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Test Level by Carlos De La Calle

afzalmiah 0 1 0 1
Ceamonks890 0 1 0 0
Charles Kane 2 1 2 2
DJ Full 0 1 0 0
dmdibl 0 1 1 0
eTux 0 1 0 0
Jay 0 1 1 0
JoeTheCrazyGamer 1 1 2 0
Jose 0 1 0 1
manarch2 0 0 0 0
MichaelP 0 1 0 0
Nuri 2 0 1 0
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 0
Ryan 0 0 0 0
Torry 1 2 1 2
Treeble 2 2 0 0
Wolf7 3 1 0 0
Xela 0 1 0 0
release date: 16-Jun-2002
# of downloads: 96

average rating: 0.58
review count: 18
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file size: 12.85 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Fascinating concept, but I hope there's more kind of tag team playing instead of just ended as a test level." - Charles Kane (10-Apr-2021)
"You can change Characters But there's not much else to say, But it's a free review for me. 4/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (23-Jun-2020)
"A 20 seconds test level showing a nice feature, that I think future Tomb Raider builders should've used (I don't know if someone has over the time, because I obviously haven't played all the 3000 custom levels yet [if I ever will] ). You start as a female character (familiar face to me) in a big room that is divided in 2 parts. You can switch to the other side and play Lara and realise that it's possible to play with two characters in the old retro world of Tomb Raider. Seems like some bugfixes are necessary though: Equiping the pistols as Lara causes trouble with Lara's pants ( or is that on purpose?) and shooting with them causes some... well... let me call it a headache. And lighting a flare?... well... goodbye! Oh, and I ended up evoking satan while trying to imitate that facial expression of the first female character." - Nuri (22-Feb-2020)
"As the title suggests just a test to highlight the changing of characters in game. Nicely done but not a level really." - Torry (09-Jan-2020)
"Now this is a genious test level. I have no idea what went into the making of this one but it's such a nice concept that I wish was fully explored by any other author out there. You essentially control two different characters, in different rooms, and every time you use the reach-in switch (I played TR3 twice this year and yet I don't remember this animation being present in the game?), you switch to the other character. Limitations are pretty obvious, but still, I think it'd work nicely as a setup for double-layered puzzles. 5 minutes. 10/19" - Treeble (20-Oct-2019)
"Wow? That was something! Fascinating the concept for a tr3 game and ... that's it. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (24-Jan-2019)
"Another brief test level without gameplay showing to the potential builders that in TR3 levels, players can change the outfit using a trigger, but nothing more. Not playable." - Jose (17-Jan-2018)
"Good concept, but not much else. A quirky idea, but nothing more." - Ryan (06-Apr-2016)
"This test level demonstrates playable character swapping via interacting with a reach-in switch. While a clever idea, that isn't enough to make this release worth the download regardless. So only worth a quick look, if you're curious to see how the general setup works." - Ceamonks890 (18-Sep-2014)
"Obviously, this level is not intended to demonstrate a complete, functional level. Instead this level tests the functionality of switching between characters (Lara and some other person). Not a bad concept - one that could be really nifty in a full-blown level. We have the feature, now there just needs to be a level constructed around it." - Xela (07-Aug-2013)
"This is only getting a review because I'm currently playing two other levels and have come to an impasse in both,while nonetheless having a hankering to submit a review come what may.Actually,speaking of incomplete levels,I once tried to play this authors 'At home with Lara' level and had to stop due to its absurdly pornographic nature;at least this Test level is clean and family friendly,but it's also nothing more than a simple character-switch experiment.Which is interesting,but nothing more." - Orbit Dream (29-Sep-2012)
"Again - as with most 'test' levels this isn't technically playable, but demonstrates an idea - so textures and lighting are practically non-existent and the gameplay is only surmised of Lara and the blond girl playing tag through the reach in hole switch. The character switch is a cool idea that someone building TR3 levels should feel more than encouraged to implement in a full level. It does have some drawbacks though - it's probably impractical to actually go for the 'character switch' idea if you're not making an unarmed/stealth level - because of the meshswaps when Lara draws and holsters her guns and whilst shooting. But it could still be a cool way to switch outfits mid-way through the level - and I would love to see some builder doing it in a more serious fashion than here." - eTux (21-Apr-2012)
"Not exactly a level but a very good idea by switching characters. The textures are not very good but not too bad. I don't think the builder changed the lighting. The only thing that I think the builder tried to do is to make the other character. Good idea and I hope someone will use the idea on their level." - afzalmiah (15-Apr-2011)
"More of a concept than an actual level, but it's quite fascinating to see Lara toggling between her well known self and an entirely different character with short blonde hair. It could well have interesting applications." - Jay (12-Feb-2011)
"I didn't know such a switch of characters is possible, so I'm gonna give one point for that level has taught me about it, and I like projects I learn something from. SUMMARY: Claire: Wanna see who's on the other side? Press the switch. Lara: Wanna see who's on the other side? Press the switch. Be careful. Don't spend the whole evening this way." - DJ Full (18-Sep-2010)
"This is the second level by this author I decided to play (first was At Home with Lara/Nude House) And I can promise you there aren't any sexual things in here. Unfortunately, the rating will be the same. It is clear that this two room level has not got any gameplay, you just can switch between characters, one is Lara, as seen in hundrets of other levels, no differences, the other I don't know, but if that person really existed, she would have had a nasty accident - her front is badly textured. The textures in this room are cruel and don't create any feeling of any setting. A big no from me." - manarch2 (30-Jul-2010)
"Actually an interesting idea here, executing a 'switch of characters', which in a full level could be a nice twist to a storyline. On its own, it is not really worth a look though." - MichaelP (12-Jun-2010)
"This seems a variation of a "Monkey Swing" test level. Claire uses a reach-in switch on one side of a wall, and suddenly you play as Lara on the other side of the wall. Or vice versa, when Lara uses the reach-in switch on her side of the wall, play reverts to Claire." - dmdibl (08-Jun-2010)