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In Search of the Lost Trident by PaoloM

Blue43 9 9 9 9
Christian 9 8 8 8
Diz 10 9 9 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
dmdibl 9 8 9 9
Drakan 10 10 9 9
eRIC 10 9 9 9
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Jack& 8 9 10 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jerrod 5 8 6 8
JesseG 9 9 8 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
Josey 10 10 10 10
manarch2 10 10 9 9
MichaelP 9 8 9 9
Mman 9 9 7 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Scottie 10 9 9 9
Shandroid 9 8 9 9
TheStig 8 8 8 9
Treeble 9 8 9 8
release date: 13-Nov-2010
# of downloads: 184

average rating: 8.82
review count: 24
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file size: 30.27 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very good. A single medium-sized map but it feels like a micro-world as no space is wasted, distinct looks are applied and every type of gameplay is included. It is challenging but also nicely segmented so you know the things to focus on and can tackle them one by one. I can only highly recommend this. I'd probably rate it a point higher but the sound issues said nope." - DJ Full (30-Apr-2024)
"From start to finish I had a very strong feeling of deja vu in this level, I can't quite pinpoint where from however, but the tall hub with the trapdoors and the five receptacles and later hopping across the rooftops with the torch. What you get here is a solid level however and the quest for the five golden stars isn't quite a walk in the park with quite a fair share of platforming to be done, but honestly it's nowhere as difficult as I was led to believe by skimming some of the reviews. Of course I say this from the high horse of someone who's been following walkthroughs for some time now so having it all spelled out for me might have changed my perspective. I still found myself quickloading quite a bit in some areas, such as when trying to shimmy over a flame emmiter (seemed impossible without abusing quicksave/quickload to reset the timer) and the trapdoors at the end required a very specific timeframe to navigate flawlessly. I couldn't get to the last secret either as it seems an invisible spike trap gets triggered along the way and renders that monkey swing unusable, so maybe pulling that lever down the pit on the first visit to the area is the way to go. Still, lovely looks, engaging gameplay, definitely one to check out. 60 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/22" - Treeble (02-Oct-2022)
"The hardest part of this level was the first 2 minutes when Lara fell on slippery slopes and bounced several times before hanging on and then started again. In short after this hard preamble, the rest of the level is perfect in terms of gamepalay and difficulty, even trapdoors timed are not very difficult to pass. Thanks to the solution I found all the secrets and I liked the music announcing a future secret. In these secret rooms, we can see the photos of the author and (certainly) members of his family or friends. Excellent level." - Drakan (19-Nov-2018)
"This is a very enjoyable, but also extremely challenging adventure, full of many tough challenges to conquer. It begins with a sequence of slope jumps past fire, and if you're observant you can get the secret hidden around there, and ends with a tough timed run across alternating platforms, which I agree was probably too tough for its own good. You also get some target shooting, some torch work and some climbs up and down a huge room to locate five stars. Fun, but not for the faint hearted (if you liked Jedi Master's levels, you'll love this)." - Ryan (25-Sep-2017)
"This is essentially a Legacy of the Gods homage, with a wide range of textures from that set, and gameplay and style that are reminiscent too. There's even the weird half-buried spikes. Some parts almost feel like some long lost cut parts of LOTG, although a few areas diverge from the style enough to betray the non-Jedi Master origin. The only area that feels a bit lacking is the sound; some of the sounds are missing or off in some way (the spikes rarely make noise for example) and there's no ambient sound by default (although the music use is fine), copying over the TRLE ambient audios did fix this but it's just the default ambience.
You are instantly thrown into the action here with a slopes and fire sequence (which is another very Jedi Master thing to do), but after that it's mostly an exploration level, with a hub and some offshoot areas, with a big difficulty- spike trapdoor sequence at the end as the only truly brutal part (although there are one or two other tricky timed sequences). There's some nice ideas like a sequence with disappearing switches, although one near-invisible floor trapdoor was the one flow-stopper in this level for me. I missed every secret so I guess I might have missed some notable extra challenges too. A good level, and very few seem capable of emulating LOTG's style as well as this level does." - Mman (29-Jun-2014)
"A really solid Greece themed adventure here. Rooms are very well constructed and crafted with thoughtful texturing and lighting. Things start off a little frantic initially as you make you way amongst lava slopes and rolling boulders. After this initial rush however In Search of the Lost Trident settles down into a very successful explore and raid type adventure. The principle goal (other than collecting the Trident at the end of course), is to find 5 stars from the connecting rooms of the main chamber. You'll need to have a good eye too because camera clues are limited and the solution to finding each star is not always obvious. I'd say this is of above average difficulty, but nothing that sound be to challenging for most raiders. I was foxed somewhat by one of the flip-rooms (the hatch trap-door didnt really shout at me as the solution!). The only real disappointment for me was the sound. Music queues and ambience seemed a little absent (though there was the odd one here and there) and I noted some oddities with the spikes and water-falls too where a 'gap' in the sound loop could be heard. All in all I got 1 hour 36 minutes gameplay from In Search of the Lost Trident. An excellent level and highly recommended, Stiggy." - TheStig (14-Oct-2011)
"I am surprised that there no more reactions, I encounter the bug mentioned by some reviewers (dmdibl, Phil..) and for my part, I can't finish the level... During the latest monkeyswing, there are invisible spikes that kill miss Croft (collision with a adjacent room, I assume). I tried over 20 times but no way. For that reason, it's hard for me to recommended a unplayable level. Except that bug, the level is rather good... Even so I think the latest golden star (count as a secret, despite it's a piece of the puzzle) is untraceable without the walkthru (a camera clue would be really welcome)." - Jerrod (20-Aug-2011)
"Knowing a bit what Paolo is all about I knew that this would take a while before I would finish it. And I was not wrong. You start with a gauntlet of jumps, which in itself is not bad at all; apart from that you have no idea where you end up. So reloading is on the menu. The only gripe I have is that the trapdoor/jump lever was way too obscure. The last jumps over those timed trapdoors had me reloading way too much to be enjoyable but I reached the end and that is the main goal. There is a bit back and fro and one of the Stars you need was hidden very clever," - Gerty (14-Apr-2011)
"It's pretty hard to rate a level that ends with an almost impossible timed trapdoor run to the trident that was the aim of the game right from the start - almost impossible because it takes about one thousand tries before Lara manages not to pass across the trapdoors like a ghost, not because it's a never before seen task. I finally made it though: with a lot of patience and a lot of luck (I'm guessing). But reviewing the game based on the final impressions would be unfair to a large extent, so I'll just mention it and keep it at that. The game departs with an immediate load of action among sliding ledges and lava: not my favourite Tomb Raider thing but it's well done. And then, Lara arrives in a peaceful garden. She must open doors and solve a lot of action-filled puzzles so she can find five golden stars and arrive just where this review started. Some are more ingenious, some are less ingenious, all are challenging to some extent and one of the rooms is even quite mind-boggling. The architecture is rather classic but well done. And the people whose photographs appear during the level look nice and well meaning. So... It's not exactly my cup of tea, but it shows a lot of work and thinking in just a few rooms and were it not for the final "ghost effect" that somehow spoils the game, it would deserve better attention. Still, I see it has high ratings. And, looking into the entire level, I really see no reasons to become the party spoiler." - Jorge22 (23-Feb-2011)
"A fabulous 90 minute adventure, full of smaller and bigger challenges to master, never boring and always keeps you on your toes and wanting to proceed. Right from the word go, there is a bit of a gauntlet to master and then you get to a very well designed hub area where your quest is to collect five stars that will eventually open the door to that long lost trident. The flyby that introduces the hub room makes you almost think that you are in a JediMaster level - and that is meant to be a compliment. I really enjoyed many of the clever tasks throughout, especially the rather very clever use of the torch, but the flipmap room puzzle was a little bit too obscure maybe and that magically appearing trapdoor just a bit too well hidden. Also the final short timed trapdoor sequence took maybe a few too many tries to manage to still be a fun finale, but all things considered this is a great game for the more seasoned raiders out there and should not be missed!" - MichaelP (26-Jan-2011)
"Here you soon arrive to a central main room and you'll have to look for five stars in another areas to return and open the exit door. Good gameplay with no backtracking, but a bit obscure with all those too hidden switches and brass balls; also tasks are not very hard except the final run over the timed trapdoors. Not very huge rooms but a lot of tasks to do in each one; you'll need to explore carefully every corner if you don't want to miss important objects. Environment is really good, with a realistic architecture and very well textured tastefully decorated; really nice to ride through those beautiful areas. Very recommended." - Jose (04-Jan-2011)
"This level was really fun. It was challenging in places and one area was downright perplexing, but nothing too terribly difficult. The atmosphere was really nice and appeared Grecian, which I love. There is much here to enjoy, mostly for the person who likes exploration and puzzle-solving. Don't miss this one." - Shandroid (09-Dec-2010)
"This is a fun adventure that has its share of difficult sequences, starting with the opening flurry that gets the blood pounding with suitable intensity. Manarch2 has provided a complete and concise walkthrough upon which I relied heavily, as this is a level with many counterintuitive (and therefore frustrating) twists and turns. One sequence of note takes place in a small area where you first go up, thinking you're going to activate a jump switch, only to find that the jump switch has disappeared once you get up there. But looking down, if your eyesight is akin to that of an eagle, you can see that access to a trap door has been enabled in the floor below. There seems to be a bug associated with opening the door to the secret in this area, unless the builder did it that way on purpose, as you have to return to a switch and pull it back up and down again before gaining access to the secret. Cute, once you know what's going on. The final timed sequence gave many player fits, but I stuck with it and finally conquered it with two curved jumps followed by two side flips. Took me many tries, however. And I had to bypass the fourth secret, because I experienced the same problem as did manarach2, in that Lara would inexpicably perish when trying to monkey swing back to safety after raising the platform to the secret area. In all, I found this to be a challenging but rewarding gaming experience. Recommended for seasoned raiders." - Phil (03-Dec-2010)
"I knew I was going to love this game right from the start with the sliding and jumping in amongst the flame emitters. Just as I found a place to catch my breath, bang, a boulder on the noggin. Wonderful stuff! The game continued in this excellent vein right up to the final area with a difficult run over timed platforms. The trick to timing them was very clever and one I don't think I've seen before. Once you get it, it's still challenging, but possible. Lots of well hidden switches, few enemies but well used, each room with a different challenge, all added to a nicely made 3 dimensional area to give a level that was a pleasure to play. Look out for the flip-map for one of the secrets. I only found three, could see the fourth but couldn't get to it." - Diz (28-Nov-2010)
"Wow, this was a truly challenging adventure. Right from the beginning with the shimmying and the slopes, this level was very difficult. The secret raid was, too - all of them were very cleverly placed, I liked the flipmap one best: Pulling all levers again you already pulled before and making the room completely change. In general, gameplay was of a high standard. Despite the level dured only 90 minutes for me it was a concise work and I am glad I tried this! Also, textures were very good; however I have found one sloppy bug in this level: In the room where you find the lasersight Lara strangely dies because of no special reason. I think there might be some spikes over this square and Lara even dies under them. But this single mistake doesn't make this level worse. Highly recommended!" - manarch2 (27-Nov-2010)
"This adventure will be sure to test your wits for over an hour. Falling ledges, flame traps, animals, and timed trapdoors are just a few of the obstacles that will work your fingers. You will also need to find some highly concealed switches, breakable objects, and pickups while performing some tricky jumps. It is all quite challenging but fun. The one point where I felt it went overboard is one area that is actually two areas that look like each other exist in the same place - and as you go through a corridor in the back, you are actually traveling from one to another. This is not a mere flipmap - objects and terrain appear and disappear between the areas - so it is quite mind-boggling even as you start to catch on. Either way I would recommend this for the tougher players out there." - SSJ6Wolf (26-Nov-2010)
"For me, this level is of the kind most enjoyable: few enemies, and very good puzzles; traditional atmosphere; there are no vast, huge, almost infinite spaces to explore; good lighting; and, from the very beginning, an enormous quantity of challenging, dangerous sequences that require game skill. That's it, PaoloM! A full 10!" - Josey (26-Nov-2010)
"well a very good game very challenging with alot off hard bananna jumps traps and clever puzzles ........ but very frustrating close to finish .......the curvy jump to cath the block was very hard from the opening at last room for last 2 stars........ and insane hard was the final trapdoors challenge for the trident ....... was timed very short between rising falling and after Lara jumped from first trapdoor at side jump for second - the trapdoor was in rising process so Lara fall between trapdoor several times ......... and iff wait a bit more to get fully rised the second trappdoor Lara cannot make the jump and fall down from first one ........ was insane frustrating .. cause untill second trapdoor dont get rised fully at his place was not solid !! all in all almoust perfect game except the final trapdoors challenge ......" - Jack& (22-Nov-2010)
"After 3 long years there is a sign of life of PaoloM once more. And immediately the level beginning points in which direction it goes: The jump combinations are rather difficult partly, thus it several attempts needs to master around them. The duties and riddles are not mostly to be recognised right away, thus one must torture more than once his gyri of the brain to find the solution. I have liked particularly the Flybys. There the player could see what expects him. And the duties were varied. Whether these were now timed trap tiles, or crumb tiles, or the jump combinations about the slopings. Now and again small texture mistakes were to be seen, but as a rule the rooms were very good built and lighted up. The level builder has placed the few opponents, knights and harpies, suitably.
Result: This level offers nearly 2 hours of play fun purely. And with it everything is said" - Scottie (22-Nov-2010)
"This level starts with a surprising slide, jump, timed burner, breakable tile sequence and finally after several lava death and reloads there is a place to save the game and Lara comes out into a beautifully decorated multi-story room with lush greenery and water features. From this main area Lara has to climb and explore the other rooms of the level, collect five stars and make it to the final area. I found the game play quite challenging, as there are a couple of timed jump sequences over grates and I really had my problems with the final one, but once I found out how to, it wasn't that bad at all. One definitely has to play with open eyes here to find the all the shootable items. Additionally, the game play was spiced up with flip maps, good puzzles and excellent use of the torch. The secrets were either well hidden or hard to get. I found one, saw another one and couldn't get to it and there were obviously two more I never found. There were not many enemies in this level, the camera work was nicely done and I did like the soundtrack. Architecture, especially the main room was beautiful and a pleasure to look at. The texturing and lighting was also well done. This is definitely a top-notch level with interesting game play, maybe not so good for beginners, but definitely one of those intermediate sized levels no experienced player should ever miss. Thanks also to those who helped out in the stuck level thread!" - Blue43 (21-Nov-2010)
"From the opening sequence of sliding, bouncing and avoiding fire emitters, it was obvious that this was going to be a most entertaining level. There are plenty of quite challenging agility tests to accomplish and this is certainly no level for beginners, but for anyone with a reasonable degree of prowess it is an absolute must-play. It's not a particularly long level and in a 'time flies whilst you're having fun' way, seems even shorter than it actually is. The basic premise is a search for five stars which lead the way to the trident and it's a 'different areas off a central hub' scenario, which always seems to work well as a concept. Enemies are few and far between, but otherwise the gameplay is nicely divided between the aforementioned agility tests and puzzles. One room in particular has a most interesting flip map effect that may well cause you confusion for a while. The secrets are all accompanied by photographs - the builder and his family perhaps? Overall, a wonderful raid in beautiful surroundings." - Jay (21-Nov-2010)
"I have been trying to teach myself level building. From such a vantage point, it is amazing how much action the author packs into a single room. The beginning works very well with twenty-eight ways for Lara to die, one quick reflex needed after another, plus a good secret for the observant. Everything is well constructed and the texturing is good. Lara is given a challenge of finding five stars, and I do mean challenge. Someone who is interested in technical level building may be thrilled. But from a players' point of view, having Lara make blind jumps across spike tiles when there is no idea what comes next is tiring, and the close quarters can become claustrophobic. Tightly squeezed passages are essential for hiding a star. There is the case of the vanishing jump switch. Lara spots this from down below, yet when she climbs up to the platform and expects to use this jump switch, it has vanished. From a building standpoint, a clever effect. From a players' perspective, this looks like some kind of bug, and it disturbs any sense of reality. Then there may have been a real bug. Lara found a hidden lever down among slope jumps with lava pits at the bottom. The lever opens the door to a high secret. But when Lara tries to monkey swing back out there is the sound of spikes, though no spikes are visible. Suddenly a camera shot shows Lara dead at the bottom of a lava shaft. I think those spikes were in an adjacent room, or triggered by other exploration, but they made it impossible for Lara to use the monkey swing. (Lara had used the monkey swing earlier, to get a laser sight, so this problem develops later on.) A few missing cameras, and the use of many nooks and crannies to hide things, sometimes leaves Lara to wander aimlessly, with frustration mounting. I had to check the forum to find out about the shootable doors. But then Lara shot one underwater door repeatedly, decided (wrongly) that it wasn't breakable, and was left stuck on the way to the fifth star. Players may have quite different reactions to this level, depending on what they are looking for. Undeniably it is an accomplished technical achievement, and cleverly designed. Best played when you are up for a challenge." - dmdibl (21-Nov-2010)
"Don't know if it is intentional , but for some moments in the game , I really had the feeling to play some finest Jedi Master (in his Greek period) 's vintage. Totally original this level of course but the kind of gameplay is in the same category also the neat texturing makes you think of that ; I had great pleasure to discover and raid this compact world , well lit and accompanied with good atmosphere ( a couple of sounds are missing for objects though ). What really stands out here is the gameplay , very enjoyable and with good progression if observation is required ; I only missed a trapdoor and an opening somewhere. Some challenges are cool to master , not too difficult , and some puzzles are really excellent : the flipmaps in one of the quests are brilliantly made , and the ball that is hidden behind the pillar with the timed switch in the timed trapdoors room is ingenuous and teasing as you have to use one of the timed trapdoor before making the full series. The secrets are not easy to get , could only obtained one. Well done in all categories. My kind of game ! One of the most enjoyable levels released in 2010." - eRIC (20-Nov-2010)
"After a promising intro, a route over some slopes with some interesting jumps and an unusual boulder trap the player finds himself in a great yard: A flyby makes us assume that there are a lot of tasks to do. After deactivating a few spikes, shooting several doors and some other items three areas will be accessable, where five stars have to be found. Creative and varied gameplay from the beginning to the end, nice timed trap-door challenges, especially the one leading to the trident and to the end of the level. Gameplay is linear, the torch-puzzle is another example for the creativity of this author. I couldn't stop playing. There are only a few tin-men to fight, atmosphere is elaborate, so camera-setting and lightning fit very well together. Very good work. Highly recommended!" - Christian (20-Nov-2010)