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LB Advent Calendar 2011 - Waiting for Christmas by Eelkemama

afzalmiah 8 9 8 9
Akcy 9 10 10 9
Blue43 8 8 8 9
Diz 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 7 9 8 6
dmdibl 9 9 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 9
John 8 7 8 7
Jorge22 9 9 8 8
Jose 9 8 9 10
Josey 10 10 10 10
manarch2 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
misho98 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 9 9
OverRaider 7 9 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 9 8 8 9
Shandroid 9 9 9 9
TheStig 8 7 7 8
release date: 07-Dec-2011
# of downloads: 123

average rating: 8.48
review count: 20
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file size: 43.76 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"There's running back and forth and some interactions are sneaky (you need to know tr4 mechanics well in order to proceed), but the map isn't big so you can find and remember things reasonably easily. As usually for this builder I wish for more immersion as the graphics are unlit and random. Good level for the season." - DJ Full (20-Dec-2023)
"After initially getting off to bad start this level did actually win me over quite quickly because the annoying hidden snow hatch, completely hidden movable box and random shootable fence were only annoying at the beginning when you really don’t wanna use a walkthrough so soon but these annoyances throughout the rest of the level were few and far between thank god apart from the odd monkey swing texture. A lot of the level revolves around searching in and out of buildings looking for items or keys to open more areas etc but we also get some fun and original gameplay here like the task with horizontal escalator and the great pushable box puzzle, plus some good timed runs underwater and on land, shootable tasks and tricky platforming. The setting at Christmas with gorgeous snowy outside areas and then some lovely homely interiors were just lovely to explore and immerse yourself into so this is a level that I’d deffo recommend" - John (15-Mar-2022)
"Here's a wonderful, enjoyable Christmas level, which isn't as simple as it look, but doesn't present anything too unfair. There's a complex pushable block puzzle about halfway through that I thought was well thought out, and the torch work was well done (although you apparently only have one shot for that burner puzzle do make it work). If I had any gripes it would be the City of the Dead atmosphere which I felt didn't work for me. One of this builder's best efforts." - Ryan (25-Sep-2017)
"So I chose another christmas level to acomplish this year which is set in a village type atmosphere which saddly has some weak points but nevertheless I still quite enjoyed this one hour level. Well I explain some things which could have been done better and as I don`t want to spoil surprises from game but here nothing will really surprise you so I think I can take some straight examples from level: you open a door where there is just lever to be pulled which lowers two raising blocks revealing two stones puzzle items two meters "far" from each other which you pick up and use both in the outside room!? You insert a wishlist into the wishing machine and a key on pedestal next to wishing machine appears which you use right in the key receptacle in same room which opens door next to it which leads to a room with pedestal and a puzzle item on it!? Also many puzzle or key items are just lying on the ground and there are too many of them!? There is also one puzzle in which you can get stuck forever if you don`t solve it on first try or you can manualy reload, but why to design such a puzzle?! Also in this puzzle even if its very very simple and also you get some texts help, but you must ignite three wall torches and then pull the lever because if you pull the lever first then you cannot ignite the torches (bug?) and you are stuck forever forcing you to manually reload!!! Some tasks were boring for example pushblock puzzle which was very simple and too long!!! Many objects didn`t fit the rooms also some areas looked very empty or boxy, There are countless wallpapered rooms and lighting didn`t make always sense! I must also mention that many audio tracks didn`t really fit the situation or environments!... Well there are quite many weak points in this level but it`s really quite relaxing (what is good) but too easy (what is not good) and secrets are quite well hidden but if you explore a little bit deeper then you cannot miss them. Recommended. 7/9/8/8" - OverRaider (17-Dec-2013)
"This was a nice, peaceful and enjoyable level from a builder who is definitely improving. The level starts in a small room where it isn't too hard except I didn't know I had to shoot the gate. Texturing and lighting is actually pretty good except for the underground sort of areas like the block puzzles. Secrets weren't too hard to find but were pretty challenging. I did need the walkthrough a couple of times because of now knowing where to go and the block puzzle and also some other parts. Objects were placed well and I thought they made the city look a lot better. Puzzles were original like the memory flame puzzle and placing the stones on those two ice wolves. An enjoyable level and definitely looking forward to the next level of this builder. Recommended for a peaceful, festive raid." - afzalmiah (09-Feb-2012)
"This relatively new builder is fast developing a reputation for producing immersive levels that are appealing to the eye and just plain fun to play. Here is a 75-minute Christmas offering in the same vein that has just about everything except for enemies. Parts of the level were a bit dark for my taste, but for the most part you get a peaceful and attractive raid that's not too easy and not too hard. I got stuck in the room with the moveable boxes until I was told that you can go around through the back door, so to speak, by jumping to a shimmy crack in a previous room. This is one of the best-conceived block puzzles I've ever encountered, and the builder is to be congratulated for putting it all together. Recommended." - Phil (31-Jan-2012)
"Very nice to play this new creation from Eelkemama. I've enjoyed it! With her peculiar style, this time it will not be so easy to advance, 'cause often you'll find "empty" rooms with "nothing" to do to turn yourself disoriented (hint: light a flare in those cases); also remember well the closed doors, keyholes or objects you left at your back so you can return later without turning fool. Beatiful environment very well textured (better with high-res textures next time) and a good christmas atmosphere. Recommended." - Jose (27-Jan-2012)
"This is clearly one of Elke's better efforts, because the hour long adventure is nicely embedded in a fairly condensed encironment and offers a decent variety of tasks, while some of her earlier levels are more repetitive. This one includes some target shooting, easy timed runs/swims, use of the torch with an easy but original sequence puzzle and some block pushing that takes a moment to think about. The conveyor belt idea near the start is nice but felt almost underused and there are three secrets to find. A pleasant seasonal raid!" - MichaelP (08-Jan-2012)
"Very fun adventure. In the very beginning I though I wasn't very enthusiastic, but once i went was amazing. The walls are nicely textured, I noticed that in this level are used some original Tomb Raider textures. I think the music could've been Xmas-y even outside, but that's not a big problem. Gameplay was easy, but the block puzzle can be kinda hard and confusing if you don't know what to do. Anyway this xmas level is very good, beautiful and fun. It took me 1 hour." - misho98 (13-Dec-2011)
"That was a nice Christmas level with loads of discovery ingredients, lots of different tasks and many gifts plus three secrets to find. True, it was classic in ways, namely there were a bit too many levers and well known textures if one wants to be a bit picky, but those were coupled with several interesting puzzles, never too tricky if one discards a certain box puzzle that made you think some more. I had fun throughout it all and I'm sure you will too. Only possible flaw: you can get to the near-ending area with the face easily but maybe that's not really a flaw since you can perfectly well get out of there and proceed just the same. Perhaps not a masterpiece but still imaginative and great for the season." - Jorge22 (12-Dec-2011)
"A nice straightforward Christmas level here. There's enough gameplay to keep season'd players entertained but nothing nasty or over-challenging making it a very well balanced Christmas level release. Lighting and texturing are good for the most-part and I like the good use of space within the map as stig's don't mind a bit of back-tracking to progress! All I all I got 1 hour 25 mins of gameplay. Relaxing and definitely one for your Christmas play-list. Stiggy." - TheStig (11-Dec-2011)
"Oh joy, a lovely snow filled Advent level with pretty Christmas decorations and objects everywhere. Lara's mission is to take a star to Santa and give the fish their Christmas presents and there's plenty of fun stuff to do along the way, including some really good puzzles and timed elements. A delightful Advent treat." - Jay (10-Dec-2011)
"This seems to be the first real Christmas level of this season. It is a peaceful level without enemies or traps and without any tough challenges. The goal is to find your way through this level finding levers, keys and other items that can be used somewhere in order to make progress. The builder has kept to her usual style and therefore this level is definitely in the"best played with eyes wide open" category. For example, many levers are placed in plain view but still hard to see, or using flares is the only to way spot a trapdoor in the snow. Getting stuck is easy and some serious time can be spent looking around until a solution is found or one finally resorts to check with the stuck level thread. There is a little bit of backtracking here and there and a clever yet lengthy push block puzzle, but in general the game-play is fluent and pleasant. The level is full of Christmas decoration for a nice atmosphere and to get the player into the spirit of the season. Room layout and texturing is good looking without any real flaws and there is not much to complain about the lighting either. Overall, this is a solid, nice Christmas level that lasts about one hour and is fun to play. Therefore recommended I'd recommend it to everyone!" - Blue43 (10-Dec-2011)
"I enjoyed this Christmas level with its pleasant holiday setting. It involves a lot of searching for items or jump switches, and making connections and remembering where to place things, so it's a type of level that we've seen before. There is sort of a direct challenge from the author, and when everything is professional designed, as it is here, it can be fun to follow from clue to clue to solve. There is an assortment of tasks, such as having to light stoves in a particular order, or doing timed swimming tests, or a push-block puzzle. The secrets, too, have a fair balance, are an integral part of the quest, and it was nice to end in the final room with acknowledgment that Lara had found all three secrets, and so was awarded a large teddy bear as gift. There were times when Lara felt stuck, or something was too much in trickster mode--as an unexpected object to be shot. The hour and forty minutes that this takes goes quickly. I should note that Lara's quest is to ensure that the fish in the aquarium get their presents." - dmdibl (10-Dec-2011)
""What did you do today,Father?" "Well kids,I spent the better part of two hours playing an Advent level" "What was the storyline,Father?" "I had to explode Christmas presents into a fish tank" "I beg you pardon,Father?" "Well,kids,it's like this.Lara starts the level in a small room where she needs to shoot an empty Petrol Can in order to open a nearby door.She also needs to open a trapdoor which looks like an ordinary piece of flat snowy ground in a large courtyard filled with large expanses of flat snowy ground;open other doors using keys which need to be obtained by shooting various small objects that look exactly the same as lots of other (non-shootable) small objects;and pick up lots of obscure items,some (but not all) of which must be placed on top of other obscure items (for instance,a stone on top of a large fish - don't look at me like that,kids;it's what happened in the game,honest!)in order to make things happen" "Ah I see,Father;it must be a German level!" "That's correct,kids.After a while,whenever I found myself stuck,I simply shot at every visible thing,in case it caused something to happen somewhere. This was a bit of a pity,as there were plenty of other puzzles where the solution was intelligently thought through - a clever block-pushing puzzle;a well-clued monkey swing;a fun underwater timed sequence;a nifty stove-burning puzzle;well placed secrets. As you would expect,the technical standards were very high.Lighting was atmospheric;texturing was immaculate;objects (when they weren't necessary for forward progression)placed well;sound and cameras,pleasing and helpful.However,the frequently halting(or back-and-forth) progression;combined with the aforementioned irritation with strange objects,significantly obstructed the overall enjoyment factor.And,as I said earlier,it all ends with Lara exploding presents into a fish tank. So,do you want to give this level a go now,kids?"" - Orbit Dream (10-Dec-2011)
"Oh, this was great fun to play. A real Advent level! Nothing too difficult but you will need to keep your eyes open as the builder is a dab hand at hiding things in plain sight. Great gameplay, lovely Chistmassy feel to the well made areas, a wide variety of tasks to accomplish and a good' solid' feel to everything made this seem like such a professionally made level. Thoroughly recommended!" - Diz (09-Dec-2011)
"Over the years we have had managed to get gifts to all kinds of people and creatures in these Xmas levels, this time we must get gifts for the fish in an aquarium, that's a first, and a bit loony idea, but I think it was cute. To do it we have to perform lots of interesting and various tasks in this well balanced and good looking level, we are even given an extra gift for finding all secrets. Gameplay is easy and peaceful as supposed to, an ideal Xmas level." - Akcy (09-Dec-2011)
"A nice Christmas level by Eelkemama with a good length (around 50 minutes) and some nice object usages. What is most memorable were the Wishlist machine, the force to throw the torch into the pool (easy but very nice), and of course the cute fishes at the end you have to provide with presents. This level is not very difficult but it involves quite an amount of backtracking and lever-pulling, which made me downrate the level a bit. It was quite to the style of the builder that she has used a lot of hidden passages and jumplevers to progress, but there also were nice little puzzles in this level, like the monkeyswing arrows and the pushable puzzle. Some pushblocks were a bit too well camouflaged in my opinion. Another not so good thing in this level were the textures, they were a bit simplistically placed inside the buildings and I didn't like them so much; also ligthing was quite flat. The sound was quite nicely arranged and I don't think there were loops in it. The three secrets were well hidden and they needed careful observation, objects however sometimes were a bit overloaded - again only inside, and at some of them I thought their function was not always clear, as the book and the shatterable lattice and snake staue. The final cutscene was great and you get a little extra present when finding all the secrets - fully to my taste. Recommended." - manarch2 (09-Dec-2011)
"Yes, an "all 10" to this lovely game, one of the best Xmas games I have seen! Very well devised puzzles, which represented much fun with no boring parts, a lot of creativity, wonderful music (and not continuous, I am glad to say), very beautiful snowy places... what more would we want? A big hug and a very happy Christmas for you, Eelke/Schwartzmamma, with my thanks!" - Josey (09-Dec-2011)
"Your goal is to find a Xmas present for the fish in the aquarium, and Lara, who looks more like JLo, is tasked with fun things to do. The level moves along smoothly, although one big, dark room looked a little odd and had little to do, most of the rooms will keep you busy. I was feeling Lara's pain though, when she had to swim with a sweater and snow boots on. I could only imagine how sloppy and icky she would feel after getting out! The level looks really good, although the music was not all Christmasy, and most was even a bit depressing. This was still a really fun little level that I enjoyed very much." - Shandroid (09-Dec-2011)