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Islands of Kirobore by Sakkemix

Bene 9 7 7 8
Blue43 7 7 8 8
Brikas94 8 8 7 8
Christian 7 5 7 6
Daffy 7 7 7 8
Diz 7 6 7 7
DJ Full 7 7 6 8
dmdibl 7 7 8 8
Dutchy 6 5 6 6
eRIC 6 6 6 7
eTux 6 6 7 8
Gerty 6 6 7 8
Jack& 5 5 3 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jorge22 8 7 9 8
Jose 7 7 6 8
manarch2 6 6 7 8
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Mytly 7 7 7 8
Orbit Dream 7 6 6 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
psaiu 9 8 7 9
Ruben 6 6 6 7
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Scottie 7 8 7 9
TheStig 7 7 8 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 12-Jun-2010
# of downloads: 136

average rating: 7.11
review count: 27
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file size: 35.47 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not bad, not good. Could have more islands and less interiors as we only get a few minutes outside. Also needs some tropical ambience apart from the notorious waterfall loop. Gameplay is varied but pretty standard, you shouldn't be stuck here. Note to turn VolFX off when playing (almost no builder says what to do with it, shame). Optional." - DJ Full (02-May-2024)
"Sporting the Underworld wetsuit (and some edited running and grabbing animations which I particulary wasn't too fond of), this is a nice romp through a TRA Greece style of level. Gameplay mostly boils down to finding jumpswitches hidden behind plants, which should pose you no issue provided you have the walkthrough at hand, but there are some nice platforming sequences and a boulder gauntlet at the end I couldn't do the intended way — you can easily disarm each boulder at a time though, so it's ultimately up to you. 30 minutes. 07/22" - Treeble (10-Jul-2022)
"There's nothing really wrong with this level as such, apart from its somewhat incomplete feel. The gameplay flows very smoothly, aside from a couple of slightly tricky jumps and definitely has its moments, and I liked the somewhat modern look and feel to it (the orangey distance fog was a nice touch, albeit a bit too strong at times). But the unfinished feel to it is noticeable at times: the places where the end of the world hits you in the face, a few missing audios, a couple of apparent unintended shortcuts and the really abrupt ending. I also found the continuous background audio a bit annoying at times. Nonetheless, a pleasant little level to engage into." - Ryan (14-Jul-2018)
"There are way too many TR4 files in the download, of well.. I had to play this twice as I forgot to make a review right away, I never learn, but it was quite all right. It is not that difficult and there are some nice surprises in it. Overall the looks are good and nice textures are chosen for this adventure. As for enemies, there aren't that many. Some bats and some skeletons you easy can outrun. For the rest there is a torch puzzle, some pushing of blocks and finding levers." - Gerty (02-Apr-2011)
"Nice atmospheric level here. Of course initially I did my classic mistake of turning ON volumetric effects and loosing the lovely orange ambience, but a quick fiddle with the settings quickly resolved that and it was back too looking it's best. Texturing and lighting are elegantly done. My only real criticism in the construction of the environments as that I managed to get to the 'edge' of the world at one point. Gameplay wise I got almost an hour out of this adventure. Very much more a 'complete' offering from Sakkemix this time, with definite improvements in lighting and ambience! Recommended Stiggy" - TheStig (03-Jan-2011)
"It is not an extraordinary level but it is nevertheless a good level, decors are made well and nice to visit, good ideas of development are found there. The gameplay is rather achieved without being stimulating really, I do not have too much appreciate the swimming pool and its 8 levers to be operated in surface, this lacked realism. On the whole it is nevertheless of the great work and the level that gives pleasure. Bravo to the author." - Daffy (03-Oct-2010)
"The level is really short, could be much longer. The gameplay was nice, I simply loved the textures here. The ladder was hard to reach, took me several tries but I found that challenge good. The finish trigger came much too early, a bit more puzzles than underwater mazes or block pushing would certainly make this level into a very fine one." - manarch2 (29-Jul-2010)
"This is a pleasant, glitch-free level that should provide 40 minutes or more of gaming enjoyment. There are some nifty tasks along the way that are challenging enough to make you work without causing you to become frustrated. Some of the jump switches may be a little too cleverly hidden, but Dutchy has provided his typically thorough walkthrough to help you past the rough spots. There's an extended pushblock puzzle in the final open area, followed by a neat sprint past a boulder gauntlet near the very end. This builder is getting better and better at his craft, and I hope he doesn't run out of ideas anytime soon. Recommended." - Phil (03-Jul-2010)
"When the builder said that he had 'run out of ideas' in the Read-me I expected this game to start off well and trail off towards the end. If anything, the opposite was true and the game seemed to improve somewhat. Nicely done scenery, few enemies (a skellie or three and some bats) and straightforward puzzles. Not a difficult level which really needed to be spiced up a little to maintain interest, perhaps some more enemies, a timed run or two or some challenging jumping about. It was all a little too nice for my liking but worth playing for all that." - Diz (26-Jun-2010)
"A nice level , straightforward , well structured , with pleasant textures and good use of fog. The tasks and rooms are varied enough all the way through. Don't like the 8 UW switches though , nor the very long reloading times for savegames on my Windows ME system. Some minor things could have been avoided , such as missing sounds for the bats , "end of the world" view at the top of the world. The lack of cameras is not a problem here , but adding some would have perhaps given the player of better sense of what is going on. [ 40 minutes ]" - eRIC (22-Jun-2010)
"Not bad this caribbean-like level. The environment is nice with some good light effects, textures and objects. Entertaining gameplay with some easy puzzles and no many enemies along the way (I've only found a few bats and skeletons). I couldn't find the hint to know what underwater switch to pull in the eight switches room. Also I've found an error in the design so you can avoid some tasks and dangers in the outside area with several pillars; also you can reach the end of the world in this area. I missed some more musics and it seem that the author doesn't like cameras 'cause there's not fybies or camera shots when pulling switches. I missed some flares too 'cause I couldn't find any pack, and there's a lot of dark areas. The shotgun appears too late, and there's no ammo for it. Not sure if the level was properly beta tested but you can take a try anyway." - Jose (21-Jun-2010)
"I rather liked the atmosphere in this level, mostly due to the sort of lighting that pleased me right from the very start. From the reviews or at least from some of the reviews as well as from the author's statement that he'd ran out of ideas, I thought this would be a clearly incomplete, shortish level. But I believe there's enough in it for all despite the more or less sudden ending. What happens in the meantime is different... I thought there were several nice ideas along the way and the level was mainly quite well crafted. Enjoyable." - Jorge22 (18-Jun-2010)
"Aside from a rather peremptory ending (caused by the Builder running out of ideas,apparently)I found this 50 minute adventure to be rather well-crafted and inventive.The Gameplay was entertainingly varied and required a degree of 'environmental scrutinisation',as the placement of some of the levers was pretty sneaky;while boulders,push blocks and fire chsllenges were used creatively.Enemies were sparse,but lighting was vibrant and textures were cleanly applied.My biggest irritation was with the audio,which featured a continual background loop of what was presumably meant to be waves on a shingly beach; but which sounded more like a permanent hiss,and subsequently caused a friend of mine (seated nearby) to enquire if something was wrong with my Laptop.Despite this (and a compleat lack of cameras)the atmosphere wasn't too bad,and the game flowed along pleasently from moment to moment.Anyone looking for a level to while away an hour or so could do a lot worse than choose this." - Orbit Dream (17-Jun-2010)
"Whoever first thought that the sounds of waves are soothing should be forced to play this level. I managed to handle my own discontentment with that particular background track by reducing the volume of music, but I think, least of all, the author could've found a longer loop for it. But just so I wouldn't go in for the kill with the first sentences - and to give the level some credit - along with the vegetation and Lara's skimpy outfit, the sound track is probably one of the few things giving away you're on an island. The looks overall are one of its better qualities - and I think the use of the fog was particularly successful here, thus resulting in me gawking at all the nice sceneries it provides longer than necessary. The gameplay is fairly straightforward for most part, and if I got confused it was pretty much where every other player did too. The listlessly scattered and hidden switches are not my favourite gameplay element, and I usually consider it to be a pretty lazy and uninspired way to move the level along. But that's not to say that there are no creative moments here at all - I liked the box task, and mastering the boulder slopes closer to the end was fairly imaginative too. While I think the level just might have turned out better if the author had just decided to put it on hold and return when more ideas arise, it's certainly enjoyable in its current shape too. Play it for the scenery; if you enjoy the tasks too, all the better!" - eTux (16-Jun-2010)
"At first, while unpacking I saw all the TR4 files passing by and my thoughts were I had a level series on hand. No way, the author just send them along to make the download bigger??? A nice looking single level that plays quite well, there are however some points that are better off with a little camera hint, I really missed those here and there. Maybe this is done on purpose, but a level can also be upgraded with some nice camera work. Lighting was ok, not too dark for me and the atmosphere with the distance fog was well done. Pity though you could get to end of world views in a couple of locations. Seen the number of rooms you could have added a view rooms there to get rid of that end of world problem. No real enemies to speak of, a few bats and a couple of skeletons that could be easily outrun. As the author already states in the readme "The level might feel unfinished, because I started to run out of ideas". Well my thoughts exactly, maybe better waited for some new ideas before releasing this half finished product. With the crate puzzle I had a strange experience, used a crate to get to a jump lever and then I pushed some other crates around before getting the first crate back and it was gone, totally disappeared into thin air. So after reloading that part I moved the crate used to get to the jump lever back first before moving the other crates. Only puzzle items are an Orb, renamed to Brass Ball and a Glass Rose at the end. Pickups are only some medipacks and a Shotgun along the way which you don't really need. I had an empty feeling after this level, not much accomplished... Maybe even a few secrets could have spiced things up a bit. You really have to put a bit more effort in releasing a level I think. And pleas delete non used TR4 files in the future." - Dutchy (15-Jun-2010)
"The ratings for this short one could be much higher. The main problem has been already seen by the author himself when he released it. "The level might feel unfinished, because I started to run out of ideas", he tells us in his readme-file. I saw good ideas, interseting jump- and moving-sequences - promising stuff! The puzzles may be a bit too obvious, a water-lever-try-and-error-episode, consisting of seven traps without any hint may be a bit boring. There were some real creative moments and challenges - so I was a bit disappointed when this level ended so abrubtly. Lightning seems to be a bit unreal, but it creates an atmosphere of its own. This level could have been a good prelude to an adventure. The book was released before it was finished. I hope the author will pick it up again and lead it to an end: it has promising moments!" - Christian (14-Jun-2010)
"A pleasant and reasonably attractive journey, though since it seems slighter than the author's last level, I wondered if this might be an earlier work, only being released at this date. I enjoyed it, but did have some specific comments, focused on the room with the tall pillars. Lara can stand on both the raising block, and on the pushable crates. But when a crate is on top the raising block, suddenly it behaves like an old-fashioned TR4 pushable block, and can no longer be climbed upon. This detracts from reality. Next, reviews have mentioned problems with other levels that plaster vegetation over jump switches. Lara has already encountered one or two concealed jump switches (one isn't that well hidden, so I'm not sure whether to count it). The jump switch on the pillar makes too many, no matter how you count. Then there are the eight underwater levers, where seven of them release spikes. This is never a happy situation for Lara, a random trap. After this there is a closing trapdoor in the water, and the switch, which Lara walked by twice without spotting, is in an inconvenient place. If this really is an earlier effort, then none of these objections matter much, and I look forward to further attractive levels by this author." - dmdibl (14-Jun-2010)
"This a nicely built level that could have been a lot better if the builder kept building instead of cutting it short. I really liked the style of lighting used in this one. The texturing looked fairly clean applied and the only graphic flaw that was really obvious was the"end of the world" view in the one large outdoor area. Most of the level has a little bit of hazy orange tint, which gives it a unique look. The game play is not hard at all. There are a few jumps that may need several tries, but other than that it's all smooth and easy. There is one nasty boulder trap that got me a few times also. I like the look of Lara in her sexy diving suit, but what I totally disliked was the running animation. I have never seen this one used before, but I really thought the hand movement while in regular forward mode was kind of strange looking. Either way, this was a very enjoyable raid - I just wish it had been a lot longer." - Blue43 (14-Jun-2010)
"A level that looks fancy and modern in its appearance and flows quite smoothly despite the absence of any camera work. You need to watch out for a few sneakily hidden switches, use a torch, complete a jump and climb passage and solve a simple push block puzzle. I did not see any hint for the 8 underwater lever room, so had to do trial and error on this one. Then you move on and navigate a few burners and avoid a few boulders before you pick up your prize after about 45 minutes. There are a few places where you can easily hit the 'end of the world' that should have been avoided and maybe a few more enemies than the three pirate skeletons could have spiced things up a bit more. As it is, it feels a bit incomplete and uninspired and could have been more than it ends up being. Still, a nice raid to engage into." - MichaelP (14-Jun-2010)
"I thought I would be disappointed in another Egyptian level but that was quickly forgot as the level progressed. Some nice gameplay ideas such as reaching the 'end of the world' in order to not injure Lara on the lowered spike columns or the possibility of not triggering them at all (not sure if that was the builders intention or an engine perk). In any case there is no possibility of running out of med packs(always a good thing). The trap for the skellies was one I have never seen before - really nicely created. Good music selection but in the UW lever pool the sounds went missing for a bit. The hint for the correct lever to use was there but rather confusing as I thought, initially, that it would be a sequence of levers to activate, not just one. Still, the hint was there; I just ignored it. And that brings me to my only real problem with any level: no cameras to show what a lever has opened and no 'music alert' to indicate that the lever is timed which is needed, especially, in an UW lever. The "Read Me' states that it may seem "unfinished" because the author ran out of ideas - I hope that is not an indication that this is his last build because the gameplay hooked me as few levels do. Perhaps something other than an Egyptian theme will re-ignite his imagination and he will continue to build because that would be a very good thing for the TR community." - Bene (14-Jun-2010)
"The level builder writes in the Readme that this level is incomplete because the ideas have gone out and it should be a total of only about 80 rooms. I find not really that this is an incomplete level. I like him in such a way as he is. Of course with some exceptions. Thus, for example, the Jumpswitches, underwater doors and underwater levers have no sound. In a room with a water basin and 8 underwater levers one had to find after the Try and Error-Principle the right lever. Now such a thing must not really be. At a place one comes to the end of the world. Also within the buildings one hears incessantly the sea waves. It would have been better when this sea waves were been quieter, but the volume does not change. There are no camera hints what the levers and Jumpswitches cause. But apart from the fact I have well liked this level. However, after reading the Readme I was wondering, why there was so many levels in the Data folder. It could be that this should become quite a big project. Or Sakkemix had just forgotten to remove this LE-Example levels." - Scottie (14-Jun-2010)
"I had seen some of the screenshots from this level when it was in development, and really liked its looks, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed with the looks, but otherwise the level is a bit dull and (as the builder himself admits) unfinished. Gameplay revolves mostly around finding switches (a lot of which are hidden behind foliage - very irritating!). To add to the confusion, there are no camera clues whatsoever, so it's hard to know what a particular switch opens. The puzzles are not bad, though there's a lever puzzle that relies purely on trial and error. There is a tricky jump right at the beginning, but otherwise nothing challenging. I liked climbing up the very tall room - but the good impression was shattered when the way down involved sliding down an invisible (!) pole. To add to the unfinished feel: there are several places where you can reach the end of the world.
The orange distance fog is quite lovely and gives the level a unique look. Unfortunately it is a bit overused (or is the distance limitation too near? I'm not really sure) - even the indoor rooms look orangey at the edges. The palm trees against the orange horizon in the outdoor areas do look very nice though.
Overall: Not a bad level, in spite of its rather amateurish feel. A fairly short and simple raid for a quiet afternoon." - Mytly (14-Jun-2010)
"I really liked this. No problems that I could see from. Keep up the good work. ;)" - psaiu (13-Jun-2010)
"well its seams i am the first reviewer off this game ... what i can say about it ...... well its a shorther game that u might quess from its size .76 MB .... and with nothing special on it .... have no story ... simplistic arhitecture ... some swiming .... some climbing some jumping at some platforms with timed burner -easy through .... enemyes are only some bats and some nasty skeletons wich wake up after u make a particulary task but easy to avoid .... some block pushing for a high JS and for get up at a higher platform ... some levers for rising trapdors .... flares u dont get ... and may run out off it cos are some dark places ...... cameras are inexistent so u just quess what happen after a lever pulling ..... a boulder chase at final part .. easy too . and get at a small room where u pick up a rose . and game ends abrupt to resume - simplistic game with simplistic arhitecture .. with nothing dificult on it and moustly boring ....and short ..... u can try it at a rainy day but i cannot recomand it ...." - Jack& (13-Jun-2010)
"A rather short one level raid suitable for a sunday afternoon.Actually , I was expecting a sign of development in Sakkemix`s arts as a builder but it didn`t happen. The gameplay proved rather dull and the puzzles (what puzzles ?)just were kind of unimportant. No enemies except a few bats here and there . The builder has not used any cameras or cutscenes and to be honest they were not even needed. Lighting and textures are quite OK but average stuff.I felt rather disappointed by this game." - Ruben (13-Jun-2010)
"It's a shame the builder, as he said in the readme, 'ran out of ideas' and truncated this level because whilst it lasted I was enjoying myself quite a bit. The action switches between attractive outdoor areas, with lush foliage and pools and somewhat gloomy indoor/cave areas. It's a gentle level with only a few bats and the occasional pirate skeleton by way of enemies and the gameplay consists mainly of exploration and some undemanding tasks such as block pushing and boulder avoidance. Nothing at all difficult, but a pleasant affair nonetheless and, given the relaxing water sounds throughout the outdoor settings, it felt a bit like being on holiday." - Jay (13-Jun-2010)
"This is a pleasant level to play if you're not looking for a long and hard raid. It's got a nice atmosphere, and the gameplay is easy without being boring. I would reccomend the builder to spend more time on lighting, as some places in this level seem to have no lighting at all, aside from the ambience... Also, one thing that I really missed here are cameras. One or two flyby sequences would have been very welcome, as some of the architecture was rather original and pretty. That said, the main advice I want to give to Sakkemix is the following: if you're running out of ideas, it's preferable not to release the level and wait until you're inspired. This level could have been so much better if you had had a little more originality! It was a fun level to play, nonetheless, and I really liked the textures and the horizon. They contributed a lot for the atmosphere. I will be looking forward for a more polished level from this author the next time around!" - Brikas94 (13-Jun-2010)