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Lara Croft at Mirrors Edge (Demo) by kevindatsun

Blue43 3 4 5 3
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
Diz 4 4 5 4
DJ Full 3 6 5 5
dmdibl 3 4 6 3
eTux 2 2 3 2
Gerty 2 3 2 3
Janny 5 4 5 3
Jay 3 4 5 4
JesseG 3 3 4 4
Jose 3 3 3 4
manarch2 3 4 4 3
MichaelP 3 4 5 3
misho98 4 3 1 1
Orbit Dream 2 2 2 2
Ryan 3 3 3 3
Scottie 2 4 4 3
sonnyd83 4 5 7 4
TheStig 3 3 4 4
Treeble 3 3 6 5
release date: 08-Sep-2011
# of downloads: 77

average rating: 3.45
review count: 20
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file size: 19.29 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Mirror's Edge is easily one of my favorite games ever, and visually I think this level didn't so so bad. I mean, there are many flaws but the minimalist style is there, and the "runner vision" is permanently on so you spot the red tiles from miles away, but the major issue that got lost in translation to our good ol' TRLE is the mere lack of parkour. Lara's moves are incredibly limited in comparison to Faith's so you don't do much other than running and jumping around here. A commendable effort, but seriously, you should play Mirror's Edge (and its pseudosequel). 5 minutes. 12/23" - Treeble (17-Dec-2023)
"I presume the odd patchy textures here are supposed to emulate what the Mirror's Edge game is supposed to look like. Having never played that game, I have no idea. Anyway, the gameplay here is very simple - shoot a few guards, perform some long jumps and do a couple of zip lines to end the level at the helicopter. It's a classic case of a good idea let down by sloppy execution." - Ryan (27-Apr-2018)
"Following the somewhat decent adaptation of a Mirror's Edge type experience into the Tomb Raider Level Editor via Lara at the Games by PH back in 2009, we have another builder trying his hands at it and while this concept does have potential, this attempt just comes off as rather bland in comparison to the actual Mirror's Edge game. The platforming itself is rather dull and uninspired(involving several simple jumps and zipline sections that can be achieved with relative ease), lighting and atmosphere is practically non-existent(with a horizon that doesn't really mesh well with the actual buildings) and texturing throughout this short runthrough is poorly done and lacks a proper attention to detail. With no ammunition or health items provided whatsoever after killing guards, you're better off just running away from them(which I will somewhat praise the builder for doing, as you didn't really get supplies in the actual Mirror's Edge game either.) So it's best to come into this short experience without thinking in the traditional Tomb Raider mindset. In conclusion, while an optimistic idea for a levelset, the main issue here is it's complete lack of focus and flawed execution. Now, I can see what kevindatsun was trying to accomplish here, in attempting to fit a PS3/Xbox 360 game experience onto a very dated engine like the TRLE and that in itself, is a serious challenge. While he does achieve this result somewhat in capturing the feeling of the game(with the 'relentless' guards who are apparently out for blood and the music choices from the actual game itself), other aspects of the level's presentation don't work as well and just ruin the fun, leaving the player with a rather unremarkable experience in the end. Hopefully, if the builder ever decides to revisit this concept one day as a full-on series of levels, that he spends a lot more time polishing and fixing it up before releasing it out into the open." - Ceamonks890 (09-Mar-2014)
"An idea with allot of potential but let-down here buy a slightly lack-lustre implementation. I haven't played the full Mirror's Edge on the xbox but from what I recall of the demo part of the experience the feel and fear of being at great height making large leaps. The slightly flat environments here don't really give that same sense of feeling sadly When the guards attack they have sound issues (water sound with guns firing), and no wide-screen support is a shame too. Texturing isnt great, with sections of wall untextured or missing. The background cityscape doesn't really fit in with the white buidings being jumped between. All in all I netted just over 10 minutes from Mirrors Edge Demo. This ideas definitely has potential with the editor, but I think the author needs to rethink the approach and focus more on the sense of scale, height and brightness that comes with jumping between roof-tops. Stiggy" - TheStig (02-Feb-2013)
"Another one of"those" (demo). Never heard of a game Mirrors Edge also I am not interested. I don't mind at all if indeed this was something like the Mirrors Edge but I rather would have played the full version than just having a taste of what might come (if ever)" - Gerty (10-Jun-2012)
"09.09.11 I enjoyed playing this level - nothing too difficult - quite liked the atmosphere and background music. The texturing needs to be a little less stretched (windows need to be less stretched in tower blocks) and there should be something supporting the zipline, as well as railings where theres a slope (sort of half way though the level) The enemies are challenging but you can crouch behind scenery I liked the jumping into helicopter ending - I think I may borrow that idea in my next level..." - sonnyd83 (10-May-2012)
"Nice and original idea, but the other things? The whole area looks unfinished and I really hope is just a very very early demo with test textures and everything. No lighting at all and yes, it was high, but you can see the end of the horizon. I hope the builder hasn't dumped this project, because the idea is very good." - misho98 (01-Dec-2011)
"If nothing else, playing these kinds of levels helps me get a better idea as a reviewer of what makes a good level good. Gameplay? 8 minutes of jumping, ziplines and shooting enemies. Combat? Overpowered with no pickups provided for the player. Lighting? Nonexistent. Texturing? Squashed, stretched, and missing in certain spots. I'm not sure if those red square textures were intended, but they look out of place. It was a nice little fast-paced level, and hopefully the author can take it and making it something substantial." - SSJ6Wolf (29-Sep-2011)
"To be a prologue is long enough, but the only thing can find the players is a ride through the top of the buildings of a city shooting some soldiers. Gameplay consists only about jump from roof to roof and open some doors (eeeeerrr... and two ziplines, of course). Poor gameplay which doesn't make you thing about a good level. The demo is too bright, and also you can see a bad quality horizon. Missed textures, no pickups, no puzzles, no cameras, sometimes you can reach the end of the world, elongated textures... Even there's not a single switch to trigger something. Still a lot of work to release a good prologue; even a short prologue like this." - Jose (28-Sep-2011)
"Immediately at the level beginning I had to think of the film "The Truman Show" and of the Test Level by B.Howaito. Well, the textures are not stretched here so badly, but a certain resemblance exists. An even bigger resemblance exists to Lara at the Games-Mirrors Edge by PH. Indeed, one can compare the quality of this demo by no means to the level of PH, because this demo is very bad. After just 10- minute playing time I am at the level end. Absolutely nothing more occurs to me to this disaster. Most textures are stretched, one sees constantly the black horizon, if the SAS-Soldiers shoot, one hears water noises, a reasonable lighting does not exist and so on and so forth. A demo should make actually appetite for the real level. And she should indicate the present level of development. At the moment I can say only that the appetite has passed to me thoroughly. OK, this is a debut level and if a level builder delivers his debut, one should be lenient a little. But I rather write what I think than I butter somebody up. Though good attempts exist, but the level builder should go absolutely back to the roots and deal once again thoroughly with the manual." - Scottie (14-Sep-2011)
"This short action packed demo is a roof top chase where Lara gets to ride a zip-line and mainly jump and run from building to building until she reaches the chopper where the level ends. Everything looks like it was build for a speed run and I am pretty sure the enemies can be ignored as long as one keeps feeding health packs. The texturing is very simple and minimalist with lots of single-colored textures and quite a few stretched ones. The lighting is flat and very bright. I never played the original game but I played the version made by PH in the past and was hoping for something similar in action and atmosphere, but that was unfortunately not the case. Easy and simple, so if you want something quick while on lunch break, this level might be for you." - Blue43 (11-Sep-2011)
"I only vaguely know what the source of inspiration of this custom level is about - meaning, that the game is familiar to me, but I have not had the chance to play it per se. In order to rebuild what the author thought was essential for that game we get a vast rooftop setting, a couple of ziplines, lots of jumping and the like. However, it all feels rather lackluster with the textures and lighting being simple, some details being ignored (the helicopter is not moving, the texture on the doors is mirrored, thus the handle looks like it's on the other side and so on), Lara having little motivation to actually make it to that final helicopter, and all this being over in about 3 to 4 minutes if you go ahead and ignore the SAS guards. I would argue to the builder that the essence of Mirror's Edge seems to be fast-paced gameplay, rather than the setting or recreating any particular moves. More power to you if you can faithfully do that, but I would rather he focuses on the gameplay aspect, as there's a lot that could be done here with a little creativity. Taking away Lara's guns would give more of an incentive to just run away from the guards rather than kill them the old fashioned (Tomb Raider way), sliding platforms and conveyor belts could be used for some creative effects and a more puzzle-like moment where you can take a breath would marry the concept to more traditional Tomb Raider gameplay. These are just few of the ideas, so I definitely think it can be done, but the author might want to change his approach a little. He might also want to check out Run, Lara, Run and Dreaming for a Revelation to get an idea how a sense of urgency and fast gameplay can be implemented in a TR setting. As it is - it's an interesting, yet forgettable effort." - eTux (11-Sep-2011)
"I had no idea what Mirrors Edge was, so had to read a lengthy Wikipedia entry, and that was interesting, so next I had to watch a video, and then naturally another video of the mad dash play, and then another video. Reviewers have to do hard research like this. The TR level itself took less than six minutes to play, which was less time than I spent watching videos. This captures the look of Mirrors Edge with the pastels background and the red guideposts (in the original game, red hints can be turned off). As in the original game, I had Lara dash forward through guards shooting at her, rather than fight them, and took the leap to the hovering helicopter, something seen in a video. Mirrors Edge is all about nonstop momentum, the force of a dash to carry long distances, and it seems to me Tomb Raider already has a close parallel in the timed run. Lara often can't pause to set up jumps in a timed run, but must rely on her momentum to carry her, doing reckless things. Since Tomb Raider has the timed run, I'm not sure that trying to mimic Mirrors Edge really has a point." - dmdibl (10-Sep-2011)
"A very short game; based on the Mirror's Edge game I never played but got used to in two PH levels. And I really had bigger expectations after having played them, as PH did manage to input a lot of refreshing ideas. Not this one. The fences were the same as in the older level, but else there is really not so much that can appeal the players. Apart from running, shooting/escaping the soldiers and an occasional zip line ride that at places was pretty unnecessary, the builder had no other ideas; texturing also was pretty bad and often streched. The start made me feel of B.Howaito's "Test Level" (look at the ratings for this one), it got a little better at the end and there also was a little soundtrack. However, I absolutely cannot recommend this level. Speedrun mode time under three minutes." - manarch2 (09-Sep-2011)
"This short demo consists of Lara running around weird geometric rooftops, using ziplines, opening doors and getting shot at quite a lot. I'm not sure what the design is supposed to represent as there isn't a readme with the level. It may have been intentional or it may just be inexperience on the part of the builder. Either way, it makes the whole thing seem very embryonic, although the mainly pastel colours interspersed with vivid reds make for an oddly attractive look. I did like the background music and you may want to take a look at it for interest's sake as it certainly is a bit different. Just don't expect much in the way of gameplay." - Jay (09-Sep-2011)
"Firstly, this demo is about eight minutes long, more like the sort of length a demo ought to be rather than the hour and a half we've had from some builders. And secondly, it certainly felt unfinished, almost minimalist, visually like a comic with little detail. There is little gameplay, run from red square to red square, shoot some troopers, open a few doors, make a couple of easy jumps, go towards the helicopter and that's it. No agility, no timed runs, little fighting, no route finding, no puzzles, not much of anything really. The lighting is flat throughout and the texturing bland. This level will require a deal of work to make it interesting although, at least the builder has chosen a rooftop setting which does lend itself to a lot of possibilities." - Diz (09-Sep-2011)
"Having never heard of Mirrors Edge,I have no point of reference for this particular Demo;but,aside from the unusual environment,there's little here to pique much interest. You basically run,jump and zip-line across a series of rooftops;shoot a half-dozen or so guards;and open doors,repeatedly,by their hinges.Very odd.Textures,although initially interesting,are generally stretched;no attempt has been made to light anything;and there are no puzzles. Nonetheless,the soundtrack is interesting;and,at only ten minutes,it's in no danger of outstaying its welcome." - Orbit Dream (09-Sep-2011)
"Fans of the Mirrors Edge game (like myself) will appreciate the effort here, albeit a rather crude effort it is. You get 8 minutes of a general rendition of the first Mirrors Edge level with a few simple jumps, ZIP line rides and guard killing along the way until you jump to the helicopter at the end. To create a more believable atmosphere a lot more attention to detail is needed, as there are big problems here (like the horizon without a bottom) and small ones (like the doors that Lara opens on the wrong side). Still, I would certainly like to see the series continued with a little more time and care taken by the author to iron out the rough (Mirrors) edges..." - MichaelP (08-Sep-2011)
"I believe there's a lot of potential here, and with some effort the project could really lead to greatness. I think the idea to mix TR and ME is fantastic because it opens all these new opportunities for hectic and exciting gameplay (speedruns, anyone?) but the level needs some TLC first. The low-quality background and the often blandly textured areas had the tendency to shatter the illusion of being outside. The lighting threw me off a bit as well because it didn't seem to mimic sunlight but rather a spotlight above Lara. But I did enjoy the enemies scattered throughout the demo and few medipacks because they forced me to keep running rather than stay and fight (true to the ME style). I hope the final version will up the ante and really wow us because, as a big Mirror's Edge fan, I'd really love to see this idea blossom into something fantastic. It just needs more attention to detail, textures and atmosphere." - Janny (08-Sep-2011)
"People who hear about Mirrors Edge for the first time in their life (like myself) will don't know what the game is about. I generally like cartoon colors and rude texturing, and this is why I picked this game at once. I must admit I didn't have time today and I wanted the level to end as soon as possible, especially because it's all identical from the beginning to the end, so I couldn't have a chance to get truly immersed. Anyway, I found the final SASes challenging, and I noticed some nicely-shaped elements, like well-fitting doors and antennas, with ascending external staircase being my favourite. Lots of railings and fences give either a feeling of breaking into somewhere, or getting away from there. As for a paradox, unchanged 128x128x128 ambience also works nice here, giving illusion of a sunny noon. It all feels like that scene from Matrix, when Neo asks Trinity if she can fly the helicopter, and she answers "Not yet". And there is a helicopter here indeed. Weird thing - the last jump needs to be perfect for the finish trigger to work, and I am afraid some players won't know they are supposed to jump in the heli. I knew it at once - but only because I've read MichaelP's review before playing the game. Now I'm going to check out what Mirrors Edge is. SUMMARY: Recommended as a short break, for those who like jumping from one rooftop to another. Ambient soundtrack deserves mentioning." - DJ Full (08-Sep-2011)