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In Search for the Christmas Tree by Crash82

Blue43 4 5 6 5
Diz 6 5 6 6
DJ Full 4 6 5 5
dmdibl 5 6 6 6
Gerty 3 5 4 5
Janny 6 6 7 7
Jay 5 6 6 6
JesseG 3 5 6 5
Jose 5 6 6 6
manarch2 3 5 4 4
MichaelP 4 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 3 5 4 6
Ryan 4 5 5 6
Shandroid 5 6 5 5
TheStig 5 6 5 6
release date: 17-Dec-2011
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 5.23
review count: 15
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file size: 129.26 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A maze and yet another maze, oh look, another one. I am teasing, not about the mazes (they are pretty easy and not long), but this is rather an OK level and pretty short. I for sure wouldn’t wear that outfit with the weather so cold but hey, it is a game." - Gerty (10-Jan-2018)
"This one is short and sweet. A blameless snowy Christmas level initially taking place in a fairly long maze, but nothing too bad, then a gem to shoot, a swim in freezing water which seemed to jar with the otherwise placid gameplay and an ending with a Christmas tree and presents. Underwhelming but not without charm." - Ryan (22-Dec-2017)
"It's a maze with unspecified basement rather than a regular Xmas manor, but all stuff belongs and makes more sense than nonsense. I always love the clarinet as well as relic secrets, it was unexpected to meet the secret character and the ending is highlighted with a flyby unlike the last time in Egypt. The laser, the ladder and the revolver are all skippable. SUMMARY: Again basic with some mistakes yet a bunch of steps in correct direction. Would be good to hear the author keeps building." - DJ Full (14-Mar-2017)
"No much to say about this short level where you only explore a maze in first part and some rooms in second part, finding some objects and pulling some switches. Easy to play, you only can get "stucked" in the maze area 'cause the tasks in second part are well-known. A nice background music and a snowy environment, no enemies, easy secrets and no needed camera hints. Playable, but don't expect too much." - Jose (08-Feb-2012)
"A really laid-back level set mainly around a maze. Now I'm not really a big fan of mazes, but this level turned out to be rather fun. I enjoyed the chill-out mood that persisted throughout the level, with its falling snow and cute little seasonal decorations here and there (though I felt bad for poor Lara having to run around in the snow in shorts, yikes!) There's not much gameplay to speak of, but it's a nice time-waster for when you've only got a few minutes available. Also, the use of nyan cat in that secret area just about made my day." - Janny (12-Jan-2012)
"A very brief xmas level. Gameplay consists of a maze, pushing one block, and finding a bunch of keys. Some of the objects are rather out of place, like the autumn trees and the industrial lever switches sticking out of the earth. The only camera shot used is the flyby at the end, but it is used to show the cute room (and the audio was nice too). The textures are often wallpapered and stretched, and do not flow together very well. Lighting could use some work too, overall it's rather dark. Overall, a level that is less substantial than the time it takes to download it. Finished in 13 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (09-Jan-2012)
"There are some nice objects in this short level, like the beautiful white birch trees and xmas objects, but gameplay is stale and texturing a bit amateur. I am not fond of mazes, as I usually find the locked door before I find the key, and that happened here as well. With more effort, this builder could make a better level for sure. Lara looks cute in her little xmas shorts outfit and the music was well-chosen." - Shandroid (23-Dec-2011)
"This level was luckily getting better after the boring maze part that consisted of bad textures and bad gameplay (indeed, as we are in a maze...), with some interesting object usage. The second half of the level was more fun, with some slight gameplay elements and better texturing. I cannot say much more about this level as it was not really fun to play throughout. The end was a nice touch however. 10 minutes." - manarch2 (22-Dec-2011)
"Quick and easy to build;quick and easy to play. That's not necessarily a recommendation;but this is nonetheless a harmless 20 minute romp through a somewhat lazy maze,with gameplay that never really moves beyond the simplistic.Indeed,the 'open the gate' puzzle could easily be circumvented by simply climbing onto the top of a nearby wall and jumping down the other side.For all its simplicity,it has a degree of charm;and you're never likely to get stuck.Three secrets are a bonus and everything else is competently put together,so this might do the trick in getting you into the spirit of Christmas when played within the season." - Orbit Dream (20-Dec-2011)
"Just what we need to get in the Christmas mood - a romp round a festive maze. And a pleasant romp it is, just the ticket especially for the less experienced raider. The gameplay is easy and straight-forward without being simplistic. The maze is well constructed as are the objects although I must say that Lara's poor legs must have been well chapped at the end of this excursion. I hope she doesn't suffer from chilblains. About fifteen minutes of gameplay which was short enough so that the supermarket musak didn't get annoying. By the way - loved the Nyancat! (I'm a long term lolcats addict!)" - Diz (19-Dec-2011)
"A simple, quick level, about nine minutes to go through a hedge maze, plus six or seven additional minutes to finish up with Christmas cheer and presents. It should take six minutes after the hedge maze, but if Lara fails to spot an obvious ladder on the side of a pillar, and runs around trying to figure out how to get up, it will take seven minutes. A slight improvement on the author's last level, but there is enough here to show that the author has acquired the skills to produce something more ambitious. Sort of an expanded Christmas card greeting." - dmdibl (19-Dec-2011)
"This is a simple and relaxing Christmas level. The game play is easy and the first part consist mainly of running through a maze and opening one or two doors, while later there are a few levers, a bit of climbing and a short swim. Lara wears a nice looking Christmas outfit but I think she was freezing the whole time during the 15 minutes it took to find the Christmas tree where the level ended. Nice one for in between and recommended for all age groups." - Blue43 (19-Dec-2011)
"I can't help but feel that if the weather is cold enough for Lara's breath to steam and make the icy water deadly, she should be wearing something a bit warmer than shorts, however festive. This is a little fifteen minute Christmas level that largely takes place in a maze where Lara has to find a few objects, then an indoor area with the aforementioned icy water, finally arriving at the eponymous Christmas tree and a festive message. Short, sweet, undemanding - a real stocking filler. Also, I was most amused to see Nyan Cat in one of the secret areas." - Jay (19-Dec-2011)
"A short but sweet level here from Crash82. Set in a maze you slowly progress through obtaining various keys and pulling levers to reach the room with the Christmas Tree. Visually I think this is better than Crash82's last Christmas level, with really nice subtle lighting throughout some of the later in-door stages. The progression is straightforward and linear, though you'll probably find yourself doing circles a few times in the maze like I did! Music selection was nice enough to sit in the background and there's no nasty's lurking in the shadows either making this level suitable for children. I netted 17 minutes of raid time from this one. A pleasant diversion. Stiggy." - TheStig (18-Dec-2011)
"A bit of a large download for a short and easy Xmas level of about 15 minutes length. And despite the fact that a large amount of those 15 minutes is spent walking around a snowy hedge maze, it is not without its charm. The elevator Christmas music playing in the background, you look for a few keys, shoot a gem out of a lions mouth, push an object and do a little swimming in ice cold water. Nothing overly stressful and a pleasing final room with seasons greeting. A level that works ok in these seasonal days, but you would probably not care much for it otherwise. Thanks to the builder though for getting us into a festive mood." - MichaelP (18-Dec-2011)