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Lara in Gold by Vinci

alan 6 2 4 6
Ceamonks890 3 1 2 3
dmdibl 6 3 5 5
eTux 4 2 4 4
Jose 3 1 5 7
LuxQSD 5 2 2 3
manarch2 4 1 5 6
MichaelP 5 3 5 5
Neltharion 7 1 6 7
Nuri 8 4 5 5
Obig 6 3 5 5
Orbit Dream 3 1 2 3
rtrger 4 3 4 5
Ryan 3 2 5 5
Torry 4 4 5 3
totizedger 3 2 5 5
Treeble 4 2 4 5
vienna 4 2 4 5
release date: 29-Jun-2004
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 3.96
review count: 18
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file size: 13.80 MB
file type: TR1
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A jumping puzzle cleverly disguised as a test level. This feels as though it was meant to be a testing ground for the author as they tried to gauge the limitations and specifics of the hand of Midas puzzle from the original game. The white blocks protruding from the ground in the center room with various platforms at different heights are proof of that. Your objective is to get three lead bars from various easy to get to alcoves and then use one of the pillars to turn them to gold. Once they are inserted the exit gate opens, but you are tasked to traverse the central room while it's filled with lava by jumping onto the gold transformation blocks without stopping to catch a breath. It was an interesting and decently fun challenge. Give it a go if you're up for a neat jumping puzzle." - LuxQSD (15-Mar-2022)
"Actually I was expecting a worser level but it was pretty fun somehow. The first part is pretty easy until you collect the three bars, I had a lot of fun in the lava part where you need to jump without stoping. Lightning and texturing was good too even if it is a small level. There aren't any enemies or secrets sadly. Recommended if you want a short challenge." - Neltharion (12-Jan-2021)
"Surprisingly deadly for such a small level, but there's still not a whole lot to pique the interest here. The main challenge of jumping across the blocks that turn Lara to gold if you are too slow is enjoyable and challenging but doable, and the textures are not too bad, but that's about all there is to do here. Net gaming time under 10 minutes." - Ryan (05-Aug-2018)
"Simple level of 10 minutes you say? Not if you count the 100+ reloads trying to run the gauntlet of gold morphing blocks to get to the exit. Graphics are terrible and if you enjoy frustration then give this one a go." - Torry (02-Apr-2018)
"You have the same task in this short level as in Palace Midas: Find 3 lead bars, convert them into golden bars and place them to open the exit. That's the only thing you do here. There is a really cool jumping-"puzzle" at the end. You have to jump from pillar to pillar but without stopping, or you die. That's a cool idea." - Nuri (22-Feb-2018)
"Not a remake of the original Midas' Palace level, but with the same features. Not easy to find the block where you must convert the ingots into gold, and later it was hard for me take all that running jumps without stop; fortunately I could do it with a rest in the opening where I found one of the ingots, 'cause do it all the jumps in one shot should be very difficult for me. As usual in Vinci's levels, the best is the texturization." - Jose (29-Jan-2018)
"OK TR1-level from year 2004. Level is very short and it was very easy to find 3 bars. The only thing on this level is the lava and fast running jumps. OK level for players that need 10 minutes level." - vienna (09-Mar-2017)
"The main objective in this level is classic: look for 3 lead bars and transform them into gold. This is easy, and when you finally place them all, the door to the exit opens. Then you have to go back, but oh surprise! The room with the little pillars is now filled with lava, so returning to the exit won't be easy. Lara dies only when stepping on those white pillars, so you need to run and jump without stopping until you arrive to the corridor leading to the exit. This was very challenging, I died a lot of times, I even thought it was impossible, but I didn't give up ^_^. I finished the level and I couldn't read the statistics due to the messed up script. There are no enemies nor any objects (besides the lead bars), only a small medipack as the only secret I found. Recommended only to challenge yourself with the jumping sequence." - alan (06-Nov-2016)
"I guess it's a good thing the sprites in this level are slightly messed up, so the stats and menus don't show properly. Why, you ask? Well, it is a test level after all and as such holds within it's four or five rooms one nasty trap. It's so simple and genious, but when push comes to shove you find yourself reloading time upon time upon time... I don't think I could pull it off a second time if I had to, after many frustrated tries it feels as though as I got lucky in that final jumping sequence. I am under the impression if this was under the TR4 engine it would be much easier, but I'm not sure if the setup could even be recreated as it involves the Midas' touch. Net time might have been about 10 minutes, tops, but it must have taken me around one hour to master it - and you can't even "cheat", as saving the game in midair resulted in automatic failure upon landing lol. 12/15" - Treeble (30-Dec-2015)
"This is a very short level where your task is to get 3 bars and it is very easy to find them as every corridor leads you to them, that's the easy part. The Lighting and Textures category gets a 5 because of the quite good looks. There are no enemies in this level but there is actually a pretty nice jump sequence after putting the bars into their slots and the lava was pretty unexpected i must say.' Not really recommended unless you really want to try out that jump sequence." - totizedger (26-Jun-2015)
"A relatively pointless test level that has you collecting three lead bars to turn into gold, so you can place them in their proper receptacles and open a simple door. That's it! Oh sure, there is an incredibly difficult challenge to overcome(in the form of constantly jumping and moving on the platforms that will turn Lara into gold if you stop for even a second, unless the lava randomly triggered into the room doesn't kill you first.) But by that point, I had the basic idea of where this release was going and didn't even bother with the aforementioned challenge. So, what else to talk about then? Well, the texturing is a rather bizarre mix of both Greece and Egypt textures, there are no enemies to fight and as you'd expect for these types of levels, the atmosphere is practically non-existent. Overall, not really worth the trouble downloading." - Ceamonks890 (30-Jun-2014)
"For a 'one idea level' this actually worked quite well.The challenge of running and jumping from block to block in one continuous movement without stopping is a fun one,but there is really nothing else to it.The textures do their job,but there is really little else to see." - Orbit Dream (27-Jul-2013)
"As already said by the other reviewers - the game starts out rather tame with Lara being sent on a straightforward fetch-quest for 3 lead bars, but just when you think it's all over - the floor of the central area has turned into lava and manoeuvring on the aurifactive stones one assumed to be there for the show (and turning the lead bars into gold, obviously) suddenly becomes your only means of escape. I was not aware that as long as you keep moving on the stones, you are not doomed to spend an eternity as a gold statue, so at first the task seemed impossible. It is in fact very manageable, only seems surprisingly difficult in contrast with the absence of gameplay in the rest of the brief level. The looks are solid, but the brevity is probably the biggest drawback in every area of the level - and one can only ponder where this level might have taken as had there been more to it. Found 1 secret." - eTux (28-Feb-2011)
"This was a short and most time easy level with only a little jump sequence to master. The textures were rather good, but I think there can't be any points for the second category as there is nothing of value for these three points, however, I give one point as it wasn't bad without them. After five minutes this level is over." - manarch2 (16-Jan-2011)
"It's a great test level. Based on Midas King's story, but its expanded, if we run in the hand, we don't will be gold. :)" - Obig (14-May-2010)
"Lara trots over grassy ground, goes down a corridor, gets lead bar. A brief run for the next two lead bars. Change the three bars to gold, a nice TR1 effect, so we might think this is just a test level. Place the gold bars to open the exit. Then this turns into a true Vinci level: when Lara returns to the grassy area it is now a lava field, and the only way to get across is to use the gold transforming pillars. Needless to say they also turn Lara into gold--hence the title. Lara must make running leaps, but if she lands at the outer edge of a pillar, she dies. The walkthrough suggests making a counterclockwise run in one go, but this is difficult. Instead, Lara can use the outside corridors at the cardinal compass points and take the pillars two at a time. This is probably what the author intended. There is a suspicious tilted square in the beginning corridor. Lara must use its height to keep from landing on the outer edge of the next pillar after her leap. And there is a transforming pillar flush with the ground, that looks useless, but is necessary if Lara is jumping from the outside corridor. Vinci has devised a clever puzzle that requires players to be observant." - dmdibl (13-Apr-2010)
"A simple level, collecting 3 bars is your main task. But after you've placed them to the sockets, a room has been filled with lava, so you have to do a nice jumping sequence, and if you stop, you'll turn into gold. A bit hard, but after a few tries you'll surely make it." - rtrger (02-Apr-2010)
"This starts deceptively easy as a showcase of the 'Lara turning into Gold'-animation and you think you will just quickly collect the three lead bars, turn them into gold and be done with this small test level... but of course, it would not be a Vinci level if there was not a certain challenge to it and to reach the finish trigger you need to make a series of jumps across the Gold blocks in a counter clockwise circle without stopping and that will certainly take you a few tries to master." - MichaelP (28-Mar-2010)