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One Way Ticket by Yoav

Bene 8 8 8 8
Blue43 5 5 5 6
Diz 6 6 6 5
dmdibl 5 7 6 5
Gerty 6 5 6 5
Jack& 3 3 3 3
Jay 6 6 6 6
JesseG 5 6 6 5
Jorge22 6 7 6 8
Jose 5 6 6 6
manarch2 7 6 5 5
MichaelP 6 5 5 4
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 6
Phil 6 7 7 7
Ryan 5 6 6 5
Scottie 6 6 7 5
Steven Svorticher 7 5 7 7
TheStig 6 5 5 4
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 26-Jan-2011
# of downloads: 57

average rating: 5.71
review count: 19
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file size: 15.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I'm cherry picking through the list some shorter levels to play between the massive releases and for that I'm glad levels like this exist. It's a rather empty series of corridors strung together in a maze-like fashion where you search for a number of keys and levers, nothing particularly exciting and even the areas all look all similar. There's an unmarked climbable wall as well. Nothing to write home about but you can be done in half an hour — a good change of pace for those levels that demand your free time for days, sometimes weeks even. 25 minutes, 5 secrets. 09/22" - Treeble (11-Sep-2022)
"This little game is pretty much a matter of taste concerning whether or not you like mazes. Personally, I prefer a bit more varied gameplay, but I do have to mention that this is Yoav's most mature effort yet. The setting is a bit too bland and minimalistic for my liking, but is at least improved over previous offerings and I did enjoy visiting the main hub room from various different angles and collecting the different keys. The panther enemies were neat and the quest for the secrets was fun to undertake, but there's isn't much to visually excite here. Not my most favourite type of game, but not bad." - Ryan (08-Jun-2018)
"Another progressive release from a developing builder. Yoav continues to get better with the editor and despite initial appearances (and my concerns over a few of the replaced sounds), this turned into a surprisingly long adventure. The items you require are quite spread-out throughout the level so you may find yourself revisiting locations a couple of times. Because allot of it looks very similar I didn't form the same sort of 'mental map' I usually manage with TR levels. This made it slightly longer-going for me, but never the less enjoyable. Texturing perhaps hasn't yet seen the jump that I would hope for however and I also encountered a couple of places where doorways were not correctly linked (a texture being shown on one side). The stalking wolf mummies seem only killable with a shot-gun but don't despair as there's plenty of ammo available to dispatch them! Exploration is also rewarded with a few additional pickups tucked away. All in all I got an hour's gameplay from One Way Ticket. It's further evidence that the author is getting better but for their next release I'd like to see a little more effort with diverse texturing, and some more thought put into the background sounds and musical ambience. Stiggy." - TheStig (15-Jan-2012)
"A level which, although not too long and elaborate, I find enjoyable to play. I could not define the area where the game is played, or rather I do not know what compare it to; we find different ways and often branches within them. Apparently it can seem a bit dispersive, but in reality the gameplay is fairly smooth. I have not found any kind of difficulty, your task is just to look for the right way (for example, after visiting some areas, you shall find a key but you don't know where you has to put it initially because of the branches, but it just needs to look carefully and you'll arrive early at the goal). So the gameplay mostly consists of finding objects-keys for different doors and pulling levers. There are no difficult jumps or time trials. We have throughout the course of the game soundtrack from Tomb Sermenket of TR Last Revelation which I think gives a sense of very mysterious, so I feel quite suitable in this type of level with different branches; but when you pick up a secret (and the sound is missing on) the background music stops (but just save and load and the music will be back): what a pity! There are 5 secrets in the level, very easy to find. The enemies are rather weak: we find only Panthers and we can get rid of them by using one shot of shotgun. As weapons we've got the 2 guns, the shotgun and the revolver with the laser-sight (the latter mostly suitable to unlock anything) with a very large amount of ammo than the few present enemies. It would have been better to be a larger amount of enemies, as well as more types. The lights are not really bad. In conclusion, a level with an easy gameplay, but not obvious due to the presence of more roads that create a nice mini-maze making the game more interesting, although a lot of things miss. I suggest to play it at least once." - Steven Svorticher (05-Jul-2011)
"Yoav is making progress. This one took me about 45 minutes, and there were a couple of tricky spots that forced me to resort to the walkthrough so that I could continue making progress. I especially enjoyed shooting the panthers, as they made a nice greasy spot when they died. The five secrets were generous for a level of this size, although most of them were rather obvious in their location. Even though all the action takes place indoors in rather cramped surroundings, the lighting is such that the player is able to see what's going on around him, and not all builders are so considerate of the players. Although there remains a gap between this latest effort and the really polished levels, Yoav should be encouraged to continue working with the level editor." - Phil (25-Mar-2011)
"Essentially a 35-minute run through a labyrinth of a level. It looks quite bland with its wallpapered surroundings and minimal lighting, and there is no clear idea of where you actually are. You will gather a few keys and pull a few switches to make it through, if you manage to not get lost thanks to a few one-sided fake walls. There are a few odd areas such as a pool you can walk in the air over(?), and they also come with their bugs (if you try to enter the pool below the "floor" the game may make Lara teleport above it). The secrets only make the level mildly interesting. Maze enthusiasts may enjoy this level, otherwise I would not recommend this level very highly." - SSJ6Wolf (22-Mar-2011)
"Must have been a lucky day for me, as I wasn't running around like a headless chicken in this maze like environment. I was also very happy to find the shotgun, as the enemy is rather fierce and hard to kill without it. Textures could use some attention and I found the lighting a bit bland. Didn't get all the secrets first time around though but that'll keep." - Gerty (15-Mar-2011)
"The one thing I will truly remember about this level is the long, long corridors. It was almost like one of those dream sequences where the corridor unfolds out in front of you. Apart from that this is a pleasant little level. About 30 minutes long, it's well lit and solidly made. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for those Atlantis monsters, fast and deadly, it's a shame they're so susceptible to shotgun fire. My one criticism is that the level areas need more 'decoration', for want of a better word. I'm not a builder so I don't know how it works but as a player I always think it's the difference between a brand new house and one after the people have moved in. It's more real, somehow." - Diz (04-Mar-2011)
"Slowly but surely it properly gives fun to play a level by Yoav. Well, for people like me for whom orientation is a foreign word and which hate mazes was it of course once again a heavy piece of craftsmanship, but, nevertheless, it has given fun, because Yoav would be better and better. However, a big building site is the lighting. Here he still has a lot to do, before we player can say that the level is very well illuminated. Moreover, he should be a little bit more consistently with the textures, because for my taste one still sees too often texture mistake. It would be also nice if Yoav could insert now and again a camera sequence. Then one would have an overview about the suitable area and could also find the way a little better.
Result: Everything is in what desires the heart of a player. If Yoav works yet on the lighting and pays attention to texture mistake, we player will have in future certainly a lot of fun." - Scottie (20-Feb-2011)
"Some may sing "I'm a bluesman" just like Yoav could objectively state "I'm a mazeman". It's that kind of thing where it all comes down to interconnected mazes made of well known textures, well known objects and well known sounds. Even Lara's footsteps sound primeval in the way that they're all the same no matter what kind of floor she's on, water aside. Like a rural Mississipi blues. Still, what it lacks in artistic terms - even though the lighting is sober yet well done - is compensated by the fact that all looks pretty solid. I enjoyed shooting the TR1 monsters with my shotgun. And I expect Yoav to maybe try and develop more modern/visually creative things in future adventures. But if he decides he doesn't have that much time or simply that that's not his style, it's ok because it's still a well balanced, well achieved effort that brings us back to the roots, invisible as that may be to just a few sensitivities." - Jorge22 (08-Feb-2011)
"I think Yoav could spend more time working on the details of the level. Example: there are no assigned texture sounds, the steps of Lara sound the same way if she's walking over the grass, the stone or the metal. The rooms are really empty with very few objects and no architecture touches (square or rectangle) to give a realistic impression. Also the textures in diagonal surfaces are not well maintained. A couple of things I didn't like were the unmarked climbable wall and the situation with the enemies, if you don't find the secret (shotgun) you'll not be able to kill them. Finally said that he could think about implementing some puzzles, and not only look for keys or artifacts and pulling switches. Even so the level is playable. We'll se what this author can offer us in the next BtB... Cheer up!" - Jose (06-Feb-2011)
"Here we get the next 30 minute adventure from Yoav. And even though it is at times intriguing to see how he sends you up and down around the central room only to bring you back from another place, as you search switches and keys in small maze like areas, this one still felt a bit too quickly thrown together and rushed out to the public for my taste. The whole structure remains rather simplistic, the texturing is done with very little care, the lighting almost inexistent apart from a few dark corners. The few panther enemies work well for effect, but look rather cartoonish and the hunt for the 5 secrets does add a bit of fun into the mix. I would recommend that Yoav develops the patience to tweek the look of his levels a bit more before releasing them. I know from own experience how painful it is, when the level feels kind of ready to be played to still invest many hours in looking for stretched or squashed textures and adding lighting effects and suns into each room, but the reward is a so much more engaing playing experience." - MichaelP (04-Feb-2011)
"This is the most ambitious of Yoav's levels so far,by quite a long way;both technically and from a gameplay point of view. It's not the sort of level for those uncomfortable with non-linearity,as the whole thing is constructed around a sequence of labyrinths which have a tendency to branch off into yet more labyrinths;and the hapless player will frequently find him/herself apparently running around in circles - and yet it all makes sense after a while (provided you pay attention),and is rather cunningly designed.The enemies are limited but quite scary and placed rather well;while cameras are helpful in occasionally pointing you in the appropriate direction. There's a couple of nifty uses of the revolver and laser-sight (the first of which kept me puzzled for a while),and the texturing shows an improvement over this authors previous levels. That being so,it could still do with some fine tuning,as the builder has a tendency toward wallpapering;and the lighting is either missing entirely or painfully basic,thereby rendering the atmosphere virtually nil.(I was also less than impressed with a star texture on a low ceiling to represent sky - that was just too primitive!) Nonetheless,this is a surprisingly absorbing maze adventure;and is quite typical of this builders style." - Orbit Dream (03-Feb-2011)
"Oh boy ... indeed the title fits perfectly for this game lol - One Way Ticket ... indeed it is a one way ticket to the hospital for you with nerves. ;) One of the most silly games I ever played ... all story is poor, graphics are bad, in fact it is all bad - to resume ... you find yourself in a badly constructed room ... you have 3 ways to go ... all 3 are like a maze of empty corridors ... from one you get a key which you use at the other part of the maze ... later you get another key, a shotgun to brake some grated doors and a screwdriver to open a door and a coin like item to use it further and to get the final key for the final room ... some silly panthers only ... and very odd gameplay. This is what you get. To sum it up ... rather a bad game." - Jack& (02-Feb-2011)
"Reading from my review for the author's previous level: Lara travels a mazelike route, randomly picking up a couple of keys...The revolver (Desert Eagle) and laser sight are secrets, but then they are necessary to get the last key...If one thinks back to the author's last level a pattern emerges. Lara goes through intertwined, sometimes twisty, small passages in what feels like a maze. Typically there are intersections back with earlier parts of the maze, er, corridors. Well, those comments apply to the current mazelike construction, and twisty little passageways. The enemies are clever: black panthers that are in reality retextured T-rexes (when they fall onto the ground one sees a huge shadow of a T-rex rather than that of a small panther.) Consequently shots from pistols have no effect on the panthers, but sometimes a single blast from the shotgun will bring them down. Good, although if Lara starts the game by jumping to the manhole cover (the walk-through says this is impossible, but I didn't know that when Lara did it), then Lara encounters the black panthers without having the shotgun, and has no way to cope with them. The shotgun is essential, but it is a secret. (Sound familiar?) Generally I liked the black panthers. Some other good concepts are the small pool area with a glass ceiling, and a room on top, or the use of flip maps to change the corridors. The large three hut area gives a feeling of space. I had trouble on the first play because Lara inadvertently took illegal routes, but on the second attempt I enjoyed this, and play went quickly." - dmdibl (01-Feb-2011)
"Having not played Joav's previous levels but having read the reviews, the gameplay of his latest gave me a very pleasant surprise. I was caught up in the flow of the game and the initial 'functionality' of the mazes. Mazes can sometimes be an irritating device but here it all worked well and the progression was just plain fun. There's an interesting water room that has to be navigated from a different starting point and the city part of the level has what I can describe, only, as having clean designer lines with parts having a clear, modern look; the railings in particular. Gameflow is smooth and the unmarked climbing wall needs only a quick glance(at most a few moments) to see that the solution must lie in the immediate vicinity and most Raiders would try that wall sooner than later. Good placement of secrets and the revolver is not a must-find as the shotgun works as well as the lasersight/revolver combo. This is a player friendly game and that begins as early as the Read Me with the tip to use the shotgun on the enemy. I began play on my birthday and consider it as a most welcome, surprising gift.
Thanks, Yoav." - Bene (31-Jan-2011)
"This level flows very well despite of many mazes and backtracking. The panthers which can be shot with a single shotgun shell were cool, as well as some of the objects, like where you found the wheel or in the pool room with invisible floor. There weren't any puzzles but this game didn't need them. The exploration was very well, the revolver use too, despite of the fact you can easily skip a part of the level using your shotgun. The quest for the secrets never was too hard, I wished this would have been a bit more challenging. Summarizingly a great achievement over the last works of Yoav, but still a lot of work to do in textures and lightning." - manarch2 (31-Jan-2011)
"This level by Yoav is definitely another step into the right direction and an improvement over the previous level. Game play is more interesting as there are a variety of things to do. There is still a long of running back and forward through long hallways, but there is also swimming, a monkey swing, plenty of levers and a couple of keys to find. Unfortunately there is also a completely unmarked climbable wall, which didn't help the game flow at all. I like the fact that during the game several doors open and provide quicker access to previous areas and those shortcuts are definitely appreciated. There are 5 secrets in this game but I only found four and there was no indicator or chime to actually let the player know about it. We encounter a couple of panther mummies as enemies and they cause lots of damage but can be easily eliminated with the shotgun. The atmosphere could have been improved by a little more variety in the background-looped sound track and I noticed the shotgun had a funny sound to it. Texturing was less repetitive as in the previous levels and one could see and improvement there, although the lighting was still quite flat except for the torch lit areas. (About 30 minutes)" - Blue43 (30-Jan-2011)
"This is a fun, fast paced little adventure. It's one of those games that initially seems extremely non-linear but eventually all joins up in a satisfactory manner. It's good to see Yoav making progress with his levels - this is certainly an upgrade, both in terms of looks and gameplay. The surroundings are not quite as flat as previously and there's definite fun to be had exploring and dealing with those Atlantean panther creatures that can be surprisingly vulnerable if you shotgun them in the chest." - Jay (30-Jan-2011)