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Example Level by Turbo Pascal

alan 4 4 3 3
Ceamonks890 2 4 2 2
dmdibl 4 7 4 3
eTux 2 4 2 2
Gerty 2 6 4 3
Jay 2 4 3 3
Jose 2 2 2 3
LuxQSD 2 2 0 1
manarch2 3 4 3 2
MichaelP 2 7 4 3
Nuri 4 4 7 5
Obig 2 6 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 4 2 4
rtrger 2 4 2 2
Ryan 2 4 3 3
Torry 5 7 7 4
Treeble 3 4 4 5
release date: 16-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 140

average rating: 3.35
review count: 17
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file size: 14.20 MB
file type: TR1
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A gauntlet of TR1's toughest enemies with minimum supplies. You will immediately be up against the giant mutant with only your base pistols for weapons. If not for the pillars around every arena it might pose an even more difficult challenge. Rooms are wide, open and quickly textured, obviously only meant to be used as arenas for fighting the copious amounts of enemies in the level. Aside from the fights you will be tasked with a few very lengthy block pushing segments to either pull a switch or reach an area with one. Even if this is technically a test level I feel like you don't need three long block pushing segments to prove that you can make Lara pull a few switches. I'd recommend this one to the few out there looking for a slight combat challenge, if you don't mind the long block pushing segments, that is." - LuxQSD (15-Mar-2022)
"The only challenging parts are fighting the enemies we find here. I barely defeated Natla when I had ran out of medipacks and my life was about to run out as well. Besides the enemies, there's a few jumping exercises, a bit of swimming and a lot of block pushing that became boring. Play it if you want to defeat the enemies, but be aware that you'll have to push blocks for very long spaces in order to proceed." - alan (28-Oct-2018)
"This is mainly a showcase of some familiar and fearsome TR1 enemies (including Natla herself), but the fast paced nature of the gameplay was spoiled a lot by the extremely tedious pushblock puzzles. I wasn't counting, but I must have spent close to ten minutes pushing these blocks around, which is too much. The environments are adequate but no more than that and the whole thing took me twenty minutes (which probably could have been halved without the pushing exercises)." - Ryan (04-Aug-2018)
"As the name suggests this is an example of what can be done with the unofficial editor and for it's time was quite remarkable. You need to fight the big legless creature from the end of TR1, well not really fight but keep out of it's way whilst you move a block way across a room to get up and reach a switch to open the exit door. Then you battle a centaur, three winged demons and Natla of course, all with limited health packs. You only get two throughout this 15 minute adventure. There is an inordinate amount of block pushing and pulling however. Graphics are terrible unfortunately." - Torry (05-Apr-2018)
"This level only consists of fighting some "atlantic" enemies, exploring some giant rooms and a way too long pushing block-puzzle. It's a nice idea to create a puzzle with a pushing block that you need to bring under a lever to activate it, but pushing that block around a few corners, wasting few minutes of your time gets boring after a couple of custom levels. Anyway, not a bad attempt!" - Nuri (24-Feb-2018)
"Not good start a level just dealing with a big boss, and that's what you can expect when playing. Even when you'll find enough ammo and extra guns, there are not enough medipacks, and I needed to think about some strategies to kill the centaur, the winged demons and Natla saving much health. As usual, only a demo to show to the potential builders the unofficial software can create solid levels so, nude rooms, no puzzles, no secrets... The worst was to drag the blocks long distances. Nothing interesting." - Jose (29-Dec-2017)
"What you'll remember is the pushing one has to do in this level, quite boring actually. Some nasty fights with several different enemies and that is it." - Gerty (11-Sep-2016)
"A bit subjective to review one level like this, as even the readme says it's just a sample level to showcase how to get things working under DXTre3D. A playable tutorial, of sorts. For what it's worth, however, there were too lenghty pushblock sequences, so if you're learning the ropes, forget all about putting stuff like that in your level. Despite the overall boxy areas and uniform textures, they were properly tiled - not sure if that's still an issue nowadays, but I remember the days of stretched textures all too well... 15 minutes. 12/15" - Treeble (30-Dec-2015)
"This was very nearly an exciting Shooter level,but the builders decision to include several exceptionally dull pushable puzzle sequences somewhat spoilt the effect. The Atlantean enemies were fun to encounter (particularly the Sophia Finale),but everything in between was nothing more than a chore.The lighting was rather nicely handled for a TR1 level,but was ultimately uneccesary.It's a twenty minute jaunt,which would probably have worked better as a 10 minute shooting spree." - Orbit Dream (02-Sep-2015)
"Pretty much how the title implies. This is another test level that uses Atlantis level assets and has you fight most of the enemies from those specific levels, in-between some rather basic platforming and admittedly tedious block pushing, simply to pull a lever. Would I recommend that anyone play this however? In this day and age, not really. Unless you're wanting some practice in order to learn how to better deal with these types of opponents in the main game, this is one level that can't be wholeheartedly recommended to most players." - Ceamonks890 (30-Jun-2014)
"Turbo Pascal seems to recycle the same map for testing purposes on numerous occasions, so I had a slight feeling of deją vu when I started this one up, having seen it before in a TR3 test level of his, and his TRC level, though slightly differently textured and with engine-specific baddies. And boy, had I underestimated how tough them Atlantean baddies could be! Not to mention the sheer amount of bullets it took for them to bite the dust, they are quite agile and can deal a great deal of damage, and with such details as Lara being less responsive in the TR1 engine, not being able to do the jump-twist mid-air, the fights here ended up being quite a challenge. Which is a great thing for a level of 15 minutes to stand out - less so, the endless pushing and pulling of crates, so Lara can reach switches. The room geometry is rudimentary, lighting non-existent and texturing just barely enough to cover all the surfaces with no particularly higher aspirations. This one's more for the completists rather than the connoisseurs." - eTux (20-Oct-2012)
"Woah, I had really forgotten just how hard it was to kill off that huge torso baddie - poor Lara had to jump around like a hyperactive flea. This is basically a short TR1 revisit of some Atlantean enemies and good old Natla, plus a bit of block pushing for when you get tired of all the shooting." - Jay (26-Jan-2012)
"A short TR 1 level with some of the boss fights in Atlantis. Few gameplay examples like the block pushes, else too less health provided so it takes a long time to defeat all the enemies, at least players get armed with some harder weapons. The texturing rather was poor as there are only two or three textures used in one room, mostly wallpapered, but the setting and the fights reminded me at least on the original game a bit. Recommeded for a bit nostalgia." - manarch2 (29-Oct-2011)
"Some rooms, TR1 bosses, and a bit boring pushable blocks. This is the level. But its a test level, so its great. You can train by the bosses." - Obig (14-May-2010)
"One day Lara wakes up, has coffee and an English breakfast, and decides to try out her new assault course created by her friend, Turbo Pascal. It only contains a couple of medipacks, but no matter. She warms up by defeating Torso Monster. No need for medipacks there. Journey on and fight a mutant centaur throwing fireballs. Lara flips from side to side while firing, so no need for medipacks. In the next area there are winged Atlantean mutants whose claws mean instant death, who lob fireballs, and swoop behind Lara. There are five of them. Suddenly those medipacks look meager. Lara defeats the mutants. In the next arena she faces a winged Jacqueline Natla, who does aerial bombardments with fireballs. But no need for medipacks, since there aren't any left. After this invigorating exercise, Lara is ready to start her day." - dmdibl (17-Apr-2010)
"A quite easy fight with the Torso, then rushing through a few rooms, pushing and pulling one stupid box for minutes(I felt like "I will never reach that pillar.") for pusing a switch, then killing more atlantean beasts and Natla, then more box-pulling, well, that's the "Example Level". Texturing is like TR1 Atlantis, but rooms are empty. Not worthy to play." - rtrger (06-Apr-2010)
"Another encounter with the more powerful good old enemies from TR1 - the giant mutant right at the start and winged Natla and her resurrection at the end. In between you get a straightforward run from room to room and (unfortunately) some very tedious push block passages. Due to limited medipack supply it is quite a challenge to reach the end though and therefore worth a quick look." - MichaelP (27-Mar-2010)