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Fighting Horus by Lakota

afzalmiah 8 9 10 10
Blue43 8 8 9 10
Ceamonks890 8 9 8 9
Christian 8 9 9 9
Daffy 9 9 10 10
Diz 8 9 8 9
DJ Full 6 7 7 7
dmdibl 8 8 9 9
Drakan 8 9 10 10
eTux 7 9 9 9
Gerty 7 8 8 9
Jack& 8 7 9 8
Janny 8 8 9 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
Josey 5 8 10 10
manarch2 7 9 9 8
MichaelP 7 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Shandroid 8 9 10 10
TheStig 8 9 9 9
TombExplorer 7 8 8 7
Treeble 7 9 9 9
release date: 31-Oct-2011
# of downloads: 137

average rating: 8.55
review count: 26
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file size: 66.45 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I admit I was a bit wary at first, considering the builder released this level just a mere two weeks after the debut (which wasn't bad, but clearly unfinished and rushed). I'm glad I was wrong. Visually I loved this level, it might be a bit too gray and dull for some but the textures worked very well in my opinion, and the use of LAU audio cues was also more than welcome, properly selected this time around. Gameplaywise it's rather pedestrian and simplistic, with the exception of using a crossbow exposive bolt to light up a couple of torches early on, and I could have done with half the amount of blockpushing thowards the end, but otherwise it was good and casual fun. Nice to hear O Fortuna again during the boss fight — which is indeed a reskinned Seth, as you'll notice the author changed the head to that of the titular god. 40 minutes, 3 secrets. 01/24" - Treeble (21-Jan-2024)
"A level injured by regular design, slow flybys, 40+ shells picked up only to miss a secret shotgun, and mortally wounded by a pushblock I had to completely realign when I realized the hint was wrong. Except from the elemental moment which was a nice twist, gameplay is rather predictable. So yes, a bit too many misapproaches for a level that short. But it still might be an option if you are a fan of modern assets and if you like levels which "just work"." - DJ Full (21-Jun-2021)
"I was looking for a random level to play, and I stumbled on this one. The name kinda intrigued me, and I downloaded it quickly.
My opinion on the level is mixed, mainly positive though.
I will start talking about the graphical aspect of the level: the textures are well placed, the level is well shaped, but maybe a better work with the lighting could be made: the textures that were chosen are TRA's Egypt ones, and they are completely grey. a bit of colour variation could have really helped the game shine.
Analysing the gameplay, I should say it is pretty nice. Nothing new, a lot of stuff were very simplistic, but I loved some touches like the air elevator. Most of the game though is based on minibosses/bosses that are placed copiously through the level, so be prepared.
There are some bugs here and there(in some rooms, flares doesn't emit light if they are in Lara's hand, or scorpions killmove animation not being present), but nothing too bad.
Also, speaking of flares: there are no flare pickups in the level, therefore you will rely on your 3 starting flares. Luckily they are not entirely needed, since there is not much contrast and most rooms are monochromatic, as said previously.

In short, I would say that this level is a nice adventure to play if you don't know what else to play and if you just need something to relax with that doesn't require too much brainpower.

Recommended? Yes, especially if you want a level that doesn't require much focus.

Difficulty? Easy-Medium.

Duration? Approx. 1h-1h30m" - TombExplorer (18-May-2021)
"A very solidly made Egyptian raid with a range of gameplay that should suit all kinds of players. The texturing here is very effectively used, and the reworked visuals give it a definite boost in the looks department (although the older textures will never fail to send shivers down my spine, purely out of nostalgia). There's an enjoyable variety of tasks to accomplish, none of them too difficult but fun nonetheless, which is the important thing. The enemies keep things pepped up sufficiently, and music is utilised nicely in various places. Maybe the block puzzle was a bit too tedious for its own good and the shotgun was a bit useless by the time you picked it up, but there's a definite fun factor within this raid, and for that reason it's highly recommended." - Ryan (26-Apr-2019)
"A very well-built modern Egyptian level that utilizes objects, lighting & texturing effectively to create a strong atmosphere overall(with well-timed combat music triggers to indicate enemy encounters and simple but satisfying gameplay that never ceases to entertain, with a good variety of tasks). Sure, the flare bug does happen at some points, areas are devoid of a continuous ambiance track altogether and yes, you can effectively skip the Horus boss fight & complete the game right then and there anticlimactically. But in conclusion, still a release that is well-worth the download for an hour or so of easy raiding." - Ceamonks890 (18-Nov-2017)
"A very nice level to start me back off after a break from reviewing! This is a real step up from Temple of Quatalpac which was the author's previous level. Indeed the skill shown on the interior spaces flows through into this. It's believable architecture and as you wind your way through each space you find the structure and design makes sense. Lighting and texturing are excellent, and while the rooms are sparse in terms of objects it that really doesn't matter. In terms of gameplay it's not overly challenging with straight forward to solve puzzles and taxing (but defeatable) enemies. I didn't find any additional weaponry other than the shot-gun but to be honest it felt redundant as you can take most of the nasty's out with enough jumping between energy blasts. Final mention is for the music. The choices are great and mostly well timed. I did find myself missing a little ambient sound to go with it though, and I hope the author doesn't forget that the whistling of wind through these dark tombs is just as important as the fast paced music. All in all I netted just over an hour and quarter from Fighting Horus. A release polished piece here worthy of anyone's play-list. Recommended! Stiggy :)" - TheStig (29-Apr-2013)
"After playing "The Lost Temple of Zeus" by the same author, curiosity pushed me to play this one. What a nice surprise, beautiful scenery, great atmosphere with good music. The gameplay is easy enough for any kind of player that I really appreciate. What's more, it's beautiful and fun, that's enough for me that this is a very good level! Lakota congratulations!" - Daffy (01-Jan-2013)
"Gameplay, puzzles, placing of enemies (according to the name of the level mostly demigods) seems to be better developped than in the new game by this author.Even here tasks and puzzles were a bit to easy< and predictable. Sounds are well placed, the atmosphere is great, the environment ver well built. Playable for everyone." - Christian (25-Aug-2012)
"Nice Egyptian adventure, I still love them. Textures that are used do look good in game. Less nice I found were the fixed cameras, they make me feel pretty queasy, can't help it. Some of the objects made by this builder were very good. Had two glitches, one was that I had for a short while the flare bug and in the room with the pushables, Lara wouldn't climb out of the water. That puzzle still eludes me but I got it working." - Gerty (09-May-2012)
"I am a bit confused here, wasn't Horus one of the good guys? Oh well, knowing these gods and their petty conflicts with humans, I am not really all that surprised about Lara having done something to tick him off. Be that as it may, it gives us an opportunity to explore these beautiful surroundings for two cartouches, the eye of Horus and a myriad of other pickups, including 3 secrets (of which I managed to find only 2). With an abundance of medipacks, explosive arrows and hints as to what you should be doing - this ends up being a rather easy level to play even at its most difficult (when encountering the demigods, large scorpions, ahmets and ultimately Horus himself) - almost as if built with complete TR novices in mind. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, I'm sure there are plenty of players who will appreciate the level's player-friendliness and even as somewhat of a veteran, I have no objections against raids that don't make things needlessly complex where they don't have to be. A couple of inspired moments include the trap sections when acquiring objects for the element puzzle, using the new push-a-block-over-the-edge trick to reach the "Eye of Horus", a fountain of steam to reach higher levels of the tomb, the chain pulling pillars away from the wall and creating a path to cross a pit, and explosive ammo to light 2 high torches. If I had any gripes - then the pushable block puzzle seemed to drag on far beyond my liking, it's possible to pick up the amulet without really fighting Horus, thus making the subsequent ending a bit awkward, and the flare bug kicks in closer to the end (though to be fair - this by far is not a profoundly dark level - I was just using them to look for concealed pushable blocks). However, it's a beautiful, player-friendly level, especially suited for new players, or those preferring the "easy" end of the spectrum. Highly recommended." - eTux (01-May-2012)
"It is a beautiful level, quite simple. some enemies to kill but just to kneel and they affect us pas.The boss is a bit harder to kill. It is well textured and it's fun to play. I love this feature of flying through the air like myst of Avalon.The music is nice.Recommanded." - Drakan (27-Jan-2012)
"This is good stuff. It's not overly taxing, the environs are consistently pleasing to the eye, everything is well lighted, and the quest consumes nearly an hour of net gaming time. Dmdibl has provided a through walkthrough spiced with wry observations that was very helpful to me. This builder has shown a level of high competence right out of the starting gate, and I hope this is the start of a long career. Although this is not intended as a criticism, it does appear that the builder has played too many GMac levels, as each time an element of danger is encountered you get a burst of heroic action music frequently accompanied by nonverbal huffing and puffing vocals. Although the music is generally quite good here, that particular device got a little old after a while. I'm eagerly looking forward to this builder's next effort. Highly recommended." - Phil (14-Jan-2012)
"I was pleasanty surprised with the evolution from this good author. The new NGLE features give a nice touch to the whole level. Easy gameplay with well-known tasks and a nice environment and good atmosphere. Perhaps rooms are too empty and the stone walls, floors and ceilings were... monotonous, but always very well textured. The secret shotgun appears too late, and it would be more useful to deal with the ahmets before, but no objection in that sense 'cause there were a lot of pickups along the game. I liked the well choosed musics and well implemented cameras in strategic places too. Very good work; I think this author can bring us nice satisfactions in the future. Recommended!" - Jose (07-Jan-2012)
"This is a very competently built 45 minute adventure which primarily impresses with great looks and atmosphere, supported by excellent audio choices and a few nice flybys. Gameplay falls slightly short vs the beautiful environment, as it is fairly linear and uneventful, with maybe a few too many pickups to collect and most of the traps hardly pose a threat to the seasoned player. Even the timed fire pillar run can be completed easily on the first attempt. The author has chosen a suite of tougher enemies to battle throughout, but even those are not giving the players a particularly tough time. I liked the NG touches, like the hint texts, the air column and the moving pillars and the element puzzle is always a welcome addition. The flare bug actually occurs, but you will likely not notice as flares are not really required in this level. The push puzzle with the 4 blocks is slightly confusing if you overthink the hint and a bit on the tedious side with about 50 squares to push in total, but all in all this is a well rounded adventure that makes for a decent and fun raid. Recommended." - MichaelP (06-Jan-2012)
"This was a fun modest level. Timed runs and lots of enemies to blow up with your crossbow. There were also some creative gameplay touches like lighting sconces with explosive arrows and the column of air to lift you up. However there are a few unintended shortcuts - one instance is where you can jump around some flames on columns to get to a puzzle piece, ignoring a part of the level in which you move those columns out of harm's way. Lara has some custom animations, but they are a bit flinchy, especially when Lara is hanging from a ledge. The custom enemies on the other hand were pretty engaging, especially the serpent. Cameras are used well to set the mood and to present certain goals to the player, and the accompanying audio helps too, although maybe it is too dramatic at times. The texturing and lighting is pretty well done too. Overall a fun egyptian level for players to sink their teeth into for a little bit." - SSJ6Wolf (15-Dec-2011)
"I get so excited when I see Egypt levels that look like this wonderful looking level! This is how I imagine Egyptian tombs to look. This level looks absolutely beautiful, Lara is gorgeous and the music is perfect. Gameplay could be more exciting though. I saw some missed opportunities where two areas featured the smasher blocks, and a moving column puzzle could have been more of a puzzler than pull the chain. I was also not impressed with the swinging firepots, as Lara could just crawl under them. Enemies were superb and ferocious. The finale should have had the ankh inaccessible so that the player is aware that Horus can, in fact be killed. I won't reduce the gameplay and puzzles score though because although simple, the level worked well and was very enjoyable. I really hope Lakota keeps building!" - Shandroid (26-Nov-2011)
"This seems very much in the style of the author's debut level, which is meant as a compliment as once again we see well-done graphics and texturing, and objects that are customized and noteworthy. The lighting is more colorful, such that Lara rarely needs a flare. (If Lara runs around with the torch, she will spot push blocks in walls that lead to secrets.) Game play is undemanding, as long as players know to duck in front of demigods, but then the author intends easy play as there are helpful comments directing players. Maybe the clues are not always needed, as Lara discovered the air column before the hint. The fun air column even allowed Lara to bring a torch back to the upper level by floating upward. There is a nice effect when Lara uses a crossbow to start fires (based on a screen hint, which I assumed meant using explosive ammo). The push-block puzzle is meant to be straightforward as the map shows the actual orientation of the blocks, but then a map "north" direction completely disoriented Lara's maneuvers, so she did spend time completely rearranging blocks. The ending bothers me. Lara lures Horus away, then runs back to grab the Ankh, at which point the ending flyby freezes Lara but not the god. Invariably the flyby shows the maddened god flying around blasting helpless Lara to set her alight, while triumphal music assures us that everything is fine, Lara is successful, and a long, slow camera sweeps back through chambers. Takes about one hour fifteen minutes. This is a good believable attractive level, a pleasure to go through, although maybe a little tame for experienced players." - dmdibl (13-Nov-2011)
"This game seems to follow a recent trend: wonderful, perfect graphics, weak story and puzzles. All that Lara had to do was to follow a direct path, with a few easy challenges in her way. I will mention, as a strong point of the game, the air column that Lara used to go up and down, when she was in a high chamber; it was certainly interesting. Enemies, objects and items were nicely done (the last cartouche was particularly beautiful), with exception of the flares, that gave light if, and only if, they were tossed on the ground. But don't mind me; enjoy the graphics and have fun." - Josey (12-Nov-2011)
"Wow! I loved this level! A big improvement from the previous level. I love Lakota's style of levels and his/her texturing is always perfect! This level was so fun and I enjoyed every bit of it. More challenging than Tomb of Quatalpac but there were a lot of medipacks so it gets easy. There was only one part of the whole level and that was in the area with the four pushblocks. Once I knew what to do I thought it was a good puzzle and the hint was helpful as well. The enemies were mostly Demigods and there were also those red beasts. I think they're called Ahmets. There were also two very large scorpions that scared me when they appeared! Also the last boss battle was very epic but I didn't bother killing it. Sorry! I think this is a magnificent level considering a second level and I really can't wait for other released and see what else this builder can make. Highly recommended." - afzalmiah (07-Nov-2011)
"Visually,this adventure is something I would happily pay money for (albeit not too much,as it only lasts an hour):beautiful texturing;atmospheric lighting;solidly effective architecture.A wide range of enemies (including a very decent Boss finale) and good use of objects.Music is very effectively implemented within the storyline,and cameras are smoothly placed (although never particularly necessary). The Gameplay is decent and full of interesting variety, although never particularly challenging.Nonetheless,if you put to one side the visual polish and technical achievements,what remains is essentially nothing more innovative than the old 'search for the two cartouche pieces within the egyptian temple' scenario,with a very glossy wash-and-brush-up. It's a great single level,no doubt about that;but just a little too safe." - Orbit Dream (06-Nov-2011)
"This is one of those levels that I wish would go on and on, so I could have walked around longer in those beautifully textured and very realistic looking rooms. Of course I also liked the game play, although it was missing any really challenging sequences like complicated jump combinations or timed runs. The only traps here are several smashing blocks and a generously timed fire pillar jump. Everything is fairly straightforward and it would be hard to get lost in this level. The nice block puzzle is easy once you look correctly at the supplied map. The earth, fire and water puzzle is logical so no one should have any difficulties here either. The most challenging parts are definitely the enemies in form of ahmets, giant scorpions, demigods and of course the final boss battle. The atmosphere is excellent and at times very cinematic. That and the nicely done flybys are responsible for a really movie-like experience in this level, but my favorite here would definitely be room architecture and layout of the map in combination with this beautiful texturing and very realistic lighting. One of the best-textured levels I have seen in a long time. Great job - more please! (1hour, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (03-Nov-2011)
"This was a fun level to play (the most important criterion in my opinion and not one we can score). Good solid gameplay, albeit not too difficult, lots of demi-gods to destroy and well hidden secrets all add to a level that's well made and lit (proving that a well-skilled level builder can make an atmospheric, somewhat gloomy level without it being dark and irritating to play - well done!). It's difficult to criticise this level but, if pushed, I would have liked more in the way of timed runs and agility, but that's just my preference. This would be on my 'Recommended to Play' list for all type of players and I look forward to further levels from this builder whom I'm sure will go on to great things." - Diz (02-Nov-2011)
"After a very fast-paced debut of Lakota (no need to apologize) we get to play an Egypt themed level that interestingly doesn't change so much architecturewise and has quite the feeling of Quatalpac at parts. This is not a bad point in my opinion; the builder managed to convince even with more or less the same gameplay style, as again there were many traps to solve, there is plenty of running through corridors, first finding two cartouches, then the Eye of Horus (all items are very fancy, nice!) to finally get the Ankh. This time the builder also put a nice little block puzzle in, but I found the hint to be confusing, as the compass in the painting made me thing there is a little twist to the puzzle, but there isn't. Also, before the end I didn't know that you can push the blocks off the ledges in this level, so it had me thinking and jumping over the fires for a while before I realized it. Here, another one of these nice text hints that helped much in possible stuck situations would have been good. A classic water/sand/fire puzzle also had an appearance, well hidden items (some too well hidden among other non-pickups) and always nice to see. There were a lot of fights in this level, mostly with demigods (easy to kill when you know the trick), ahmets; scorpions and at the end with Horus, who is actually mortal if you cared for thorough exploration for ammo. There are a lot of objects made by the builder himself, and both the airsteam and the fires created by shooting with the crossbow were fantastic add-ons. I found two secrets in this level, they were quite well hidden in my opinion, especially the shotgun. The atmosphere was very convincing in this level, good sound, nice but a tad too long cutscenes, nearly everywhere realistic and atmospheric lighting and well applied textures. Sometimes, however, I found this level was only flowing and flowing, almost too well, and I missed some more challenges in this level. The fights could be done easy, the final fight is not needed, why not making some more difficult, don't mean partly obscure, puzzles or platforming next time? The builder proofed to have big talent, but somehow his levels could have a little more up to them." - manarch2 (02-Nov-2011)
"A pleasant and fun level that kept the momentum going for the most part. I thought the block puzzle slowed down the dynamic, though, and felt bland and tedious as there wasn't even any background ambiance to keep the player engaged. Fortunately the rest of the level was enjoyable and the music cues were really spot on, so thumbs up in that department. Enemy-wise, I thought it was kind of lacking. I know that a good level doesn't mean a ton load of baddies, but everything just felt a bit too empty. The textures were fantastic and some were wonderfully colorful, something I think more builders should do. Overall, it was a fun raid and an entertaining way to spend an hour." - Janny (02-Nov-2011)
"This is a fun, fast paced romp through a well made, up to date (you know what I mean - not TR1) Egypt setting. It's a large area, but a lot more linear than it first appears, populated with demigods and ahmets. There are some nice animations, a lovely 'low gravity well' to jump into and some useful in-game comments. Agility tests are nicely varied and well within the scope of the average player and there's an interesting block puzzle to ponder. Good atmosphere and effective use of music. It took me an hour and twenty minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did unfortunately manage to miss one of the three secrets however. Definitely recommended." - Jay (01-Nov-2011)
"Well a pleasant game from this relative new builder .... not hard game with enough supply (ammo and medipacks ). with 3 type off enemyes .. Demigods /Ahmets and 2 giant spiders .... but with explosive arrows is no problem to deal with .... the story in main is this - u need to colect 2 cartouches ..... a sand bag / oil bag and water skin to open a door ..... some squash walls / some stamper ones .... realy nothing difficult ...... and at the end a fying Boss wich cannot be killed . at least i could not kill it...... wich guard the egyptian cross on a pedestral wich u can take iff u lure away the flying boss from it ... u take the cross . come a flybye u freeze. in mean time the boss hit u u die eventualy.... another flybye .... and reload screen . a bit strange ending . but all in all not a bad game ." - Jack& (01-Nov-2011)