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The Tomb of Ramses by Ram16

Blue43 7 7 7 7
Daffy 8 8 7 8
DatoDavid 7 8 8 7
Diz 7 7 7 8
DJ Full 8 8 8 7
dmdibl 6 7 7 6
eRIC 6 6 6 5
Gerty 6 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 7 7
JesseG 6 6 6 6
Jose 5 6 7 6
manarch2 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 6 7 6
Nina Croft 7 6 6 5
Orbit Dream 6 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 7 8
Ryan 7 7 7 7
Sarikman 7 7 8 7
sonnyd83 8 7 7 7
Steven Svorticher 8 8 7 7
release date: 03-Dec-2011
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 6.88
review count: 20
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file size: 52.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A trip which keeps going forward and makes you wonder why it's called like it is, but after a nice and almost backtrackless circle around the map everything makes sense. Definitely plays better than it looks, but it's also not a visual horror - actually some places were quite interesting, I just wish the general shaping was less boxy. Also it sounds nice. Just please, mark the ladders better. Recommended." - DJ Full (03-Jan-2024)
"This level feels bit chaotic due to the eclectic use of textures, poorly marked climbable surfaces, a few strange objects such as the save item floating about, and the jagged geometry used in the temple. The lighting is relatively nice though. The gameplay is...okay. There's quite a few boulders to dodge and goons to mow down, which is all good. And thankfully plenty of shotgun shells and pits are provided for the skeletons, much preferred to those guys pushing Lara around all over the place. As for the pushblock puzzles, I usually like those but I have reservations when they are used in tight corridors like in this level, where Lara has no notion of what her goal is. There are a lot of camera cues missing, and the pattern of collecting a star and backtracking to use it gets a bit repetitive. It's not a bad adventure, but the unpolished aspects made it hard for me to feel attached to it. 59 minutes." - JesseG (24-Apr-2021)
"A few longeurs in this otherwise solid and decent debut effort, but overall it's nicely made. Plenty of ninja and skeleton attacks keep things spiced, and some dicey boulder traps and jumping sequence add to the mix, although mostly you'll be searching for a lot of Hands of Orion and Cartouche artefacts to progress onward. I didn't mind the odd mixture of texturing (as otherwise it looked quite attractive), but the gameplay does begin to get a bit wearying and repetitive after a while as the items are a bit too numerous. Enjoyable enough stuff though, so worth a try. Found the sole secret, hidden up an unmarked ladder just after the timed block room." - Ryan (28-Apr-2019)
"Well, I was not so impressed with this level, but it is still a nice little debut, and the builder being very young, definitely has enough time and energy to learn some cool tricks about the Editor. This particular adventure was decent, but also, boring at times, with repeating puzzles and too straightforward. GAMEPLAY & PUZZLES: You will probably not once consult the walkthrough, as the level is easy to play, with a couple of tricky moments (two boulder rooms or underwater section until you find the UW lever, for instance). As I said, the gameplay is straightforward, so there is no way for you to get lost or to get stuck. The key item to the door ahead is probably located in the same room in this level. The builder combined all relevant elements of a raid: climbing, platforming, swimming, action, easy puzzles, and provided us with a nice level you can play pretty relaxed, once you kill two big scorpions near the beginning of the level. I must say that the rooms looked too blocky and the overall geometry was not at all impressive, and the builder has to improve that particular section of his level-building. The builder also added some interesting traps (boulders, burners), and made sure to warn us about them in time with some dramatic music, which is a very good thing. ENEMIES, OBJECTS & SECRETS: Enemies range from small scorpions and ninjas, to giant scorpions you have to kill near the beginning, and of course, there are some skeletons you cannot kill (no explosive ammo available), but to dispose off using the well-known trick (shoot at it until it falls off the ledge). Action is pretty balanced, although there were a couple of skeletons more than I would like to meet. When it comes to objects, the level is not much decorated, and there is space for improvement here. I could not find the only secret in this level, so this element remains unreviewed. A/S/C is okay, nothing special, but also, nothing tragically bad. Maybe it would all sound much better if the sound of Lara's steps would differ from time to time, but apart of that, the Sound element is pretty decent. The overall atmosphere is pretty marred due to texturing and dull lighting, but still, the builder manages to keep our attention all the way to the end, thanks to most various gameplay (every room is a separate and completely new task). Cameras are almost non-existing except for a couple of pretty nice flybys. LIGHTING & TEXTURES are the weakest point of the level. The builder used most various textures, and many of them do not belong in Egypt at all (jungle textures, even Antarctica textures etc.). Yes, it may look nice, but in this case it looks not at all convincing. Also, textures are too often stretched, the walls are not properly segmented, which does not only look bad, but also affects the lighting. Lighing was usually too sharp or too bright in some areas, but that is always the weakest point in almost every debut, so I will refrain myself from any further criticism on this point. OVERALL IMPRESSION: The builder certainly has a lot to learn and there is much space for improvements here, but still, it is obvious that the builder has a certain passion for level building. And that is always a good thing. I would like to encourage the builder to keep building and to pay more attention to proper texturing, geometry and decorating with objects, and the reviews will improve accordingly. Nice debut, all in all!" - Nina Croft (12-Jan-2014)
"Ramses in Switzerland , who would have thought of that ? In this 1h30 long level , there is none of the usual beginner mistakes and the rooms are sized accordingly to the gameplay you'll have in them, which is a very good point. The course is mainly straightforward and well rounded , you end up almost where you began, some of the things to do are enjoyable , although the feeling of repetitiveness kicks in in the last third of the level as Lara is retrieving many cartouches and hands of orion , avoiding boulders , doing some platforming , killing or avoiding ninjas or skeletons. In one room I think the author has designed two ways of doing things as I did not used the monkeyswing nor the transparent blocks. Objects are placed well , the standard audio tracks are triggered when they should generally and there is 2 well executed flybys. The setting is a wild mix of many TR worlds which does not make this raid very immersive , also the lighting has still to be worked on more , there is one room where the lighting seemed just fine : the big one with the 2 scorpions at ground level. Good debut level anyway." - eRIC (29-Sep-2012)
"This is a rather commendable devut level by a seemingly rather young author, who has clearly taken the time to study the manual and has come up with a long adventure for players to make their way through with plenty of classic tasks, never too difficult to figure out or master. I found the environment rather crude though, mainly due to the ever changing style of the rooms between tut1, jungle, cistern, coastal and others in no apparenty rhyme or reason. Enemies are placed on occasion for a little bit of battle, there are a few fun jump sequences and mild traps, mostly in the form of boulders and about half way into the level it gets a bit too repetitve to find the next object to place it and to reach the next area, but this is still a decent and very playable effort, so give it a try." - MichaelP (30-May-2012)
"Ok, this is a first attempt at a level. There's not much variety in the lighting to begin with here and textures sometimes have been painted on rather than making it look more natural (ie if you have 2 textures which form part of a whole, then they should all be used as intended) - this is the case in the first pool of water, but other times, textures have been used very well, the scorpian room is well done with textures and lights for example. The tasks at this point are simple, pull levers, and fight baddies, and fight giant scorpians, then move a block out of the way of the ladder, although it's not marked that well. Then skeletons make an appearence, quite tough on a narrow ledge. There's a nice jump sequence, which isn't too difficult, floor textures in this room are placed badly, then some more levers in a water room, followed by alternate flame blocks - you get a warning sound here. The following room is my favourite as it is quite atmospheric - it looks more natural and less blocky, you have to avoid boulders and avoid stepping on lava, then a shimmy, monkey swing, and timed door, further on we have a pushable block puzzle, a few jumps, and collecting Orion hands and collecting cartouche pieces, in between, an underwater maze, and a realistic looking waterfall, a challenging rolling ball trap, and a large number of baddies, scorpians and skeletons. The sound throughout the game is like most debut's standard TR4 sound, and this suits the level well as it's firmly in the TR4 category, in every way. The texturing overall is fairly good but inconsistant between areas, and a few stretched ones. Overall, this is a decent TR4 style debut." - sonnyd83 (18-May-2012)
"Still a great fan of Egyptian levels and although this is a debut, I was looking forward to it. Afterwards it was a bit confusing at times and luckily the builder made it so that every artefact you found you didn't have to schlep around for a lengthily time as there were many, many Hands to find and use. The choice of textures I found a bit strange at places and the jumping up to walls to figure out if the were climbable is not really fun. All in all a good first one and shows potential" - Gerty (24-Apr-2012)
""The Tomb of Ramses" is a debut level that unluckily wasn't very ambitious in terms of creativity and looks. The areas were blocky and oddly textured with a mix of TR 3 jungle textures, various TR 4 texture sets and some cave/cistern ones reminding on TR 1. Some textures were a little streched and there were one or two badly marked ladders. Some parts in the second half of the level looked good, but then there are always rooms where the good impression gets lost again. The gameplay wasn't much better - progression is moving from one room to another, doing a few easy tasks (mostly finding some levers or some key items) - later on, there is luckily a bigger pushable puzzle, some boulder dogding and more fun platforming, but I soon wanted this level to end since I was bored by it. And it eventually did - quite abruptly after nearly exactly one hour." - manarch2 (28-Jan-2012)
"This is one of the egyptian level you wish to finish soon when playing. No original tasks or puzzles, you only visit a room to pick up an item or pull a switch to open the doorway to another room. There are some flybies and enough pickups to shoot the skeletons, but many times you can simply avoid them and run to the next room; some traps, some gymnastics and no more. The classic level from a beginner. Lihgts and textures are not well worked. Not a bad level, but not to launch rockets though. Simply correct." - Jose (26-Jan-2012)
"A nice basal level with the TR4 and Tr1 Egypt and Cystern themes. The gameplay is quite linear and fluent, a little harder in some areas where there are slopes, combinations with roll jumps, rather than a swim in an underwater mini- maze or jumps on the lava and escape from some crazy boulders. Puzzles, not difficult, are effective and the difficulty gradually grows up but not very much. At first part of the game you have to find several levers whose some a little more hiddden but there are flybies. Later we find a nice block puzzle (about 5 - 7 blocks in a narrow corridor) and here we need to get ahead pushing-pulling them away. From the middle of the game we have to recover a lot of stars to open gates during finding other levers. Good and multi presence of enemies, all from TR last revelation.. from ninja to skeletons, from small scorpions to the giant ones; good presence of medikit and ammo for shotgun (unfortunatelly the only present other weapon). It might be a secret, mightn't it? but I didn't find it. Nearly good atmosphere and setting, even if not in all areas, good use of flyby and music from TR4; the area I appreciated graficly the most is the one with the waterfall and the burnt water. Textures-lighting nearly good but there are still a few imperfections, maybe due to haste. Anyway as first level I think it's a good result and I'm sure the author will improve! 7,5" - Steven Svorticher (17-Jan-2012)
"This was a pleasant little level for which to write a walkthrough. For one thing, it was player friendly, so I could play and progress and write without having to stop periodically and consult a stuck thread. And since I was writing while I was playing, I played the game in segments and did not experience the boredom reported by others (although it did appear to me that toward the end the builder came to the conclusion that it was time to bring his project to a close, hence the rather uninspired gameplay in the last two sections). I too noticed the somewhat anomalous textures from the very beginning, but that didn't spoil my enjoyment of the game. In sum, a very linear outing with plenty of light that's fun to play and provides a few challenges along the way. If there were any secrets, they all managed to elude me. Recommended for a stress-free hour or so." - Phil (25-Dec-2011)
"It is a very good and classic level without many new adds. It is interesting. The gameplay is simble, but enjoyable. As it is a begginer level, I think it is a good work. The gameplay is about finding some items, most times close to the door. I had good time with the jump tasks. Texturing was a bit strange in some areas and the climbing walls were not obvious. The puzzle with the pushables was nice but it has a bug. You can pull a block even if one block is behind Lara. With some practise the author will manage to make a really good level." - DatoDavid (10-Dec-2011)
"A debut level which is almost pretty good, but the lack of concern for detail tended to hold me at arm's length. There is nothing wrong with an Egyptian level where Lara encounters TR1 cistern and cave textures, but textures look a patchwork at times, can be badly stretched, and questionable climbing surfaces show up. For instance, there is a very tall climbing room, and the thing which delays a player shouldn't be standing there, trying to figure out how to reach higher areas, until it finally dawns that a monstrously stretched texture indicates a climbing surface. Here, when Lara reaches the top, there is a fast return by leaping into a small pool. Not bad play, but if the author intended this, then why did Lara hit her head on the "sky" while making the tricky leap? A rolling boulder triggers a gate to open and then slam shut, which is fine if Lara reacted quickly, but it would be nice if the sequence to open the gate could be reset. There is a fairly good block puzzle in a low room, blocks touching the ceiling, but overhead cameras show the room as if the ceiling is above the blocks. Later parts of the level have better atmosphere, such as a large waterfall room hiding two parts of a cartouche. This has all the right ideas, and could be an impressive area, but a little more care and time by the author were needed. The culminating effect of the author's casual attitude is growing player annoyance, which some may perceive as boredom. All the good stuff here suggests that it won't take much for future levels to be markedly better." - dmdibl (09-Dec-2011)
"This starts out as a classic looking TR4 Egyptian level and gives you the impression that it could be a really short and quick one for in between, but it turns out that it is actually much bigger and longer that it initially appears. The game play is based on finding multiple Hands of Orion to be placed for accessing new areas and then the whole map somehow loops around and one ends up in the area where the level started. There is plenty of jumping and sliding, monkey swinging, shimmying and climbing but I personally found that a bit tedious and repetitive and I was almost glad for the multitude of boulder traps to spice it up a little. The enemies come in form of plenty of skeletons, some ninjas and scorpions of both sizes. The lighting was actually well done in this level but I do have to say that the texturing was rather odd. Technically it wasn't really bad as there were no missing ones and the stretched areas were not so bad to be considered disturbing. The problem with the texturing is more on the aesthetic side, because what starts as an Egyptian level in the beginning, quickly becomes a wild mix of textures from several different TR levels that just don't seem to fit together really well. Sticking with a theme would have probably been the better choice here. Although this adventure was definitely not my cup of tea, I will say that, considering it is a debut level, it is solid and entertaining and well worth the download." - Blue43 (09-Dec-2011)
"Not for the first time have I seen a debut Egyptian level and expected something fairly dreadful only to be proved wrong. This is actually a solidly built, fast paced, mainly traditional Egypt level (although with some interesting use of Peru, jungle and cistern textures cropping up here and there). Enemies are the usual ninjas, scorpions, skellies etc., and plenty of shotgun ammo is provided to enable the always pleasant sport of shooting skellies off ledges. There are hands and cartouches to find, a block puzzle and plenty of swimming, sliding, bouncing, climbing and monkey swinging. Difficulty level is quite gentle, putting this within the scope of raiders of all abilities and the length is nicely judged at approximately one hour and forty minutes. A very decent debut level indeed." - Jay (08-Dec-2011)
"A very nice and classic debut level. Well, it has some annoying facts, like a door which is closing and never opens again, so you are trapped and you have to load a previous savegame or some textures with ice one them while you are in hot environment. The author created some nice jumping tasks though. I enjoyed them a lot. The gameplay is classic, but that doesn't mean that it is bad. I preffer classic gameplay. What I found boring was that you have to find numerous hand items and many times they are close to the puzzle holes. I like that the author build his rooms by having to do only one thing in them and not going around and returning to the same spots and ending up confusing your mind, like many builders do. The lighting was not bad, but it needs work. It could be more realistic at some parts or more helpfull in order to see small openings on the walls. Texturing is complicated. Well, sometimes is good and other times confusing. Using many different textures mixed in one room (especially the last room) made me dizzy. The biggest problem with textures were the climbing walls. You could hardly understand which wall is climbable and some iron ladders in the ancient tomb is a bit unnatural. ALthough the level is great and I enjoyed it a lot. The boulder traps were excellent placed and shooting the skeleton was quite funny." - Sarikman (08-Dec-2011)
"This level had a strange effect on me, player-wise. It started out so-so, then improved in the middle portion and then, for some reason, I started getting a little fed up with it and was waiting for it to end. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the level, it's well made, the gameplay's OK, the areas and the lighting are fine and there are skeletons to shoot off ledges (always fun) but, for some reason it didn't 'float my boat'. This may be my fault and I've scored it as objectively as I can." - Diz (08-Dec-2011)
"This is a very encouraging first level of Ram16, the gameplay is fluid and fun to play, no big diificultes in this level, the enemies are present and two scorpions are a bit tough to kill. The level is accessible to all types of players and everyone will find his pleasure. For decoration, you can see beautiful things but not to my taste. (that staff). I have not found a secret but I have not tried too hard either. In all this the author is promising. Ram16 good job, hopefully a more ..." - Daffy (08-Dec-2011)
"Another solid debut (an encouraging trend);this 85 minutes adventure,although generally well assembled,is rather too lengthy for its own good.The gameplay consists almost entirely of finding countless hands of orion in order to leave and thence gain access to countless other rooms,where the tasks needs to be repeated. Fiery floors,skeletons en masse,ninjas,scorpions and entertainingly prolific rolling balls help to keep things spiced up;but you can't help getting a pronounced feeling of deja-vu quite some time before the Finish Trigger. Textures are fine,albeit incongruous in places (metallic ladders in ancient tombs;oddly chosen textures to denote climbable surfaces)and somewhat schizophrenic,with desert temple chambers being succeeded by icy Antarctic styled snowy corridors.Lighting isn't bad at all,while cameras are helpful (if hardly necessary). There are moments of comedy in the form of the builders photograph blatantly exhibited inside a temple,opposite that of his (one supposes) girlfriend;Lara's name spelled out on one of the ceilings;a 'thank you' to his testers engraved on a column. All these things put a smile on the players face (and there is a good,albeit straightforward,variety in the puzzles on offer);but none of these factors are quite enough to prevent a feeling of ennui from developing;and I was quite happy to encounter the end of the level,even though I knew it was inevitably destined to happen at some point. Good stuff overall;but not perhaps as entertaining as the author intended." - Orbit Dream (07-Dec-2011)