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LB Advent Calendar 2011 - Light up the Christmas by Ranpyon

afzalmiah 9 10 10 10
Andzia9 9 9 9 9
Bene 7 10 10 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Diz 9 10 10 9
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
dmdibl 9 9 10 10
Gerty 7 9 9 9
High Priestess 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
John 6 8 8 8
Jose 6 9 10 10
Juan Carlos 9 10 10 10
Lioness_86 9 9 9 9
manarch2 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 7 9 9 8
misho98 8 10 9 10
Mister-B 7 9 9 9
OverRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
TheStig 9 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 10 9 9 10
release date: 23-Dec-2011
# of downloads: 175

average rating: 9.21
review count: 24
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file size: 53.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While i appreciate the idea of exploring not just a big town but all its rooftops as well in reality in regards to this level it was just too overwhelming with how many areas and rooftops you can navigate across and with a lack of flow and not knowing where to go or how to get there most of time because of a lack of hints (unless if you've got a psychic gift) then you'd just get lost and confused with the layout most of the time like i did and so i had to use a walkthrough. I did actually enjoy all the platforming climbing and tricky jumps but as for the rest of the gameplay it mostly revolves around searching finding and collecting items i mean yes we have a nativity pushable object puzzle, a light and distinguish fire task and a clever rotating bookshelf puzzle as well but the majority is looking for items. The setting in a italian city at nighttime with all the christmas decorations, warm textures and lighting and the lovely festive tunes made it an original and fresh experience so its definitely worth a look here" - John (18-Apr-2022)
"This is a cleverly conceived and rendered level. The town is amazing with area after area filled with new ideas - the bakery, the beggar, the Nativity picture, the sugared cake - all perfect. As much as I enjoyed it, I would not have been able to play without the walkthrough. The roof top jumps taken too soon to areas with nothing to do made this a longer play for me than was necessary. Not playing this in one sitting, I tended to forget how to get to where Lara needed to be to use items but, perhaps, that was just me. The library with it's levers was fun to figure out and to complete and there's lots of "sneakiness" going on - the player has to have eyes wide open. All in all a great addition to the Advent levels and thank you, Ranpyon, for adding to the joy of the Holiday Season." - Bene (14-Feb-2021)
"Very nice festive level, I enjoyed playing this game. Atmosphere was pleasant and used objects and sounds were awesome too. I played with walkthrough because I needed help with the roofs. But anyway I was enjoying playthrough. I recommend this game, have fun !" - Lioness_86 (06-Jan-2021)
"What a charming little village to roam through. It oozes Christmas that is for sure. On the other hand it was in a way challenging to figure out what the builder wanted you to do to finish this adventure. First time around I was stuck and left it, this time around I had to peek at the walkthrough quite a few times to progress. The atmosphere was great, puzzles interesting and I loved to explore this village." - Gerty (04-May-2018)
"Clearly I had not managed to complete this level before but am glad I returned and, with the aid of the walkthrough, managed to complete it. Not only a stunning environment (the distant views from the rooftops were particularly pleasing to the eye as was the cute addition of the wispy smoke eminating from the chimneys), but some nice elements like washing a dirty plate in order to place soup down for a homeless man. The music was a little on the cheesy, elevator music side but I could tolerate that because this really was a stunning level. Apaarently there is a dog named "Killer" beyond a door in someone's apartment but to me it sounded like a person wrapping gifts which would seem more in keeping with this festive level. So to conclude, an absolutely stunning Raid and one I will probably play again in the future." - High Priestess (09-Oct-2017)
"I really enjoyed this builder's Easter level and her other Advent level, so I decided to try out this one. This too was an excellent adventure with Lara exploring a peaceful Italian town to switch their Christmas tree lights on. Perfect for the season or anytime." - Ryan (01-Apr-2016)
"Lovely level but without the walktrough I don't think I would finish it - the gameplay's progression is pretty hard and non-linear (not a exactly bad thing) and with so much areas to explore it gets kinda confusing and sometimes you don't know if you're doing something for the main tasks or for a secret. I did like most of the tasks though - the block puzzle and the clue that you see a little before going for it, the library maze and jumping over the roofs was fun. There were lots of cameras showing you what happens but even with them it's still hard to understand where to go. Everything else is perfect." - misho98 (30-Dec-2015)
"Another excellent game of Ran. I wrote this before I even launched it, but when I finished, it has been confirmed so I left it. As for Lara, I don't know if she enjoyed it, because she did a lot of rooftop parkour while should be preparing the Christmas Eve supper instead... oh wait she doesn't have to - Winston is supposedly doing it, while no- one aids him as he's waiting for long hours for Lara to show her mercy and come back to the manor. Of course we see no Winston ingame, but if I imagined him and mentioned here, it seems the game contained a lot of inspiration. I bet most of it came from Lara being, as always in Advent levels, in truly Xmas mood: we watch her break windows and Xmas ornaments like a primeval hooligan, rob several houses and public facilities, steal private stuff, put off their fireplaces which surely costed much effort to be lit up, and finally demolish a library - all in order to... help people :D I wonder what the reaction of those poor citizens will look like when they come back to their homes... At least a beggar can be grateful for the soup, and a player can be thankful for the game. And we can always hope Santa will bring new window gifts under the already well-lit Christmas tree, which is now much easier to locate from the sky. SUMMARY: Recommended as everything from this author." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2013)
"Browsing through TRLE I stumbled upon this wonderful level and with the bad weather returning to Europe I decided to write a review for this level. I enjoyed solving the puzzles, running through the little village to turn on the lights for the Christmas Tree. Ranpyon did a wonderful job, the level ,the textures , lighting and objects were managed quite well, the adventure is unique and pleasurable. I'm looking forward to play more from this builder!" - young Lara Croft (26-Mar-2013)
"Very nice village. There is very dark in many places, but we can find enough flares. Also a torch can be a little help. Village is quite small, but we have to go back and forth to find keys, open doors. The rooms are very beautiful, breads and cakes in bakery looked very tasty. Making a food for beggar was quite nice idea. But of course it wasn't that easy. Beautiful textures and great music." - Andzia9 (25-Dec-2012)
"For sure the best level from this builder so far and one of the best christmas levels ever. The idea of switching lights on the christmas tree was perfect and that is your final task in this level. But before that you must acomplish many clever tasks, find many puzzle objects and exploring city area. Very recommended 10/10/10/10" - OverRaider (25-Dec-2012)
"The village is very well done, very convincing with all kind of nice details; also I found some good puzzles, but after playing half an hour or so and you reach the roofs you realize that there are a lot of posibilities and huge areas to explore, places you can visit but nothing to do and run around and around wasting your time. At least I had the help from dmdibl's walkthrough or sure that I should finish the game in spring. Too much no-lineal for me to like. Even so it could be a very good option for players who like exploration and have enough time to spend, 'cause like I said the level is very good." - Jose (13-Feb-2012)
"I loved this builders previous easter level and thought this one another masterpiece. Visually this level looks amazing and christmassy with the great looking lights and the city was very big. I know this happened to everyone but because this level is so big you can easily get lost but thanks to the very helpful walkthrough you know what to do and where to go. The puzzles in this level was very creative and fun like picking up food to put on a table or giving a homeless person some soup. Gameplay was good a most of the time but the rooftop jumps were really confusing for me and the even with the walkthrough I found it pretty hard. Not too much of a problem though. Because of the walkthrough I managed to find all secrets which were candy canes. I don't think there were any pistols in this game or at least I don't remember any. i really enjoyed this fantastic level and hope to see more breathtaking levels from this brilliant builder. Recommended." - afzalmiah (04-Feb-2012)
"Nice Christmas level, you have to look for kind of things all around the complete level. Climb roofs to be able to reach all the corners of the level. Some very nice new objects, I anly missed some thinking puzzles. You have to remember everything you see in the game in order to finish it." - Juan Carlos (09-Jan-2012)
"While this is definitely a wonderful seasonal offering with a cute story embedded, I don't quite share the raving enthusiasm of my fellow reviewers for it. Granted, the city setting is well conceived and cleverly connected, the diary and other hints give some helpful clues, there are very nice touches, like the bakery, the beggar that receives soup in exchange for a mistle branch, the use of that one as a torch, the waterskin and even the bookcase maze. But without the walkthrough by dmdibl, I would probably still be running around the city clueless about what to do next. Some of the key elements are just a bit too much on the sneaky side (the knife, one jump switch, some of the five stars and four notes you need) and some of the required jumps are a bit trial and error and see if something shows up if I jump across that next roof. The type of gameplay that lets you feel as if the builder wanted to test whether you can read her mind, which is just not my favourite type. Thanks to the walkthrough though, I did spend a very pleasant 70 minutes in the city with a lovely ending to the whole adventure and despite my minor gripes this is still a great level to play, especially during the season." - MichaelP (08-Jan-2012)
"I've really enjoyed the levels by this new builder. (It doesn't hurt that, judging from her pic, she's also rather cute.) They're atmospheric and fun to play, and the environs are always pleasing to the eye. This Christmas offering has the player exploring alleys, shops and rooftops, and while I found some of the tasks a bit obscure, requiring my use of the walkthrough, I never found myself in a position where I couldn't proceed. There's a nice touch in offering a beggar a bowl of soup in exchange for a needed torch. I spent well over an hour here, and it was a pleasant romp from start to finish. Perfect for the season, or at any time for that matter." - Phil (06-Jan-2012)
"An evocative small Italian town, delightful with Christmas detail, where Lara can run down streets and into courtyards, all nicely labeled with name placards. The town just feels right, with part of it perched on a hill, with narrow lanes and overhanging balconies. At first there seems little to do (and there is one extremely sneaky jump switch), but once Lara gets up onto rooftops much more becomes accessible, and the layout of the town becomes clearer. The scenic details are the strong point, although there is also good use of objects. I was annoyed with a few gameplay elements such as the fifth star that can't be shot unless Lara happens to aim from the side. How do we know that Lara should even be shooting stars? The third and last secret uses annoying walkthrough textures; indeed, there is a huge gradient to the three secrets: the first normal, the second harder, the third going off in a clueless tangent. Anyway, I did the walkthrough for this, and after spending a lot of time playing and replaying parts, I ended up appreciating the level more. It is a nice touch that Lara gives the beggar a hot bowl of soup, and that he can only give her a holly branch in return (which becomes a torch). This seems fitting, rather than having the beggar produce a valuable key, as has been done elsewhere. The choice of locale and puzzles are excellent for the Christmas season, in a memorably beautiful level." - dmdibl (01-Jan-2012)
"This is one of the best Christmas levels I have played. I think it would be challenging to create an interesting level sans traps and enemies, but Ranpyon has done just that. Lara explores a lovely Italian town top to bottom with one goal in mind: to light up the town xmas tree. The author is quite inventive with puzzles and gameplay. One has to think often what to do and where to go. Objects are great and some are placed in ways not seen before. The only thing that I would have changed would have been the music. Most of the selections were annoying and/or cut off abruptly. A soft instrumental would have been nice playing throughout, but this was not done. I didn't have a single issue with bugs. My game ran perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed this gem. It is definitely not to be missed! Great job, Ranpyon!!" - Shandroid (31-Dec-2011)
"This is a very nice christmassy 45 minute level that takes place in a quite claustrophobic and maze-like city. The atmosphere and sound used here were fantastic and the choice and usage of textures and objects was very solid as we were used from the builder's levels, but still I do not quite have the enthusiasm of the other reviewers so far. There were a lot of very odd tasks to do in order to progress and some levers and stars were too trickily hidden, also how do we know we have to shoot exactly five stars? The puzzle in the library was a very good idea but it was rather crude in execution with the fixed camera and too obscure in my opinion. Also, the sole crowbar door could have been marked as I needed - again - the walkthrough for it. In general it was a bit too much to and fro with lots of tasks that had to be done twice. And the final lever also was quite buggy, as when you run away after using it, the final cutscene never kicks in, and you're stuck. The 8 in my rating for the first category may look a bit generous after my hard critic, but despite of all the issues, this level still was much fun. Why? Because of the roof jumping. I simply love it and there is a lot to do on the roofs, with many hard (but not too hard) jumps and you always have to search on and on because not every single area up the buildings was explored yet. The other pushable puzzle, in the nativity room (which however had not that good textures), was great as it had its logic, even if the hint was in the other side of the town.
There were quite a bunch of new objects used in this level, but also some older thrown in with a refreshing integration, such as the beggar that now gets food instead of money. Some furnitures could have a little more detail though, and some more polishments could be done, as the disappearing ice block was quickly vanished. The textures in this level were good except the mentioned star textures that didn't appeal me. Camera hints guided well through the scenery, but sometimes the builder could have used a little cutscene rather than a screen of an open door, and thus wouldn't let the player run quite in circles in the town before finding the respective door.
All in all this was the builder's best level up till now with some flaws, but, as you can see in the other reviews, there are people who seem to have loved this level more than me (but even I was quite satisfied with many parts of it)." - manarch2 (29-Dec-2011)
"What a lovely atmosphere there is in this picturesque village decorated for Christmas. Exploring is a joy, especially as there's plenty of climbing around on the rooftops, which is always fun. There are a lot of unfamiliar objects to use in very inventive ways, interesting puzzles, good use of a torch and one of the most unusual hiding places for a key I've ever seen. Turning on the Christmas lights made a truly wonderful ending to the Advent season for me. A most charming level." - Jay (27-Dec-2011)
"As an Advent level this is just about perfect, as a level to be played all year it's pretty damned near perfect. A beautifully crafted village that most of us will have seen the like in the Greek Isles or Italy or costal England or Portugal, bringing back memories, perhaps, of childhood holidays. Add into the mix some excellent gameplay and you got a level to be remembered. I love climbing about rooftops and these are some of the best I've come across. Things (objects) are definitely different in this level but made with a sort of logic e.g. plates have to be cleaned before they're used, that sort of thing. This is a 'Must Play' level and should be in everyone's Xmas stocking." - Diz (27-Dec-2011)
"I have found memories of Ranpyon's advent level from last year (2010) and so was very pleased to see they had done another Christmas release this year. Your goal is to restore the lights to the Christmas tree in the city. Along your way you'll have to explore body the sloping city streets and the roof-tops. I think one of the aspects I loved about this the most was the fact that it wasn't a 'flat' city scape. All those little hills and sloping alleyways combined with different styles of building all packed in tightly with one another makes this a really believable environment. Lighting and texturing were exemplary throughout. Despite being a friendly enemy free level this is no walk in the park, and will have you working hard to find all of the puzzle elements you need to reach the end. Unlike other reviewers my entire experience was glitch free, and I had no problem activating the end trigger. All in all I got just over 2 hours from Light Up The Christmas. Ambience, gameplay and the setting all make this a perfect Christmas Level. Highly recommended. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (25-Dec-2011)
"Lara hast to restore the lighting on a christmas tree. Right at the start of the level you can see that a perfect sense of direction is needed. There are many lanes with many doors. Lara has to shoot 5 stars and collect 4 cards. The level was laid out very well with quaint courtyards and houses. This great level was in parts very dark and some bugs very nearly runied the gameplay. Lara was unable to pick up some objects and the final door failed to open for me so that I was denied the finish trigger. Having to end and restart the game a number of times was very annoying." - Mister-B (24-Dec-2011)
"A very beautiful christmas level. Lara is in a small italian town and the goal is to ligthing the christmas tree. There are no traps and enemies but I think the game is a bit hard with sometime very well hidden jumps switch. (thanks the forum ^^). There are a very good christmas atmosphere with many sounds and news objects. The news textures are also very exellent, many doors, windows ... like a real town. I really like the many houses with kitchen, bedroom, lounge ... The Jesus puzzle is also really nice and very good. So to conclude, I really enjoying explore this little town and I think I will replay this game now I know the way ^^. Very recommended. Thanks a lot Ranpyon for this little adventure." - BigFoot (23-Dec-2011)