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Lion's Palace by Levelzentrum

alan 2 2 4 4
CC 7 6 7 8
Daffy 7 7 7 8
Dimpfelmoser 5 4 7 7
Drakan 7 7 7 8
Gerty 7 6 6 8
Jay 6 6 7 8
Jose 4 4 6 6
Kristina 7 6 7 6
Magnus 5 6 7 8
MichaelP 7 6 6 8
Nomad 5 4 6 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
RaiderGirl 7 6 7 8
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sash 5 5 6 5
Tombaholic 6 6 7 7
Treeble 6 6 7 8
release date: 12-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 62

average rating: 6.34
review count: 19
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file size: 15.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"One word: repetitive. I'll just describe the gameplay as is: you drop into a room, enter two rooms (fire lights up), pick up items at each corner, drop to the pit, get the artifact, and repeat for another four times. Not to mention all the rooms have been copied and pasted with the exact same lighting, structure, etc. Then you place those items and God knows which way to go next. One has a closed door, another takes you to some weird place with pointy rocks and fire, another is a huge dark cave (the flare bug doesn't help either) that takes you back to one of the pits where you picked up one of the artifacts... Simply confusing and not entertaining and all. And thus I would never recommend this to anybody." - alan (03-Mar-2023)
"Wonderful flyby at the start, then you have 4 ways to borrow, maybe only 3 because I did not find anything on one of them. This level is nice except that the game crashes when you want to use binoculars. Some textures missing in the sloping part, which surprised me. An impressive number of weapons, most useless since I only used the crossbow with explosive arrows. You can play this level fairly easy." - Drakan (24-Nov-2018)
"I'd almost forgotten how visually attractive and player-friendly (from a lighting standpoint) these Catacombs levels are, and it was nice to play one of them again. This builder released a flurry of levels back in 2001, all of which received decent if not outstanding scores. On other hand, there was no discernible improvement in the scores with each new release. Lion's Palace was the last of the bunch, and I can only guess that the builder concluded that he'd gone as far as he could go with the level editor and decided to move on to other endeavors. Gameplay is rather pedestrian, but it never became boring for me. There are a number of skeletons (some of which fail to awaken near the end) and mummies to deal with, but the builder has provided generous supplies of explosive ammo. The flare bug manifests itself toward the end. Not a classic by any means, but a pleasant 45-minute raid." - Phil (01-Mar-2017)
"This is not terribly made, but it's not really a masterpiece. The opening flyby was nicely made, sweeping across a tall room filled with ledges. The actual gameplay went downhill though, with samey areas, multiple artefacts and a bit too much backtracking. Looks-wise, I liked the atmospheric lighting and some texturing, but some triangular ones were missing in the slopy area. It just didn't live up to the promising beginning, sorry to say." - Ryan (18-Dec-2016)
"This begins most promisingly with a flyby of a beautifully made large hall with pools and multilayered ledges/rooms. Sadly, it then turns into a major goodies/artefact gathering mission in very similar areas, whilst blowing up skeletons. Nor is the initial high standard of building maintained in subsequent areas - one in particular was full of badly constructed rocky outcrops and missing textures that looked like the work of a completely different builder. Just a bit disappointing." - Jay (10-Sep-2016)
"A classic Levelzentrum level, not terrible but not good either. The whole level has a monotonistic feel to it, especially after you find the first key.. you kinda think that you will do the same thing in all the other paths to get the remaining keys, and it is what you expect. The upper floor is only a little more interesting - dodging some boulders, climbing down and inserting music scrolls to open the final door. Descending down one of the paths is fun, nevertheless. There are also unnecessary pickups like uzis and excessive ammos. The atmosphere is mediocre and the central room looks okay, but they are not enough to save the level." - Nomad (23-Aug-2016)
"The first part of the level was tedious and bored, press four buttons to open four doors and doing the same tasks in all identical rooms: shoot some skeletons and pick up some goodies and artifacts. There are more variety of tasks in the second part, with some traps and different areas, but still not entertaining for me, shooting more skeletons and placing a couple of scrolls to open a door near the ending. There are also too many unuseful pickups like the shotgun or the revolver, the uzis, etc. 'cause I only need the crossbow with explosive ammo to deal with the enemies. Lights are well worked, but the textures are not well applied in small surfaces and monotonous in big surfaces. Playable but not enjoyable. A last question: where are the lions?" - Jose (18-Feb-2016)
"It is in nice well-decorated rooms and with good effects of lighting that Lara must solve the pulze of this game. I nevertheless regret the symmetry of 4 rooms or Lara must find his first objects, a little of variant would not have been wrong. The second part is better conceived with different courses. The simple gameplay and without big complication am nevertheless amusing. A good and nice level to be played." - Daffy (09-Aug-2009)
"How I'd overlooked this for so long,I don't know (the age of the level almost makes it an artefact in its own right!);but I really rather enjoyed myself here and was kept pleasently absorbed for 45 minutes.Perhaps the huge arsenal on offer enabled me to relax more than usual, as the enemies were barely the merest irritant since they posed no threat whatsoever. Maybe the symetrical pattern of the rooms and the cosy-ness of the gameplay appealed;or perhaps it was the beautiful lighting (that water looked unusually inviting!) or the pleasing textures (tactfully over-looking the bizarre lumpy room near the end). Whatever it was,I found it an absorbing experience - and so should you." - Orbit Dream (12-Nov-2008)
"This was an interesting catacomb level. The basic idea behind this one is that the author has built one room and quadriplicated it, not much changes in the different parts other than the items to pick up. Later on, though, the extremes get differentiated and you're on a quest to find many puzzle items to open doors and proceed. One thing distinctly missing here is camera work - though there is a nice initial flyby. If you explore the level thoroughly you will have enough ammo and weaponry to face a war (ok, just kidding, but you do get all the weapons), and you will also end up triggering the flare bug - and later on there are some dark places. In one of these, I came across a number of broken surfaces and missing textures. The level ends abruptedly after activating a flipmap that floods a pond so you can reach the exit. 40 minutes. 08/06." - Treeble (06-Aug-2006)
"I thought this was quite good. Ok so we've seen most of this before but it's long enough and well made enough to rank as a reasonably good level. I liked it anyway. A long flyby at the start lets you see the four bridges with receptacles for gems knot and pillar below is a large pool fed by fountains with four areas to open where you'll find these gems etc. I traveled all through these four sections and never saw the scrolls right at the start in plain sight with ropes in front of them; short of a flashing lights banner with a luminous hand pointing and words saying 'the scrolls are here' it's incredible I didn't see them. It's a shame that with all the rooms looking so well done that a particular room with 'sand piles' has missing textures and ceiling and a samey feel to the four rooms where you get the important pickups. Fires boulders ropes skeletons and bones to shoot pillars to push. Excellent lighting. For such a tiny download I can't complain at all." - CC (25-Jan-2004)
"One more classic catacombs level. Unfortunately the textures are missing at places especially at the room with the many slopes and fires on the floor. All you need is to collect gems a knot a pharo's pillar and blast many skeletons the shotgun revolver and grenade gun will help you at that. The rooms are similar so no excitement here I had a little trouble with the darkness because of the flare bug in the second half of the level. Nothing original here." - Kristina (23-Dec-2002)
"As the introductory fly by slowly pans over the lasersight and the revolver you can't help but feel that this is the all important clue and as a consequence you shoot all the bones and vessels you come across in this symmetric catacomb experience. As far as I can tell it's an utterly futile activity and this adds to the tedium as most of the other tasks are not that exciting neither. It started out quite good (at least for me) cause I overlooked the bird statue and because you got rather a lot of medipacks I assumed you were supposed to do all of the lower area with an elemental in hot pursuit. So I collected all the crucial items in no time and it was quite a thrill at that but then things became rather dull when I finally spotted the bird statue. True there is some jumping around a room with missing textures a classic spiked boulder trap and tons of skeletons to blast away but most of the time you just run and climb without much happening. Three identical rooms in which you have to push a pillar out of the way long staircases to walk up an down on and many pick ups you'll never need. I'm still not sure what the branch with the deep and dark pit was for. I mean there was a lever at the bottom but what happened when Lara pushed it? The environment is solid catacomb standard but as it is so repetitive it doesn't hold much excitement in the long run. Not my favourite from the Levelzentrum." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Nov-2002)
"I was starting to get bored with the first section of this level as all you do is enter four exactly identical rooms to collect two gems two scrolls a pillar and a knot. There are also quite a few skeletons running around but I found so much ammo in this level that I spent more time picking it up than doing anything else so they were no problem at all. Then I went to place the items and started to miss the simplicity of the first section. There are a few journeys to go on in the second half and two of them were kinda tough. They have you dodging boulders performing tricky jumps around flaming tiles and slopes and making long climbs down high passages that were pitch black and the flare bug had appeared long before. All these journeys are to get you into the last room which really confused me for a few minutes. I pulled the switch at the bottom of the stairs but couldn't tell what it did. Only when I got back to the top did I realize that there was one more button to push." - RaiderGirl (26-Jul-2002)
"There doesn't seem to be any discernible puzzles in this level instead all there is to do is collect 6 easy to find key pick ups a load of normal pick ups avoid a couple of boulder traps easily annihilate a lot of skeletons and swim to the end. This started nicely with a one minute fly by around the interesting looking main double storied room but then the gameplay which in the first half was copied over and over just went nowhere. For the 10 second download though you get about 30 minutes of game time which in the end is pretty good value for money." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Alright it is a super small download and it starts with this very nice and long introductory flyby but it soon turns out to be a rather tedious though not very challenging gameplay as most of the rooms have simply been copied four times and then connected. Lighting and textures (though standard catacomb style) are well done though." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This rather workaday level involves finding some puzzle pieces in four identical rooms off of a rather nicely done main room. This leads to four more short excursions and the end of the level. One nice flyby and some decent lighting effects but not much else. If you like the catacomb style and blowing up skellies give this one a shot." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"Main goal is to get the pillar knot and 2 blue gems and 2 scrolls. There are skeletons enough and one lonely mummy but with enough ammo you can blow them to high heaven. Found also some bones to shoot although I still don't know what they did. The four rooms downstairs are all the same the rooms upstairs is quite a different story. All in all a nice little level with a flare bug appearing halfway through. 25-05-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"This level just keeps repeating itself. Lara has to find different pickups in rooms that look exactly alike (despite the pickups). There are also a lot of skeletons and one lonely mummy. I couldn't understand what the use was for the Uzis since there's no enemy in the level that can be killed with them. This level has good texturing and the lightning is good but it's sad that all rooms are copied several times giving the level a pretty boring feel." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)