard to get oriented, there are always many different paths to take which then again split up, and you often land at dead ends. Although this is certainly not the most intelligent way of designing levels, I must say that the relatively open design is quite professional and there are no points where you can get utterly lost. The look and feel of this level is very solid and even if the rooms' architecture isn't overly complicated, the builder has caught the classic atmosphere pretty well with sober texturing and lighting, although the latter is at times pretty flat, and there are plenty of visual highlights, e.g. the colour bridges in the last level, although they don't quite fit to the environment. The whole home level is definately one of those highlights, as the rooms are very atmospheric despite being relatively spartan and the object design just feels about right. The builder could definately have worked more in terms of sound, there are almost no background audios and only few tracks used in between, but the camera work is fine as well as several few, yet effectively placed enemies. I don't understand though why some of the important items are labelled as secrets, but at last you can get all of them anytime if you missed one. Overall, this is a very decent debut level and - as said - perfectly recommended for beginners, but if you are searching for an immersive and demanding gameplay experience, you might be disappointed. 55 minutes." - manarch2 (23-Jun-2014)
"This is a set of four levels that were, according to the readme, unfinished. Well they were definitely playable, although game play and story were a little on the boring side. Especially in the beginning (new Home) there were lots of rooms to explore but nothing to be found or picked up. The game-play picks up and gets much more interesting as you progress through the levels. There are only very few enemies in between and they are all old school TR4. In general this whole set really had a really strong TR4 feel to it and although the rooms were different, the player still has the feeling to been here before. The atmosphere was nice and the texturing and lighting was perfectly done. The whole game was easy to play with one big exception and that was a pool filled with nasty spike traps toward the end of the game. If you liked TR4 and want a nice trip down memory lane, you should give this one a try!" - Blue43 (29-Dec-2010)
"You could be forgiven for dismissing this set of levels from a TRLE new-comer. If you do dismiss it however then the loss is yours. The presentation of their levels initially feels odd to as you can select from 4 distinct levels namely; New Home, Gold Pyramid, Stargate & Izis & Cleopatra. Although that said Gold Pyramid & Stargate are linked in the script so that one follows the other. Anyway down to the most important aspect here which is the gameplay. It is clearly the work of someone who's played a good bit of Tomb Raider themselves. There's always a good flow of gameplay, nothing ever too complicated, but definately enough to make sure you use your eyes properly. It's also a series of levels that rewards exploring the environment fully to get around. Crucially none of the beginners mistakes are here either. Apart from an ocassional bit of flat lighting here and there, the texturing and room structures are excellent, with no trace of wafer thin walls or streached textures which normally blight builder's early releases. New home was the first level I played. I was initially concerned, assuming this would be one of those home levels with no end trigger. I'm glad I kept playing however, and completed this first part (after a good exploration of the house) in 38 minutes. Next on was the Gold Pyramid. You can see the author getting better and better with the lighting here. Lots of back-tracking with this one too, but I found it highly enjoyable. Following on we had Stargate. I think this resprents some of the best use of fog bulbs and coloured lighting I've seen with this texture set. There's always a tempation to make caverns dark, but this is beutifully lit and a great peice of work that I would argue is visually stronger than Core Design's own effort with the same textures in Tomb Raider 4. I completed these two parts together in 1 hour. Finally we come to Izis and Cleopatra which I have just finished this afternoon. Initially my heart sank as the pool area texturing was quite uninspiring and the lighting flat. The rest however was excellently put together. I liked the use of the cut-scene revealing the flying entity, and yellow energy bridge. One thing however I didnt understand was the dual use of the scroll, which if put in the wrong place could end progress in the level (I dont think that is a good element of gameplay - if it's the wrong location the author would do much better to fill the room with spikes, or cause the pedestal to set on fire to it's clear to the player that it's the wrong location). I did find myself lost however and had to refer to the walk-through before realising a coffin had to be shot out in order to proceed. Where an object's action might be obscure like that I would advise the author to include a camera cue to make life a little easier for the player. I completed this section in 53 minutes. Over all however I have to say this was excellent, and far suprpassed my expectations. If this is the quality of work from the author's initial outing I cant wait to see what they might bring us in the future. Definately keep it up!, and highly recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (11-Aug-2010)
"All four levels are mostly very easy, but enjoyable nonetheless, mainly due to the very good texturing, good lighting (including well tweaked-to-the-point fog), good camera use, and generally faultless setup - everything worked (for me) as intended, good flipmaps, even difficult things like the guide did not mess up. Sadly all levels but the Golden Pyramid miss an ambient sound, that affected athmosphere. New Home (4/6/6/8) - looks like a castle, and a gorgeous one. Not that much to do however, no enemies, Lara opens doors and appreciates the nicety of the surroundings, that is pretty much it. A pity the motorcycle was not for real. I sniggered at the pet crocodile in the basement and the music from Lara's stereo made me laugh out loud - San Francisco in Martin-Boettcher-Winnetou-muzak-style :D. The only level with real secrets. For me the Rolling balls had no sound. Golden Pyramid (7/7/7/9) - if anything, it looks even better than Lara's home and gameplay is more interesting, though things are often too obvious and closeby. A few traps are here, but easy to survive. Oddly the rolling balls had no sound for me. Enemies are Bedouins and scorpions, who to me are always welcome. In this level I found the only fault in the game, in that the level misses one hand of Sirius, so you can use the one provided to access a treasure room, but then won't be able to progress anymore. No secrets. Stargate (7/7/8/8) The dark surroundings made me expect some more threat to Lara, but there is not really. The only way to have her die would be falling into the few deep pits, but they are easy to spot and there is no tricky manoeuvering required near them. Once again nice looks but maybe for the final stargate area. A torch in a level just as a guide are always appreciated. Some stary dogs would have fitted nicely in the caves. I was scratching my head a bit about how to get across the spikes to the one half of the eye of Horus, and liked the solution a lot, realising only then that that room was exactly beneath the one that was not accessible earlier on. I do not like necessary items to be secrets, so I do count as if no secrets had been in this level. Izis and Cleopatra (7/7/7/8) This one had me stumped two times. First I managed to miss the crowbar that was there in my plain sight - doh. Then I let myself be confused by necessary items being secrets - the revolver and lasersight. So it did not occurr to me that I had to use them to progress at all. The walkthrough helped out. Finally in this level there is some challenge, in enemies as much as in traps - that underwater spike room was very good, I think. I also liked the beetle pyramid room with the once again perfect fog at the bottom. There could have been some of them pesky little beetles though. I ran into an oddity that I would have mentioned when betatesting, but I guess I am the only one ever running into this situation : when you go straight for the Izis statue room, and without triggering the yellow bridge (you do not need it) then the skeletons will walk onto the non-existant bridge, realise there is no bridge and slowly sink to the lower level, from where they are able to follow Lara almost everywhere, and this is without her having the shotgun. I also did not yet have the revolver, so this added a bit more challenge :D Overall, this was some good easy fun, thanks Jorge for making me play this one. I am really curious if there will be more from this builder, and if next time he will be able to get clear 10s for the looks. I think he has the talent." - snork (10-Jun-2010)
"This is really an Egyptian adventure divided in four separate parts (the second and third seem to connect or at least they did in my computer). Assuming that they are presented in a chronological order, I think one can see how Levelman improved his skills along the way. The first three parts are full of empty rooms in the sense that there's nothing to little to do there and that that's quite recurrent. They're still nice though. The last, Isis & Cleopatra, hence named for some reason, gets really better as there are many more things to do everywhere you go and one can even get a bit confused as to what to do next for a little while on occasions. Unfortunately, the mechanical scarab in my game went crazy and exploded before it could trigger any spikes, thus making it impossible for me to proceed no matter if I played it all over again, with the regular exe or with the XP patch - I think snork deserves a special thank you here, since he got my save and somehow solved the mysterious situation. Throughout the game, the textures are clearly mainly from The Last Revelation, enemies are just a few crocodiles, a couple of skeletons and a demigod, at least that I can remember, and the music and sounds all come from TR4, again that I can remember. So, I guess it's a nice try that becomes much better in the last episode. The ratings have improved somewhat thanks to it. But it's all clean, very clean. I'd like to see some more from this builder." - Jorge22 (08-Jun-2010)
"New Home (5/7/8/8, 15 min, 2 secrets): Lots of exploration to do in this Coastal texture inspired home. Good use of objects and clean texturing make this one nice to look at, but there is indeed very little to do and the shooting of the four targets is a bit of an obscure puzzle.
Gold Pyramid (7/7/9/8, 15 min): Nice atmosphere created from the word 'Go', with the flyby and some nice use of fog. Several objects to be found and used, a bit of swimming and avoiding rolling balls and maybe a few rather lengthy backtracks, but this part plays smoothly and quickly.
Star Gate (6/6/9/8, 20 min, 2 secrets): In this part the guide is well used in the caves and you get to work with the torch for the secrets. There is one really long backtrack though, which I would rather have avoided. The sand filling pit is well designed though and the ending shows that the author did plan to do more with this level originally.
Izis & Cleopatra (8/7/8/9, 35 min, 3 secrets): The most elaborate level of the set, not only because it is the longest. I liked the contrast of the sandy and brown overall architecure with the strong colors of the cool walkways and the blue of the water and the fountains. You get to explore the area extensively, only running into a harpy, two skeletons (that are easily avoided) and a demigod at the end. Gameplay is all about jump switches, chains and reach in switches, but you also get the beetle pyramid and the mechanical beetle. The spiked swimming room was an original idea. What lets this down a bit is the fact that you do require the three secrets to reach the level end and I did miss the revolver and had to check the walkthrough to finally find out what I needed it for and that I needed it in the first place.
Overall, this is a pleasant and very cleanly designed levelset and a pity the author did not have more time and opportunity to expand on it. It is very good and enjoyable as it is, but it could have been great with more effort spent." - MichaelP (03-Jun-2010)
"These four unrelated levels came as a great surprise,as they're made with considerable skill and are extremely playable.The first three are reasonably compact and non-linear,but the fourth is a large and complicated creation which requires plenty of concentration and attention to small details on the part of the player. All four are very well crafted with plenty of visual imagination and not a few creative surprises along the way,and all are beautifully lit and textured.There were perhaps not enough enemies to satisfy most players bloodlusts,and cameras were certainly lacking from time to time;but these four levels provide several hours of non-linear enjoyment with a wide variety of gameplay ideas along the way,and really should be far better known." - Orbit Dream (29-May-2010)
"This is not so much a 4 level game as 4 separate games. There are no links and your inventory doesn't carry across. That said, there are so few enemies that you won't need much to get through. All 4 games have one thing in common; there are large, intricate, well constructed areas with little to do in them, in some cases nothing to do at all. This can lull you into a false sense of security and you'll miss a switch or a door or a crawl space. The gameplay can seem a little chaotic as there are few cut scenes with switches but this just adds to the non-linear aspect of the game, something I'm fond of. I enjoyed all 4 games but Isis and Cleopatra was definitely my favourite." - Diz (10-Apr-2010)
"You should take a look on this one if you're the fan of the old school levels. A set of Egyptian levels, with non-linear gameplay. When I saw the pictures on the levelinfo page from this levelpack, I think I misjudged it pretty much. Not the best one I've ever played, but the calm gameplay is very nice, and the levels are textured properly. So it looks good but no areas stunning visuals. Give it a try." - rtrger (26-Mar-2010)
"Well worthwhile to put it on the net as I had a nice time to go through the four levels of this game. First is a house level but with a twist as there is a huge outdoor area that reminded me of the coastal-wad. Then there is the pyramid; nice one and I liked the shafts that this builder made. The Stargate level had me puzzled as I never found the Vraeus but jumping in the middle of the room above in that circle I did hit the finishing trigger. Last level is much longer and more confusing. You also have to choose this from the menu. Because of lack of cameras to show you what you did by pulling a chain and I never found a second scroll, I did however finish it, but it took a while. Overall there are some nice ideas used here and also not that many enemies you encounter. Lara's footsteps don't make any sound and overall there is not much music used as well." - Gerty (09-Mar-2010)
"This level has a correct desig with some good details, like the coloured bridges and the flipped rooms, but the gameplay is not very clear, sometimes with a lot of backtracking, dead ends and there's not puzzles to solve, only pull switches and look for artifacts to open doors. I've missed some more enemies and many times you get very disoriented 'cause there are not cameras to show you the things which happen (ex: the door opening at the end of the uw corridor in the pool or the door which give you access to the second floor in the last level). Also I don't know how the last level is not connected with the other two. The best were the nice architecture and the good texturing." - Jose (08-Mar-2010)
"This is raiding in the old school, and I had a grand time here. Tom provided some concise notes which I used to write a more detailed walkthrough, and although much of the gameplay consists of finding a switch to open a door to move on to the next area, I never found myself getting bored. These are the kinds of levels I routinely played back in my early raiding days, and I kind of miss them. This would be perfect for a beginning player, as there's not much here that will stump the seasoned veteran. Still, there's much to enjoy here, so I heartily recommend this four-part release." - Phil (05-Mar-2010)
"A set of four levels that hark back to the early days of classic design, showing what can be done with original tools. You don't have to be nostalgic for the good old days to enjoy these; there is good design and texturing and game play, and everything is bug free and works. "New Home" is a vacation home in Casablanca or something, and is optional if you don't want to spend the time here. This is mostly wandering around and looking at the well-done architecture. Lara finds a laser sight, and jump switches to use. After getting the secrets Lara picks up the revolver. Shooting a roof top target does nothing, because there are four of them. Lara has to spot them as they appear, and after shooting all four the exit gate opens. "Golden Pyramid" is independent, so Lara loses the revolver and laser sight and starts over, this time getting a shotgun. A good hunt for Orion and Sirius Hands and Cartouche pieces, reminiscent of early custom Tomb Raider. "Star Gate" is actually a Seth Tomb type level, with a guide in dark caves. Good scenery, with a view of a lava river far below. I thought there was a long backtrack at one point, but the round trip was done in a few minutes. Lara can get into high alcoves by running off a ledge with Ctrl pressed. Then it turns out that if she places the Timeless Sands platforms rise to make access to those alcoves easy. The same type of thing happens in the last level. Lara jumps to get an artifact, but if she throws a high jump switch an energy beam allows Lara to just walk over and pick up the artifact, which is too easy. "Isis and Cleopatra" is the fourth and final level, with the most interesting and intricate game play. I enjoyed the beetle room, and seeing old friends. After encountering a huge statue of Cleopatra (or maybe Isis) Lara triggers two skeletons. She flees back across an energy bridge, and uses a pull chain a second time to make the bridge disappear so both skeletons fall to their destruction, a clever touch by the author. There is one swim through a spike-filled room that takes a few tries, because Lara can't get through this without major damage. Lara has the revolver and laser sight again in this level, and shoots a high shatter bench, which I think opens a doorway. There was no camera shot for this, but most of the time there are camera clues when needed. There aren't that many enemies, game play is reasonable, and I enjoyed the atmosphere and layout of all levels. I found this set a treat." - dmdibl (09-Feb-2010)
"New Home: Is this now the new house of Lara, or from Jean Yves? The longer I think about it, the more these surroundings remind me of Tomb Raider 4. However here there are no opponents. And there are also not right duties. One must open only two big gates and shoot a few targets, it was this already. Otherwise Lara goes only a little bit through the area. Though this level is uneventful, but is not dull, because he is well built and the house has a nice equipment.
Gold Pyramid: This level is good old Tomb Raiding. Explore a pyramid, look some Items and shoot a few opponents. Though there are a few sound problems and the lighting could be also better, but to play otherwise well, even if a little bit briefly.
Star Gate: In large parts this level is a copy of the cave in Tomb Raider 4 and from the example level in the level editor, indeed, this is not a simple copy, coz the whole cave has his own character. In the end one must activate in the big final space a Star Gate. It are absent there though the details and a few effects, but it looks quite tolerable. A few easy riddles complete quite a well-arranged level.
Izis & Cleopatra: This level is a typical "palace of Cleopatra" level. The inclined player must find the usual Items Pharos Knot, Portal Guardian, music role and other things. However, I must also say which this level was still the best. He had a few good effects and a few made good riddles. Indeed, the sound was now and again absent. Opponents were a Demigod, a harpy and two skeletons. The level is suitable for everybody which prefer relaxed Tomb Raiding or for people who play only from time to time.
At this 4 levels only the second one and the third level are connected with each other. However, this is no problem, because one can play every level individually without problems. There is all together hardly opponents and those who are there, are easy to defeat. And apart from a few sound problems and a sometimes not so good lighting the inclined player can play just two hours completely calmly." - Scottie (07-Feb-2010)
"New Home: Lara has indeed got a new mansion by the coast and a huge great place it is too. You get plenty of opportunity to explore the lovely interior and courtyards, but mostly there isn't anything to do in the areas. There are no enemies (well there is a crocodile in the basement but I never got to meet him), Jean Yves won't talk to you and I couldn't get Lara to mount the motorbike. Just a quick canter round Lara's lovely new home really. Gold Pyramid: This is a traditional Tut1 style Egypt setting, with several hands, a cartouche and an eye of Horus to find. There are a few ninjas to shoot and the gameplay is brisk and slightly more involved than in the previous section. Stargate: Don't expect an otherworldly atmosphere; this is in fact a settomb environment, complete with guide. He's not much help with the torch however so Lara has to do quite a lot of the work herself. Not a lot of enemies - a few scorpions and flying beetles - but plenty of artefacts to search for in the quest to activate the stargate. I really liked the lighting in the caves. Isis and Cleopatra: This is a cleopal based section and I've always really liked the objects (darling little mechanical beetle, yay) and textures so I found this part especially easy on the eye, particularly with the builder's nice addition of walkways of coloured light. It's a little longer than it predecessors and definitely more sophisticated in terms of gameplay. I really enjoyed it, but trust me to find the skeletons before I found either the revolver or the shotgun." - Jay (27-Jan-2010)
"The author says in the read-me file that he got problems with his computer and thus could not make further work on these levels, yet could retrieve some of the files. The author adds that even in this form , the levels set can be attractive for many players. I do agree with the builder, these levels are attractive and are perfectly playable. Some common traits to them is a faultless texturing, rather good lighting , not too much challenge. Another common thing is that the retrieving of a few key artefacts needed for progression are accompanied by the secret sound. The materials used to build them is mostly the basics ones available with the original Editor with a few exceptions. Only the 2nd and 3rd levels are linked by a level jump. As I had no background audio loop in the first level , I had to replace the 106 audio file by a new one of my choice. I did not subtract any point for that. Overall, the author has made a good work with these levels , even in their actual form, and they are quite pleasant to play. NEW HOME [ 35 minutes ] Not really a home level , more a Coastal town without enemies , with some buildings to explore and yes there are several rooms of a home, and you can say hello to Jean-Yves. There is also balconies, courtyards , and basements. The map is not big but it is possible to have the feeling that this level is uneventful and run around quite a bit in your exploration, as some rooms do not serve any purpose for the gameplay, and there does not seem to be a lot to do . The level finally reveals its subtlety at the end , after a few switches have been pulled , 2 skulls have been retrieved , and both revolver and lasersight have been found. There is no camera work to help much , but you can hear some door opening near by. Good looks and I like much the textures for the windows. GOLD PYRAMID [ 18 minutes ] An Egyptian level of the Tutorial persuasion ; the map is small , well built and well textured, the tasks to do or the few traps are easy , but it is possible to miss a thing en route which prolongs the net gaming time a bit. A good little level before jumping to Star gate. STAR GATE [ 22 minutes ] After the level jump , I had the impression I would be playing a remake of The tomb of Seth level , as Lara was in well shaped tunnels with the guide as in the official game ; but that was a wrong impression. The goal here is to find a Torch for Lara to use on many wall torches , don't know what all this lighting did precisely but that surely might open some doors farther and get some artefacts. An easy level , there is the flooding of a pit with sand between other things, and a bit of climbing at the end to activate the 'Stargate' which ends the level. I quite like that bridge over the deep pit, and the shaping of the tunnels. Not many enemies , a few little scorpions and a couple of big beetles. ISIS and CLEOPATRA [ 41 minutes ] Longer and more ambitious this level that I started from the Menu as a stand-alone level ; a Cleopatra type of level with a few differences with the basic one , there are some objects from The lost Library and a big Isis statue, plus some 'mystic' touches with translucent bridges to access areas. There is some flooding to perform ,not many enemies , the greatest challenge was to spot some openings , plus especially a sneakily hidden breakable furniture just above the Gem receptacle. There is also a good challenge with an underwater room with spikes traps where you have to find the safest path. A good level , once again well textured but without the usual greenery that pertains to a Cleopatra level." - eRIC (07-Jan-2010)