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Temple of Qualopec by JaayStation

afzalmiah 5 4 6 6
Blue43 4 4 5 6
Bradley 5 4 5 6
Ceamonks890 4 4 4 4
Christian 4 3 4 5
Diz 5 5 6 6
DJ Full 6 6 7 5
dmdibl 5 5 6 5
eRIC 2 4 3 3
Gerty 3 3 4 3
Jay 5 6 6 6
Jose 4 4 6 5
Leeth 3 3 4 3
manarch2 4 6 6 6
MichaelP 5 6 6 6
MpGrill 4 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 7
Ryan 4 5 5 5
Scottie 5 4 6 5
sonnyd83 5 5 5 5
Steven Svorticher 4 4 5 5
TheStig 4 5 6 6
Torry 3 5 6 4
Treeble 4 5 6 5
Xela 3 3 5 4
Zhyttya 3 3 4 2
release date: 29-May-2011
# of downloads: 80

average rating: 4.66
review count: 26
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file size: 22.22 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"An author's early go on Qualopec, swift and simple. Back then objects were almost stock and lighting much improvable, but the game is enjoyable with combat, escape sequence and soundtrack (even though the main ambience is no cave but coastal). Can be tried to compare with later versions of the project." - DJ Full (16-Apr-2024)
"Have I ever told you about my bias towards TR1/TRA Peru? This level tries to mimic partly the Tomb of Qualopec (one of my all time favorite levels in the entire TR franchise), but it falls rather short, and even by taking the author's Pyramid of the Rulers this feels like an afterthought. It's short though, so for it's length alone you can't really go wrong. 5 minutes. 07/23" - Treeble (30-Jul-2023)
"Very short level taking place in rooms that are too empty , some with strong shadows. It seriously lacks entertaining things to do except killing 4 raptors, the challenge with the fire burners is even easier than what it looks at first. I like the gems already put in their place and the way the doors open." - eRIC (02-Oct-2022)
"Short ten minute romp through the Qualopec tile set that has you hunting down 3 Horsmans gems. There are a few raptors but the darkness is the biggest issue. Game play is simplistic but still fun." - Torry (02-Jan-2020)
"Another brief adventure, in a Qualopec setting this time around. Again, there's nothing too ambitious to speak of here and gameplay is as simple as always, but if you have a spare 10 minutes to spend or if you just want a quick bit of raiding over your coffee break, there are worse choices to make. It's competently made, at least." - Ryan (22-Apr-2019)
"I'm so glad that i had the torch since the beginning of this really helped navigate through the huge darkness that consumes this temple...It was a solid level made by townsieboy. The last level that i've played from him was one of he's most recent which is Lost Valley Revised and i've got to say, not much has improved between these two games from this author. Pretty much the same big areas, easy to find keys and bad lightening. It had a few good platforming with traps to spice up a bit, but one of them requires to go through at first try (spike trap)." - Zhyttya (30-Jan-2016)
"A level by townsieboy. That sums up everything in my opinion. It shows a really improvement from the previews level from this creator and they are really more enjoyable but still a long way to go. The lightning need a bit more work, the puzzle's are basic but the camera work was great! I don't like stuff that if you fail at the first try you just have to reload even if you don't die like the running throw the falling floor. So, if you want a tutorial level to show someone, this is a good one since it has a bit of everything" - Leeth (30-Jan-2016)
"I do not see this as a remake of the original Tomb Raider level. Apart from the textures and enemies, the level design just doesn't apply the feel that the Tomb of Qualopec had. I think the biggest misstep was in the shape of the rooms, which gave off a distinctly blocky feel, instead of grandness and awe. Not that the original was phenomenal in its room design, but it had a succinct structure for the most part. The piece of the scion also comes way too early in the level, considering it is meant to be the grand prize. I guess that the level itself is not horrible; there are some varying game mechanics. But everything feels meshed together, like the author made a level and decided on the theme in post-production. It's not really worth the 10 minutes of playtime in my book." - Xela (03-May-2014)
"While a better attempt compared to the builder's debut at remaking a level from a classic Tomb Raider game, this release still suffers from a multitude of problems, ranging from repetitive texturing to some out-of-place tracks(I don't believe the ambient sounds of seagulls and waves from TR4's Coastal Ruins level feel appropriate for this type of environment). Now, don't get me wrong. Townsieboy has improved his skills in some areas, such as the lighting(despite being rather inconsistent) and gameplay variety(despite still being rather too easy). But the problem is that the builder constantly seems to have the need to rush another level out the door, before taking some time out to practice more in the editor and ultimately suffers for it in the end. In conclusion however, while not a completely bad level, this attempt at a remake of the Tomb of Qualopec from TR1 is nothing special and feels quite underwhelming with it's rather brief length. On top of that, rooms are still far too noticeably huge and boxy and with a lack of objects, feel devoid of any actual charm. Not really worth the download, unless you have nothing else to play and want something to keep you entertained for a few minutes. Otherwise, steer clear." - Ceamonks890 (19-Apr-2014)
"I enjoyed the title soundtrack - mix of TR1 and TR AOD. The sound in-game is from TR4, although I don't think a coastal sound really has the right ambience for this level. The earlier dinosaurs are almost silent. The texuring and lighting were very similar to those on the original TR1 level. There's a lack of variety and only a few symbol textures to break it up a little. Lighting is fairly ok, possibly a little dark near the start, and too bright in the last room. The gameplay consists of fighting some easy to kill dinosaurs, moving out of the way of rolling balls, collecting several gemstones, jumping over spikes, long distance jumps, collecting a broken beetle (well scion), using golden star to flood a room, a fairly good fire timed run, and then falling ceiling, then finish. There's a couple of very nice flyby camera's. This seems like an uncomplete game as it lasts only 20 minutes and is too easy." - sonnyd83 (15-May-2012)
"A further quick level here from Townsieboy this time based on Qualopec's tomb in Peru. There's further evidence of experimentation from the author, including the use of custom outfits and enemies. They had also had a further play with the lighting though this time I'd say it's been dialed down too dark in places. A quick 10 minute peruvian level, not bad but maybe it's time to take on a bigger project? Stiggy." - TheStig (06-May-2012)
"A short adventure in the Temple of Qualopec. On its own, not at all a bad one, just hoping that the builder starts on a project that lasts at least for a bit longer than the 10 minutes I spend in this Temple. Good flybys and a nice raptor attack, some boulders and falling ceilings to avoid and Bob is indeed your uncle." - Gerty (02-Oct-2011)
"Again, a very short level, again, no flares for the dark areas, again very few tasks and no puzzles... At least this time the rooms are not very huge and textures are not so monotonous, but still the rooms are very empty. I ask myself why this author is so in a hurry for releasing new levels and don't think about add the small efforts to build a level a bit longer." - Jose (06-Aug-2011)
"Bad mini-level that, according to the title, should be a remake of the Tomb of Qualopec of TR1, but aside from the textures and a little more, however, cannot bear comparison. The level has approximately the same number of rooms, and similiar goals to the previous level of this author (Pyramid Of The Rulers) or even lower. The gameplay is too simple; more particular things are: to avoid a boulder and pieces of ceiling falling down, to run quickly on falling tiles and jump on the cubes with the timed flames (nothing particular at all). Overall the aim of the level is to collect 3 gems and the Scion, but what a pity! For the first 3 ones there's no difficulty while about the Scion, instead of being the last thing to find, it was placed right at the beginning of the level (another reason making the marklower). Lara has to find a crowbar too that is still used in the same area (everyone would understand where using it!). There are no secrets. A few enemies: 4 raptors, and raptors aren't the ones strong of TR1, these are weak! Soundtracks by TR last revelation., no flyby even considering the total absence of levers in the whole level. Insufficient (or nearly sufficient) textures/lights. In conclusion, a mini-level resulting disappointing both as remake and as a new level. Since its extreme brevity, it is natural that players cannot be satisfied, besides if all tasks are so obvious and they don't require a little reasoning, that's even worse." - Steven Svorticher (06-Jul-2011)
"Oh dear,how embarrassing - in my review of this builders previous level (Pyramid of the rulers),I erroneously stated that it was a debut. Clearly I was unable to recall either of his first two adventures;although that may hardly be surprising if they were each as brief in duration as this latest one.Not that Temple of Qualopec is in any way a poor effort; it's colourful;well-textured;atmospherically lit;filled with enemies (the final raptor attack took me by surprise) and contains numerous traps and jump sequences. The problem is,it lasts barely ten minutes and is extremely similar in gameplay to the authors previous Pyramid level. It's all accomplished enough,though; so perhaps his next level will finally be the ambitious one that has so far eluded him?" - Orbit Dream (10-Jun-2011)
"A good, brief remake that is reasonably good for it's size, but it's missing something. What it's missing, I don't know however. This is the work of what could be a talented builder in the futur. This level is a "remake", but it is very different to the original. So it's not a "copy", it's a "remake"!(overall : rating : good; completion time : 7 mins; use of walkthrough : no; sectrets found : 0)" - Bradley (03-Jun-2011)
"Rated with 5.2 this level is evaluated higher than average. Why? I can't see any improvement to the level the builder released only a few days ago, I can't see anything protruding mediocrity. In my opinion it's overrated up to now. Some gems have to be found to reach the exit. So what? 10 minutes of gameplay. Placing the crowbar, the related star and it's receptacle in the same room is to easy. Such things are trials during a learning period. They don't have to be released. Sorry." - Christian (02-Jun-2011)
"Another quick ten-minute level by the author, but this one shows improvement with a real sense of place in this Qualopec-inspired level. Maybe things are a bit too dark, but the tomb confines create menace with raptors and rolling boulders. More ideas are tested out in this level, though because of the brevity things are placed in close proximity: a crowbar is at Lara's feet just before she needs it for a star, whose receptacle is there when she turns around. Time now for the author to be putting all these ideas into a longer developed level." - dmdibl (01-Jun-2011)
"I find it always a little bit strange when I play a level and short time later already the next level of the level builder is available. Can a level builder build really so fast a level? I can't see that happening. Or was the previous level maybe trumpery wares, so that the next level gets better Reviews? Questions about questions which all await an answer. Well, we will see.
To begin with the background sound is a little bit strange, because one hears teh sound of the sea, although one is not at all at the sea. This does not fit so completely. It is a little bit dark at the level beginning, but after that it gets better. In the water room are at one place a few textures absent. But that doesn't matter, because one can see it only if one is under water. Otherwise the textures were processed cleanly. Though Lara meets some raptors, but they fall down fast. The Flybys looking good, this is quite unambiguously one of the strengths of townsieboy. And in contrast to the previous level the rooms are not so big any more.
Summary: A positive progression is clearly recognizable. if one compares Pyramid of the Rulers with this level." - Scottie (31-May-2011)
"Again, another level of Townsieboy, and again, the same style. There are no mayor improvements since his last project and I must say, that the author should take more time for building his levels. Everyone could build a creation like this with monotone rooms and placing shadow bulbs everywhere...especialy if it takes not more than 10 minutes to finish it...We can see that the author actually discovered the Wadmerger...a new outfit, new objects and enemies are now available for Lara to kill them...and thats it...Atmosphere and lightnings are mediocore...there are rooms with prety monotone lightnings...." - MpGrill (31-May-2011)
"Another short adventure of less than 10 minutes by the author, but I really enjoyed this one with again good flybys, nice audios added and some decent effort at lighting. Gameplay is fast paced and straightforward with a few boulders and collapsing ceilings to evade, a few raptors to kill (which seemed to make door opening sounds at times?) and a nice little water flipmap room near the end. Not the worst level to spend 10 minutes on, so give it a quick try!" - MichaelP (30-May-2011)
"Another level from townsieboy straight after his previous one? Okay! This was another short level with pretty good gameplay. The main goal is to get the scion (called beetle or something like that), find three horseman's gems and escape from the tomb. The textures were all from the tomb of qualopec level and the only enemies were raptors. There were also some boulders and falling debris but the are pretty easy to dodge. A very short level and an improvement from his previous level. Recommended for a small raid." - afzalmiah (30-May-2011)
"Don't be misled by the classification of this level as it's more a reinterpretation than an exact remake. It's another coffee break length level from this builder, in which Lara has to find three gems by performing a few gentle agility tests, dodging some boulders and shooting a few raptors. It's nicely made, clearly demonstrating how the builder is gaining experience and if you fancy ten minutes relaxing gameplay in a traditional Qualopec setting, you could do a lot worse than this." - Jay (30-May-2011)
"Two days after the builder's latest release, he surprises with yet another level, and I found this one slightly better. While some parts were rather fastly textured, I found the pool room and some of the orange parts better done. The door objects were fitting and there were quite a few challenges in this level, such as escaping the boulder and solving another fire trap that can be quickly (nearly) skipped by swimming to the ramp and climbing up, then backflipping (thus the 4 for gameplay). The raptors were luckily easy to shoot but they were cleverly placed, the second last one was very much unexpected. A not very much demanding level lasting a bit over 5 minutes, recommended for a short break, not more." - manarch2 (30-May-2011)
"A pleasant little level of less than ten minutes that won't tax the old brain cells too much. Straight-forward gameplay, dodge a few boulders, kill a few raptors, that sort of thing. The most difficult thing I found was finding the crowbar (I was standing on it at the time). The lighting I thought was going to be interesting as it started of dark then went to a pleasant dark blue but after that just turned to full on for the rest of the level. Good use of a flipmap to flood a area. You definitely won't feel you've wasted ten minutes by playing this. Good fun." - Diz (30-May-2011)
"Although this is another under 10 minute level and falls a bit short in game play, I think it might be a step in the right direction when it comes to layout and room design as the builder has avoided the huge oversized rooms from the last level. This is not a Qualopec remake, but rather a Qualopec themed mini level with simple and easy game play. The few traps Lara encounters are harmless and even the couple of raptors seem to not cause any damage either. For such a small level it has a very good atmosphere with well-chosen music and sounds. I played through this a second time, looking carefully but did not find any secrets. The texturing is typical TR1-Qualopec stuff and appears well applied except for an area where texturing is missing completely, but since it is not in the regular path a player has to look for it to see it. There is an improvement in the lighting department over previous levels. I hope we will see more from this builder in the future and it would be nice if he would use his talent to build something a little longer and incorporate a bit more game play. (7 min, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (29-May-2011)