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Aspidetr Easter Time 2011 - The Rainbow Eggs by Ranpyon

afzalmiah 10 10 9 9
Bene 9 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 8 10 9 9
Blue43 7 8 9 8
Christian 8 8 8 8
Diz 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 9 9 10 9
dmdibl 7 8 9 8
Gabriel Oliveira 8 9 10 9
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Glouglouton 9 7 8 9
High Priestess 8 7 10 10
Janny 9 10 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
John 7 8 8 10
Jose 8 8 9 9
manarch2 8 8 9 8
MichaelP 7 7 9 8
misho98 9 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Scottie 9 8 10 9
Shandroid 8 8 9 8
TheStig 9 9 9 9
totizedger 7 7 9 8
release date: 18-Apr-2011
# of downloads: 195

average rating: 8.67
review count: 25
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file size: 46.63 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A great easter themed level made by Ranpyon.

Level is divided on two parts. First part take place in house and its surroundings and second in underground palace. Gameplay is exploration based with a lot of different items hidden in different places sometimes quite hard to spot (which is not a bad thing). There are nice and interesting tasks, however the level almost doesn't consist any puzzle except the one at the end. The main task is to collect five eggs and the end is pretty satisfying. Enemies are absent in this level.

Design, Atmosphere & Sounds
Level is very charming and with huge spring vibes. Choice of textures is very good but there was one area with untextured tiles. Lighting is very warm and pretty contrastic. Architecture is good. Surroundings and caves are pretty realistic. However there was place where I could easily see the outside of map. Author could expand map a little bit. Atmosphere is great. There are very charming spring and easter vibes and there is lot of nature. It was really pleasant to watch at beautiful surroundings of house as they were very well decorated. Usage of sounds is good.

It's a very good easter themed level with a lot of exploration and very charming atmosphere. I can definitely recommend it :)" - BlackWolfTR (18-Apr-2022)
"i do love a good home level and while this one is quite short, ive certainly found another good house level here, i say house but a lot of the gameplay is actually outside surrounding the glorious looking pink home. the house is original and the gameplay is about searching for eggs basically and after collecting each one you sometimes get another hint to your next destination, i had to use a walkthrough a couple of times but there some great puzzles and ideas here, its not just simply finding keys and levers, i found myself finding items and wondering where and how i could use them, definitely not obvious! some great platforming and traversal, i did miss a gym though and maybe some traps or enemies would of been nice but i understand this a very relaxed vibe the author was looking to make here and they succeeded! it was lovely, there is some very well hidden secrets here and i impressed myself in finding a few, this level was fun to play but what i really have to take my hat off for though is the textures and lighting, just stunningly beautiful well done" - John (03-May-2021)
"I really love this level. It captures the spirit of easter very well. The atmosphere and environments are so peaceful. The challenges are quite fun to do (except for the pushables puzzle) and the soundtrack is good. I recommend this level even if we aren't around the easter holiday!" - Gabriel Croft (23-Dec-2020)
"I may be playing these not reviewed (by me) Easter levels slightly out of season, but that's no bad thing when they provide such wonderful experiences such as this, and this is one of the best. There's a gorgeous looking valley and house to explore in the first part, and an underground cavern and palace to explore in the second part, all in search of the five eggs. The textures are wonderfully rendered and lighting was just right for my liking. No enemies, but I don't consider them an essential asset to Tomb Raiding, and there's also some sneaky elements such as shooting out the pool lights. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (10-Dec-2017)
"A stunning level which I attempted previously but failed to complete. I confess to liking Easter levels and this boasted a very beautiful array of birdsong and butterflies. I spent over an hour enjoying this level. Suitable for children and great for adults too!" - High Priestess (15-Nov-2017)
"Alright so here we have another good easter level but not without problems though. The biggest problem i had with this level was the location of the red egg, i ran around the place for a long time before i was forced to take a look at the walkthrough. The letter puzzle made me confused and i tried to figure out which word i had to spell as there were no clues at all, i had to look at the walkthrough once again. Despite these things i must say that it was an enjoyable raid with beautiful surroundings and so i must recommend it especially for those with a keen eye." - totizedger (29-Mar-2014)
"Very good looking level with entertaining gameplay. I really liked the design of the valley, the whole atmosphere was very calm - perfect for holiday level. Gameplay was easy, but some thing were very well hidden and if there wasn't a walkthrough I would've spent more than 40 minutes. I recommend this level to anyone who likes to explore beautiful valleys and manors!" - misho98 (02-Apr-2012)
"A really wonderful peaceful Easter level set in a beautiful steep green valley. Plenty of well hidden walls and puzzles to keep everyone entertained (I must admit I only spotted one of the eggs I needed by blind luck lighting a flare to reveal a shatter-able wall at just the right time!). Despite the comforting and warm atmosphere it's no walk in the park, so be prepared to use your eyes and ears and fully explore every room properly. The biggest stumbling block for me was shooting the lights out in the pool (I saw the nice note saying the owner of the house needed to replace them, and then went on a hunt looking for something to fix them with at first!!!) Texturing is great, and the lighting is excellent too. There's no nasties out there to come get you either, so you can literally just sit back and enjoy exploring the environment. The puzzle elements are nicely varied (from push-blocks to text-clues) and the music was quite sweet too. All I all I netted just over an hour from the RainbowEggs. Highly recommended, Stiggy." - TheStig (17-Mar-2012)
"Going into the level I was expecting a few easy puzzles, simple jumps and overall a level designed for an afternoon stroll. But don't let the cute visuals fool you because the good ol' TR puzzles, hidden objects and, every so often, obscure secrets and solutions are definitely there. And they work hand-in-hand with the bubbly mood crafted. I wish I could have given the atmosphere an 11/10 simply because every time a puzzle got too frustrating, all I had to do was look around me and remember that the open, sandbox type level meant I could just stroll around, take in the visuals and relax. The lack of enemies is definitely a plus in my book because it just enhances that wonderful holiday mood. I was tempted to go for all maximum scores, but I found that there were quite a few textures that didn't blend (and you could slightly see through the game geometry) and the lighting felt odd at times. Still, all these things can be ignored once you notice how much detail was put into crafting the level. For anyone looking for a break from all the action-oriented levels that we are so used to, then Ranpyon's creation is definitely worth a play." - Janny (19-Aug-2011)
"What a lovely Easter level! I want to live in this gorgeous pink house. Gameplay was very fun and I loved the beautiful atmosphere. I am a bit surprised to hear a Shania Twain song in a level made by an Italian! Pleasantly surprised though. I couldn't find all the secrets but that's not unusual for me. This is a definite must-play for anyone." - Shandroid (28-Apr-2011)
"I haven't given a 4-10 review in quite a while, especially not for a stand-alone hour-long level such as this one. But as I was playing, exulting in the wonderfully crafted textures and giving silent thanks for the ability to see everything around me, indoors and out, I thought to myself, by golly, I play Tomb Raider to enjoy myself while being subjected to some challenging tasks. There are no enemies here, but that doesn't really matter to me. For the most part they're just annoying distractions anyway, as most of the pleasure in playing the game lies in solving the puzzles laid before the player. So, if only to make a statement, I'm awarding top marks to this enchanting seasonal release. Other builders who delight in churning out their woefully predictable dark levels will probably never get it, but this is the kind of gaming experience that's wholesome, refreshing and just plain fun. The six secrets documented in Manarch2's walkthrough provide some spicy sidetracks, especially the one near the palace entrance. Getting that one is an exercise in itself. The secrets are cleverly placed and for the most part require only that the player keep his eyes open. I hope the other Easter levels are like this one. Highly recommended." - Phil (26-Apr-2011)
"I loved this level so much! A very nice level to finish in my birthday! I love easter levels and this one has to be a very special one with a lot of puzzles and exploration. I loved how the rainbow eggs were nicely hidden and how they looked were stunning! A prettlong level which first starts off in lara's friend's house and garden which then leads to the rainbow palace which I thought was amazing! Trying to find all eggs were fun and challenging because some eggs were very well hidden. Trying to find a place to use the waterskin was in a very very well hidden space. I loved everything about this level and it was a pretty long adventure but will keep you entertained with the fun gameplay and challenging puzzles." - afzalmiah (26-Apr-2011)
"You know You need a crowbar - but where's the crowbar? You know You need to use the turtle - but where to use the turtle? You know the Japanese word is probably a hint - and it is indeed, but what it relates to? This is what gameplay in this game is like - open-spaced, non-linear and challenging. Sometimes a little bit frustrating. But the most frustrating thing, really frustrating as hell, is the non-climbable roof. For Heaven's sake and for a handful of thistles, W.H.Y.?.?.? We love rooftops! Thankfully, it's all cute and well-rewarding. Really, the game is one of the cuttest I've ever seen, but this cuteness is not overdone at all - everything matches and fits everything - colorful texturing fits warm lighting, warm lighting fits fantasy objects, fantasy objects fit mystical storyline - and all these things make the level flow as the best possible result of putting together already invented elements, which - even if well-known to most of all, can still form unique configurations. This is why gameplay gets 9 - because, even if there's not enough creation of the author herself, the configuration of familiar things is unique. Audio: hmm, for using Fantaghiro theme, whoever You are, I love You. SUMMARY: Well, I would like to say there are many Easter Eggs in this game, but it may be understood the wrong way. Eat a lot of chocolate to make Your brain work flawlessly before attempting this level. Well done art, even if lighting is sometimes messed up and I agree with Inchdix there are lots of cracks in the texturing. Honestly, they don't disturb me, as the overall atmosphere efficiently draw my attention away of them. CONDENSED SUMMARY: It often happens when I play a marvel that I can't manage to write all high recommendations in normal summary. That's why some of my descriptions need a condensed one." - DJ Full (23-Apr-2011)
"My first thought was what a beautiful environment.
A bright, cheerful garden, that shouts out 'Spring' with a rainbow, butterflies and of course, flowers set on a lake...perfect for an Easter level. There is a lot to do and see: finding the keys to Lara's place in the home is first and not that easy - there's a matter of finding a key that took awhile even though not really hidden and trying to decipher what changing the pool lights actually means. Finding the Easter eggs was sometimes easy and sometimes a bit obscure but never too difficult. Once into the Rainbow Palace gameplay changes a bit with finding a MS that had me going around the perimeter instead of what was plainly the correct way and a ceiling grab that my Lara would not grab. The only minor detraction was what became the incessant chirping of the birds - the longer one stays in the garden area the more it tends to be a bit much but still, not much of a complaint.
The patio and pool area had me thinking of Florida as it was rendered so true-to-life but, of course, no palm trees as this is a celebration of Spring and Easter and not a tropical setting.
From the initial fly-by to all the unique objects, this was fun and a delight - I look forward to any future levels from this builder.
Well done, Ranpyon." - Bene (22-Apr-2011)
"The one minute long introduction flyby gets you right into the mood in this bright garden setting with the music and the birds chirping (quite loudly indeed). And the first part of the level is indeed largely about exploration and finding items and clues. Later on you enter the Rainbow Palace and it does become slightly more puzzle oriented. The hour spent here is a pleasant diversion, although I thought the gameplay was maybe a bit out of balance. On the one hand you have good ideas that have been nicely designed into the game, such as the flushing out of the key in the Palace, but then you have fairly obscure or even unfair elements, such as a key simply lying in the grass of the huge garden of the house, or an almost impossible to see shootable wood panel in a room where you already did enough other things to leave it alone and look elsewhere. Not to mention the shooting of the pool lights triggering a door to open (although at least that task is nicely hinted at with a note, as is the letter puzzle towards the end). At the end of the day though, this level fits in nicely into the seasonal spirit and it was fun to collect the eggs and the six secret eggs on top... and now I am going to enduldge into all the chocolate to be found in the final room..." - MichaelP (21-Apr-2011)
"This is a nice, happy level, grasslands, flowers, birds shouting, Easter eggs to find etc. What better way of enjoying a bit of unstressfull raiding. Although I'll admit to ducking occasionally when the butterflies went past, remembering the vicious ones in past levels (I've never been the same about butterflies since). Fairly straight forward gameplay with a few sneaky bits thrown in for good measure. To not spoil things I'll only say to prospective players, take notice of the notes and the diary and use your binoculars! There are a couple of dark areas, which I thought was unnecessary. No baddies, of course, interesting puzzles which are well hinted at and a very pleasant area in which to play round off a thoroughly enjoyable Easter Egg hunt." - Diz (21-Apr-2011)
"Ranpyon seems to be a novice in the level construction scene, because till present I have still heard nothing of this level builder. This was my first thought, because the name Ranpyon said me nothing. Then later I have got to know that there is, nevertheless, a level of this level builder, indeed, under the name Kya. At least this is the name on the level download side of the Base. Therefore, this level is no debut. That Ranpyon can build a good level has she already proved in her first level, hence, this miraculous work is no surprise. And here has Ranpyon clearly improved herself once again. I find it always good that the level builders show immediately at the level beginning with a Flyby what comes up to the player. And this Flyby is formed very nicely. Not too fast, not too slowly and not hectic to and fro. Thus it must be. Besides, one gets the very good first impression. The first key was hidden quite well and without this key I have walked around like a headless chicken and had absolutely no notion what I should make now. However, then it ran as cut bread. Well, mostly, in any case. However, two times I needed help. But it was not in such a way that one could not come on the solution. A nice small idea was to connect the Winding Key with a tortoise and not, as usual, with a beetle. The outdoor area and the house were wonderful, but most nicely it was in the building where one had to place the eggs. The lighting was good. Only two places were a little bit dark. But with the Flares it was no problem, particularly as these both places were very small. There were enough Camera hints. The riddles were very good. I have liked, for example, one of the key riddles in the palace. Hopefully we will also hear and play in future something from this level builder." - Scottie (20-Apr-2011)
"I really liked this level, that can be split in two main areas: The mansion and the palace. Exploring the beautiful setting in the first, I had great fun, but there wasn't much to do, only one puzzle (and this in a for me too dark room) and no harder tasks. The indoor areas were quite realistic and textures were good. Near the end of this first part, Lara starts to find three eggs, which contained an even more thorough search, I really liked the idea of using the mechanical turtle. The secret system also was good, reminded on TR Legend with Gold, Silver and Bronze secrets that were accordingly more or less hard to find. After finding three eggs Lara gets to the palace, with again a nice atmosphere, but simply more to do - nice letter and pushable puzzles to find here, and also the tricky Gold Secret that took me quite a while to get. After around 45 minutes Lara gets her well deserved "treasure". All in all a nice level, I hope we get more of this now from the Aspide series." - manarch2 (20-Apr-2011)
"What a lovely Easter level this is - not only beautiful and charming, but a damn fine raid as well. The atmosphere is soothing, brightly coloured and full of bird song. As befits the season, there are no enemies to fight and all your energies will be required for exploration and finding the delightfully sneaky places the builder has hidden various eggs, five of which are necessities to finish the game and six of which are secrets (I only missed one, which is pretty good going for me). There are some fun objects to use - in particular the mechanical tortoise rather than beetle was noteworthy and a new one on me. There's a nice little puzzle to solve towards the end of the game, but it should be easy enough if you've been paying attention to your diary entries. Recommended to players of all abilities, provided you keep your eyes well open." - Jay (20-Apr-2011)
"This level is very enjoyable but quite hard. Atmosphere and lighting are good (in fact spring feeling is very pleasant). Gameplay is little bit hard and no linear (for example the libray and lamps in swimming pool), that's why it changes by report another level with good lighting and atmosphere but where "a room follows another room...". Good job." - Glouglouton (20-Apr-2011)
"Nice start of Eastern and it gets you right in the mood with the hunt for the 5"rainbow" eggs. My computer is getting too old as it was lagging big time, so much that it made me rather nauseous, but playing it in small burst did the trick. Rather nice use of objects and a good looking area where Lara has to roam. Some of the objects are hidden in strange places, like a key in the grass, shooting the pool lights was a bit obscure even after finding the note. However there is one very stuck moment if you are going for all the secrets. Do NOT jump down right away to the rainbow temple as I found no way to get up again, as a secret is nicely hidden there. Textures could use some work though. Lighting was adequate and there are no enemies, which is fine by me. For the builder, watch the triggers because the popping up note book every time when Lara entered the temple can be avoided." - Gerty (20-Apr-2011)
"This can be an attractive Easter level as Lara searches for five colored eggs. At start, the interior rooms are well done in proportion and decoration, though the outside feels simpler. Lara read the author's hints several times and had fun finding the yellow and green eggs. Puzzles can be oblique, but one can guess how Lara might change lights in a swimming pool. Then it feels as if the Easter Bunny reaches into his basket of colorful eggs and pulls a switchblade on Lara. If Lara misses the hiding place for the red egg, she will search every other place in the level multiple times and still not have any idea what was missed. On first reaching the rainbow palace Lara did a shimmy in near darkness, having found a crack by feel. Vegetation plasters one wall and might hide a jump switch, but the author is trickier than that. The author can claim there is a clue for the letter-array jumps, but if you're like me and spent all your time looking for the red egg, you will have forgotten about this obscure and maybe misleading clue. I enjoyed the author's debut level, which had somewhat similar game play, but here it feels that there is too much emphasis on concealment tricks. The jump switches are sly and fine, as they are right out in plain sight, yet it is possible to miss them. Perhaps a one hour level if players don't get bogged down. I know other players are fans of treasure hunt levels, and they will really enjoy this. There is a nice ending with a collection of chocolate animals." - dmdibl (19-Apr-2011)
"Very nice to play this easter level. Beautiful environment and no much backtracking. Keep your eyes well opened; there are some small details somewhere you'll need to finish the game, like a key throwed anywhere or a very small crack in a wall... Puzzles are very easy, a level only to explore and find, but entertaining anyway. Some secrets are difficult to find, there is a very good use of the cameras and textures are usually well applied. A level to take a relaxed time." - Jose (19-Apr-2011)
"This is a peaceful Easter egg hunt, where Lara explores a house and the surrounding areas. The game play consists mainly of finding more or less well-hidden switches, keys and a total of 5 eggs in order to reach the final room. There are no enemies, deadly traps or complicated jumps so the only real challenge is to not overlook important things and find your way around the area. The builder provided several hints in form of written notes and a diary and there was no shortage of camera hints. The atmosphere was peaceful with birds and other soothing ambient sounds. I liked the architecture of the buildings and the layout of the map. The textures were mainly hi-rez and maybe for that reason I did experience some serious fps slowdown in certain parts of the outside areas and even going to a lower screen resolution did not change that a lot. Other than that the areas looked beautifully designed and the texturing looked well applied, but there were some flaws like light gaps here and there. In conclusion this was a pleasant Easter level and definitely recommended for all ages. (58 minutes, 3/6 secrets found)" - Blue43 (19-Apr-2011)
"Seven eggs have to be found in this peacefull easter-level. A lot of exploring has to be done in two areas - sometimes it's too much running to and fro between an upper and a lower section of a very well created garden. But all in all gameplay is interesting and fluent. The author had some very good ideas and worked the out very well. There are no challenging actions to perform. A pleasant harmonic atmosphere is created here. I had much fun playing this one." - Christian (19-Apr-2011)