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Lara at the Games - Legotropolis by Mystery-King

Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bogey 7 7 8 7
Ceamonks890 7 7 7 8
Christian 5 5 7 8
Cory 5 7 10 6
Diz 8 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 7 8 9 7
eTux 5 7 8 7
FX 7 7 7 8
Gerty 5 8 6 7
High Priestess 8 8 9 9
Jay 6 8 8 8
JesseG 5 8 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 9 8
Jose 5 6 6 7
Kat 7 8 8 8
manarch2 8 9 8 7
MichaelP 7 9 8 7
Moonpooka 9 8 9 10
okuhtfesq 5 8 6 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 6 7
Phil 8 8 7 8
rtrger 8 7 8 8
Ryan 6 8 7 8
Scottie 9 8 8 10
TheStig 7 6 7 7
Treeble 6 8 8 7
release date: 07-Feb-2010
# of downloads: 80

average rating: 7.55
review count: 28
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file size: 15.31 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"That music will haunt me forever, it seems it also traumatized half of my twitch labrats. I mean viewers. Fortunately the game is short but still creative. I only wish the objects were also Lego instead of normal assets, some sounds are also missing (which in this case may actually improve immersion). Believe it or not but I managed to softlock this level, and making it possible in such a tiny map is a kind of achievement. Teeeeeeest your thiiiiiiings. Playable once and never again. Now I'll go and step on a Lego. Tu tu tuuu turu tu tuuu..." - DJ Full (25-Apr-2024)
"This is super cute and a very ingenious effort, and is offered as an addendum to the Lara at the Games series (which I don't think I've played yet). You run around as a minifig (I though the face could have been more on brand, the smilie face wasn't much of a sight to behold whenever the camera panned around lol) collecting tokens and cubes to eventually find the key to lift the accidental lockdown the mayor set in place. It's all true to lego spirit. I'm sure someone could have remodelled the tokens into lego studs so that ultimately collecting all ten of them would earn you the 'True Raider' bonus (btw hey, Matt!). The background music gets annoying, yes, but it goes well with the solid colorful brick textures. Now, if only we could have had an actual LEGO Tomb Raider building set (and the game, and the movie)... 20 minutes, 1 secret. 07/22" - Treeble (10-Jul-2022)
"This certainly isn't your regular tomb raiding experience; in fact to say it's different would be putting it very mildly indeed. The gameplay is admittedly quite simplistic and non-taxing, with just a few key items to locate, but I loved the concept of the whole Lego setting and the textures used were utterly charming and fitted the environment really well, although the lighting was a bit too bright for my taste and the looping audio got on my nerves. The side quests for the tokens and Lego cubes were also nice little additions, and the timed race car ride was brilliant. Probably not for those looking for a complex raid fraught with puzzles, but worth a look for something very different." - Ryan (19-Apr-2019)
"Serving as the first and only 'DLC' for PH's main Lara at the Games project(Alex Chap's Bubsy 3D obviously doesn't count), this interactive take on LEGO(which usually has two interchangeable licensed titles pumped out a year for many video game systems at bare minimum), is impressive in its authenticity to the original source, with texturing, level design, ambiance & the overall writing quality creating an incredibly convincing atmospheric world that feels properly lived in(even if the objects unfortunately weren't re-created in LEGO form too to help better fit the custom character Lee into his general surroundings). But that probably required a lot more time and expertise than the builder was willing to indulge in, so I suppose it's better than nothing. Overall, a simple but nevertheless charming little level that I recommend to everyone(including those with kids of their own), who'd probably enjoy this most of all." - Ceamonks890 (07-Oct-2017)
"This popped up on the homepage and caught my eye so I decided to try it. The gameplay is short and I finished in 24 minutes. There is hardly any thinking involved as the majority of time is spent running around and collecting four cubes that are not hard to find, except the maze which might just make you feel lost. The car ride at the end at least made things a little interesting as you try to beat the record. The custom character model is very creative, but unfortunately it doesn't translate to the game well. I figured out that the author essentially removed Lara's lower arms and legs to make it look accurate, but without editing the animations it gets very awkward sometimes (try not to flinch when you watch him start to swim or crouch). It would have been better to keep all of the joints so that the animations worked better, even if that meant the legs and arms are able to bend when they usually don't. The audio is a fitting touch, and the textures are well applied to make a convincing lego world, though some more lighting would have been great. Overall a creative ambition that may be worth a peek." - SSJ6Wolf (30-Nov-2011)
"I played this one a while ago but absolutely did not know how to rate it, just since it was completely different to all other games. What you get here is a lego world with lego textures and lego objects and characters. Lightning was not so good, but the variety of tasks and the fun search for ten more or less well hidden secret tokens. The final ride with the car was both pleasant and hard, however the price was great... I wanted to do all animations of Lee to see how his animations are different than Laras, it was so great. Great gameplay, no puzzles however, but the individuality of this level made it a very fun 20 minute one." - manarch2 (20-Feb-2011)
"Definately not your normal level here, but then anyone who's looked at the preview screen shots will have guessed that. Ignoring everything else for a moment, there's one core word that I think it's fair to use here and that simply the word FUN :) It just does to show how versitile the old Tomb Raider engine can be when handed to someone with a little bit of imagination and real willingness to do things outside of the box. I certainly can't think of anything else I've played which is even remotely like this. Fraid there isnt really any lighting as such, and the texturing is all enourmous lego bricks, but lets be honest that's what you expect from such a brightly coloured and cartoonified land. The pop-up text is a really neat trick which I have never seen before either. I know we are a big fan of audio dialogue in modern games, but many Japanese games use this text based dialogue very effectively over the years. I'd like to see some other builders use the same techniques, particularly where a path isnt obvious, or as in the last level that I reviewed, a sequence of events required before a particular door or lever can be opened. Crititisms? Well the music did drive me mad and I had to turn down the volume after about 5 minutes. I also felt given the excellent work on the character Lee himself, that more effort could have been put into customising other objects like the Bins, Tokens and even the Lego Bricks themselves - which just all look like plain TR4 objects (even texturing them differently would have done). Just as a final note...this is a debut level again! It's a significant technical achievement for a first release and definately worth praise! All in all Legotropilis took me 30 minutes to complete. It's fun, cute and very different, and for these reasons alone it's definately highly recommended from me. Stiggy" - TheStig (19-Aug-2010)
"Not the regular Tomb Raider. The settings are Legoland and the playable character is Lee, a male Lego doll, with hint points by Legoland's mayor in the old style. The tasks are easy and fluent and in the end there's also a perfectly doable car race that will award you a special prize. The secrets are Lego tokens and I found all ten of them. Some may say there's no lighting and the looping music gets on your nerves but, quite amazingly, neither bugged me. I found this to be a fast, fun and relaxing ride in a very different world. Just as long as more Lego games don't start taking over..." - Jorge22 (14-Apr-2010)
"This is a short, cute, and very different level. The landscape is built from Lego bricks, and the player's avatar is a little Lego man charged with the task to retrieve the key to Legotropolis. There is not much of game play, but a nice race with a car and the search for "LegoLoot tokens" saves the day. There are a few technical glitches. In particular, a couple of text messages are only displayed very briefly and thus hardly possible to read without triggering them again, which requires reloading from a savegame. There are no enemies, no traps, no hard jumps, and essentially no shadows in this brightly coloured level. Were it not for the nerve-racking audio, I would have given one more point for atmosphere." - Bogey (31-Mar-2010)
"This is a strange little custom level. I hate to say it, but it just isn't much fun. Gameplay is minimal, although there are glimmers of great gameplay in here. Most of it involves finding hiddn areas with items in them. The textures are nice but repetitive. The music that plays throughout the level is quite annoying!!!! There are no cameras, and there is little lighting. A great idea for a level, but it could have been so much more!!!" - okuhtfesq (29-Mar-2010)
"Quirky, amusing and different only with a Playmobil figure in place of our usual heroine! His little grip hands and shuffling movements were a novelty and reminded me of my childhood whereby I collected and played with a myriad of these Playmobil figures. The sound did get a bit tiresome after a time but the colours were vibrant and the gameplay was blissfully simplistic whilst being fun for the short time it lasted. Definitely a contender for a rainy afternoon level and you do get to try out the racing car at the end, not that it goes more than approximately 20mph, hence I didn't make the timed run but enjoyed it nonetheless. A great level for young children in particular." - High Priestess (25-Mar-2010)
"Nothing interesting in this small village except about looking for four cubes and some tokens. The race with the car was hard for me (I hate the tight timed runs). No lights, but textures are very well made. Something different to play and take some time. For me wasn't funny." - Jose (18-Mar-2010)
"And now for something completely different have an exploration inside Legoland. There is nothing very difficult in this level apart from running around to get the four cubes and in doing so also picking up tokens. I had a harder time in finding the cubes then the tokens. Then for fun there is also a race, you need to do twice, once in time and the next one you can take your time (or the other way around). Lighting is non-existing so put on your sunglasses. I had to turn off the audio as that little ditty drove me crazy. But it was a nice little level in between all the hard ones I seem to play lately. I loved the textures that are made, can't fault that." - Gerty (09-Mar-2010)
"A change of pace is an understatement. If you like bright colors and an enemy-free playing environment, this is your level. The looping music got on my nerves after a while, and even when I exited the game for a brief break it refused to stop playing, forcing me to reboot my computer. The gameplay consists in locating four cubes and 10 round artifacts. There's one short timed run, but the level's crowning achivement is a timed race-car lap that took me a number of tries to conquer (mainly because of all those crates that someone left on the track). It's a fun piece of diversion, but not one that I'd want to encounter on a regular basis." - Phil (08-Mar-2010)
"Here we take a trip to Legotropolis; a town built entirely with large Lego textures and Lee (the Lego man) is our hero instead of Lara. It's not a difficult level but you will have loads of fun exploring and collecting 4 cubes, 2 keys and 10 tokens. You also get some help from the various text alert services on the walls. Eventually you get to race on the Lego race-track and you can win yourself a trophy if you are fast enough. When your mission is complete and you have safely placed the Legotropolis key, you can leave. Now, some might say that this level is for kiddies, but if that's the case I hope I never grow up because I enjoyed every minute of it. It is indeed fun, very colourful and little Lee is a cutie. I'm not sure if a longer level would have been suitable as I could imagine getting quite bored with the textures after a while, so this level; lasting around 30 mins, is the perfect length to keep you amused. All in all, this level is something different, something unique and something not to miss." - Moonpooka (27-Feb-2010)
"I have to confess it's one of the strangest levels I have ever played. It’s very easy and short, but also very enjoyable and funny. It’s really nice, that after finding the final Key you don’t have to end you adventure, but you can keep searching for hidden tokens, or try to collect special trophy by beating the racetrack record, which makes this level a bit longer. I think it’s quite hard to rate the technical side – architecture is simple, but entire Lego-Town is so colourful and nice to explore (especially for children), that I just can’t say anything bad. Well, maybe the background music was quite annoying after some time. Anyway, Legotropolis is very nice and relaxing map, perfect if you want to rest from typical and challenging levels. Recommended for everyone ;-)" - Kat (23-Feb-2010)
"A level really funny, it takes me back into the world of lego:) I really appreciate this level with music pourite but plunges us into the level, I recommend to many people, especially children." - FX (19-Feb-2010)
"This is mostly a child's game, so its special merits shouldn't be rated. With this charming and cute curiosity, you can put the little ones in front of the computer and get a needed rest. The blinding primary colors will be endearing to kids (I turned the brightness on my monitor way down). The incessant arcade ditty is the sort children love (I decreased music sound almost to zero). The design and game play are simplistic, but it's supposed to be that way because these are lego blocks. I found the game a little buggy because some of the personal messages didn't come through. I enjoyed the Battle of the Bricks, with Lee Goman zipping along in a race car. The little guy can't see over the dashboard, so the car careened up onto the raised shoulder, thereby missing all the crates in the middle of the raceway, thus making the time limit without trouble. A special level. Just have fun with it." - dmdibl (12-Feb-2010)
"Considering I had an annoying glitch in this one, I enjoyed it very much. A very, very cute idea for a level. Tasks are quite easy: collecting lego cubes, racing, but also, you can collect 10 LegoLoot tokens, which is pretty unnecessary, but it's really like collecting secrets. Texturing is lovely. Musics are ok, but after 30 mins of gaming they were annoyed me a bit, but they're nice songs. A unique level that you can't miss." - rtrger (11-Feb-2010)
"This level is plain and simple cuddly. I cannot express it differently. And it is once again the best proof which is still much possible with the level editor. The riddles are relatively easy and quick to solv. But that's not the point here. It is here more about the textures and the play fun. And the textures look sensational good. It looks as if a child with a lot of imagination had built amusing surroundings. And it gives damn a lot of fun to run with the Lego little man through Lego country and to fulfil the set tasks. And exactly the same amount fun also makes the small racing distance. One can get the reward also without round record, but that's really not a big problem. The only what has really disturbed me was the background music." - Scottie (09-Feb-2010)
"Wow, what a level! Lasting only 13 minutes, I was driven almost to insanity listening to the music. Anything that can make anyone this annoyed surely deserves full marks from me. Gameplay is simple, with a maze and some simple jumps. Objects are good, with no enemies, and a nice sub-plot of Legoloot and Battle of the Bricks. Texturing is plain, however, there is not much that can be done with Lego cubes. Lighting is non-apparent. The whole level is based around the novelty idea of Lara being a Lego man (creatively called Lee Goman). There is not much else to say, other than the nice idea of the emergency incoming calls guiding you through the level. Overall, a very short level that should easily put a smile on your face, well, for a few seconds anyway ;). 13 mins." - Cory (09-Feb-2010)
"By the high standards of these days this is a really simplistic debut level in terms of gameplay, as you only need to pick up a few items and pull a lever and use a key and you are pretty much done. But the choice of turning it into a unique and original adventure by creating a funny and quirky Lego game here is what makes this one special and deserves a lot of praise. The side quest for the coins and the short but fun little race track are nice additions and I thought the text instructions fitted the whole concept extremely well. Audio choice is great too even though I just had to turn the main ambience track off after a while in order to not go mad ;) It is quite short at about half an hour, but it is a must play for being so totally out there. Well done!" - MichaelP (08-Feb-2010)
"It has to be played with a smile on your face. It was a funny, nice idea to create that legoland, packman-like atmosphere. But it's nothing I've really been waiting for. Gameplay is quite boring. You have to collect four items in simply access- able areas to get a key for a simple timed run. Nice little try." - Christian (08-Feb-2010)
"My eyes;my eyes;they ache so much! It's all those ultra-bright primary colours which,coupled with a madness-inducing Happy Tune,have ultimately given me a raging headache. A shame,then;because this is a charmingly original little game and is generally great fun to play.The Lego Man is cute;the puzzles easy (although one of the pick-ups had me stumped for absolutely ages);the car race is great fun;and the visual inventiveness is applaudable. The weakest element is the lighting,which is basically non-existent and could have benefited the overly bright appearance quite considerably.Textures are suitably garish,but well applied;while the less said about the sound,the better. If there were a category for originality,I'd happily give this a 10.Ultimately,it's one huge gimmick;which,for those who feel they are in the appropriate mood (and they really do need to be in it!)should provide thirty minutes of fun." - Orbit Dream (08-Feb-2010)
"I'm not sure this is tomb raiding, but it certainly is fun and you have to hand it to a builder who comes up with something so bold and unusual. I had a great time exploring the colourful place (its just as well no flares are provided or you might just burn out your retinas) in search of the key to Legotropolis and gaining legoloot tokens along the way. The final car race is a wonderful addition too. This would be an ideal level for younger children to play, but really it's a great level for anyone who wants a gentle, enemy free level, with jaunty music that perfectly complements the atmosphere. I defy you to play without a big grin on your face." - Jay (08-Feb-2010)
"What fun! I don't know if this counts as true raiding but, who cares! I started grinning after 10 seconds of play and didn't stop 'til the end. A wonderfully textured and built Lego arena and LegoLara with the most quirky climbing and swimming action I've ever seen. A lovely 'search and find' style level with no enemies (no guns), well suitable for children up to the age of ninety. Added to that a great finishing timed drive and it's a winner. Even the background music makes you smile. Guaranteed to cheer up anyone's day." - Diz (08-Feb-2010)
"Quick, easy but funny game. Only have to do is find four Lego Cubes. And after that you'll get wonderful prize. Just read the hints in walls, and you will be know what to do. It was great idea, to make this level." - Andzia9 (07-Feb-2010)
"As someone who spent his preteen and early teen years in a room where the floor was basically covered in Lego bricks all year round (unfortunately, I'm not exaggerating!) - I found that this little level pushed all the right buttons for me and I gained so much pleasure from playing it that the Church would prohibit it if they knew! There's just something charmingly innocent about it that one can't help but smile when the messages pop up explaining your mission ahead or enthusiastically stating that you've found a key or a token, noticing the puns around the word LEGO, or hearing the applause when you beat the record on the racetrack and collect the trophy. The tasks are as simple as they come, but it's actually a good thing here, as controlling the new character would've been a chore in trickier situations. But in spite of all the love I have to give for this level, I find it hard to rate it too high due to a few reasons. First one being that even on the first run I spent just a little over 15 minutes before all was said and done - and while I always go by 'quality' over 'quantity' - the 15 minutes would have to be pretty special to warrant a very high rating. To add insult to injury, you even get a maze in the short amount of time you do spend here, but to be fair this one isn't very complicated. I also feel that with a bit of brainstorming some of the issues author mentioned as bugs could've been eliminated (for example placing the playable character in a distance big enough so the legend would fade out before you reach the first info-box; manipulating the pitch or other modifiers of the female sounds the author couldn't replace or simply disabling them) but they were not a big enough issue to spoil the game. The looks are on the simple side - but as with the gameplay, it works for this level in particular, and if I had any complaints - then I'd say I found the lighting could've been more interesting as I felt it was largely untouched. Also - maybe the text could've benefited if it had been in a different colour, as at times it blended too easily with the rest of the background. All that said - the above criticism just shows that there is room for improvement, not that the level is flawed, and despite any of the mentioned shortcomings, I still appreciate it as the original, quirky debut that it is, and would certainly recommend others to give it a go!" - eTux (07-Feb-2010)