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St Francis Folly by JaayStation

AdamR 5 5 8 7
afzalmiah 6 7 6 6
Blue43 5 5 5 6
cho7 7 7 7 7
DatoDavid 5 6 7 6
Dempsey 7 8 5 6
Diz 5 6 5 6
dmdibl 5 6 6 6
Drakan 6 6 6 7
Eelkemama 8 8 8 8
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 5 5 6 5
Jose 6 5 7 7
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 4 7 7
manarch2 5 6 6 5
MichaelP 6 5 5 5
misho98 7 7 9 6
Mister-B 4 4 5 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 7
Phil 6 7 7 7
Rainmaker 6 6 7 7
Ryan 5 6 6 6
Scottie 5 5 6 6
sonnyd83 9 6 7 7
TheStig 5 5 5 5
Treeble 5 6 6 6
release date: 11-Oct-2011
# of downloads: 67

average rating: 6.06
review count: 26
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file size: 30.33 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Feels not so much like a remake but rather something the author might have recreated from memories. It's much smaller than its original counterpart but the main concept is there, you get four rooms dedicated to one different god each and behind each one is a different challenge before you get a key. It's all easier done than said and you'll be venturing into the finish trigger before you even realize it. 10 minutes. 12/23" - Treeble (17-Dec-2023)
"I took 20 minutes to finish this level, quite short but pleasant because reminding the 1st tombraider. Some lions and bats are the only enemies. It is correctly textured and illuminated." - Drakan (25-Oct-2019)
"This builder released a number of levels during an 18-month and then stopped abruptly, possibly because the ratings never rose above the level of mediocrity. This one is the highest rated of the bunch, and it's not a bad raid at all. It's short at 20 minutes, but you get a decent retelling of the St. Francis adventure from TR1 in a well lighted setting where you can see everything around you with no difficulty. The gameplay is linear and fairly predictable, and you can download this level for a time waster while you're waiting for the meatier offerings. Manarch2 has provided a compact walkthrough." - Phil (02-May-2018)
"A 20 minute short and sweet trip to a familiar location, this time as Kurtis. All of the God rooms are present and correct, albeit noticeably simplified, there are lions and bats to kill, plus four Golden Vraeuses to find. Nothing entirely original, but fine if you want something very simple." - Ryan (25-Sep-2017)
"I have to say I love Kurtis. I always enjoy playing levels with him, but you can hardly find good ones. This is enjoyable, but pretty simple. It looks a lot like the original level. The new adds are few. but it was nice moving around with Kurtis. It was a bit hard to die in this level. I would like to see more traps and challenges. I hope one day we will see a great level with Kurtis." - Rainmaker (09-Aug-2013)
"This is a shorter, abridged version of the St Francis's Folly level from Tomb Raider 1. Lost is allot of the vertical scale (and I'm afraid some of it's charm for me). Gameplay is simple enough, the goal straight forward. Lighting and texturing arnt bad but there's still allot of room for improvement in the way townsieboy structures each room. All in all I completed in just over 30 minutes (probably because I was peering into every corner). Not bad, but I'd really like to see the author have a crack at some more original works than re-creating levels they've played in other TR's. Stiggy" - TheStig (06-Feb-2013)
"16.10.11 I think this is better than the original level in some ways. I found the original level a little long-winded on occasions but this remake is much simpler, and the cilmbing up and down isnt annoying like the original. The buttons you need to press are more obvious. Playing as Kurtis is an interesting twist to the level. I was impressed by the shattering effect the swords had on the ground. There were a couple of minor issues - the sound effects under water sounded like a fan was spinning, the pistol sound effect occasionally went from the one which was intended and the default sound effect. Also, I may be wrong but were there chimps in the original (I could be thinking of a different level though!)." - sonnyd83 (10-May-2012)
"I really liked this level. Maybe it's because I also like the original level and also the Anniversary version. I just love levels in which you can decide which way to take first. Gameplay was too short I think, but I enjoyed it anyway. Also wasn't the tower higher in the original level?(I don't remember well)Cameras are well placed and they work as they should, the atmosphere captures the TR1 feeling right. It's very nostalgic. Textures and lighting are okay, they could've been better. Kurtis' sounds are good, enemies are from TR1. If your looking for a short raid - take a look at this one." - misho98 (29-Apr-2012)
"When I saw Kurtis Trend I thought I should not miss that level. The figure of Kurtis is very good. The level has not many to offer, but I must say that I liked it. The gameplay is almost the same with the original folly. This one has some more adds. Lighting could be better at some parts. It is a classic game and if you like Kurtis give it a try." - DatoDavid (10-Dec-2011)
"Well, surelly that level came out fast. It could be longer and greater. It takes about 15-20 minutes of gameplay. It is very easy. I believe the most interesting thing here is Kurtis Trend. I love that character. On the other hand, there were no puzzles or some parts of good gameplay. It is very simple, but it is enjoyable. I think if this level was bigger it could be a good recomandation for playing. At least, music is well used and it gives a higher score to the atmosphere. Lighting was good, but pretty monotonous. Anyway, it is a beautiful level. If you like Kurtis, then give it a try." - AdamR (23-Nov-2011)
"A classic townsieboy release: it is a remake of sorts, it is brief at less than 20 minutes and not overly inspired in terms of the location and architecture, but it is still good clean (and quick) fun to play through. I actually thought the exchange of character here (you play as Kurtis) gave this a little edge and as I just recently played through the Folly level in TR:Anniversary (yes, yes, I know I am late there), this was a nice connection and gave me a few extra smiles. And I actually did manage to die at least once in each of the God's rooms, but not because they are tricky - rather because I was a little too careless after all..." - MichaelP (21-Oct-2011)
"Small level, but very agreable.Nous must find 4 vraeus to complete the level. The quest is easy. The lions are not too bad. Recommended for those who do not want too many scratching their heads." - cho7 (18-Oct-2011)
"This level took me 21 minutes to complete. I first played TR1 way back in 1998 on the Playstation and I recall vividly the multitude of frustrations - difficult to master controls;the complex puzzles;the vast areas to negotiate;the save game crystals. Back then,St Francis Folly was the hardest of the levels for me,as I thoughtlessly used up all the crystals at the very start and then had the heck of a time getting through it all without dying.In fact,I gave up for many weeks;finally completing it after a period of three months. This time around,with the differing Save method,it was all completely painless.Indeed,(assuming that it is indeed a faithful remake - which memory implies is the case)the puzzles are completely elementary and simple to accomplish;while enemies are few,and the areas surprisingly compact. It's lit and textured very competently,and is this builders best remake so far - but oh;how times have changed.Only 21 minutes to complete. Who would have thought,all those years ago?" - Orbit Dream (17-Oct-2011)
"I have to say Townsieboy is improving after every level he/she releases! I was very impressed with this level that he made. I found it very entertaining and it reminded me a lot of TR1 because of the audio, textures, lighting and enemies. I have to say gameplay was very fun because it was really similar to the original St Francis Folly in TR1 and the enemies weren't too hard. The texturing was not the best but nothing too bad because there wasn't any stretched textures. I liked the level more because you control Kurtis instead of Lara which was very original and I don't think there are any other levels that has Kurtis as the main character. Fantastic! I loved this level and can't wait to see what this "star" in the works is gong to make next! Recommended." - afzalmiah (16-Oct-2011)
"Townsieboy remains loyal to his style and becomes better and better. The lighting was good, the small texture mistakes are hardly worth mentioning and a few nice riddles expect the inclined player. However, it puts to itself the question, how long he still wants to build such short levels. If he just want to expand his skills slowly but surely, he is on the right track. Anything else would be a waste of time (mine) and talent (his). I would like to play a really long level from him. With an interesting story and lots of good puzzles. Hopefully I do not expect too much, but he definitely has talent." - Scottie (14-Oct-2011)
"OK, first of all, I'm not a big fan of re-makes, you wouldn't re-make The African Queen with Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead so why try to mess with the original Folly. I'm not saying that all the original levels should be sacrosanct, far from it, but just re-making a simplified version just doesn't cut it for me. That aside, it's well made and everything works as it should, good use of the original textures and, where the lighting was varied, it was nicely done. Unfortunately it was just 17 minutes of 'done this before'." - Diz (14-Oct-2011)
"What a nice surprise this time around and you are not playing as Lara (I did pretend I was though). But that aside, the hunt for 4 Vraeus is on and they are not hard to find. Nice tsaks and a breath taking swim is involved into getting them. Enemies are bats and growling lionesses but most of those you can shoot from a safe distance. There is however all the way at the end the flare bug. Easy to solve with anti triggering all the other fires. It took me under 20 minutes to finish it but that is OK. So.. some time to kill and want to play something short, this is the one." - Gerty (14-Oct-2011)
"A simplified version of St. Francis Folly, but nonetheless with notable features like the giant falling swords of Damocles. Importantly, this has a real sense of place, good lighting and good texturing combined to produce an overall solid impression. Easy play, but I appreciated the fact that a few shots from the pistols will bring down a bat, instead of having to fire at them as though they were armored. Takes less than twenty minutes to find and place the four vraeus, but then Kurtis took about four unnecessary minutes in front of the blue exit door, hunting for a button. Lara would have approached the door immediately, to have it self-open. A nice vignette by the author." - dmdibl (13-Oct-2011)
"This author seems to get better with every released level, but like I said weeks before, don't be in a hurry to release levels, but build longer and a bit complex ones. This one is very short and easy to play;some jumps and some traps, retrieve the 4 golden vraeus and finish. Very few enemies, few pickups and no much exploration to find the way. There is an effort with the musics (OK), lights and textures, but still a level too short and simple to entertain the most players. This is the right way, but still a short level." - Jose (13-Oct-2011)
"If you have played TR1 and liked it, you will most likely enjoy this remake. It is quite different from the original in room layout and architecture, but there are the four quest rooms and some platforms as we all know them. While nothing overly exciting, it is a fairly solid level in the typical style of the builder. Easy, fast paced and no big surprises. No puzzles or agility tests, just basic room-to-room progress and collecting items. When it comes to texturing and lighting, I think this is the builder's best level yet. The use of original textures does give this level a unique flair and revives the TR1 sprit. Good job! Highly recommended for a trip down memory lane! (20min, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (12-Oct-2011)
"It's a nice little game for everbody. The game is a small version from the original St Francis Folly. I have fun for 24 minutes. The puzzles match with the four gods. Damokles, Thor, Atlas and Neptun. Knifes, lightning, water and rolling ball work with Lara. The atmosphere was nice and the sound too. Cameras help to find the right way. Textures and lighting help for the nice atmosphere." - Eelkemama (12-Oct-2011)
"I'm a big fan of the original TR1 version of this level so just seeing the much loved textures was a plus point. This is very much a watered down version of events. The electrical discharges in the Thor room, swords in the Damocles room, water in the Neptune room and boulder in the Atlas room are all present and correct, but in a much more simplified manner. After you get a uraeus from each of the four rooms that just about wraps it up. Oh, and you're not playing as Lara. Other than that it's a pleasant enough 20 minute stroll down memory lane and its undemanding gameplay would make it absolutely perfect for a beginner to practise on." - Jay (12-Oct-2011)
"Nice level, it's got a quite good enviroment. I love the TR1 textures and enemies. Too bad it was a bit short. The lack of lightning and cameras was quite unfortunate. Overall, it was a fun level." - Dempsey (12-Oct-2011)
"An old favourite from TR1. It's nearly completely the same as the original. The aim is to collect 4 Vraeus and place them to leave the level. 4 doors that conceal 4 easily dealt with puzzles. Enemies consist of some lions and bats. All very easy an with a maximum playing time of about 20 minutes, it's nothing too complicated. Unfortunately in the age of NGLE the graphics seem blocky and outdated. Still it's an enjoyable trip down memory lane. This level can be played by even the most inexperienced player. There are no timed runs, complicated jums or the like." - Mister-B (11-Oct-2011)
"I think this was a nice simple level, a nice trip down memory lane. I like how Kurtis is the character, I LOVE KURTIS! and his even got his own animations and sound effects. The level itself is well thought out, but not too long about 20 minutes of raiding through lightning, dodging swords, and spike balls and swimming to depths which take your breath away. Enemies were bats and lionesses, missing the old monkeys which aren't present here but I think this level is a nice way to spend 20 minutes if you're bored. I think if Townsieboy put his mind to it and didn't submit levels so quickly he could have very good potential." - Lara_Fox_Croft (11-Oct-2011)
"My ratings and statements seem to be almost the same on any level of this builder. But - once again - townsieboy created a 15 minute level, not without its challenge, but often with rather easy gameplay, many traps can be overcome the same way again and again in his levels. While texturing is OK and not wallpapered anymore, lighting still is close to non-existent and some textures simply didn't fit, as some floor textures in Atlas. This time, the builder at least spiced the level up with a new character (Kurtis) and some cool swords in the Damocles section, and I found gameplay slightly better than in his previous releases. The architecture still is too blocky though." - manarch2 (11-Oct-2011)