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The Wall by Eep2

afzalmiah 3 2 1 3
alan 2 2 3 3
Albert 3 1 0 2
Athukraz 1 1 1 1
Casual Raider 1 0 1 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 2 2
Charles Kane 3 3 4 5
Chel 2 2 2 2
Cory 3 2 3 3
Cruzader 4 3 3 3
DJ Full 3 3 3 4
dmdibl 2 3 3 2
droogie 1 1 1 1
Ejecta 2 2 1 1
eTux 1 2 1 3
Gerty 2 3 2 2
Jay 2 3 3 2
JoeTheCrazyGamer 1 2 1 1
Jose 1 1 2 3
Larabiker301 3 1 2 4
LuxQSD 3 1 3 1
manarch2 2 2 3 2
Mehrbod 2 1 3 1
MichaelP 2 3 5 4
Nuri 3 4 6 9
Obig 3 3 5 3
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 4
PolishRaider 2 2 3 2
rtrger 3 3 4 4
Ryan 1 2 2 3
Sackboy123 3 2 2 4
StormChaser 2 2 2 2
Torry 4 4 5 6
totizedger 2 2 4 4
Treeble 2 2 2 2
Wolf7 5 4 0 1
release date: 29-Aug-1999
# of downloads: 186

average rating: 2.45
review count: 36
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file size: 8.71 MB
file type: TR2
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A nostalgia trip through one of the first levels ever uploaded to the site. I was pleasantly surprised by the few interesting ideas in this release as I've expected a lot less from such an old project, though it is lacking in almost every basic gameplay department. It is basically a 3 or so minute long test level and I don't see why you'd want to play it unless you're a completionist as there are many other levels that offer a lot more." - LuxQSD (09-May-2022)
"The first level in the list from 1999 and so worth a play just for the sake of nostalgia. There's not an awful lot to do but I liked the 'stand here' and 'don't stand here' tiles plus the camera tile. Collect a few pickups and after a bit of climbing, a backwards jump and opening a door it's all done. Took me three minutes. Considering this was built with a early editor before even DXTRE3D came out its quite amazing." - StormChaser (04-Apr-2022)
"Perhaps this is the first custom TR level ever made or at least the first one that got published on the internet. Even though this level seems to have been made just to show the possibilities of what you can do with the engine, it was still enjoyable. Very short, very simple but the level design is kind of creative and also funny I’d say which is it’s greatest quality. Still despite these things this isn’t an amazing level so that’s why it gets the scores that it does, however it just takes 1-2 minutes to complete so give it a try, you’ll only waste as much time as you spent reading this review :P ." - Cruzader (15-May-2021)
"Not a bad level, considering this level was made before DXTRE3d even existed yet. Too short to leave a significant impact, but then again, it was 1999." - Charles Kane (04-Apr-2021)
"Just a nice way of showing possibilities and glad to have all 3 dragons." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (25-Jun-2019)
"Ahh. One of the oldest level of all time!! What else I should say? Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (15-Jan-2019)
"It is what it is! A relic that isn't so much a level as an example of things that might be done with the level editor. The panoramic camera and message revealed was cute, and it gives so much appreciation for just how far level building has come since this level hit the 'net." - Chel (19-Oct-2018)
"A very early attempt at building with the unofficial editor which showcases a few things that could be done st the time. Level is only five minutes in duration and I would believe was not intended in any way to provide a real adventure." - Torry (02-Jul-2018)
"A great pleasure to see that this is the first level ever submitted on TRLE.NET , the greatest host for TRLE levels . The best thing about this game in general was the camera movement , especially the part where you had to stand in the middle of the spikes in order to see the camera dolls back ! Although I have to say at my first visit to the spikes area , I didn't find the key and by the way , I was supposed to look for more information in the walkthrough . Nevertheless , it was impossible to miss the secrets and they were too obvious to be found ." - Mehrbod (24-May-2018)
"This particular level deserves some credit not only for being the first custom published on TRLE. It contains really neat touches such as a rotating camera, death-triggering tiles or secrets, two of which are located in a plain view. There's even a personal message from the author. The textures are dull, occasionally patched with Lara's images on the walls. Nice tribute I must say. In terms of gameplay and length it's clearly a bare bones quickie, yet the general concept is positive. With all its shortcomings I can still recommend it for swift raiding." - PolishRaider (09-Mar-2018)
"Not really a level, only 3 dragons to pick up and use a key to open a door, there are some new textures, even animated ones, and the author doen't let you advance if you didn't pick up the key. Too short to show all the possibilities the unofficial level editor offers." - Jose (02-Nov-2017)
"Not really meant to be a level but a showcase of what could be done with the tools at the time if one put a bit of effort into it. Some people may find such a thing interesting, but most contemporary players have a plethora of other levels they can stick their teeth into which demonstrate the same concepts just as well while still having a plot and atmosphere. It's always a bit fascinating seeing how far the community has come since the pre-TRLE days though." - Ejecta (05-Aug-2017)
"Who knew: the door bug existed in the TR2 engine as well. Otherwise this is another pretty short level with a few moments (such as the author spelling out his name with spike traps and then using a clever camera angle to showcase it) in which you have to find a key and locate the keyhole. I struggled with the odd collision to backflip to the end, I think this was an early (hopefully) issue with DXTRe3D levels. 5 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/17" - Treeble (29-Apr-2017)
"I had curiosity to see how the first level ever released looked like. I thought it would be TR4 type but no. Anyway, there is not so much you can do here but look at the author's name from high above. That was cool, also taking a look to his messages and custom textures. To be honest I didn't find the silver dragon in the first try, until I checked the walkthrough. I thought the legal way was to backflip from the ramp and you arrive to the exit door and golden dragon. I like the idea that if you don't pick up the silver dragon there will be a message saying "Did you forget something?", and if you find it the message is covered by the open door. Recommended if you want to take a look to the old levels of this site." - alan (18-Apr-2017)
"The first ever custom level that was released and although might seem boring in today's standards is still worth having a look at if you're interested to see the debut level that started it all as the gameplay is fun even if it is short and easy. The texturing is quite impressive too with some custom textures. If you're looking for a fun gameplay level though then this isn't for you, just for those who want to feel nostalgic." - Sackboy123 (18-Sep-2016)
"I actually had a good time looking through the first level uploaded on TRLE. To be honest, it's pretty cool that the author was playing around with a lot of various elements and had them working... traps, secrets, triggers, lighting, custom textures, etc. It's neat to see the where the awesome new custom levels on TRLE came from." - droogie (30-May-2016)
"The first custom level ever released on It doesn't offer much 17 years later, but it spawned something wonderful today." - Ryan (26-Mar-2016)
"Another one I play tonight which is very simple yet indicates obvious enjoyment the builder had during the making. "Stand here", "Don't stand here", obvious secrets, Lara's pictures and spikes of hidden meaning could work pretty good in a level supposed to encourage other people to breach the blocky universe of awesome. Has this author predicted it will expand that far? SUMMARY: And which wall is that?" - DJ Full (30-Jan-2016)
"So this is where it all began. This is the first custom level to be uploaded to this website. It doesn't have much in store when it comes to gameplay which is not the point as this is more of a demonstration. I liked the tile that activates the zoomed out camera where you can see the name "EEP". The secrets and the key are very easy to find except the silver dragon which is slightly harder to find but still very easy. There is a sign that says "Did you forget something?" you can't get past this area if you didn't collect the silver dragon as it is required to progress. For being over 14 years old and part of the history of trle i recommend you to take a quick look." - totizedger (14-Jul-2015)
"This short level, which is first released on the TRLE.NET side, shows what funny stuff can be done with the TR- level-editor. Very cool and funny textures are shown already. It's short, but hey!! It's the first custom level ever!! In that case, it doesn't need to be a whole big adventure." - Nuri (30-Jun-2015)
"While this may have been the first actual release on nearly 15 years ago(at time of writing), that doesn't mean that it's actually worth playing today, as far as test levels go. But considering its age, I suppose I can't complain about the overall game design too much. Because at the end of the day, this was designed more as a proof-of-concept for many future level releases to follow and improve upon into more fully-fledged satisfying experiences, as time went on. Would I still recommend you have an incredibly brief playthrough of it, for historical purposes though? Most definitely. But for those craving something with a little more meat to it on the other hand, you're better off looking elsewhere." - Ceamonks890 (21-Jul-2014)
"5 minutes test level showing what can be done, 3 pickups and 3 secrets to be found in it." - Athukraz (09-Jun-2014)
"As the first TR level hosted on, this certainly deserves a look. It's just four minutes of very embryonic raiding with Lara finding the three dragons secrets, but as the alleged start of something undeniably wonderful, we really should all appreciate it very much." - Jay (24-Oct-2013)
"Actually I don't know why I played this level. Probably because it's first on the list and was curious how first posted level looked like. The author did try to put something in the level but it's short and easy. Textures are bad, especially crates visible through. 2 minutes of playing. Nothing interesting but it's pretty old so might be explanation why it's so weak built." - Casual Raider (09-Jul-2013)
"So, after some contemplation, I've decided I'll spend some time of my summer playing every last custom Tomb Raider level ever developed on So, I've decided to start all the way from the first level ever released (I can't play any TR1 levels though since my computer doesn't have the necessary requirements). The "Wall" isn't really a wall to me, but maybe in the eyes of the builder. There wasn't too many things to do but swim, pick up a key, and locate the too easy secrets (a gold, silver, and bronze dragon). You then had to climb a very bad textured ladder and jump from that into a tunnel which led to the end of the level. At least it made me feel reminiscent of the TR2 atmosphere. The sound in the background was very peaceful which compelled me to give A.S.C. a 2. The camera work was also very nice when it showed the letters. Lighting was...well there was none. I'm being modest when I give textures a 4 only because of the TR pics that were in the room before the end and the fact that; at least the water was animate. All in All - a okay level if you're learning the underbelly of how to work a TR2 level builder. Finish time - 6mins! 3 Secrets - Not Recommended unless you want to really finish it!" - Larabiker301 (27-May-2013)
"I found out that this was the firstever custom level in and I thought I had to try it. It was used in the TR2 engine and it was a short but fun adventure. The floor textures were pretty good and the spike maze was a nice touch. The auther added some text to some textures which I thought was really good. I found all the (easy) secrets and I had quite a lot of fun playing this level. The atmosphere wasn't that good but it didn't annoy me." - afzalmiah (20-Apr-2011)
"Indeed, this is more notable as a historical curiosity, but worth to lose yourself into anyway due to the fun text messages on textures, a neat camera view, and the thought of experiencing the first custom level there was, and what has evolved to be TR sub-culture you have to reckon with." - eTux (06-Mar-2011)
"So, the first custom level released here. OK, there is not much to do. The key is easy to find. The rest is even more easy, swimming a bit, finding three dragons, the silver one is needed for going on (then there is a sign "Did you forget something"? - otherwise the opened door covers this). Amazing method), climbing a wall, a rather easy slide-jump to the golden dragon and the keyhole to end the level. Straightforward, but apparently the beginning of an era. A good thing was the camera to see EEP2's name. Funny. Technically not good but very nostalgic and because of that, recommendable." - manarch2 (23-Jul-2010)
"Has some humor: "Try Standing Here," and "Do NOT Stand Here." After this 1999 micro-level, said to be the first custom level ever released, authors quit being so helpful. Lara can reach the Gold Dragon at once, thus getting all three dragon secrets in record time. I suppose it's possible to overlook the key, to prolong play beyond the few minutes Lara spends here." - dmdibl (14-May-2010)
"Short, but interesting level. There are nothing battle. You have to find three dragons and a key. The level includes the author's name too" - Obig (10-May-2010)
"Despite it being very short it is a nice try to see what could be done in 1999. A pity it is the one and only level by this builder." - Gerty (23-Apr-2010)
"Well, as it is the first level, it is OK, but there are no puzzles, you only have to pick up the secrets when you follow the route, there aren't much textures and the camera nervs you a bit. I could not find a good atmosphere here." - Albert (15-Apr-2010)
"Well, it's nice to see the first level ever hosted on here, and compared to some of the other attempts of early levels, it is actually quite good. Nice custom textures, one or two puzzles, very easy and it will have you running around for 5 minutes. Not a bad level at all." - Cory (27-Mar-2010)
"I'm wondering that the first level ever is still on the internet. A small piece of history. I don't think I should say about the gameplay or the texturing. It's the first level EVER released, and you're playing it and that's the important thing. It's nice to see how the whole thing started." - rtrger (07-Mar-2010)
"If this was indeed the first ever custom level,than I have to say that it showed very effectively how potentially bright a future there was in the pastime.It only lasts 5 minutes but it's filled with quirkiness,humour,interesting technical accomplishments and some great neophyte ideas.This is an absolute 'must see' for its curiosity/historical value." - Orbit Dream (10-Jan-2010)
"It is amazing to have a quick look at this presumed first ever custom level out there and hard to believe that more than 10 years ago the whole journey started. Sure, it only lasts less than 5 minutes, the secrets are impossible to miss and there is not much to do, but despite its shortness it does have imagination and originality with the camera views and the animated and customized textures. A classic piece of TR custom history." - MichaelP (09-Jan-2010)