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Great Wall Madness by TanteiSakana

Blue43 4 4 4 5
Ceamonks890 4 3 3 4
Christian 4 4 5 4
dmdibl 5 4 5 4
Gerty 5 5 5 5
Jay 5 4 4 4
Jose 5 3 3 5
manarch2 5 4 4 4
MichaelP 5 5 5 5
MpGrill 4 3 3 3
Nina Croft 4 4 4 3
Orbit Dream 4 3 3 4
Ryan 4 4 3 4
Scottie 5 5 6 7
Steven Svorticher 5 4 5 4
TheStig 5 5 5 5
Torry 6 5 7 5
Treeble 4 4 4 4
release date: 02-Jul-2011
# of downloads: 64

average rating: 4.35
review count: 18
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file size: 9.36 MB
file type: TR2
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Now I quite enjoyed this 30 minute romp through the Great Wall with its sneaky placement of keys (took me a while to find that) and the traps that gave the player next to no time to respond. The use of spikes incorporated with other traps was inspired, forcing the player to find another method when the tried and true methods would fail. Quite liked the whole concept. I did not find any secrets however. Was there any? Good job Tantei." - Torry (20-Oct-2019)
"This level isn't the most player-friendly one out there as Lara has to sustain damage at almost every corner she turns in this level. She's required to run through spikes while sucking up medipacks, take a huge fall from a great height and witness items that seemingly on purpose she cannot pick up. Elsewhere the environments are bland, repetitive and don't instil much artistic interest and I had a few dodgy sounds in my download. It's not too bad as far as TR2 levels go, and I'm sure there are fans of gameplay like this, but it really wasn't to my taste at all." - Ryan (30-Mar-2018)
"Trap galore you can call it and the funny thing is that I sort of had a great time. Was hopelessly lost a bit at the underwater area and glad that there was a walkthrough. There is a little trick you can do with that spiked wall that won’t cost you any medipacks, just trigger them and walk behind them. It doesn’t mean you can do that with every other spike wall though. You find luckily enough medipacks and you will need them, so be warned." - Gerty (06-Jul-2017)
"I was willing to turn a blind eye to the overuse of the one rocky texture which made a number of rooms feel so boring to navigate, but when I fell through a trapdoor without a key and no way to return to try and locate it I decided I shouldn't. Turns out the key was hidden in one of two narrow underwater tunnels I had completely overlooked, because I was very much focused on the larger underwater area rather than the narrow corners. This level also suffers a little with trap placement, rolling boulders come out of nowhere and way too soon, so it's impossible to react and this trial and error approach got old fast. I enjoyed the idea of combining spike pits with other traps, but when the author gives you dozens of medipacks in a row you realize what you're supposed to do, although with the spike wall you can trick it, triggering it, stepping back and then just walking behind it without any further worries. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"Much like what I already covered in my review for caj800's 'Golden Dragon' release, this one shares a good amount of the same problems that the former also happened to suffer from, such as uninspired repetitive texturing and lifeless empty environments among other things. So, I'm not going to go into too much detail here. But while the gameplay isn't bad, it's also not very interesting to go through either, with some push blocks and levers included seemingly just to give you something to do, while traps feel placed everywhere at times for no real reason, including a few rather infamous spike sections where the builder lays plenty of medipacks out for the player to easily pick up, in hopes that it will balance the difficulty out in an admittedly rather lazy problem-solving manner. In conclusion however, while this level wasn't too terrible, it just didn't click with me and by the time I reached the end, I was relieved that it was finally over. So, if you're still interested in giving this level a shot, best played through once out of sheer curiosity and then delete it shortly afterwards when you are done with it." - Ceamonks890 (02-Sep-2014)
"I had mixed feelings after playing this one I must admit. Based on the Tomb Raider II engine and using texturing and objects from the Great Wall you basically work your way through a linear series of caverns. Puzzle solving is simple, with push blocks and the odd lever to find. The most challenging aspect of the level is probably the sections designed to make you take a big health-hit running through spikes. These to be honest aren't really all that hard work a) because medi-packs are so plentiful; and b) in the case of the spike wall trap it can be easily avoided buy triggering it first, stepping back and slowly walking through the spikes after it. All the all though I think the design and scale for a first level is pretty good. What left me mixed was the environments themselves. The lighting for the most part was excellent (particularly for a TRII level), but the texturing was pretty disappointing with large areas wall-papered and looking the same. I know a few didn't like the section where if you miss picking up the key earlier on you're stuck in a pit, but it does add a touch of realism and all those skeletons around means others did the same before! I netted just over 40 minutes from GreatWall Madness (probably due to exploring all the empty corners). Not bad as a starting point, but the author definitely needs to put as much effort into their texturing as they did crafting & lighting their environments. Stiggy" - TheStig (16-Jun-2012)
"Not bad this TR2 level, but always the same question: is there an option in the unofficial editor to select partial textures for small surfaces? This level is a bit unusual; some switches to open doors and several areas with spikes where you need to replenish your health continuosly; several boulder traps and no much more to say. Short level with a lineal gameplay and no puzzles to solve; only explore a bit to find the switches, the secrets, only two tigers to shoot, I couldn't find the shotgun; a lot of medipacks to pick up, and no more fun for a level which have not interesting features." - Jose (16-Aug-2011)
"A solid little adventure, but of the comparably little gameplay there is, the author has made a few annoying choices in that you need to run through spikes gulping medipacks twice and even though medipacks are supplied in huge amounts, the concept of advancing in a level that way is just not fun. So what you can enjoy are two quick secrets near the beginning, a bit of platforum jumping and avoiding an occasional boulder and pushing a few blocks around. Only two tigers as enemies and it was funny to see one of the voluntarily drowning himself. Not a bad effort for the just under 25 minutes it lasts, but not quite to my taste." - MichaelP (17-Jul-2011)
"A short TR2 level playable in about 20 minutes where Lara finds herself in another part of the Great Wall, whose purpose is to survive the multitude of traps. The gameplay is smooth but still quite funny: lots of boulders, some of which fall surprisely while Lara slides down the slopes, to avoid spikes, spinning blades, a hall with spikes and a rotating blade and another long corridor with spikes on the floor and a wall of spikes; I found this part particularly fascinating because we know that you've to walk on the spikes to get without any damage, but here there is also a lateral wall forcing Lara to run and then to lose a lot of energy, but luckyly the author has put in the ground 8 (or 10) large medkit before facing the challenge, although with a little attention and tactics a maximum of 2 are needed. We also find lots of traps such as several pickups to be collected but really, doing this, a boulder falls on her head, then forget it; once climbed a very high ladder, Lara enters a room with 2 small medikit: choosing the correct one the level ends, choosing the wrong one you still get another deadly trap. So rather addictive gameplay, and perhaps the strong point of this small level. we have neither many puzzles nor a few ones: among other things Lara will have to interact with blocks, pull various levers, find hidden passages in the water and find some object. There are 3 secrets (the 3 dragons of TR2): for the first 2 I haven't had particular difficulties, while for the last one even though I had seen it from afar, I had to read the walkthrough to figure out how to access the area where it is placed. As enemies we just find a couple of tigers and as a weapons only the 2 pistols. Soundtracks from TR2, atmosphere so and so, using some flyby, textures and lights are not always satisfactory. In conclusion, a mini-level, just nice because of the various traps and the research for the secrets, but, given the brevity and the lack of puzzles or large enemies, it loses a lot. I suggest to play it once." - Steven Svorticher (13-Jul-2011)
"This level has the advantage, that the inclined player explored another part of the Great Wall than usually commonly. Moreover, the level has some clever riddles and a few nasty traps. Sound and lighting are also good . So therefore everything is fine? Unfortunately not. It is no problem which one has to go through both narrow ways with the rolling to and fro big wheels, because due to the available niches one comes through, actually, without health loss. The problem are the ground stings which cannot be deactivated. Though the level builder has placed enough health packs, but it cannot be the intention to force up thereby the health pack consumption. There is such a sting distance also in the cave with the sting wall. I needed 3 big health packs to come through this place. What is the point of that? This must not be. Then the too long ladder does not strike almost any more. In principle is this a good level, but he has a few unnecessary weaknesses." - Scottie (07-Jul-2011)
"This 20-25 minute level was quite a challenge, but since the builder provided more than enough medikits (on one place, eight!) it was quite doable to run through some of the spikes. It all starts rather easy, with a few jumps across a gap, and doing a little block puzzle, but after placing the only key in this level you had to do a perfect run into an alcove, avoid spikes, blades and spike walls. Only one enemy - the tiger - in this level, but I found another tiger corpse nearby(?) Texturing was mediocre, very often streched, uniform and you can see the end of the world quite clearly. I wondered about a strange luggage at the start, you don't get to know what's up with it. The medikits that lead to instant death were quite unfair as no boulders could be seen. A nice little level, but much more could've been done for the player and the visuals." - manarch2 (03-Jul-2011)
"There are decent moments here, so that the level has the makings of something better, but as presented it also feels childish or unfinished. I mean, what's up with the awful load screen as a first impression? Near the start there is a lot of swimming to find a few cracks, but when Lara finally locates a crevice near a push-block corner, there is nothing in the large hidden chamber. Better keep going until Lara finds a key. Further exploration yields medipack and flares, and that part was fine. There is an unusually tight boulder run after Lara uses that key; she can only escape by making leaps, as Lara travels faster in air. The author hides boulders inside solid rock, so they fall out of nowhere and crush Lara when she stoops to pick up a medipack. This is so hilarious that the gimmick is used twice. Lara had to walk through spikes, which is fine, but then had to run through spikes. About five large medipacks are provided--not really necessary, as at this point inventory showed 5 small and 4 large medipacks--but then what is the point of having Lara take damage from spikes? Given the tricks played in the rest of the level, I suspect the white and green dragon secrets really are out of reach, as the falls are fatal, but maybe there is a clever way to get them. Playable, but not entirely satisfying." - dmdibl (03-Jul-2011)
"This is a short, but quite eventful TR2 level, loosely based on the official Great Wall level. The textures are somewhat bland and grey and the only bit of vibrant colour comes in the form of a single attacking tiger (and another one who appears to have drowned in the lake). That's it for enemies, the rest of the game being given over to dodging boulders and negotiating roller blade/spike traps. Some of the boulders are tricky, or indeed on occasion impossible, but the spikes are a lot easier to deal with that you might first think. In the corridor with a roller blade, you mainly get time to walk Lara through the spikes to the next safe alcove, thus sustaining no damage and in the room with a spike wall, it's easy enough to trigger it, let it pass and stroll through the floor spikes to the exit. Still, if you prefer to run and take the damage, there are more than sufficient medipacks provided. Probably only a level for die-hard TR2 fans." - Jay (03-Jul-2011)
"This short TR2 style raid, which vaguely resembles some of the Great Wall level of the original, has simple game play which consists mainly of finding a key, push a few blocks and pull some levers. Everything is easy to accomplish as long as the player keeps feeding health pack while running through spike traps. In general there were plenty of traps and lots of them were everything else but fair. There were 2 enemies in form of tigers, and only one of them attacked Lara - the other one ran into the water and committed suicide. The level contains three secrets as I later found out. I didn't look hard enough to find any of them. The texturing wasn't too bad but looked quite repetitive in the larger rooms. The lighting was also a hit and miss with some areas really nice while Lara looked very flat in others. Not bad for a first level and there is obviously a lot of potential. If you haven't played a TR2 level in a while, this might be just a nice one for the small appetite, just don't expect too much. (20 minutes. 0/3 secrets found)." - Blue43 (03-Jul-2011)
"This was a short but not so easy level for me. As the very name of the level implies, what you have here is madness made from spikes, boulders, concealed traps and circular blades. Lara begins harmlessly by exploring some huge cave-like chambers, where she must find a key in order to enter the Guardhouse full of traps. There are two tigers here to meet, but in most cases, both of them will drown inside a lake, so you won't have any chance to use your faithful Shotgun. Also, make sure to take the key before you drop through the trapdoor to lower area. Save before you use that key, because you will have to perform a milisecond precise run away from a boulder and be prepared to die at least ten times before you finally escape it. But only after this, it gets really interesting. Lara must go through some trapped hallways, filled with spikes, so be ready to use the medikits which are abundantly scattered around the level. Also, some things are not always as they look... There are some concealed spike pits and boulders that will smash poor Lara if she gets too greedy for medikits. Overall impression: Although I like TR2 and enjoy traps that are trademarks of TR2, I must say that I was not so satisfied with this release. The architecture did not look at all to me like the Great Wall of China, but more like some blocky caves. Lighting is not so good, textures are stretched and have far too many cracks, objects are very poor (except of some skeletons, nothing else to be seen here), and some traps are unfairly concealed. Gameplay is hard and requires nerves of steel and agility of your fingers. Puzzles are almost non-existent, except of the one key item. Secrets are nicely hidden and not so hard to find, except for the last one, where you must find completely invisible ledge. There is a hint to help us find this ledge, but it is also rather unfair. You must somehow conclude that the invisible ledge is not under the ammo, but on the opposite side of the ladder. Hmmmm... Illogical to me... I am sure that the builder has some tallent for building and some good ideas when it comes to TR2, but still, he must involve much more time and attention to texturing, architecture and lighting in order to give us a reliable TR2 adventure. More action, please, a little less of traps that Lara cannot avoid, and more hints, and everything will be much better." - Nina Croft (03-Jul-2011)
"When I started the Level I was very surprised that I heard my own old crapy song playing in the background ... I remember posting it on newgrounds a few years ago... it's good to see that people are using it ... But let's get back to the game... First of all, I didn't like it! It's sometimes very hard to rate tr2 or tr3 levels, since the graphics are always not so good as in a tr4 level. The whole structure was kinda empty and didn't remind me much of a wall... The textures were sometimes stretched and it was VERY monotone! The same texture repeating through the WHOLE game is a little bit too much. Wall, ceiling, floor, it doesn't matter...the blue stone texture is everywhere. There should have been used more different textures. It this case, the rooms look like the textures were added in few seconds just to finish the job. I don't know how the unofficial editor works, but the lighting was bad. The gameplay was few times interesting, but also confusing." - MpGrill (03-Jul-2011)
"It's not particularly easy to like this TR2 level.For a start there is a Key pick-up which,if missed,leads to a complete impasse and a subsequent re-load from an earlier save point;for another,the texturing is basic and the rooms blocky;but,most crucially,it's a level where Lara is treated as nothing more than a pin cushion:viz. running through harmful spikes to avoid nasty blades;having boulders crush her whenever she attempts to pick up a medipack;having her fall too far in an attempt to collect secrets (were they actually attainable,or placed simply to encourage the player to have Lara plummet to her death?);and a particularly vicious run through spikes in order to avoid a spiky wall.Enough medipacks are provided,though; but this 16 minute adventure cannot be completed without having her shed lashings of blood. Perhaps the 'madness' of the title helps to alleviate some of the suffering,and there are some decent enough ideas here and there (coupled with a few benevolent camera hints) to make it playable;but it all seems rather mean-spirited." - Orbit Dream (02-Jul-2011)
"Another TR2 level. A short one, not much to do. A few levers to, a key, that easily can be missed. The player nedds an earlier save to get it having missed it, so there's no way back. It's not an example for proper gameplay. Great-wall-atmosphere is not coming up in this short level, that hardly can't be called an adventure and is far away from the stunning atmosphere being created in the original TR2-game. Offering dozens of medipacks to run through spiked areas doesn't make any sense concerning gameplay.Some boulder-traps are well built, but not challenging at all. A promising start and a boring development concerning gameplay." - Christian (02-Jul-2011)