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Spooky Pyramid by Bbfsquall

alan 4 3 5 4
CC 3 3 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 5 3 5 4
Gerty 4 4 6 3
Jay 5 4 5 4
Jbc21 5 5 6 7
Jose 2 2 3 2
Kristina 4 3 4 2
MichaelP 6 4 6 2
Miguel 2 1 1 2
Mulf 4 4 4 1
Necro 5 4 5 3
Orbit Dream 3 2 3 3
RaiderGirl 7 4 6 5
Ryan 4 4 3 3
Sash 7 5 7 7
Scottie 4 3 3 4
Torry 5 3 8 2
Treeble 5 4 7 7
release date: 22-Apr-2001
# of downloads: 180

average rating: 4.01
review count: 19
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file size: 13.42 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level is pointless. Your objective is to find a way to get to the top of the pyramid, find a pyramidal key and Horus' Amulet. When you use the key the door opens only to reveal a ramp that you can't walk up. So that's pointless. The only wait to get over that ramp is by DOZYing and finding a floating cave above which leads to the level end. Apart from the pyramid, you get to explore inside it and avoid some traps but nothing interesting. Not recommended." - alan (03-Apr-2018)
"Here comes another one that isn’t a level, and unfinished level, or a demo. It’s a first draft of one"and a fairly rough one at that", the kind of which I assume many a builder has in their TRLE folder by the dozen (I know I have). Its central conceit"ascending the side of a pyramid"is of course lifted directly from the TR4 Giza levels (“The Great Pyramid” in particular), but it’s not made from a ripped .PRJ, although it very much looks like one. The map is huge: it reaches maximum height (-128 to +128) and stretches across almost the entire 2D map left to right; and while sheer size has an aesthetic value all of its own, it ultimately leaves you unsatisfied, especially if it’s supplemented by merely preliminary texturing and no lighting, as is the case here. The builder apparently though he was spicing things up by placing one solitary jackal and three small scorpions who live in dart traps (the same setup three times in a row), but they struck me as misplaced. I don’t know why the boulders are suspended in the non-existent sky here, but I guess that’s what makes it ‘spooky’, so I’ll give it a pass. (The absence of any kind of sky or horizon cannot but generate a kind of TR1 atmosphere.) With the ascent completed, you go down again via a huge suite of ramps (nothing at all happens while you’re doing this), and once you reach the interior of the pyramid, the whole thing threatens to become a run-of-the-mill settomb adventure, but this part turns out to be very short"its most remarkable bit being a sudden flipmap which will have you killed"and is followed by an excruciatingly long ladder-climbing exercise, which may well be the longest I’ve ever encountered (TR2’s “Oil Rig” and Surekill’s Roaming notwithstanding). I used DOZY here, and indeed gameplay ceases to exist at that point. There actually is a finish trigger (although it cannot be reached legally), indicating that the builder thought he had the whole thing figured out. Then capricious Motivation chose to bestow her favours on him no longer, and that was the end of it. Still, even in the state it’s in, which is that of a construction site in its early stage, it’s more interesting than many a prim and proper tut1 level." - Mulf (19-Jan-2018)
"Not very funny this level where you can reach the end of the world and with many missing and bad placed textures. First you will have to climb to the top of the pyramid avoiding some spiked balls, dart traps and shooting some red scorpions and a dog. Inside, no much to do; the only interesting room is the room with the ankh; not a hint to know what levers to pull in the room with the key and finally one of the most long ladders I've ever seen in a custom level to finally get back to the start and see that the key is no useful 'cause you can't finish the level. At least the author could provide a vehicle to go up the steep ramp. Only playable." - Jose (11-Dec-2017)
"The beginning section of this level was actually quite promising. Although the texturing and decor is rather plain and unexciting, I quite enjoyed the initial climb up the huge pyramid, figuring out the different routes, all the time being wary of enemies that tried to hinder my progress. One banana jump proved downright impossible for me (anyone else have this problem?) though, so I used DOZY there and then. I quite liked the part with the scorpion alcoves which required some thought and strategy (I found simply crouching was the best method). But that good impression went out the window once I reached the pyramid, with a few very simple traps, a looong climb and a bungled ending. It could have been great, but wasn't." - Ryan (05-Dec-2017)
"It's not much to look at - missing textures and very plain decor altogether. The gameplay starts off quite promisingly with an always interesting 'find the route up the pyramid' scenario, but after that it rather trails off into a bit of exploring, some half-hearted traps and no finish trigger." - Jay (25-Feb-2016)
"The first part of this level,involving an epic climb up the side of a huge pyramid-type structure,is actually great fun and rather well thought out (as you need to drop down at specific points on several occasions and work your way along ledges before you're able to climb back up again). The appearance of a dog,some scorpions,darts and boulders helped spice the ascent rather nicely,and also helped act as indicators that you were indeed on the correct path.Following a descent into the inside of the structure,a couple of trap negotiatons and an epic climb back up to the outside,the adventure ground to a halt at an impassable slope; at which point,the builder clearly became bored and wandered off to do something else.As a matter of fact,so did I. Texture's are limited,but effective enough (diplomatically overlooking the dubious initial area);while everything else is competant enough.No Finish Trigger and a clearly incomplete job do not lend themselves to generous scoring,however." - Orbit Dream (26-May-2010)
"Spooky is exactly the right word for this level, because he is really spooky. The sky is pitch-black because there were obviously no textures used. At many places the textures are absent. One often sees stretched textures. There is sound mistake and the lighting could be also better. The way up to the peak of the pyramid is built quite well. The long ramps downwards into the inside of the pyramid do not look so good, the level builder could have made this better. Two rooms in the pyramid were very nice. It was absolutely irritating then, however, the long ladder upwards. And the benevolent player can reach the finish trigger only with the DOZY-Cheat. All together I must say that there is though a few positive places, but just only a few." - Scottie (12-Feb-2010)
"This level had such potential. It started off as a climb to the top of the pyramid (well, almost to the top), by method of finding the right route and platforms, much like TR4's final level. The design lets thi level down immensly. There are many untextured tiles, illegal slopes in which you can get trapped dancing the jiggy and to top it all off, and you can't finish the level without using the dozy cheat. It is a real shame cause once you get the boring part out of the way (the climb), you enter a nice little cavern complete with cobwebs and the like, and this is where the decent gameplay kicks off, with retracting spikes, timed jumps before the floor collapses, etc. I wasn't impressed with the 4 lever switches though. I didn't see any hint as to which levels to pull and I hate trial and error puzzles. If the end of the level was better designed, this could have been a nice level. The author obviously didn't play this from start to finish before submitting it and if he did, and his intention was to use the dozy cheat for the end, we all could have just done that from the start and bypassed the entire level which would then make the level pointless." - Necro (05-May-2008)
"Lara starts sliding down and then faces a mountain of a pyramid up which you have to make your way by jumps to and fro up and down and all the time aware that overhead are spiky boulders that could fall at any time making life difficult. Once near the top things look very strange there's a hole in the ground which is a very long shaft down to an odd place with lever and numbers. Two bring down more boulder two open things up inside or at least open the floor up and you have to be quick or you're in trouble. Up the long shaft again and find a huge hole in the side of the pyramid. Down down down into this and come back out again into the room where you were before. This is where everything more or less came to a halt for me. I had a pyramid key I didn't know what to do with and getting back outside again find a peculiar route along the side of the pyramid to . . . I don't think this is a finished work at all." - CC (09-Oct-2004)
"This is a poor - 18 Square-Rooms stuck together - bad Texture-Work - Rolling balls hanging in the sky. Eternal Jumping ends up in a room - get the artefact and out - find some numbered Lever - how do they work...? If you use the Pyramid Key you will never find out for what - because of the way which can not be used....Who makes such Levels should search for another Game - loosing his time here without sense is not good!" - Miguel (31-Mar-2003)
"Is this one of the levels where you have to use the fly cheat? After climbing around and inside the Pyramid the guardian key I finally found opened a gate to a steep slope. But the slope went upwards so I wasn't any wiser than at the start of the level. A bit peculiar if you ask me as I can't see why the author couldn't provide some stairs here; as well as a ladder that brings you to the finishing trigger. There are some more downsides to this quest for the amulet of Horus; like the many slopes you can get trapped in or the monotonous texturing that makes the gameplay more tedious than it would have been with a more diversified environment. That aside I enjoyed hopping around the side of the pyramid left right up and down dodging spiked boulders along the way. It looked quite threatening seeing the boulders tumbling down from high above. There are two more dramatic moments one when you snatch away the amulet and shortly afterward there is a run through pop up spikes which caught me completely off guard. So some good ideas here but all in all a rather half baked affair." - Dimpfelmoser (16-Aug-2002)
"This is a very puzzling level. Had a great time climbing that pyramid and finally found a way in (dodging boulders that weren't such a big threat) and found the Ankh. The earthquake was a great surprise but it kept on and on. Found the four levers and I'm still guessing what they did. Then a long long very long climb up. Enemies I encountered were (it seem like a whole nest of) scorpions and one lost dog. Beats me what that dog did so high up that pyramid. Found also one secret the Uzi and no ammo. Still don't know what to do after using the guardian key. 31-07-2002" - Gerty (11-Aug-2002)
"This starts out brilliantly with Lara having to make her way up the outside of a large pyramid which was very reminiscent of the 'Great Pyramid' level in Last Revelation. Here though it seems to have been done a lot better and much more interestingly as it involves a lot of snakes and ladders like moves climbing and then having to slide back down only to climb again just make sure you look out for spike boulders poison darts and scorpions along the way. Once inside there are a couple of things you must do before you come across an extremely long ladder that spits you out at the top of the huge pyramid. This is where this great level just went wrong sliding down to the bottom to use one of the key pick ups you are faced with an not climbable slope and a large chunk of missing textures that also do not allow you to progress unless you use the fly cheat luckily it ends shortly thereafter." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"It has all been said by the other reviewers. I was impressed how such a huge pyramid with outside and inside area can be made with only 34 rooms and at the beginning it was fun to search for the way up that pyramid. But as it is textured throughout with only one and the same tile this soon becomes pretty annoying. Anyway the floating balls look indeed kind of spooky and I liked it how those darts went off into eternity. After a bit of inside action (nice flip effect with the lava) when you are back out indeed the level simply is unfinished and it seems can only be ended with the fly cheat." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a good idea that went sour. The start was great picking your way up the pyramid and finding the entrance then the horseman's stone and the amulet - but when you emerge from the top of the pyramid the level falls into a great big hole. Textures are missing; a gate opens down the bottom courtesy of the horseman's stone that leads nowhere?" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"The level is cool and fun but after about 20 minutes of climbing you begin to get bored and after all you see non-textured spots and an unreachable place (which is the end)." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Although this level has a few very good parts like the underground earthquake and this terrific flipmap and some nice decorated tunnels the outside pyramid climbing looks too much like the one from TR4 but is far much longer to achieve. And where is the end of the level? Is it just me or did I miss a part? I found the pyramid key to open the outside gate but it is impossible to climb up the slide! So I tried to slide down from the top to the passage after the gate but it is not connected to the end of the level. Looks like the ending rooms are hanging high in the sky as if the author forgot to lower these rooms to the correct elevation. Otherwise as I said the climbing of the pyramid is too long for such a short inside exploration. Some nice light and texture effect leading to the top of the pyramid. To the author a revised version of this level could give a quite nice game! And by the way did Egyptian know how to use our numbering: 1 2 3...? ;)" - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"Despite an unreachable ending I spent an enjoyable 30 minutes in this level. I'm not sure why it's called 'Spooky Pyramid' as there's nothing spooky about it. It is fun to climb though as the pyramid is absolutely huge and I often found myself looking around wondering which direction I should go next and at times the answer was down so I could work my way back up to the next area. Besides the obvious hazard of sliding down in the wrong place and having to start over (or reload) there are occasionally spiked boulders that fall out of the sky some poison dart traps and a few scorpions and dogs to shoot though don't ask me what a dog's doing on the side of a pyramid. I was stuck with using the pistols on the wildlife because I found the secret with the uzis but never found any ammo for it - strange. After a bit of climbing and jumping I made my way into the pyramid where I found some spike traps more spiked boulders the needed? guardian key the ankh (which gave me quite a surprise when I picked it up) and a switch puzzle. Soon after leaving this area I was unable to do much more as the end seems to be incomplete but it was still fun while it lasted." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"All I saw was a huge pyramid in a huge outside area textured with the same tile and most of it boring. The way up is not hard at all quite easy I would say there are many spike balls coming down but they hardly do any damage again easily avoid. Finally you go inside the pyramid to find more spike balls and spikes. There is one room that looked interesting with the Amulet of Horus while picking it up an earthquake occurs and lava is being revealed under your feet. Then the lever puzzle and a key for the outside area. Well my question is after you come down and see all the untextured areas and place the key what does it do besides open the doors behind them there is a slope but of course you can't go up so is that the end or did I miss something(?)!" - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)