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For a Handful of Thistles by Daffy

afzalmiah 10 10 9 10
Bene 8 9 10 10
Blue43 9 9 10 10
Christian 9 9 9 9
Diz 9 9 10 9
DJ Full 10 9 9 10
dmdibl 8 9 9 10
eRIC 7 8 7 8
Jack& 9 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 9
Jose 9 10 10 9
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 9 10 9
MichaelP 8 9 10 9
Mman 8 8 8 9
Mytly 9 8 9 8
Nina Croft 10 10 9 9
Phil 10 9 10 9
Ruben 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 10 10 9
Scottie 8 9 10 10
Shandroid 9 8 9 9
TheStig 9 9 10 9
Torry 10 10 10 10
release date: 05-Apr-2011
# of downloads: 113

average rating: 9.24
review count: 24
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file size: 52.25 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I really enjoyed this near two hour raid and found it utterly enchanting. Some puzzles that made you think as well as some platforming but not too many enemies. This is mostly about exploration to find the thistles which will give you access to the presents for Michael at the end, who mysteriously is a no show. Found all six secrets as well." - Torry (29-Jan-2020)
"I know I am late reviewing this wonderful production celebrating 10 years of Everything was done to a very high standard here. Great gameplay, puzzles, lighting and atmosphere. Great!" - Ryan (05-Jan-2016)
"Like City of Dahaffy this is a Castle style level; it's better though as the theme is more coherent, the lighting and texturing is stronger, and the execution sells the abstract design better. It still feels a bit cubic and segmented though. The general gameplay is improved, with a variety of fun tasks, the block puzzles seem a bit overdone though, and while the actual pushing isn't too time consuming they all feel pretty similar. As a celebration of ten years of perhaps it's history could have been incorporated into the level in some way too. Another good level, and an improvement overall." - Mman (12-Mar-2014)
"Given the type of setting , of lighting , of areas with simple architecture , and of gameplay , you can recognize a Daffy's level among hundreds of others. For example, you never have to hit the sprint key to beat the timed doors, which makes these timed doors a non event. This -yet another- greyish Peruvian level - is an improvement from the author's previous game, for example in the Atmosphere department with some more real and natural background loops this time. Also more ambitious in terms of gameplay, which seems to be still based mainly upon elaborate puzzles with pushing objects and raising blocks. It is true that these puzzles are well done, but I preferred largely the sections that were between these puzzles areas, especially the brilliant room with the torches indicating what you have to do next ; this puzzle works really well here , a lot more than in Peruvian Adventures. Now this room was fun ! While in the level there is some variety in the tasks , the"pushable objects areas" as a red thread was too much for my taste , I thought 'oh no not again' after entering a new room with pushable/trapdoors/raising_blocks ! Also encountered the bug with the fire not turned off after getting the red key , had to borrow a savegame to overpass this game stopper. Despite this bug , a solid game with slow pace and that brings nothing really new, but with some entertaining moments." - eRIC (06-Aug-2012)
"A level to celebrate 10 years of TRLE, and ironically enough my 10th review of 2012 levels, city of Daffy is another excellent Peru-themed adventure. It successfully plays on the strengths of Daffy's previous releases while also providing level of difficulty that should make it entertaining and accessible to all players. The majority of puzzles focus around getting push blocks up and down various levels and provided you work through each space logically you shouldn't run into too many sticking points. Ammunition and medipacks are generous enough to ensure that you can cope with any hostile locals. Texturing and lighting are to a high-standard with Daffy really experimenting once again with the colour pallete the TRLE engine can generate. I've mentioned before that I like spaces that have depth to them, as it gives much more of a feeling of traversing a real space. The final Daffy mark of course is a unique sound-track. Everything seems perfectly set and selected. Unfortunately I did encounter the bug mentioned in the walk-through in the spider-room where a fire-lit platform didn't extinguish (thankfully I'd spread my previous saves out sufficient for this not to be a problem and the platform itself did extinguish properly for me on the 2nd attempt). All in all I got 2 hours 10 minutes from A Handful of Thistles. It's playful character and generally relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent celebration of 10 years of trle. I look forward to playing more of Daffy's levels' again in the near future. Highly recommended, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (19-Feb-2012)
"I have been meaning to play one of Daffy's levels for a while, so I thought this would be the most appropriate one, as it is a tribute to my favourite site. :)
The gameplay is mostly very simple and straightforward without becoming boring. The builder gently leads you on to the next task and provides subtle - and not-so-subtle - clues for doing the tasks at hand, like footprints painted on the spot where Lara needs to stand to correctly do a jumping challenge. There is a nice mixture of puzzles, traps and platforming, and a little combat. The puzzles start feeling a little samey by the end, as most of them involve moving push-blocks in very similar ways. This is one aspect of the gameplay that disappointed me: considering that the level is built with TRNG, which allows so many new possibilities with pushables, why not do something more creative with the puzzles?
I did not experience the bug mentioned in the readme, but did notice a few others, for example, the buggy jump-with-a-twist animation, and a messed-up screen when the chickens attack Lara. Also, towards the end of the level, the flare bug kicked in at a particularly inopportune moment, when light was needed to see through a transparent floor.
The music is nice in itself, and well-used. The looks are a little strange - first of all, the mixture of Peru and Egypt textures and objects makes for a rather surreal looking level. Add to that the 'GMac-style' texturing and lighting - i.e. greyish textures with randomly colourful lighting - and the looks leave me feeling underwhelmed. The architecture too is rather simplistic, and the end of the world can be seen or even reached in several rooms. This and the above-mentioned bugs make this level feel like a debut level (a particularly good one, nonetheless), not the fourth release of an experienced and obviously talented builder.
Overall: Oh well, whatever the flaws in the level, they are certainly outweighed by the enjoyable gameplay and the charming ending (Michael, I have some presents for you from Daffy - just tell me where to send them. ;) ) Recommended." - Mytly (15-Jan-2012)
The more You play the game, the more You notice ambient sound is great. Accompanied with really colorful, but in no place overdone lighting, it creates an immersive and mysterious, but still not spooky, atmosphere. It's really nice combination, well designed for an anniversary level - it's relaxing, so anyone can play it. While ambience is perfect, the music is sometimes irritating. Why to repeat the same theme three times? In the end, I couldn't stand it. Fortunately, it's only one theme of many, and the remaining are climatic. Maybe except the boulder theme, sounding rather like a techno party score, not a peruvian temple mood.
There is a place where Daffy has placed a very tricky pendulum to pass. Unfortunately, a way out is accessible BEFORE a player solves the trap. I didn't get stuck there, but an inexperienced player is very likely not to get the fact of being supposed to negotiate the trap. Placing something nasty and painful in the exit underwater corridor, what deactivates when the trap is solved, would prevent people from running around in headless chicken mode. Such design is a part of a more complex puzzle, and is repeated in its other location. Fortunately, pendulums are easy to solve there and it does not a possibility of getting stuck - so I mention it only for Daffy to remember to always follow "lock Lara in a small space" tip in such situations. And there is one more flaw, also in location of pendulum mentioned as second. Spikes can be sprinted through without using any medikit. So, even if the idea of timed shooting is genious, a player can solve the puzzle without minding the pendulums at all. So Daffy, next time You design such trap, I recommend You to set much higher damage attribute value for TEETH_SPIKES (You can do it in NG_Center, as spikes behave like an enemy in this case), for Lara not to be able to pass them without solving a puzzle You spent a lot of time to design. These above are flaws, but the most annoying thing is definitely the midroll bug. I assume many players died many times due to it. I have no idea how it was possible to cause it and I would like to know it for a better stateID understanding. Anyway, it may seem I concentrated on glitches, but I did not - I simply wanted to point them out in more detailed way than usually, because I think without them gameplay would be simply PERFECT, so if Daffy gets rid of such mistakes in the next game, is very likely to get a 10 from me. Why? There are several important reasons, three of them crucial. 1: Timed runs are clear - we don't need to wonder if a distant door is timed or not, we know at once if we are supposed to make haste, what reduces number of attempts and frustration caused by unneccessary minutes spent in front of the monitor. 2: In spite of quite easy difficulty (sometimes the game is obvious with all these hourglasses and dots marking swingpole jumps) and not so much thinking, I was so immersed that I felt no sign of boredom throughout all time of playing the game. 3: Normaly, I hate pushables. Daffy, if You can manage 5 (literally: FIVE!!!) pushable riddles made of identical elements in a single level WITHOUT boring me, it means YOU ARE A TRUE GENIOUS!! In the last part of the game, I didn't even wonder if I need to use all trapdoors - I trusted the author and I assumed they are necessary indeed - just like everything else in this game. The more I played, the more I trusted I won't need to do unnecessary moves. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
The game is located between La Cite de Dahaffi and Peru... so why are they all black??? Also, what TIGERS do here??? o.O Somehow, I did not notice this mismatch until I read the readme XD. I never cared, and I still don't care so much if something is not realistic. Some players tend to complain about such "errors" like mixing Egyptian and Peruvian texturing... I don't notice it as well, and often ask "why not to mix them"? Some players care. I do not. I don't know if it is my mistake, or their, or if it is a mistake at all. For me, there is only one criterion ruling enemy rating: if they give You an adrenaline shot and/or smile on Your face and/or require some agility. Here, the last thing is well done. They are maybe not so surprising, and also easy to kill (we get A LOT of revolver ammo), with several exceptions, like giant spiders (btw, looking from a point of view of someone who cares about realism, huge spiders are always good, because they fit any place, imagined or real) or a native accompanied by two tigers above a certain trapdoor (he can push You back into the hole and as a results, Lara says a short row of first letters of Latin alphabet and dies). The latter situation was a little bit annoying for me, but it was my fault - I stood too close to the trapdoor xD. Objects... these are various, not so many and subtle, but well used and decorating the place. Clap, clap, clap. Secrets: those golden statuettes are simply adorable. When playing the game, I couldn't help calling them "Golden Daffies" :D:D. Anything made of gold and shining among ruins is a great reward for a player. However, the first secret can dooooooooooom You, so watch out! Don't get it too soon or You may be really confused, as there is NO WAY OUT and YOU GONNA DIEEE! Aaarrhh!!
Well... While talking about atmosphere, it was mostly the lighting improving it. While I couldn't give a full mark for ASC, due to annoyingly repetitive main theme, I can do it here. In whole level, I spotted only one squished texture, and I am still not sure if I saw it or not. So even if it exists, most players won't notice any flaw. That satisfies me enough. Hum de dum.
I changed my mind. This needs to be marked. Have a full 10 for gameplay and let's forget about that midair roll bug. I found the writing "Give these gifts to MichaelP". In order to follow this instruction, I've been looking for a MichaelP-shaped slot for a while. Found none - so I expect it to appear in the next adventure of Daffy's." - DJ Full (17-May-2011)
"I have just finished this brilliant level and I enjoyed it a lot. The builder has improved so much from his first level. The builder is sterting to make so south american type levels and I think he does a really good job out of it. Gameplay was mostly doing tasks to get to the next area by finding keys and doing pushblock puzzles. Enemies were natives and spiders. I liked the idea of finding ten thistles (skribblerz stonez) to unlock some gifts for MichaelP for's 10th birthday! I found all of them. The rooms looked stunning and the textures were perfect. I am expecting more great levels from this builder and I can't wait! Recommended for everyone because it's not that hard at all and I hardly needed the walkthrough." - afzalmiah (01-May-2011)
"This one level is at least one hour of playing long, and more and more interesting with every minute of it. Daffy has been famous for several reasons, but I personally enjoy his levels because he is always able to achieve the perfect balance. Here we have a perfect blend of platforming, adventure, action, a perfect mix of timed runs, hazardous traps and climbing over lava pits, in short, a great adventure with many secrets, surprises and prizes. You can collect 6 secrets, cleverly hidden, 10 thistles that open the special door at the end, many keys and torches, and many, more than enough supplies. Unlike other Daffy's levels which are much harder, this one has normal level of difficulty and is suitable for all players, not only for skilled ones. Of course, the game has its minor downsides, such as no attention given to the architecture, which is poor in this level, especially outdoors, or too much pushing blocks around, but on the other hand, the level is so great, dynamic and interesting, that it never gets boring, not even once. Gameplay of this level is fluent and as far as I know, there are no gameplay killers here. As I already said, the difficulty level of this game is normal, which is great, given the fact that this level is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of You will find the clues for trickiest jumps and puzzles, and if not given the clues very openly, than you will easily understand what you have to do in order to finish the game. Also, there is no backtracking, and there are no big maps, as I said, the level is perfectly balanced. What I liked mostly for example, were the trap rooms, and the best was IMO the boulder room at the end of the level. Oh, you will be pleasantly surprised many times while playing this great level. For a Handful of Thistles is definitely the best present could get from a builder for 10th birthday... Highly recommendable even for the 20th anniversary as well..." - Nina Croft (27-Apr-2011)
"I really enjoyed this level by Daffy. This is the first of his levels that I have played, but I will be sure to play the other one as well! I had so much fun solving the clever puzzles he has devised and laughed a few times too at a few jokes he put in there! I loved finding the thistles, one for each glorious year of's existence. It reminded me how my gaming life would invariably suffer without Michael's tireless efforts keeping this website alive. If you enjoy great puzzles and fun traps, then by all means give this fabulous level a try, you won't be disappointed! Great job, Daffy!" - Shandroid (25-Apr-2011)
"Another very good work from this prolific author. As usual, faithful to his style: pushables puzzles, torches puzzles, rising blocks puzzles... The level has a very good look, very well textured, but like in previous levels, you can reach the end of the world in some places. Nice environment, easy secrets, enough weapons and ammo, beautiful musics, well-maintained lights... Excellent tribute for the 10th anniversary. Congrats!!!" - Jose (22-Apr-2011)
"This is an uncommonly pleasant two-hour raid. It has no impossibly difficult moments, but neither is it insultingly easy. The lighting is appropriate throughout and the new-school textures are nice to look at. There's also a touching tribute to The Boss from which the level gets its name. There are 10 GMac thistles scattered about the level, not as secrets, but as payment for access to a room at the end where Lara grabs an armful of presents for Michael before dashing across the room to the finish trigger. Very well done, and a fun piece of entertainment. High recommendations." - Phil (15-Apr-2011)
"Excellent Daffy !!! I loved this one !!! Clever puzzles, not too bad baddies, nice theme, congratulations Michael on Ten Years !!! Had to backtrack once - no walkthru yet, but no problem. This game had a very nice feel to it, I'm not sure what it was, but it flowed nicely... Lots of pushblocks - LOL. Only found six secrets - were there more ??? Nice music, what else - intuitive, Lara looked good, worried I'd missed that 9th Thistle, nice ending !!!" - Juno Jim (12-Apr-2011)
"It is rare that coming to an end of a level will put a smile on my face but having all the Thistles opened up the room to Michael's gifts and that was a fun thing. Michael, of course, by now, must have a mansion-full of virtual gifts and very real well wishes and congratulations - very much deserved.
Daffy has created a thoughtful, fun homage to & Co. and its tenth anniversary with gameplay open to all. Relaxing, with enemies and time runs easily handled, giving the player the chance to really look around and admire the atmosphere and linear gameplay and puzzle creations. I particularly liked the Time Icon hint.
He has also given the whole Community a gift all can play and enjoy, letting each one join in the celebration. Maybe a bit too many pushables but that doesn't spoil the fun. It's a perfect homage and a perfect fun time." - Bene (11-Apr-2011)
"A very unique setting, typically a Daffy game. The story says it's a "country situated between the City of Dahaffy and Peru" and the texturing, which was mixed between these two levels by the builder, showed that too. Atmosphere created here was very cool, with - yet again - great sound choice and wonderful cutscenes in the rooms where many actions have to be done. The central gameplay was fun, searching for 10 thistles and solving very clever puzzles (quite classic ones, but really really good). In Daffy games, you always leave the rooms with great accomplishment, because the rooms look "finished" by the player, as the blocks that formerly were thrown somewhere in the rooms are placed really well when leaving the room. The enemies, well, they didn't really fit together, as you can find nearly all TR 3 enemies in this level - tribesman, tigers, crocs, bats,... Scottie mentioned the "end of world" at the beginning, well, I could find it all in all three times, but only with some unnecessary jumps. Still, Daffy's works are always very fluent, in any term he is very talented, and I really liked this one best." - manarch2 (10-Apr-2011)
"The limiting slope at the level beginning could Daffy have built a little higher. As well as it is now, nevertheless, it is much too evident that here the "End of the World" is. A little bit superfluously is the tiger at the level beginning. He is activated because when one presses the switch. Before I have seen in this small area no tiger. A small problem is a water hole in which a Rollingball falls in and that is closed by a Trapdoor. If because the RB falls in the hole, one can jump afterwards, even before the Trapdoor shut again. Indeed, in this case one cannot leave the water hole any more, because the Trapdoor remains close. This way was not probably planned in such a way, indeed, I am surprised something that nobody had noted this at the level test. But all are just little things in an otherwise great level. I have really liked the many small helpful signs. Below, for example, one could see in a pit two footprints on the ground. Thus the player knew certainly where he had to stand if he wanted to jump about the sloping blocks again upwards. Or the hourglass if a time run was to be mastered And I must also say of course that the time runs were generally no problem. Daffy has put the time runs so moderate that no player becomes difficulties no matter whether he is a beginner or a pro. The riddles were built up very nicely and they recurred naturally after some time. Apart from one or two places the lighting was excellent. The sound and the decent placing of the opponents were also really good. Quite obviously Daffy has fallen into a creative frenzy, because the distances between the publications of his level are relatively short. But as long as daffy builds such top level, we player can only profit from his construction fury." - Scottie (08-Apr-2011)
"Any game that produces a tang of sadness you finish must rank as exceptional. This is one of those games. If I have to be critical and, as this is a review, I must, I got a little 'push-block fever' towards the end but that was certainly balanced out by ingenuity of the block puzzles, which were excellent. The timed runs and agility areas should be within the reach of all but the most novice of players. The puzzles are well constructed and not too fiendish. The atmosphere and lighting are second to none; I couldn't fault them in any way. The enemies, hmm.., I would have liked to have seen more and harder, but that is just a matter of personal preference. I'm afraid I only got four of the secrets (hangs his head in shame) so kudos to Daffy for that. With about 2 hours 20 minutes of gameplay spread over 3 days, I'm not a fast player, this level gave me a lot of fun. And isn't that what it's all about? Definitely recommended for all players." - Diz (08-Apr-2011)
"What a nice idea to release a level to celebrate the tenth anniversary of, wherein Lara has to discover ten thistles, and how appropriate that Daffy has nicely judged the difficulty level to make it accessible to almost all players. It's becoming ever more apparent that a new level from Daffy is something to be anticipated with pleasure and I certainly had a lot of fun with this one. There are some good block puzzles, boulder traps, torch work and (gentle) timed runs, with a variety of enemies to deal with, all set in some very lovely surroundings, plus six secrets to find (I missed two). I won't give away the ending, but it's a fitting and rather charming conclusion to a highly enjoyable raid." - Jay (07-Apr-2011)
"A good adventure honoring the tenth anniversary of in recurring screenshots that play each time Lara picks up a thistle (ten of them, of course). Lighting is notably well done, and the game play is logical. As in the author's last level, in one area lit torches guide Lara through a series of maneuvers. The only spot where players may need to search around for about ten minutes was nearing the end, where Lara had to chance on the right spots to stand in order to look up. If Lara does a standing jump with a twist, either forwards or backwards, she ends up back where she started, which is strange. The level construction is solid, but I felt there was repetition with Lara pushing blocks, raising them up, and dropping them down over and over. The secrets are good, not always visible, but experienced players will reason out where a secret must be. The secrets must be good, because I missed one of them, so players should stay alert throughout. I appreciate an author who wants to avoid the irritants that afflict other levels. So easy timed runs are a relief, but maybe the author could put in an optional timed run, making clear that it is optional for a shotgun reward or secret, and make that a longer and more demanding task than the level's normal play. That might spice things up, without straining players who choose to bypass the run. Overall, a pleasant evening of play." - dmdibl (07-Apr-2011)
"This beautiful Level designed by Daffy is surely a tribute to Michael and all the work and time he has spent over the last 10 years to keep this wonderful project going .I believe when Daffy released his level he was not really aiming at a high number of top scores for himself by the reviewers but rather thinking of the people who started off this madness 10 years ago with little hope it might ever become as successful as it is now. And it is the builder`s success ,however great or small they may be who keep this thing going , and it is still going strong after all these years . So my review also includes a big THANK YOU to Michael but also to the people who have helped and supported his work like Tinka , Nadine ,Gerty and Mugs and all the others ,only to name a few. But also big cheers to George Maciver at Skribblerz and all at Levelbase and many others who still keep our dream alive. So if you decide to send a review for Daff`s idea please also include a 10-10-10-10 for Michael and make this wonderful little adventure a milestone in TRLE history." - Ruben (07-Apr-2011)
"ok .. i have the pleasure to review again first this game made by Daffy .....wich i was enjoy alot ... Daffy is one off the only few builders wich can put a perfect ballance in his game between relaxing parts and exciting ones and all this without frustrate the player and this builder know how to use cameras in pro style and his game look very good - i mean have excelent graphics & visuals ....ok was a minor bugg on it . but this cannot shadow a perfect game in any terms ... and i refer at gameplay wich is very fluent and with very nice puzzles . moustly the last pushables puzzle combined with torcs puzzle was a masterpiece .......and he show at other builders that a particulary game could enter in the Hall off Fame (yes from my opinion this one should get into ) with out being stuffed with insane jumps & traps wich lead u at edge off madness .....excelent game i recomand at all true raiders . and close max mark from me - only 9 for gameplay ..... but only cause that minnor bugg ......Hall off Fame game in my opinion .... i hope u will like it like i doo .... cheers ....." - Jack& (06-Apr-2011)
"Daffy did it again and presents to us another one of his nicely flowing and relaxing adventures. Obviously I will not let the fact that this is an homage to the 10 year anniversary influence my judgement about the level - but the thought is highly appreciated! :) What you get here is pleasant quality settings, if at times a little too square and simplistic with hints of 'end of the world' and fluent but never boring gameplay action, even though I did think that maybe towards the end the pushing of blocks around the place did get a little too tedious for its own good. Along the more than 100 minutes of net gaming time you collect not only one but actually two hands full of thistles and almost the same amount of keys (lost count actually), fight quite a few enemies, but none of them really a challenge (spiders, eagles, tigers, natives, crocs and more) and get a fun variety of traps and puzzles to keep you on your toes without ever thinking for long about what to do next. Found 5 of the 6 secrets and had a nice evening with this game (and did not have the alleged bug with one fire not going out on a block). We can only hope that Daffy continues to please us with many more levels like this one in the future. Highly recommended!" - MichaelP (06-Apr-2011)
"Looks like we have another winner by Daffy. Not too long after the beautiful Peruvian Adventures comes another level that is a lot of fun to play and definitely designed for everyone, not just the experts. I think it is very nice to see such a capable builder sticking to building player friendly levels, although I personally would have liked it a little more challenging, but this is not a complaint at all. The game play here, although very easy, is interesting enough to keep the player in front of the screen. This is one of a few full size levels that I actually managed to start and finish without actually ever taking a break and walk away from the computer. There were lots of things to do, like levers and switches to pull, color coded locks and keys to match, easy timed runs and jumps and a couple of boulders, burners and spikes to avoid. Lots of three dimensional push block puzzles, some short and sweet (others a bit tedious and extensive) were placed throughout the adventure. Lara encountered also a couple of fairly easy, but well placed enemies (I thought the birds were kind of nasty though) and had plenty of powerful revolver ammo to finish them off quickly. The atmosphere in this level was fantastic with well chosen and perfectly triggered/timed sounds and background loops. The secrets were nicely hidden and there were the ten easy to see extra pickups for the TRLE anniversary finale in the end. The texturing and lighting was nearly perfect. I was fascinated by the room layout and thought it was amazing to get all that game play in a fairly compact and economically well-used area. I think this beauty is a must play for everyone. As a matter of fact because of the easy and logical game play and the complete absence of any difficult and frustrating moments, I would say this might be the perfect level to get someone new to Tomb Raider started and excited about the game. Daffy - I can't wait for you next release! (1h 45min, 5/6 secrets found)." - Blue43 (06-Apr-2011)
"This builder learns fast and develops his own unique style. There is even improvement to see in the level itself. I liked the puzzles with the pushables and the trapdoors, although it was a bit too much in the end in my opinion. All in all the puzzles were a bit too easy to solve. The timed runs all can be done without sprinting, there are no hard jumps to perform, although the difficulty increases a bit in the end. But it should be playable for everyone. The few enemies a well placed, gameplay is quite fluent. A little bug has no impact on the gameplay. Ten thistles have to be found, a tribute to the ten years-anniversary of A nice idea and well done. Well created locations and rooms, good atmosphere. The noises almost in the beginning are close to Southamerican tropical reality, everything is well composed and fits together. A must to play!" - Christian (06-Apr-2011)