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20x20x20 Challenge - South Pacific by AgentXP

afzalmiah 8 8 9 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Blue43 9 8 8 8
Cbl 8 8 10 9
Diz 8 9 8 8
DJ Full 8 9 8 8
dmdibl 9 8 8 8
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 7 7 8 8
John 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 8 7
manarch2 7 7 8 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
misho98 8 7 8 7
Mman 8 8 9 9
Mytly 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
TheStig 8 8 8 8
Xela 9 8 10 9
release date: 29-Nov-2011
# of downloads: 187

average rating: 8.15
review count: 23
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file size: 47.95 MB
file type: TR4
class: South Pacific

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Apart from the setting and nice visuals the things I’ve most enjoyed about this level was the interesting and fresh gameplay involving puzzles and tasks where you actually have to think about how you can accomplish your goal of completing each area and moving on to the next, whether it be using simple things like pushable objects, raised platforms, torch tasks, and even platforming, care has been taken to make things more complex and less simple ( eg: the multi level indoor water room and boulder room) and therefore the level becomes more fun and enjoyable to play. Making your way through very small outdoor areas and large caves the level is full of traps, timed runs (the quicksand one was fun) enemies and even a small boat task near the end! this level almost has it all! The only shortcomings for me personally was the short length of the level, the confusion of not knowing whats been activated after placing an item/switch and the lack of a large sunny beach/lagoon or large open outdoor areas to explore was disappointing but for sheer variety in gameplay I can’t complain too much at all really, I definitely had fun." - John (06-Dec-2022)
"amazing how one can put so much raiding in a small map and each thing has been well thought. None of the actions are very difficult , but you need to observe a lot to proceed. Well made level with some of the moves and interactions pertaining to the new possibilities of levelbuilding. Pleasant atmopshere and lighting , good texturing and fitting objects. Can't say this level was lot of fun given the slow pace but the clever work done was appreciated." - eRIC (02-Oct-2019)
"An excellent South Pacific level, combining nostalgic atmosphere with unique and challenging puzzles. This is my first time playing a custom level in about 10 years, and it was a wonderful level to return to. The puzzles felt fresh, really utilizing new moves, and even old objects in unexpected ways. The first room alone was impressive for its sheer verticality and the number of navigation puzzles in a small space. Here, as in other rooms throughout the level, there were some parts of the floor with angles that made navigation difficult or hard to predict, and while this added a bit of challenge, it was sometimes frustrating. As the level progressed, both the pirates, and other denizens of the South Pacific, became more apparent. I would have enjoyed a more consistent theme to the enemies, but there's something to be said for how unexpected some of them are! The level really shines with the devious traps combined with navigating the terrain. One room absolutely filled with traps was almost funny because literally nowhere was safe. The best traps and puzzles were those that required planning ahead of time (one of the boulder puzzles comes to mind). Sometimes it wasn't clear what a particular lever was doing once it was pulled, which made some of the timed puzzles doubly confusing. The constant sound of the surf, the fish, the flying birds, and beautiful light and waterfalls, and even a jaunt in a speedboat, made this level so fun to play. As I dust off my TR skills after a decade absence, this level definitely joins my favorites list." - Cbl (23-Mar-2018)
"This is quite entertaining, considering the constraints of the contest, taking me 50 minutes to get through. Lara's new moves (jumping up and backwards from crevices) are used well. There's also a nice torch puzzle, some swimming and traps to avoid. A fun little level in a nice setting." - Ryan (16-Dec-2016)
"A comfy level in beautiful Pacific setting. It has some nicely flowing and not too hard riddles to solve, including a reminder of snake gem puzzle, one of the best the whole TR series originally had. It also utilizes a load of new moves to vary gameplay on a small size required by the competition of origin. Cameras and music are well used but it's secrets and exploring for them which is the strongest element - each location has much more to discover than it seems, though the confusing burning skull actually isn't one, so I couldn't figure out if I'm supposed to pick it up or not and visited its room several times at various stages of the game, and it's also controversial if putting them so close to the world end is fair. If I would fix something, that would be adding more sounds to clarify what is triggered, and place the dinghy's owner, not necessarily to be killed by Lara but for example eaten by that crocodile, to make it seem like if Lara reached the final artifact just before one of her rival hunters. SUMMARY: Not that complicated, always pleasant and never boring. Always make sure you have checked all the surroundings while playing it (I skipped the Uzis and I regret I couldn't use them on these parrots). Recommended." - DJ Full (16-Apr-2015)
"A very pleasant and solid level set here within the 20 x 20 x 20 challenge rules. Set with a Southpacific TR3 theme/feel it features nicely balanced gameplay. The sounds make this feel very authentically Tomb Raider III, but the additional moves such as the wall-jumps are a very welcome inclusion and help to add some extra dimension. Texturing and lighting are pretty solid too. I did get the feeling that I was missing sections as I went through. There's plenty of secrets buried here and I think I only caught a few of them so there's definitely some replay value here too. All in all I netted almost spot on an hour from South pacific. Excellent work (especially considering the challenge constraints). Recommended. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (28-Jul-2013)
"For a level with such tight restrictions, this one is phenomenal. I absolutely adore the original South Pacific levels from TR3, and this level gave a heavy blast of the nostalgia I was looking for. The atmosphere is superb, the new moves are used nicely, and the hunt for treasure (dons pirate eye-patch *YAR*) was giggles of fun. I got a little stuck on the torch puzzle, but the rest was simple enough to progress through. After 45 minutes of stuffing Lara's short-shorts with a menagerie of bountiful treasures, I happily swam away from this level with a cheeky grin on my visage. The only suggestion that I would make would have been to skip the boat altogether, as it doesn't add anything with its minute cameo. All-in-all a solid level, definitely worth checking out." - Xela (25-Jul-2013)
"Confusing comes to mind as I have been wondering way too long to figure out what Lara had to do. The new moves are nice but it took me a while to implement them in this game. But for the rest I rather liked this one. It isn't an easy game but luckily also not too hard. Haven't found all the secrets and for now that has to wait. For the rest the job was well done." - Gerty (23-Feb-2012)
"This level was really a positive surprise, as I did not expect such a nice and coherent adventure due to the restrictions of the competition. But this plays out to about 40 minutes, with some good use of Lara's new moves to climb around a few well designed caves, a nice torch puzzle area, a timed run, a swamp and even a short boat ride (which I struggled with quite a bit and needed many tries to get it up that ramp). Few but well placed enemies and a nice hunt for 7 secrets add to the enjoyment here and this is definitely a level to try out." - MichaelP (13-Feb-2012)
"Here is a level that experienced players will enjoy. Lineal gameplay with a good design, not very big rooms but not easy to advance, 'cause the new moves, one of them I couldn't see in the readme (Alt key for monkeyswing to ladder) and a lot of good details which will make you think. Also the secrets were well hidden but not impossible to find. I've got from the very beginning problems with the ladders, Lara refused to move to the sides, another times you can reach the end of the world, and the textures in small surfaces were not very worked, I think 'cause the nearby time for the release deadline mentioned in the readme file. I missed some more cameras (example: the timed switch in the swamp) but the triggered objects were never very far from the switches. Not for beginners but really interesting to play for most players. Good evolution to this author from "One room challenge" contest!" - Jose (17-Jan-2012)
"I'm not really familiar with this competition, but with only four entrants it appears to be on the same level as the recent one-room competition. Anyway, South Pacific is the first one in the series that I played, and it kept me occupied for nearly an hour. The readme says that there are 7 secrets, but since I don't classify myself as a secret hunter I was content with the easier ones documented in manarch2's walkthrough. (There was one secret that involved climbing down to a tree limb, and I could never figure that one out.) The "new" moves are used here as well, including at least one that's not documented anywhere to my knowledge. After you push the boulder down the slope and get the required key, I found that when you slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge, Lara is magically transported to the monkey swing. There was a nice use of the motor boat near the end. Recommended." - Phil (03-Jan-2012)
"Well, I guess this is my favourite level in the 20x20x20 Challenge (though that's not saying much). This level looks quite good - I especially like the treasure room at the end. Both the outdoor and indoor areas look nice, though small things like the unnaturally blue water sometimes mar that impression. The builder does a good job with the textures from TR3 South Pacific levels, but I do wish he had used a different texture for the rocks at least, as that rock texture makes it almost impossible to spot the cracks that are necessary to progress at the beginning and the end. I found only 3 of the 7 secrets, but did not feel motivated to hunt for the rest.
The puzzle in the pool room at the beginning is quite nice, as is the swamp timed run. The boat feels wasted on such a short ride, but I guess it couldn't be helped considering the constraints of this challenge. The part with the most innovative gameplay is the one I disliked the most, as it involved a nearly game-breaking bug for me. This is in the tall room with ladders - Lara refused to shimmy sideways along the ladders. I managed to get her to do so the first time after a huge number of tries, but I simply couldn't do it the second time around. In frustration, I made Lara jump off backwards from the ladder just on a whim - and somehow she bugged up to the top of the room and caught the monkeyswing, exactly where she was supposed to be going. Saved from a bug by a bug!
Overall: This would be a mostly enjoyable level if it weren't for the annoying buggy bit in the middle." - Mytly (24-Dec-2011)
"Nice and soild level. I liked the gameplay, but some parts like climbing the palm, were confusing because you're not sure what you should do. The textures weren't bad, pretty much TR3 style. Recommended!" - misho98 (22-Dec-2011)
"I must admit I was surprised to find my monkeyswing to ladder animation appear in someone else's level for the first time. The new moves are used pretty well and made for some more interesting environments, and some other interesting touches are added including a smoke-filled room that Lara cannot stay in for long. However the gameplay also had its faults, including the fact that so many of the ladders were rendered buggy by sloped ceilings running parallel to the ladder. This made shimmying on them (with just hands) impossible and led to me getting stuck sometimes. The timed switch for the flame tile forced you to lose about half of your health which is not good. The secret objects scattered around were fun to search for, but the use of the beetles was irritating - they would not only chase you around the room they started in, but bite at you you through the thin underwater chasm and then keep nibbling on you as you tried to get through a room with many flames and blade traps. The one cutscene that is used disrupts the player as they are trying to dodge a boulder. The texturing is pretty good for the challenge. Overall a creative and short level that is fun if you can get over the flaws. Finished in 34 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (16-Dec-2011)
"Essentially TR3 South Pacific with new moves. The design is solid and attractive with sufficient puzzles, and some of the secrets are ingenious. I particularly liked the tall temple room where Lara had to use the new move monkey swing to ladder, plus the ladder to monkey swing. Another highlight was a timed run, jumping over a swamp to get by a timed flame tile. The most irritating moment clearly goes to the beetles following Lara underwater and up into a flame emitter room when she is trying to reach a switch. As in other 20x20x20 Challenge levels, several places felt compressed, and I would like to see the author expand this into a regular level to flesh out various spots. The boat ride is abbreviated, but really I thought there should be more of everything. Fun and recommended." - dmdibl (08-Dec-2011)
"The South Pacific theme here is pulled off well, with good lighting and lots of environmental variety. It feels a bit cramped at times, but that's due to the limits of the contest. Outside of that cramped feel you wouldn't really know this was built on such a limited space if you weren't told; there's several different types of puzzle and some nice features like quicksand, it also makes a lot of use of the new climbing functions that have been added, and the challenge in several areas come from using them correctly. AgentXP made one of the best levels in the one-room contest, so it's not a big surprise they excelled in a similar contest with less restrictions." - Mman (07-Dec-2011)
"This is a very nicely designed level with classic TR3 surroundings, but modern feel and plenty of new moves. There is a lot of variety in the very good game play, which contains intensive climbing sequences utilizing the new moves, fire burners, torch puzzles, boulder pushing and boulder traps, a short boat ride, some underwater action, a cool timed run through and over a swamp and lots of secrets. On the enemy side Lara encounters a couple of aggressive birds, skeleton, a raptor and hordes of bugs that came from everywhere and have to be outrun or lured over the grate where they fall into the water. The texturing and lighting was well done and in general I have to say that this is a very enjoyable level and get my highest recommendations. I would also recommend checking the Readme file, as there are some new moves, which you might have not used before! (45min, 5 secrets found)" - Blue43 (05-Dec-2011)
"It was very interesting for me to see the four levels participating in this challenge all concentrated on a specific official Tomb Raider game. While Greece Artifact reminded me on TR1, Venice Incident on TR2 and Cambodia on TR4, this level was TR3 - reminiscent, with lots of South Pacific textures and objects. Unluckily, I didn't like this theme so much in the original game, neither did I here. Nonetheless, the gameplay in this level is remarkable. While being mostly linear, the single tasks are great fun and there were a lot of puzzles; the underwater room; the swamp area; and of course the tall temple room with lots of tricky tasks to do, also with some new moves so before feeling lost, try out some things and different moves. The boat ride at the end could have been longer, but I know it's hard to do with such small space. This level ended after 35 minutes, and I recommend it highly because of the nice combination of TR3 setting with NG features." - manarch2 (04-Dec-2011)
"(my first review in Bangladesh ^_^) I really enjoyed this level and though it was a fun level like all the 20x20x20 challenge levels. There aren't many TRIII style pacific levels and this was a real treat. The builder has made challenging and fun puzzles to solve and enemies were placed well. The texturing was really good and the lighting suited the areas. Secrets were placed very well but a few of them were easy to find. It is a pretty easy level and I only needed help once or twice but it was still fun. A fantastic level from this builder and I can't wait to see more." - afzalmiah (02-Dec-2011)
"Ah, Lara's new moves, how wonderful, and they're put to good use in this enjoyable hour of gameplay in the 20x20x20 challenge. The island setting is attractive too. I found the amount of enemies well judged and effectively used and the agility tests interesting, but readily achievable, so definitely a game for just about all players, which is good news because it's a lot of fun. There's also a (regrettably very short) boat trip almost at the end of the level and I just wanted the whole thing to go on longer, which has to be a good sign." - Jay (01-Dec-2011)
"I'm a big fan of the new TR moves and any level that uses them as well as this is OK by me! A fairly linear level, as in 'one area to the next to the next' although not linear within the various areas. Some nice agility, a bit of a timed run, not many baddies, some use made of the inflatable boat but not much, well hidden secrets (missed two!) and nice solid-looking areas. Textures were well used and the lighting was good throughout, albeit a little bland. There was just over an hour of gameplay and I could have done with a bit more. Very enjoyable." - Diz (01-Dec-2011)
"This time we discovered Lara in south pacific to find a golden skull in a pirate's lair. This game is really beautiful, I like the shores textures of tr3 with a pirate atmosphere. There are a lot of various puzzle with new animations and very interresting NG gameplay (swamps, boat ...) The level is not too hard and not too dark. I also enjoy the secrets and the many treasure rooms, exellent choise of textures for these. Of the 7 secret, I miss one (just 6). We discovered pacific enemies but there not too many. The tr3 textures are perfects, good canyons, swamps, rocks and threes. The level is not too short and not too long (46 min). To conclude, it's a very good level for everyone. Great job. Very recommended." - BigFoot (01-Dec-2011)
"This is an impressive adventure,and somewhat harder than the building restrictions would lead you to expect. Essentially,it's a 'work out how to exit each successive area' level;and therefore linear,but not predictably so. Textures are well placed (and often provide helpful clues as to forward progression);while lighting is effective,if a little dark at times.Enemies are placed with care,while sounds and cameras do the required job. Nonetheless,the actual gameplay is often a confusing (and occasionally irritating) affair,as there are a wealth of new moves which (although described in the Read-Me) are not especially obvious when you actually need to use them. There are also a few buggy moments (particularly a pushable rolling-boulder which only ended up where it was supposed to on the third re-load attempt;beetles which kept magically appearing even after they should have been drowned);and several rooms existed (presumably) for the acquisition of secrets,which I was unable to locate. If you're able to put to one side your long established 'Lara's moves' habits,you'll enjoy this;although that factor is also just as likely to irritate." - Orbit Dream (30-Nov-2011)