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Complex Simplicity 2010 - Rescue the Princess by Seilion

Blue43 8 8 10 9
Christian 8 8 8 9
Diz 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 7 8 10 9
dmdibl 9 8 9 9
Gerty 6 8 8 9
Gorty 10 10 10 10
Jack& 8 8 8 9
Jay 8 9 10 9
JesseG 6 10 9 9
Jose 8 9 10 9
l.m. 9 10 10 10
Magnus 8 9 9 9
manarch2 8 8 10 9
MichaelP 9 9 10 9
misho98 8 9 10 10
Mman 8 10 10 10
mugs 8 8 8 8
Mytly 8 8 10 9
Phil 9 9 10 9
Ruben 8 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
TheStig 9 9 10 10
Treeble 9 10 10 10
release date: 01-Jul-2010
# of downloads: 162

average rating: 8.88
review count: 25
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file size: 141.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The atmosphere in this level is mindblowing. The small village like area with the river, the gigantic floating rock which you'll be crawling into a few times, and then the magical castle tower at the top. All of it is permeated by a lovely myst - not dense enough to render things invisible, but just the right amount to make this place all the more special. Gameplay is also rather fun and engaging, the only bit I would have done without is the going back and forth into three different crawlspaces of the floating rock (I should also add Phil's walkthrough mitigated any potential harm to the experience as I didn't wander around aimlessly). Definitely recommended. 60 minutes, 5 secrets. 08/22" - Treeble (14-Aug-2022)
"Lara collects two pieces of an ocular disk in order to ascend a formidable tower where a princess is held captive, and releases her with a tea set. Along with the tower there is also a village, sewer, and floating islands to travel across. The way Lara makes her way upwards is a nice design idea that gives the player a tangible sense of progression. There is also a set of blades, a horseman, and a couple of undead to contend with, but that is about the extent of engaging gameplay, the rest of it is purely exploration, with a bit of backtracking but thankfully not a huge amount of it. My only issue with this level is the lack of camera cues for some switches; one might argue that the objects that changed are usually close enough to notice without them, but I think the heavy blue fog made it easy to overlook what was happening if you aren't looking the right way. Either way this makes for a nice adventure with a heroic feel to it. 1 hour 13 minutes." - JesseG (13-Apr-2021)
"Only one question comes to mind while playing and finishing this game … Why is this still not in the hall of fame ? Why does it has a score under 9 ? From the start till the end the level has perfection in every corner ( not literally ). Starting in a huge beautifully designed valley that somehow reminds me of Zelda: Ocarina of time and continuing through the insides of the castle, and finally finishing in an epic surreal flying island. I really can’t complain about this level. Maybe the gameplay was sometimes too hard or too cryptic. I had often to look in the walkthrough. Despite some minor texturing flaws in the hidden corners of the level I haven’t found any other flaws in level design or architecture. In fact, the architecture and design must be really something I have never seen before. The imagination of the author is over 9000 ! I didn’t experienced game killing lags, but yes, it’s still sometimes very slow at some parts. Extraordinary, brilliant and breathtaking. It’s worth downloading just to take a look at this magnificent design. Overall, a masterpiece of level building that surely deserves its place in the hall of fame. Highly recommended for every member of the community!" - Gorty (07-Oct-2017)
"The second Complex Simplicity level played and a possible winning candidate for me. Starting out in an old village with some (admittedly gloomy) sewer exploration and a nice church to end this part. The we get transported to a floating islands section with a couple of timed runs before we rescue the princess. Great fun to play." - Ryan (12-Mar-2016)
"I start to suspect this whole Castle contest is really underrated as a whole. If we had a separate Hall of Fame to rank such seasonal batches, this one would be near the top for its epic, knightly-adventurous mood and despite of many errors remaining in particular levels. Is there anybody who didn't want to rescue a princess? Well, the princess didn't, obviously... but everyone else did! Here's another one You can save from a cage, and she's apparently starving because in order to succeed You need to solve a dish puzzle and serve her a dinner - I smell a model look anorexia reference, but I'm not sure if the author had exactly this in mind, so extra points will be given for other things. Though I think the secrets were way unbalanced, the oddly placed ocular pickups made no sense and I obviously disliked the sewer part (such a cliche location must be really creative, and the UW switch chain is the easiest design possible), I'll thank the builder for the short duration of the latter and instead have a smile on the epic wraith battles, a floating island garden, gorgeous climbing sequence, solid castle architecture and overwhelmingly spacious valley that could as well fall into the Easter category. The level boundaries were a bit too thin but I don't care. But I still wonder how those two girls are supposed to get down from these clouds... An undiscovered death slide? SUMMARY: Long live the queen, at least until the next slip into the foggy abyss... Death to all crow opponents, and hail the sheep in the croft. For ye old castle mission, chaaaaarge!! Recommended, as highly as the castle hangs." - DJ Full (30-Sep-2014)
"A level with huge areas, at the outside ones my PC ran this game very slowly. I know it's my fault I don't have the strongest PC on Earth, but that area was just huge. (and still not perfect)It was beautiful though. Gameplay was good, some puzzles were nice, there were some boring moments at times like the battle with the knight. I know It's like a boss battle, but I really hate those knights and their horses. Atmosphere, lighting and textures were amazing, but I noticed some not very well rotated rock textures. Of course, flawless texturing is never possible. It took me 1 hour. I recommend this to people with good machines." - misho98 (27-Mar-2012)
"I guess if you asked me to summarise this level with one phrase it would be 'Epic Scale' While it's not the largest level I've ever played width-ways, the sheer vertical lengths that you go through certainly are pretty exceptional. This is certainly not a level for anyone who suffers from vertigo! You'll also need a pretty reasonably graphics card & processor to handle the environment's scale too. While my quad core desktop is by no-means a gaming rig, its not exactly a dinosaur either, and it was pretty much un-playable in a few of the larger outdoor spaces on my laptop. I can't help but be impressed by this though. There's a real genuine flow to things. Medic-packs are tight so you have to stay on top of your health and the later sections where you climb the rocky upper levels are a little gut-renching (in a really good way). You have to go down (into the sewers) to go up too. Texturing, lighting and geometry are all pretty exceptional. Music queues are very well chosen too. All in all I got 1 hour and 30 mins raid-time from Rescue the Princess. There's allot of replayability in there for me too as I only managed 2 out of 5 secrets. An excellent level. Highly recommended! Stiggy :)" - TheStig (29-Apr-2011)
"Lara enters a small village with a strange floating island above it. Yet again the visual bar is passed, at least to some degree; the structures aren't quite as good looking as The Princess and the Nasty Dragon or Fortress of Fear, but the natural terrain outside is quite possibly the best I've ever seen in a TR level. The amount of light and natural beauty helps create a great "fairy tale" atmosphere too. I thought the final Castle area felt a bit weaker looking than the rest, but it's still above-average at worst. Be warned though that if you're on a weak computer it might not be able to handle it.
Gameplay unfortunately seems a little neglected in comparison. There's nothing egregiously bad, but the challenge is mostly based around finding hidden switches and objects (sometimes a little too hidden considering how massive the areas are) rather than any particular variety. The ending also felt slightly anti-climatic despite a nice final cutscene. One small thing I liked was the listing of the new controls at the start, which isn't present in the other levels. So more of a visual showcase than a pure gameplay level (although it's definitely not deficient in that regard, just not as focused as in some of the other levels), but what a showcase!" - Mman (22-Feb-2011)
"This fifty-minute level impressed me right from the start, when a message popped up explaining all of the new moves before I started playing. Since there doesn't seem to be any documentation for the project as a whole anywhere (maybe there is and I just can't find it, but I really think it should be easy to find so that the people whose objects, music and textures were used for this project are given proper credit), it took me a while to realize that Lara could jump up from ledges when I played my first level. (In this level, Lara can leap forward if you press the action button and the sprint button while running for some reason, but it's a sucky move and serves no function other than making Lara leap around accidentally while fighting enemies.) And when the camera panned out to show a great-looking area with a floating platform, a waterfall and a church in the distance, I was sold. No area in the level actually manages to trump the opening area, but there are still some very impressive areas later on, including the inside of the aforementioned church and the top of the floating platform. The gameplay flows nicely for the most part, aside from a couple of hidden switches that I didn't appreciate. But other than that, it's a fun level which uses Lara's abilities well. The level loses a bit of its spark near the end with a couple of areas that aren't as much fun to get through as the ones that preceded them, but it's still a very solid level overall. This is a serious contender for winner of the Complex Simplicity competition." - Magnus (30-Aug-2010)
"Found some illegal slopes and the fight with the knight on the horse was a bit unfair as the screen was lagging quite a lot. That timed jump switch was the pits, first time around I could do it with the flare trick, but second time around I am still hanging on that pillar. So in that respect I gave up. This was my least favourite level because (of course) of the floating islands. I just hate them, I know hate is such a strong word, but my fear of heights is not something I can ignore, and it is stronger than me. I was so stuck in the beginning that I left this one for last, while a simple camera shot would be enough to get people underway in the sewer area." - Gerty (18-Aug-2010)
"First of all I want to say that the atmosphere in the church and at the sky island was the best in the whole contest. The river was a nice idea (beginning on sky and floating till the ground) but I wished a tricky puzzle with that - nothing there. The timed runs were really hard as the climbing-and- jumping parts in the sky were, too and made the level very challenging and delightful." - manarch2 (17-Aug-2010)
"This was an enjoyable level for the most part, however, in the outdoor sections, it was quite laggy. This, of course probably can't be helped, but on my computer, gigantic rooms like this outdoor area really stressed my old PC. Most of the time it did not affect gameplay but when Lara was on top of the floating island, fighting the horseman was a challenge with such lag. I did like the atmosphere, music and textures weren't bad. I sure was nervous for Lara when she was shimmying along hundreds of feet up! That was great! I only found 4 of the 5 secrets. There were some nifty short timed runs that would have been impossible without knowing the "trick," which I find kind of mean for the straight player. This one is a very good level, but if you have a bit of a granddaddy PC (mine was made in 2002) you might be driven nuts with the lagging." - Shandroid (21-Jul-2010)
"This level had an almost fairy tale feel to it. This was enhanced by nearly no enemies and the plastic cut-out flowers everywhere. It must be the way I play them but this was one of those levels where I found keys, then found keyholes but the two never seemed to go together. I think that, being left-handed, I play these levels the wrong way round. Nevertheless, an interesting and enjoyable level. Visually it was beautifully made with a pleasing variety with the valley, church, sewers and floating islands. I thought that having the floating island being hollow was an inspired touch. Good lighting as even the darker areas could be played in without the use of flares and the outside areas had the feel of a summers day which enhances the fairy tale feel. Some interesting manoeuvres with the wall cracks and with the swim in the sewers. All in all, a very good level." - Diz (18-Jul-2010)
"another interesting one in this series. Gameplay differs from the other complex simplicity-levels. Starting in sewers, the most interesting part of the game takes place in a chapel. The second part of the level leads up to the sky, a deja vu of the floating islands of TR2. Gameplay and atmosphere in this section of the game don't really convince, but great lightning compensates here. Recommended." - Christian (16-Jul-2010)
"This is a level that exudes considerable charm. The tasks on terra firma focus on a church that appears much too large to service the small village that surrounds it, but the countryside atmosphere as you go from one spot to another is most captivating. The second half of the level takes you up to a large floating island, and getting there is half the fun. Everything fits together quite nicely, and although the level of difficulty is not high, the ingenuity of the gameplay indicates that a seasoned builder was at work here. Highly recommended." - Phil (13-Jul-2010)
"The last CS2010 level that I played and a great way to end this wonderful series of Castle levels. The atmosphere created here is probably the most unique of all the CS levels: it wonderfully conveys a fairy tale feeling with some great jump, climb, shimmy exercises high up in the sky on a huge floating island - absolutely breathtaking and I loved the view of those high waterfalls. What it also stands out for is a rather logical type of gameplay, where the next thing you miss and look for happens to be just around the corner, once you complete the necessary task and camera hints do guide you when the next step is not immediately nearby. Enemies are again very few (some dogs and archers and the knight on a horse who drops a crucial item). The huge church looks impressive and holds another set of fun jumps to work through, the sewer section has a nice sequence of underwater switches and doors to maneuvre and jumps around blocks floating in the air are always fun in a TR level. After almost 90 minutes you finally get to serve the tea and free the princess and the level comes to an end. Also, the only level of the series where I missed secrets (found only 2 of the 5 and know where a third is) - so will go back to it one more time later on. Highly recommended!" - MichaelP (13-Jul-2010)
"The opening flyby shows a lovely valley with a meandering stream running through it and pretty cottages and an imposing church. So where does Lara immediately head for? The sewers. At least she gets to perform a few interesting tasks whilst she's down there and the scenery soon gets prettier. This is definitely something a little different from the other Complex Simplicity castle levels as it's partly set in the sky - a floating islands type setting - that makes for some interesting, if somewhat vertiginous, raiding." - Jay (09-Jul-2010)
"The adventure takes Lara to a castle high up in the sky, so it's a mixture between fairy tale and floating islands level.The game looks a bit "edgy" at times , especially the many triangle shapes in the underwater section were quite annoying. Textures were sometimes a bit stretched. Hardly any puzzles in this game. A short but very tight timed run close to the end. Phew ! Still a good and enjoyable game." - Ruben (09-Jul-2010)
"Here's a fun game with basically two venues: the tiny village and the floating island palace. you will be searching the village for an entry into the church where the action awaits you. I really liked this part of the game - finding the torch and figuring out the way to climb higher (nice touch using the rafters for swinging!). I grew a bit tired of the tightropes and wonder what happened to the ability to jump to the ledge - something to do with trng maybe. The floating palace has some tight timed-runs, but nothing that can't be mastered, IMO, and the final search for the....wait for it.....that's right....the teapot! Lot's of fun with a variety of venue!" - Mugs (08-Jul-2010)
"This is a beautifully designed level with stunning graphics and a unique atmosphere. Sounds, texturing and lighting are almost flawless. The game play was nice and not too hard. I loved the climb up to those floating islands, the climbing and rope swinging in the church and exploring the canalization area. . Everything flows quite nicely, although there are some game-stopping moments, when one is missing an item or overlooked a jump switch. My least favorite part was the enemies, specially the horseman. Good that those pistols do have unlimited ammo. If you love great visuals and views, don't miss this one. My compliments to the builder for creating this unique adventure." - Blue43 (07-Jul-2010)
"Another time giving a complete dish to the princess; it seems that all they love tea, lol! The first part in the church and the sewers is more natural, but the second part in the floating areas is more unreal and fantastic. I've got problems in the high garden with the cracks and the rooms there 'cause there are not enough cameras to show you the way as in any other places; also some jumps in the floating rocks to reach the high garden were very hard; finally, the timed runs at the end to open the trapdoors were very very tight too. Remaining features of the level were very good, with a high variety of tasks but few puzzles; majority was look for something and exploring. Great environment with a good architecture and nice texturing; some special features like the teleportings, and generally nice to play." - Jose (07-Jul-2010)
"well a bit longer ride this time and a bit more tougher .... is some time runs and so spike traps as well in this one ......... interesting story started on the ground level off a church .. and continued up in the sky at some floating island and castle ...u need also to use the cup off tea to eliberate the princess trapped at a small green house ... nice ride clues could be more ... good graphics . and good ride ...." - Jack& (07-Jul-2010)
"Good game play, with unforgettable nerve-wracking jumps across floating islands with the landscape far below. And not that long before the landscape had seemed so placid and uneventful! At first, Lara needs sharp eyes to spot the crowbar, hidden in plain sight, to accomplish the sewer route. A highlight is the church, with a series of jumps (the swing pole has been replaced with a wooden beam, and I found that out only by having Lara jump to it because there seemed nothing else to do). Then those floating islands, with finely calculated jumps, back leaps, and pole swings. The end has good moments such as Lara leaping to a pillar crack, to reach a jump switch for a timed run. But the second low jump switch timed run was much too short. Side flipping right was no solution. There is a trick, where Lara lights a flare, pulls the jump switch, then throws the flare away as she falls. Lara lands upright, instead of going into a crouch and recovery routine that wastes a precious second. Lara could dash to the closing trapdoor with time to spare, but I don't know how other players accomplished this. With the princess in sight, the decor is underdeveloped, as though the author were in a hurry to finish. Good fun, recommended." - dmdibl (07-Jul-2010)
"This is quite a unique level, particularly in terms of atmosphere. The first half of the level takes place in a castle (a chapel, really) and the surrounding countryside, which is stunningly beautiful. Then things take a more surreal turn, as you are transported high up in the sky, onto a series of floating islands, both big and small, to finally reach the princess's castle, which is also floating. Many levels do the floating islands style quite well, but in this case, the vertiginous effect is heightened enormously, because you can still see the countryside that you were just wandering in, now lying far below your feet - simply superb!
The looks are absolutely gorgeous, and contribute enormously to the atmosphere. My only quibble is that textures and objects are sometimes used a bit randomly, and occasionally make certain rooms look unnecessarily 'busy'.
The gameplay, unfortunately, is not all that great. The tasks do not flow smoothly or very logically, and involve far too much running back and forth. The sewer section at the beginning does have a moderately interesting water level changing puzzle, and an underwater maze (which is a little annoying because of the collision), but it lacks the atmosphere of the rest of the level. Things pick up a bit on reaching the lovely chapel, but here the tasks can be quite confusing, because camera hints are sorely lacking. The highlight of the gameplay (for me at least) is traversing the floating islands. In the princess's castle, there are a couple of short and somewhat challenging timed runs. Enemies are dogs, ghosts, and living and undead knights. They are not too tough to tackle, but the lack of powerful weapons at the beginning does make them a bit more daunting.
Overall: Notwithstanding the occasionally frustrating gameplay, the fairy-tale looks and feel of this level are not to be missed. A must-play!" - Mytly (03-Jul-2010)
"This is quiet a good level. Lara starts to rescue a princess. Therefore she explore a church, floating mountains, a floating island and the princess tower. Especially the church and the floating area are very well builded by the author. Lightning and textures are very good. The athmosphere were also excellent and the sounds are well placed. First she explore a normal medieval area, and then this level will have a little touch of mystic and fantastic. Very good. The gameplay is good, but a litle bit more increasable. Very high recommended from my side!" - l.m. (03-Jul-2010)