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End to Bonus Level by Vinci

Ceamonks890 1 1 1 3
Charles Kane 2 2 5 4
DJ Full 2 2 3 4
dmdibl 1 0 2 2
eTux 1 1 1 3
Jay 2 2 2 3
Jose 1 1 1 5
manarch2 1 1 1 3
MichaelP 2 2 3 4
Neltharion 3 0 3 5
Nuri 1 2 3 3
Orbit Dream 1 1 2 3
Ryan 1 1 1 2
Torry 2 2 6 9
Treeble 0 0 3 3
release date: 30-May-2004
# of downloads: 96

average rating: 2.20
review count: 15
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file size: 28.44 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The levels are pretty much empty, but at least the texturings are quite good (except for the titular bonus level, where it's very much glitchy).
Recommended for a short, relaxing raid." - Charles Kane (05-Oct-2023)
"Not very interesting gameplay, the only objects are meds and some useless puzzle items, no cameras, no nothing. Textures are a bit wallpapered but lightning isn't flat, somehow. I like how the levels start in the same place the previous level ended. If you are a builder, you might like to take a look." - Neltharion (24-Sep-2021)
"What exactly has been tested here? Anyway, I guess Imma be happy that I found all secrets, like man was I lucky!!?......." - Nuri (11-Nov-2020)
"Now here's a very good looking set of four minuscule test levels, but I'm not entirely sure it works as intended. The first thing you'll realize is that secrets are simply given to you, can't really miss them, so I figured the logic behind this test was that you needed to acquire all secrets in order to be given access to the bonus level (that's how All Hallows worked in TR3, after all). So I intentionally missed one secret, and yet I was taken to the bonus level after the credits rolled... 10 minutes. 11/19" - Treeble (17-Nov-2019)
"So what to say about this test level set? Three short levels totaling seven minutes where you find med packs in plain sight as secrets that trigger, after the end credits, a bonus level. This bonus level consists of simply picking up yet another med pack and it ends but I take it that this showcases HOW to configure a bonus level within the TR3 engine and have it work." - Torry (14-Jun-2018)
"Well, I don't know if someone had tested this, but I didn't pick up all the secrets and the bonus level loaded anyway, so I think that's not what the author intended. The only difference I saw was that if the player didn't get all secrets, the bonus level appears with changed textures. I liked the texturization." - Jose (29-Jan-2018)
"Another mini series of test levels, showcasing the act of picking up secrets to enter a bonus level at the end. May be interesting for builders, but players would probably choose to pass up this one. Not too badly textured though." - Ryan (03-Dec-2016)
"As for a test levelset, this makes way too much sense - 15 secrets plus bonus level, all filled with logical texturing, some shading, light effects and even a puzzle with two camera hints. I'm almost surprised no trap challenge is applied. SUMMARY: Unexpectedly solid." - DJ Full (17-Aug-2015)
"Another proof-of-concept series of test levels that seemingly only exist to serve as a demonstration for potential builders, in terms of how you can access a bonus level(with the main TR3 game credits included for no real reason) and that's it. Gameplay is simplistic(revolving around the collection of 'secret' medipacks laying out in the open), there are little to no objects or enemies utilized and the atmosphere/general lighting are incredibly lacking, with the texturing serving as the only real passable design quirk here. In the end though, give it a shot(if you're someone looking to create levels of their own, as you just might learn something here.) Though if you're a player who's looking for something with a little more meat to the overall package however, I'd personally pass up on this one." - Ceamonks890 (24-Sep-2014)
"This test level just about works as a mini-game in its own right,as you need to pick up every secret in order to access the Bonus room at the end.However,it would take a player of really quite exceptional ability to go astray,so there's actually very little on offer.Nonetheless,it's smoothly textured for a mere builders exercise and scrapes by as being worth the small effort involved." - Orbit Dream (20-Mar-2011)
"This is just a series of three short levels, with lots of secrets to pick up so as to access a final bonus level." - Jay (09-Mar-2011)
"A set of test levels probably more devised to be a guideline for other builders employing the TR3 engine and not necessarily players. If you gather all 15 secrets (in this case - mere medipack pickups in plain sight) you get to move on to an extremely brief and bizarre looking bonus level. When you do, you can call it a day and play something more exciting." - eTux (01-Mar-2011)
"Not much gameplay, textures are acceptable. But now we know how to make a bonus level. Extremely interesting." - manarch2 (14-Jul-2010)
"Three levels and a bonus level but it is all over in 6 minutes. This is apparently only a demo about how reaching a bonus level can be made dependant on picking up all the secrets." - MichaelP (13-Jun-2010)
"Simple test-of-concept levels. Level one has six small medipacks on raised blocks for Lara to pick up for six secrets. Levels two and three are similar. End the game with all secrets, watch credits, then play the Bonus Level, which consists of Lara picking up a large medipack. If Lara missed a secret, she doesn't get to play the bonus level conclusion. A demonstration for builders, not for players." - dmdibl (07-Jun-2010)