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Outworld by Fabio

Ceamonks890 7 9 8 8
Christian 7 7 7 7
Diz 7 8 8 7
DJ Full 8 10 9 8
dmdibl 6 8 8 6
eTux 6 6 6 5
Gerty 7 7 7 6
Jay 7 7 8 7
JesseG 6 7 7 7
Jose 7 7 8 6
LuxQSD 6 8 7 6
manarch2 7 9 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 7 6
Nina Croft 5 8 7 5
Nuri 8 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Ryan 7 7 7 6
Scottie 7 7 8 8
Steven Svorticher 7 8 7 5
TheStig 7 7 7 7
Torry 7 7 8 6
totizedger 7 9 7 7
Treeble 5 6 6 6
release date: 02-Jan-2011
# of downloads: 165

average rating: 7.12
review count: 23
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file size: 10.21 MB
file type: TR2
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Often primitive but also very distinct and of excellent mood. The culprit is going a few times through the same passage but it doesn't make it significantly boring. The last secret is an entire separate escapade. One of my favourite fanmade TR2 levels. Recommended." - DJ Full (22-Apr-2024)
"A jaunt through a dark temple with a lot of acid pools. Apparently this level is inspired by the Mortal Combat series, but I'm not familiar enough with the franchise to derive any entertainment from would-be references located within. It's a pretty solid release with engaging gameplay for the most part, though there is quite a bit of pointless backtracking. Despite this, the camerawork always hints as to where you need to go next, so you won't get lost. Enemies are well placed and you're given plenty of ammo to take care of them as you please. They have also been reskinned for the occasion, which is always a nice touch. I enjoyed the search for the optional amulets as a little side objective, but the reward is pretty mild considering the other two secrets gave you supplies along with the treasure token. The level is pretty dark and requires you to make a few blind jumps into darkness, but at least you're given plenty of flares to get you through the level. Did not enjoy the overly confusing switch puzzle near the end. Messing around with seven levers until a door randomly opens is not my cup of tea. Texturing is adequate, but the rooms feel a bit blocky and too open. Some more decorations would have been nice. Overall an above average release that will keep a casual player entertained. Give it a whirl!" - LuxQSD (22-Jul-2022)
"I actually played this level like three years ago but never reviewed it, like many TR2 levels that came after this one, so it's about damn time! Playing all these levels again after so much time is still nostalgic and in contrast to other levels, this one has it's recognition value. Love the design of the level and it's atmosphere, which is something between spooky and mysterious. Lara's quest here is to walk across this temple-like building, which seems to be in the middle of nowhere and is surrounded by deep abysses. Enemies appear here and there (dog, human and yeti -kind) and attack, some traps have to be avoided and some puzzles need to be solved. I was totally confused with the levers and gates- puzzle near the end. Seemed like the levers always did something different. I couldn't figure out how that works, but solved that somehow. As I figured out, the golden jewels aren't as important as they seemed. You can find 4 of them to have access to the third secret, but that's it. Speaking of that, there is also like a little jungle/yard area. Overall, this level combines a little bit of different areas with an interesting gameplay." - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)
"Tricky little TR2 level where you need to take care that you locate all of the four pieces of Keane’s Jewelry else you will be stuck at the end with no way forward. Watch for the zip line also as it resets which is not obvious at first glance. Level was far too dark in my opinion although sufficient flares are provided throughout the level. Some tasks you need to do twice and there is much back tracking involved. Textures were better in this level." - Torry (04-Jun-2018)
"I used to enjoy Mortal Kombat games, until MK9 (eww!) happened a couple of years ago, so I was happy to see someone take inspiration from the games to try and bring something into the Tomb Raider world. Other than the Acid Pool, I have to say none of the other areas felt familiar, but maybe I'm looking too much into it -- it's inspired by those arenas, not a 1:1 recreation afterall. It's generally a rather linear level and even with all the backtracking you are always onto your next objective. 30 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"This TR2 level seems to have been released a lot later than most others, which seems to explain that it looks more sophisticated than the older efforts. The appearance is still rather blocky and crude compared to today's TRNG levels. If you can get past that, and the overwhelming darkness which somewhat spoils the atmosphere, the gameplay has stood the test of time quite well, with a few challenging traps to avoid and an optional hunt for four artefacts which seem to make up most of the gameplay. You'd be missing a substantial amount of the level if you choose not to go for them. There are also some interesting twists on familiar enemies. This is probably not going to be a classic, but it is still fun to go through." - Ryan (07-Aug-2016)
"A nice but rather dark level. Only point I got real stuck and it took a while to get out is the room with all the switches at the end. As with all levels if you explore every nook and cranny you will find all secrets, as they are not that obvious. Enemies were placed well and luckily the timed runs were pretty doable." - Gerty (17-Oct-2014)
"Serving as the first new release from Fabio in over a decade, we find ourselves transported into what's supposed to be the universe of the Mortal Kombat series. But with the lack of any of the iconic characters from that franchise(who apparently all killed themselves off long before Lara's arrival), I suppose we'll have to make do with what we've got, in the form of the local demonic creatures who've taken up residence in this mysterious new world, while we collect several items along the way, in order to escape from this madness that we find ourselves in. To wrap up this review, what's on offer here is done impressively well, with cleverly-designed areas that put your platforming skills to the test and some excellent use of lighting, texturing and objects that help to create a very effective and immersive atmosphere as a result. Definitely among the best TR2 releases I've played(up to this point) and would highly recommend it, to anyone who's curious in giving this level a go." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jul-2014)
"This was actually a very nice level. The builder got inspiration from Mortal Kombat II as i've never played that game i can't really tell how good it looks like compared to that. To start off textures were quite nice and the atmosphere also, enemies were very well placed and really made me scared because i felt like someone was watching me all the time, lighting could have been better as it was very dark. The lever puzzle was a very nice idea. Definetly recommended although the lighting is very bad but the gameplay makes it worth playing." - totizedger (19-Aug-2013)
"The author states that stages of this were inspired from elsewhere, but for better or worse I am unaware of the level's source of inspiration so don't know how it compares to it. Judging the approximately hour long raid by its own merits manages to stand on its own quite fine, though the looks could've been more coherent, the gameplay could've involved a bit more for Lara to do and a little less backtracking, redoing the same tasks twice. There's a fair share of dark corners, but flares are plentiful as well. I missed out on one gem so I never found that last secret, but the ending felt a bit abrupt. On the bright side - while the looks don't stand out for anything in particular, they have a distinctive feel to them and are done competently enough. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, and even if you have some hiccups its easy enough to figure out what the missing piece is, and some of the trap sequences are rather fun. Enemies fit the setting nicely and can occasionally even give you a scare or two if you don't anticipate them. Overall it's a competent enough TR2 experience to give it a chance, though ultimately probably won't stand out as anything more than a nice distraction." - eTux (03-Jun-2012)
"Quite a nice and original Tomb Raider II level here from Fabio. While the ambience is perhaps a little darker than I would have preferred it is never unmanageably so. One of the things I enjoyed most about Outworld was that it's filled with memorable spaces. Sometimes you don't need cutting edge graphics or texturing to create great spaces and I think this level is a great example of that. Plenty of camera hints are provided so you should never find yourself hopelessly stuck and the one timed run that is included is well within the capabilities of most players. All in all I got just under an hour's gameplay from Outworld. It's certainly original and one worthy of your consideration if you like the retro TR2 feeling. Recommended. Stiggy." - TheStig (19-Oct-2011)
"A not bad reasonable level in my opinion, not too long (playable between 40 minutes and and the hour for the first time). The structure is the one of Tomb Raider 2; I cannot compare to what environment is inspired, perhaps to the Great Wall, considering the composition of some rocks. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, linear ways throughout the course of the game. The only most convoluted part is a puzzle where there is a central room with 4 levers, left another room with 2 levers and right again with another lever; the aim is to find at first a key and, according to the player's choice, a way to reach a secret (not much difficulty to find the key, but for the secret a little 'more, but with a little patience you will achieve both goals). Besides, there is no evidence to deal with complicated tasks, just a time trapdoor to use and a room from where Lara has to escape before the spikes will lower the ceiling to tear up the brain of herself; anyway there's time enough. The lights aren't really the best I expected: most areas are too dark but luckily Lara can find quite frequently flares. However, not being a player who frequently uses them, this aspect of the low light becomes annoying after a while for me; in fact the darkest area is really the one with the enigma with levers, a place where more time and reflections are needed. So it would have been better if the puzzles could be solved in a space with light enough. This is perhaps the weak point of the game. Two important things to consider positively are: first the secrets that are not so obvious to find (the first time because I had not noticed), second: there are 4 objects scattered throughout the level that must be found to access the door that hides the third and last secret. The enemies are of three types, in ascending order of resistance: dogs, zombies, and gorillas (the latter with 16 strokes of folding automatic pistols or 2 of shotgun), clearly nothing so difficult. In conclusion, an easy difficulty level, to everyone who has as strong points the puzzles and secrets, and as weak one the lighting. Pleasant to play anyway." - Steven Svorticher (05-Jul-2011)
"A brief 40-minute adventure that has no definite setting - the place uses textures from different level types, so it is hard to tell where exactly Lara has gone. The environment is quite dark all around, making you constantly use flares. With luck, however, you should find plenty of them, so it is not a dire situation. Another downfall is that there is too much backtracking - you will go back and forth through the same routes 2 or 3 times, and even more if you happen to miss something along the way. What I did like was some of the interesting trap sequences, and the switches puzzle, even if it was somewhat ambiguous. An average TR2 level overall." - SSJ6Wolf (01-Feb-2011)
"This is a classic adventure, initially fairly linear and later on with maybe a bit too lengthy backtracking, nicely supported by camera hints, so you never really get confused. I thought enemy selection and placement was well done and the three secrets (one of which requires you to find four gems throughout the level) provide for a nice side quest as well. Other than that you get a few jumps and a timed run and it is all rather a bit too much on the dark side, but a pleasant adventur for the 50 minutes it lasts and a nice return of this builder to the scene after so many years." - MichaelP (29-Jan-2011)
"This was a rather pleasant trip down Memory Lane, playing a TR2 level with all the old textures and moves (or lack of them). As I've said before, I usually don't like TR2 levels as we've moved on since then and, why go back to something that's been improved on? That said, this is an exception. It was fun to play (the whole point of the exercise) and nicely made, given the limitations of the TR2 textures. I especially liked seeing the Yetis (is that the plural of Yeti?) shambling towards Lara. I hadn't realised I'd missed them! The lighting was alright for most of the level, only being a little too dark in places. The enemies were well placed and tended to come in batches which made for some interesting moments. The gameplay was fairly linear with a little too much backtracking for my taste. Definitely one to play for that touch of nostalgia." - Diz (11-Jan-2011)
"It's always a pleasure to play these TR2-levels. The author has made some progress concerning variability of gameplay. The only challenge in this nice game are the enemies. The yetis can cause a lot of dammage and are not easily to be killed. Considering that the TR2-machine sets some limits for creating atmospheres we know from the new games there is still space for improvement. Good work so far!" - Christian (10-Jan-2011)
"It makes it always fun to play a TR2 Level. Well, there are maybe some players who do not know the old games. They then wonder what that for a curious graphic is. And why can Lara not dash. And so on and so forth. But for someone like me is this level a pure nostalgia trip and a wonderful change. However, I must say that this constant back and forth was a bit annoying. I also have not quite understood what I should do with these yellow gems. I found only three. And I was able to finish the level without having to use the gems. Well, perhaps even a secret. That would be for me so far no problem because I am not a Secret-Hunter. If you want to wallow in memories, than you are here exactly right." - Scottie (06-Jan-2011)
"This is simple, TR2 style level, when it comes to design, with basic architecture and mostly with TR2 textures and objects. Although there are different rooms, some of them outdoors, some of them indoors, some of them with lava, some of them in trees, some of them with pools, but when it comes to lighting, they all look the same... The author wanted his level to look like a TR2 level, and he succeeded, apart from the poor and dull lighting. Some other aspects of the level are done neatly and well. For example, action is highly developed in this level, and you'll be ambushed by many enemies (wolves, yetis and zombies). Sounds are applied amazingly well, and the level really looks and sounds like a TR2 level. And of course, our Lara here cannot crawl, just like she could not in TR2, so that affected the gameplay itself. However, although the gameplay was very well developed, it is harmed with a lot of long backtracking when Lara cannot sprint... So a few shortcuts would have been much nicer... The reward system is interesting: you have to collect four stones to open one door with most strange artifact I have ever seen, which does not show in my inventory. To sum up, I am not disappointed and playing this level had its great moments. To all those who enjoy TR2 will enjoy this level." - Nina Croft (05-Jan-2011)
"The levelpack starts with the shortest level I have ever seen. Pick up the pistols and you'll directly get transported into the next level, without any stats - another thing I have never seen before. Outworld, the next level, has a good length at about an hour, and it is full of nice gameplay. The enemies you have to shoot here are some old TR2 ones (baddy, doberman, yeti) that are transformed into some new kinds of enemies, which looked entirely different. There are also three secrets to find, the first two rather "normal" secrets, just a secret passage (or hole, if you play you will see) or so. The last is a bit harder to find, and players (like the last reviewer, Nina) could think it's part of the main gameplay; no, it's a secret. You have to find four jewels throughout the whole level to get it. The atmosphere was quite good for a TR2 level, sometimes the level was too dark, but it doesn't really matter as the scaryness of the enemies in this area gets higher and you have found enough flares until then. The lever puzzle was a good idea; maybe a hint from the builder would have been helpful. Textures in this level were from TR 2, slightly different, and from the TR 3 South Pacific ones; I think they look quite good. To resume,the TR 2 engine was used at its nearly best in this level and only few levels like Cape Fear or Return to the Opera can currently surpass it. Well done!" - manarch2 (05-Jan-2011)
"Way back in the days when TR2 was state of the art, I really would have rated this level. It's a shame that we're all used to rather more sophisticated fare now and the older style levels tend to look a bit amateurish (and I do of course include the 'official' levels). Still, if you can accept that the textures etc., are somewhat grainy and blocky and Lara's agility is limited, there is still much fun to be had here. Given the obvious limits, it's certainly well made and the gameplay is entertaining. It would be an excellent level for those who are new to raiding as the agility/timed elements are readily achievable; the only slight challenge new raiders might face is dealing with the enemies, who do tend to turn up in multiples, but provided you keep your distance and remember to 're-target' for each one individually, you should manage well enough. If you want something uncomplicated and/or you have a nostalgic yearning for TR2, this is a very good bet. I just wish I could remember that the 'sprint' button is the way to light flares." - Jay (05-Jan-2011)
"I enjoyed this return to TR2; the main reason for down rating play was the overly dark multiple switch puzzle near the end. The start is sloppy, but soon one adjusts to simpler graphics. In TR2 the enemies can give Lara a hard time, and here the grunting yetis more than once grabbed Lara, shook the life out of her, and flung her body to the ground. It doesn't do much good to keep pressing a phantom "dash" key in a futile attempt to gain distance from them. And it helps to remember that when Lara is within a smidgen of losing her life, that pressing the "0" shortcut key lights a flare, as small medipacks are shortcut "8" in TR2. So good enemies, a nice atmospheric setting, and reasonable play with use of zip line and a secret hunt that can enhance the level. This is better than anything I remember the author doing previously. Probably an hour of game play, plus whatever time Lara spends at the dark switch puzzle, plus the time to collect four gems to open an optional door." - dmdibl (05-Jan-2011)
"Another builder returns from long ago,and with a level considerably more ambitious than anything he had attempted way back when.I have to say from the outset,that(although admirable in the purity of construction)I don't fully understand why some builders continue to build using the very earliest and primitive of Unofficial Editors,unless it's to continue to keep the flag flying for the old days of TR2,and all the memories that that produces (in which case,I agree wholeheartedly). From an aesthetic viewpoint,it's increasingly difficult to compare (and rate) the graphical quality of such a work as this with those of the NGLE at al. Fabio has really done the best that he can with the somewhat elementary tools at his disposal,and must be commended for creating areas of considerable spooky atmospherics;for including a host of your scariest TR2 baddies (although I missed being attacked by that giant beaky monster);of creating physical challenges that can't involve pushable objects ,nor crawls or monkey swings. He even includes a host of useful camera hints; as well as including 'secrets that can open up new areas' gameplay. All in all,this is an absorbing and fun experience within a highly 'old-school' format; but those requiring and/or expecting anything technically sophisticated will no doubt turn their noses up (to their great detriment)." - Orbit Dream (04-Jan-2011)
"This TR2 level is not difficult to play; you only need to pull some switches, find some keys and do an easy timed run and some stunts. There are few medipacks so don't waste them or you'll need to think about some strategies to shoot the enemies from the distance or from high ledges; at least when you find the automatic pistols there is enough ammo and you'll not have problems. The yellow gems for the last secret are not difficult to find, and not necessary to finish the game, but one of the gems require a hard combination of switches to be found. Architecture is simple, many surfaces are textured with the same texture tile, several rooms are too dark, and cameras were for me the best of the level. Even with the TR2 engine, entertaining and very playable." - Jose (03-Jan-2011)