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Home Attack (TR2) by Fabio

alan 5 5 5 5
Athukraz 5 6 6 5
Ceamonks890 5 5 4 5
DJ Full 6 6 7 5
dmdibl 5 4 6 5
Gerty 5 5 6 6
Jay 4 5 6 5
JesseG 4 5 4 5
John 7 6 5 5
Jose 5 5 6 6
LuxQSD 6 5 4 5
manarch2 4 4 5 6
Mehrbod 7 4 6 5
MichaelP 4 6 4 5
Nuri 5 7 4 6
Obig 4 6 6 5
OblivionJaw 5 4 3 4
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 6
rtrger 3 4 4 5
Ryan 4 6 5 5
Torry 6 5 5 4
Treeble 5 6 6 6
vienna 4 5 5 6
release date: 11-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 103

average rating: 5.12
review count: 23
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file size: 8.59 MB
file type: TR2
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An improved manor from the first Home Attack of fabio himself with a daytime setting and improved overall visual style. The manor layout is very similar but gameplay is quite nice and offers some cool things, although the amount of rats is kind of ridiculous. It's worth a play for sure." - OblivionJaw (10-Dec-2023)
"It's a home level with some rats and dogs to shoot. I think the same key is used multiple times, which is weird since one of them opens the exit for the level, almost like a "choose your own gameplay length". This is not an immersive level for several reasons: paper-thin walls, doors that are sometimes automatic and sometimes not, and glitchy pushable blocks that have no collision. There's also quite a few pickups taunting you from furniture you cannot stand on. At least there is some attempt at verticality with different rooflines to walk on and explore, and the use of textures is rather decent. 9 minutes." - JesseG (13-Jan-2023)
"A remade map of a TR1 level of the same name. Some of the starter room layouts stayed the same, but about 90% of the content is different. Now instead of Pierre assaulting Lara's weekend house, it's rats and dogs. The level is a lot longer and has more detailed areas, no doubt with the inclusion of more assets in TR2 that the author could work with. There's the common problems of early level design, such as texture clipping and glitching, paper thin walls and some buggy SFX, but nothing gamebreaking. I did enjoy this release quite a bit however as it tries to do some experimental design and camerawork at certain points. The effects vary, but it is interesting to see in such an early level. You can essentially finish the level in about 5 minutes if you just leave the house through the front gate, but you'll be missing out on around 10-15 more minutes of content that houses the three secrets present in the level. Very above average level. I enjoyed my time here and I'm sure that a casual player or a completionist will as well." - LuxQSD (14-May-2022)
"i think this more of a home level than a shooter level as theres only rats and a couple of dogs here. Anyway the level maybe very short but it was very sweet! absolutely loved this original layout here traversing from inside to outside areas, finding keys and secrets, using blocks to help you get higher and explore new areas, speaking of secrets i recommend finding all keys so you can get all secrets because the quest for the stone one is such a great add on in gameplay with hazards and a fun zipline. i wish i could award the level more but because of its short length and lack of variety in puzzles i was left a bit gutted when it ended all too soon" - John (17-Aug-2021)
"Lara's home is infested with rats and must be eradicated and curiously, these little monsters carry essential keys that you will need to get out of the grounds. Not a bad Tomb Raider 2 level that suffers from paper thin walls and texture fade outs. Found all three secrets for 15 minutes of game time." - Torry (28-Nov-2019)
"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed playing this shooter type Lara's home game! Indeed the most tiresome of all of the enemies were the rats, and believe me, at some points in the game, you'll definitely tend to mute the sound of your OS unless your head starts to spin because rats start making very annoying sounds! The most funny fact of this game was that the rats had pockets and Lara was supposed to shoot them down so she could rob those Home Keys from their precious purse ;) An entertaining adventure and I recommend you to play it at least for once! Thank you so much! ( Found all of the 3 secrets and all of the Home Keys. )" - Mehrbod (08-Jul-2019)
"The design of the custom house is almost identical to the TR1 version, only with more rooms added and a quest for keys and 3 secrets. Rats and dogs are what attack the house, not human enemies but Lara kills them all easily. I liked the camera angles, specially on the zipline. Textures are sometimes glitchy and there are many thin walls. I also found some invisible blocks on the roof. It's a nice and easy level." - alan (16-Oct-2017)
"The very first thing you notice here is Lara's outfit - a good looking mix of Lara's default attire with the manor top. I don't remember much of the original TR1 version, but the concept here is the same: overcome a mice infestation and work your way outside. I guess playtime can be cut in half, but there's a fun quest for the secrets by using the keys and you also get some neat camera angles as you go back and forth two rather small houses. 10 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/17" - Treeble (29-Apr-2017)
"I played this in 7 minutes and found one dragon. This is nice start but it isnt a level. There are very much rats." - vienna (21-Apr-2017)
"Wow, rats everywhere. Lara, what happened? Don't worry, you know what to do. This is a variation of the traditional mansion level, with, you guessed it, rats. I went for the three secrets so I extended my time there. There are a few paper thin walls about so the place isn't entirely attractive, but I thought it was satisfying blasting my way through." - Ryan (08-Jul-2016)
"A short level based on a "changed" version of Lara's home with MANY rats! UGH!!!^^... And also some keys and secrets to collect." - Nuri (05-Jul-2015)
"Wow, Lara's got a really bad rat infestation and, being Lara, doesn't bother calling in the pest control people, just gets out her trusty pistols and blasts away. Apart from that (and shooting a perfectly innocent dog or two) it's a matter of finding dragon secrets and a positive glut of keys. That's about it really. It's not unattractive as house settings go, although there are a lot of thin walls, but it has a certain charm nevertheless. Short and undemanding." - Jay (15-May-2015)
"This is not the same Lara's home as usual in many levels, but a custom mansion. I think this is the Lara's holidays home and after a lot of months without go there, she must call to a ratcatcher. Anyway she'll do part of the work. Small rooms with a lot of paper walls, many rats and several dogs to shoot, a lot of "Home Keys" to find, three easy secrets (dragons) and a dark sewer to explore. I though in the small library could be a moveable crates puzzle, but I couldn't move the crates. Some cameras and not bad texturization complete this easy-to-play TR2 level." - Jose (28-Apr-2015)
"It seems all is not well at Croft Manor, as there seems to be a bit of a rat infestation, with a few rabid dogs running about the place. Rather than call the local exterminators(like most people), Lara decides to save herself a couple of pounds and take matters into her own hands, shooting plenty of lead into the disgusting pests and presumably leaving Winston to clean up the mess left afterwards. Joking aside, this is a good improvement from Fabio's TR1 version of the same level, with a few new areas added to explore for keys and secrets needed to properly conclude this brief raid and a slightly more convincing atmosphere on the whole. In conclusion, the gameplay is entertaining enough to keep you occupied throughout, lighting is handled effectively(within TR2 engine limitations anyway) and the few objects used fit about as well as you'd expect for this kind of level. If you can put up with a few graphical hiccups from time to time, not mind the rather repetitive texturing and not have an extreme phobia of rats, than this is well-worth the quick playthrough while it lasts." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jul-2014)
"This is way better than the TR1 Home Attack. It's almost like Home Sweet Home from TR2 except it's at daytime. The secrets are not so hard to find too. This level is enjoyable and worth to play. If you loved Home Sweet Home, you should try this." - Athukraz (09-Jun-2014)
"Played this straight after a complete Back to Basics set, now I'm enjoying something truly primitive. A three- to eighteen- minute rat shooter with properly changing sounds, nice cameras and insanely good gameplay. Wafer-thin walls and graphic engine bugs are numerous, but they can't deny climate of epic canal flounder in the dark, while we're only guided by the light of flares, sufficient amount of which is provided. SUMMARY: Isn't it just a perfect, sunny day for a house rampage? Absolutely recommended." - DJ Full (07-Apr-2013)
"This was a very quick raid in a rather well-designed TR2 mansion. Too many unnecessary rats, in my opinion, as the title made me think that would be a hard-style shooter level. Found all secrets - I think ending this level without them could reduce the gameplay to two or three minutes." - manarch2 (04-Jan-2011)
"Had to play this twice as I kept missing one key. No problem though as it isn't such a hard level. Except for if you hate rats, luckily I don't and I felt sorry for the critters the way the flop over when you kill them." - Gerty (22-Jul-2010)
"This can be a really quick level if you choose to not go for the three secrets (by finding the necessary five keys) and instead use the first key you get to exit. So, it is recommended to extend the play to about 15 minutes by chasing for those dragons - and thus at least get a quick zip line ride as well. And clearly that home has a problem with rats - or rather had... Lara has now shot them all..." - MichaelP (29-May-2010)
"If we collect the 3 secrets, the level give us longer gameplay. Without them we have to find two keys. Some minute advenure." - Obig (10-May-2010)
"Lara doesn't really care with her house and Winston has run out of fuel, I guess. Rats have invaded the house. The level can be very short if you want, just go to the iron gate and exit the level, or you can collect the secrets. Oh, wait, you expect useful equipments for the dragons, huh? Do not. Pointless secret hunts aren't so funny, in my opinion. On an other hand, paper-thin walls are still look odd. Longer than the first Home Attack, but not better." - rtrger (21-Apr-2010)
"Oh, rats. Four of them. Then eight. Then the whole of this simple home level is swarming with nasty pests. For audio, this starts with the sound of persistent dripping water. Throughout there are paper thin walls, and blocks have quadrant sections as though they are push blocks, even though only one of them actually is. There are four or five keys labeled "Home Key" and they may be interchangeable. Lara went through knee-deep slime in a sewer, found she needed to have the next key, and had to backtrack to do other tasks. When everything is done Lara finds three dragon secrets, and gets to use a zip line. This must be an early use of the unofficial editor, because textures and walls have a transparency like they had in TR1. Interesting as an early home level, and the setting is cheerful and attractive (except for when Lara has to wade through slime)." - dmdibl (17-Feb-2010)
"Did you know that Musophobia is a fear of rats? If you should happen to suffer from this particular ailment then Fabio's "Home Attack" offers the perfect cure. There are so many of the little buggers within this clearly unhygenic House (veritable swarms,in fact) that,by the time you've destroyed them all,you'll absolutely never be frightened by the sight of one of those nasty rodents ever again.Having dealt with that,I have to say that "Home Attack" is by far the best of all of Fabio's levels (whether Official or Unnofficial)and offers a really fun 15 minutes of exploring and killing (a few dobermans are included as well).In fact,don't stint on the exploration side of things or you'll miss a substantial part of this little adventure.There are three secrets to find;and the aquisition of the third rewards you with a very funny little ride on a zip line. Construction-wise,this has rather too many faults to overlook (particularly wafer-thin walls),but the builder must be commended for creating a Home environment which is purely that of his own imagination and not based at all on the original Training level.Lighting and textures do the job without ever being especially interesting;while cameras are used fairly and the atmosphere is occasionally appropriately tense. No masterpiece by anyone's standards,but a fun little play all the same." - Orbit Dream (21-Jan-2010)