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How to Break In by LordSilverzs

afzalmiah 5 6 3 6
Blue43 3 3 4 3
Ceamonks890 4 4 3 3
DJ Full 4 6 5 5
dmdibl 4 5 3 4
eRIC 3 5 5 5
Jay 4 4 3 4
John 3 3 4 4
Jose 4 5 4 6
manarch2 2 4 3 3
MichaelP 3 6 4 3
Mulf 3 3 3 3
Obig 3 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 2 4 3 4
rtrger 5 3 4 4
Ryan 3 4 3 4
Scottie 4 5 6 7
SlyRaider 3 4 2 5
TheStig 4 4 4 4
Torry 5 6 6 7
Treeble 3 3 4 4
release date: 28-Feb-2010
# of downloads: 66

average rating: 4.05
review count: 21
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file size: 17.78 MB
file type: TR3
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another home level by this author and its much the same thing here as was last time, switches, doors, enemies and climbing around with a bit of swimming as well, it took about 10 mins again so very short and sweet, i do like the original layouts here and never knowing whats behind each door but lack of any interesting gameplay and length just lets it down again" - John (06-Aug-2021)
"A short and fast paced shooter through a home of sorts. The level begins on the very end of the world, but other than that I could notice some effort was put into building and texturing the other areas. Nothing outstanding, except maybe for that overly long ladder which stands out for the wrong reason, but still, we've all seen much worse. 10 minutes, 2 secrets. 12/19" - Treeble (29-Dec-2019)
"On this site the words ‘mindless’ and ‘shooter’ are often mentioned in the same breath, and this sloppily slapped together piece certainly doesn’t do anything to dispel that unfortunate prejudice. Characterised by a dispiriting dearth of imagination and a concomitant ‘that’ll do’ approach to every aspect of levelbuilding, it has only its mercifully short duration going for it, and it’s probably best not to think about the fact that this was built with the engine once used to create “High Security Compound” and “Area 51”." - Mulf (11-Oct-2019)
"I actually didn't mind this new take on the Lara's Home theme and although it is more of a shooter than anything else it held up well. Short level of around ten minutes can be completed even if you don't find all the secrets." - Torry (09-Oct-2019)
"This time the author tried to make actual graphics and the scenery, even if not very coherent and lacking any lighting adjustment, is much more interesting. We got a wide choice of combat possibilities granted with generous secrets. The game ends very quickly but somehow manages to handle the prologue, climax and escape, three basic sequences so often missing in professional levels. Short but enjoyable." - DJ Full (26-Mar-2018)
"A simple raid through a rather oddly designed Mansion, breaking in as the title implies. The three secrets hold shed loads of weapons and health packs, so the onslaught doesn't pose much of a threat (even if you miss them, they should be fairly easy to dispatch). It's a shooter, but that's all it is." - Ryan (05-Jul-2017)
"Disappointed by this level. The enemies are triggered in front of Lara and falls of... We don't said. The scenario is... useless and the textures are not good. A short level, without interest. :/" - SlyRaider (17-Dec-2014)
"While certainly a noticeable improvement from the builder's earlier outings under the TR2 engine, this rather short six-minute venture doesn't really lead to much of a memorable experience in the long run, as we find ourselves infiltrating someone else's home and killing an entire security team, for the simple purpose of getting back one of the meteorite artifacts(which has inexplicably managed to slip out of Lara's possession for whatever reason), and that's it. In the end though, while there have been some worthwhile additions made to this level(such as an actual finish trigger this time around), its made abundantly clear from the get go that Dempsey Rosson still has a long way to go before releasing something of reasonably good quality, as seemingly everything from the texturing to level design certainly needs a lot more focus put into it than is currently demonstrated here. Recommended if you're bored and in the mood for a quick mindless shootout, but beyond that, I feel there are better options to occupy yourself with overall." - Ceamonks890 (11-Oct-2014)
"A very short level and a TR3 type level. The lighting was not very good and there were a lot of enemies which suddenly appear right behind you! It was pretty annoying but it was a fun level which was an easy, short level and it was lineal. The textures were pretty good and the house wasn't too bad. Good level and wasn't too bad." - afzalmiah (27-Apr-2011)
"Well this level is obviously a shooter level and the builder has neglected the atmosphere and textures. It contained very linear gameplay which was never really challenging. The secrets were too obvious and easy to find. Medium quality." - manarch2 (14-Sep-2010)
"A fun little blast here. Not architectually the most stunning thing you'll ever play but entertaining never the less. Couple of technical odities that I encountered, one of which was the fact that you could swim through the two trap-doors. Texturing is ok, and the lighting for the most part is flat. I like the way that the enmies appeared from behind...certainly meant that you kept at eye on everything behind you! Recommend for a bit of baddie blasting fun! Stiggy" - TheStig (23-Aug-2010)
"I think it is a demo. Because when I go back to the staircase, the adventure ends. It's a Home level with lot of baddies. Moreover, they come to you from behind. But there are many ammos, weapons, medipacks. It was not a bad level, but a sequel would be cool, because it's very short." - Obig (30-May-2010)
"Not the helpful tutorial one might expect. Lara once again finding the MP-5, Rocket Launcher, and Shotgun lying about where someone has casually left them, and using these weapons on a bunch of stupid guards. Lara gets over 1,200 rounds for the MP-5, so it is good thing this is TR3 where Lara still picks up multiple items at one time. The architecture could have been a lot better, for the sake of interest, and to allow better gun fights. As it is, Lara is so heavily armed the outcome isn't in doubt. At the end Lara hits the finish trigger when we can hear guards walking. If she stops before the door, she can use the MP-5 to take out the two guards, then hit the trigger." - dmdibl (25-Apr-2010)
"Another great improvement from the author with this TR3 level. Even if there is no puzzles , and of course the progression is without any problem. I may not have seen the whole level though as i finished in 8 minutes. The texturing is pleasant even if the setting is not that realistic. A lot of guards and gunmen , on the whole rather uneventful but a decent atmosphere. Keep up the good work." - eRIC (25-Apr-2010)
"Well, this time it seems that the author is getting better, but he should think a bit about include some puzzles in the level. Press some buttons to open some doors and kill enemies was what I did in this short home level. No cameras, no musics, textures are not bad, but there are some defects in the design. We can expect that the author continues to improve." - Jose (22-Mar-2010)
"Actually a step forward in comparison to the previous releases by this author. Here you get a 15 minute linear battle through a fairly crudely designed Lara's Home setting, which is fun as you can apply some heavy weaponry against the groups of bad guys, but other than that has little to offer and is technically still rather flawed with trapdoors that you can swim through without opening and unmarked climbable walls for example. The final room with the artifact and the fight there was a small highlight only to be followed by the lowlight of an unnecessary loong climb only to reach the finish trigger." - MichaelP (21-Mar-2010)
"Whether or not you enjoy this level will really depend on how you feel about a. TR3 levels b. mansion levels and c. shooters, because that's what you get here. Personally, I find nostalgia can only go so far towards the enjoyment factor and it's hard to overlook the fact that TR3 levels now seem rather unsophisticated, especially since the introduction of the ngle and Lara's new moves etc. It's a short, lively level and the mansion certainly has the quirkiest architecture, so if you fancy 15 minutes of shooting your way round the mansion, give it a go. The builder very kindly gave some pretty big hints about finding the three secrets, but you'd be hard pressed to miss them in any case (and I speak as someone who is truly terrible at finding secrets)." - Jay (14-Mar-2010)
"Here we have a short raid with fast and fluent game play. The secrets are easy to find. Weapons and medipacks are generously supplied. The textures look correctly applied for the most part. Sounds and lighting look OK. Several bigger flaws I noticed: Some climbable walls are not identified as such. There is a spot where Lara falls through the floor into the room below. Torches are in mid air. You can swim through a trapdoor without it being opened first. Also the finish trigger is sudden and completely surprising, since you can hear another opponent walking around in the next room, but the level ends before you can get through the door. None of the mentioned flaws really affect the goal, which is to get into a building and pick an up an artifact, shoot a bunch of guards and escape. I recommend this for anybody who likes a simple TR3 style shooter that doesn't make you push a lot of blocks and solve complicated puzzles. Easy to play and well suited for beginners. 10-15 minutes, difficulty: easy, 3 secrets found." - Blue43 (10-Mar-2010)
"A ten minute bloodbath;no more,no less.If you collect all three secrets,you'll be loaded down with so much ammo and medipacks that none of the enemies will pose the slightest threat.You simply charge through this oddly-designed Mansion and mercilessly gun them all down in your quest to collect the prized thingummy.At least there's a clear storyline,and the textures are reasonably well applied - but it still doesn't amount to much." - Orbit Dream (09-Mar-2010)
"The level's name also tells the main object of the game: break into a house. And as I started the game, I realised that this house is in the nothing. So I entered to that mansion, and I found wrongly rotated textures on the walls, along with a huge streched door. After that, the level seems to be non-linear, but it isn't. It also seems to be unfinished, as there's a socket on the wall for a key. There are many enemies in the level, but there is a rocket launcher, so it's a big fun to kill the enemies. So just the shooting makes the level nice." - rtrger (09-Mar-2010)
"At the level beginning it would have been better if Lara had not completely stood on top on the wall, because then one can see the "End of the world" and the horizon goes only till a certain depth. Everything under it is pitch-black. This does not look so good. Though it is nice that Lara immediately finds at the level beginning the MP5, but which she has at disposal then also immediately 660 shots ammunition, is a little bit excessive. Though the swimming hall feels well textured, but the roof is a little bit too high and the pool is a little bit too deep. Moreover, the room is furnished quite scanty. There stand only two burning high pedestals. Quite in general the proportions of the house are not right. Moreover, there are in the whole house almost no fitments. And it does not feel so well which the opponents appear very sudden behind Lara and shoot immediately. Moreover, there is no right sky, because if one looks upwards, it is pitch-black. The sound feels well. The textures look also quite good and are applied as a rule cleanly. As a pure Shooter-Level this level is completely ok. Sound and textures feel also well. However, with his next level Dempsey must work massively on the proportions. Since as well as in this level it cannot go on. Moreover, there are not enough fitments." - Scottie (08-Mar-2010)