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Cold Chamber by M@ster

alan 2 3 2 3
Casual Raider 1 3 1 3
Ceamonks890 2 3 2 2
Charles Kane 4 4 3 3
Chel 2 3 2 1
DJ Full 2 3 3 3
dmdibl 2 4 3 3
Ejecta 2 2 1 1
eTux 2 3 2 2
Gerty 2 5 2 2
Jay 2 5 2 3
JoeTheCrazyGamer 0 1 1 1
Jose 2 3 2 4
LuxQSD 2 2 1 2
manarch2 2 4 2 2
Mehrbod 0 2 0 1
MichaelP 2 5 3 3
Mulf 2 2 0 2
Nuri 4 6 8 7
Obig 2 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 3 2 2
PolishRaider 2 2 2 3
rtrger 2 1 0 3
Ryan 2 4 2 2
Torry 4 5 6 3
Treeble 1 1 1 1
Xela 2 2 4 2
release date: 10-Sep-2000
# of downloads: 128

average rating: 2.45
review count: 27
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file size: 9.19 MB
file type: TR2
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A short 5 minute level through a mostly featureless white void of a level which includes some lite platforming and gunfights. There isn't much worth your time in this one. The mixed up SFX for certain actions were mildly entertaining, but that's about it. Not recommended unless you're a completionist." - LuxQSD (11-May-2022)
"It's not a fantastic level, but I unexpectedly enjoy this One Room Challenge-esque level. The enemies are fairly challenging, the snowmobile jump is quite difficult to do, but overall worth to look. Perhaps more puzzles needed to make this level even more enjoyale." - Charles Kane (03-Apr-2021)
"A one-room level that provides five minutes of killing baddies (mostly from a safe distance) in a TR2G “Cold War” environment, plus a somewhat awkward, hit-and-miss jump across a gap with a snowmobile. A bit of silly fun, enhanced by messed-up SFX, which should appeal particularly to those who have lingering misgivings about the flamethrower guys in the original games." - Mulf (01-Feb-2021)
"A quick way to kill 5 minutes." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (17-Jan-2020)
"I actually quite enjoyed this five minute romp. Nothing too difficult here but I do so loath those flame thrower guys. I had terrible texture fade outs and some lag as well. Worth a look." - Torry (06-Oct-2019)
"A one room snowy chamber with pipe swinging goons and flamethrowers galore. We get a one shot snowmobile jump, some heavy weaponry and a finish tile near the top. 5 minutes of gameplay." - Chel (21-Oct-2018)
"A pretty tiresome level , the sounds were really annoying , as the player forgot to include the proper sound files . The only thing that was enjoyable was the snowmobile ." - Mehrbod (26-May-2018)
"An easy, simplistic level. It offers little combat, a bit of platforming and a short use of snowmoblie. It seems not much, surely, but at least surroundings and general graphic presentation are on spot. Some problems concern Lara as her lower body appears to be whiteish. Maybe it's supposed to be stockings, dunno. Raid and rejoice that winter will soon be over;)" - PolishRaider (12-Mar-2018)
"This level was suitable to the contest “one room challenge”. Definitely I don't know if it's only a room or more, but you go into a room with small buildings, shoot some enemies, pull a switch and climb to the place where the snowmobile is, take a very short ride with a single jump, shoot some more enemies and jump to the finish trigger. All this in the same room. Not very entertaining, but this is what you can find in this short level." - Jose (03-Nov-2017)
"A short one-room level with its own quirks - Lara has what appears to be bandages around her calves and neck (there's a thrilling backstory to be had here) and the flamethrower baddies make tiger noises for some reason. The lever also goes THWAP when you throw it which was enjoyable. Honestly though, most people will probably find the five minutes it takes at maximum to complete this level to be a complete waste of their time." - Ejecta (08-Aug-2017)
"Ok, so I've decided before starting a serious 2002 backlog run (about 140~ levels missing from that year), I'd go and play all TR2 levels first. Now, I remember most of them were pretty simple, but not this simple. What you get here is exactly what the name entails: one huge, boxy room covered with icy textures. Climb some blocks, shoot some baddies, use the skidoo for a jump and then hop to the finish trigger. If anything, I feel a good boost to my review count coming up. 5 minutes. 04/17" - Treeble (29-Apr-2017)
"A one room level with many baddies to kill, but you will have enough ammo and weapons to defeat them. A switch to pull which will lead to a snowmobile, but only to jump over a gap, so the fun ends there. The author even used custom sounds, though I don't know if they were intentional." - alan (20-Apr-2017)
"Another short one room level. This had at least a bit more gameplay with a few enemies to kill and a snowmobile ride. Bit short and underwhelming but it was all right." - Ryan (19-May-2016)
"Okay now try to focus and imagine a level of One Room Challenge but released a decade before the competition. It's prophetic, it's foreshadowing and also quite entertaining until you notice all the sounds are misplaced, and while I used to think such thing is unachievable with the unofficial editor, the recent times made me face the brutal truth - RIP my dear sfx, you're another thing which isn't immortal. Though I must admit the flame effect for motorcycle acceleration might be perceived literally as "burnout" so I got used to it, as well as to the tiger roar emitted by dying flamethrower guys. SUMMARY: A quite fun level which matches the title but you can fill a single room with much more." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2016)
"Like other reviewers said, this is a short level, where you try to get out of a snowy room using a snowmobile. Some human-enemies will try to kill you. First I thought, that the sound of the game has gone crazy due to a bug or something, but I think that was the intention of the level builder." - Nuri (01-Jul-2015)
"Much like what other reviewers have said, this is an incredibly short level lasting around 3-5 minutes at most, involving you navigating a rather unchallenging, repetitively-textured room slaughtering a few enemies along the way and even riding a snowmobile for no real reason, other than to cross a very wide chasm. Unless you've got a few minutes to spare on the other hand, this is one level that simply cannot be worth recommending to." - Ceamonks890 (04-Aug-2014)
"I have to admit, even though this level is short, I had a blast playing it. I almost died of laughter at the changed sound effects for the inventory and the one switch in the level. Unfortunately, there isn't much else to this five minute diversion. Enemies sure, but only two of them actually pose even a remote threat, as the flamethrowers are poorly positioned. Fun if you've got five minutes to kill, otherwise not worth the download." - Xela (15-Jul-2013)
"Very short level with some enemies to run over with snowmobile. Nothing particularly special about this level but you can play it as it will take you max 2 minutes." - Casual Raider (10-Jul-2013)
"This is another very short TR2 level, but it does at least have some of those flamethrower chaps (that I had completely forgotten about), which gives it a certain novelty value and you get to run one of them over during an extremely brief snowmobile ride." - Jay (25-May-2011)
"I have to admit it's surprisingly fun in spite of the brevity. It's no architectural chef-d'oeuvre but, as others have already mentioned, a nice showcase of how much you can pull out of a single room if you were so inclined. The sounds are messed up, amounting to a giggle or two in the course of the 4 minutes spent here, and if you keep your distance, none of the enemies will really pose a challenge here. Still, a nice snack of a level, if that's what you're looking for." - eTux (24-Oct-2010)
"You don't have to pick up any items or kill the enemies. The game itself gives you the hints how to go on, you don't have to think much. There are few textures or lightning. Could be better if not so short." - manarch2 (11-Jul-2010)
"Some fun with a snowbike, killing flamethrowers and 2 other guys - and that's it! My Lara've ran into the finish trigger with fire on her back, I was sick of those flamethowers..." - rtrger (15-May-2010)
"You have to go to the top of the level by snowmobile. There are many weapons, but you don't have to use them. I haven't find any secrets. Some minute adventure." - Obig (10-May-2010)
"This level is over before you know it. Must have been my lucky day as I did the jump with the bike in one go and luckily could shoot those flames throwers from the roof." - Gerty (23-Apr-2010)
"This is a single room, but it's surprising how much it contains. Lara gets to jump the snowmobile across a gap, and use the M16 and Uzis to shoot five flamethrower guys who are a real threat. Six or so enjoyable minutes. Too bad the author didn't continue." - dmdibl (17-Apr-2010)
"It lasts only 5 minutes in a single room but I thought those flamethrowing enemies were quite hilarious and the snowmobile jump even took a few attempts to master. Worth a quick glance." - MichaelP (01-Feb-2010)
"For a one-room level there's a surprisingly large amount to do,including many varied enemies to kill,a few jumps to peform and a large gap to leap in a Snowmobile (you can only do this the once,so don't go back down to the floor again otherwise the Finish Trigger won't be reached!) Entertaining but technically simplistic;and it'll all be over in 5 minutes." - Orbit Dream (19-Jan-2010)