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One Room Challenge - Grandmas Recipes by Pilip

afzalmiah 7 8 8 9
alan 6 6 8 8
Blue43 5 6 7 8
Christian 8 8 8 8
Diz 7 7 8 7
DJ Full 5 5 6 7
dmdibl 5 7 7 8
eTux 2 3 5 5
Gerty 5 6 7 7
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jorge22 5 5 8 8
Jose 6 7 8 8
manarch2 4 5 5 6
MichaelP 5 6 9 7
misho98 6 7 8 8
Mister-B 7 8 9 8
Mman 5 8 8 9
Mytly 6 6 7 8
Orbit Dream 6 5 7 8
Phil 8 9 8 9
Ryan 5 6 8 8
Shandroid 5 7 8 8
sonnyd83 7 8 7 8
Soul 5 7 8 9
Steven Svorticher 5 5 8 8
TheStig 5 7 8 9
Torry 4 5 5 5
TRTheoP 6 5 7 7
young Lara Croft 6 6 8 4
release date: 18-Jan-2012
# of downloads: 121

average rating: 6.76
review count: 29
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file size: 30.24 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Here we have another short level of around ten minutes where there is at least a little platforming to keep the raider happy. Other than that it is quite bland I'm afraid with no enemies to battle and quite a bit of back tracking involved, although in fairness, the back tracking is relatively short." - Torry (08-Jan-2020)
"A pleasant raid that uses another character to find the missing recipes book. The AoD music is a nice touch. Puzzles are simple and there's only an enemy that you have to avoid. I found no use for the movable block near the end. I guess it was there so you could reach the shelves but you could easily reach them from the opening of the door. It was nice and short, consisting only in 10 minutes for me." - alan (06-Oct-2018)
"Although the story was intriguing, the concept of using a non-Lara character for a One Room Challenge with no actual dialogue was quite unnecessary. The room was designed in a pretty good way that makes you feel like you are stuck inside a big town instead of a small room. The selected music of AOD fitted pretty with the town concept. Some negatives of this level include the existence of some invisible blocks due to wrongly used closed doors and the fact that if you try to move the block where the statue is placed, the statue will remain floating on the air. Finally there are no enemies except from a skeleton. Conclusion: The town is beautifully designed for a one room challenge and the story is interesting. Some more enemies would make the gameplay more interesting." - TRTheoP (06-Jul-2018)
"This is a pleasant enough entry in the One Room Challenge, but even so, I do think more could have been made of this, even within the constraints, but hey that's just my opinion. There's a simple bit of jumping to do, an easily solved block puzzle, a knight evasion challenge and a brief timed run. Architecturally, it's actually pretty pleasing, and the Complex Simplicity package has been put to good use here and the background music is actually quite calming, whereas it could be irritating in other causes. It's a nice try, but there's just not enough here." - Ryan (26-Feb-2018)
"This 23 minute level appears to be set in a castle and the builder has gone that extra mile in making it look just right, the texturing is nicely applied and looks very old, and the turets and stonework of the castle are 3D inside and out, perhaps the library could have done with a little more work though. The main tasks here are to find a sword, although the knight isn't happy to part with it! find a way to move a knight from one place to another, and locate the book of grandma's recipe's. The game is fairly linear but you do go back and forth a little bit. I enjoyed playing this because it has plenty of atmosphere, especially with the TR AOD soundtrack playing, nice work." - sonnyd83 (19-Aug-2017)
"A short quest, fun to play. The setting was nice and cozy although a bit dark in some corners." - young Lara Croft (30-Jan-2016)
"This looks nice enough but I can't help but think that even in the confines of the one room challenge there's more potential for gameplay than what you get here. Excellent room structure, texturing & lighting.. Completed in 12 minutes. Stiggy" - TheStig (15-Feb-2014)
"As I may have mentioned before to the tedium of those who potentially actually read my reviews - I don't really see a good reason to rate competition levels differently from regular levels, so my scores here reflect the brevity and whatever flaws in design the constraints of the competition may bring about, as much as the few shining moments a one- room level may have. My main point being - what is a 10, 9 or even an 8 or a 7 worth, if one is never willing to give out a lower score? It's not even a point about "being critical" - more so about being fair - how can it be called fair that a 5 level game by the same author and his "One Room Challenge" level get practically the same ratings? It's true that contents matter over quantity, but what are this 10 minute level's contents exactly? A pushable box + knight puzzle, flicking some switches, some crawlspaces, and a generous amount of yo-yo backtracking (for a level its size anyway). The settings give a good enough initial impression, but the series of empty hallways and courtyards seldom feel authentic - not helped by the door collision bugs, and one near the end where a timed door "closes" without it being apparent it does, so you may end up being caught in one of those for good without earlier saves. It's not that this is a bad level - but due to the obvious constraints there isn't really anything to do in here. Worth a go for something relatively quick and painless." - eTux (18-Mar-2013)
"That must have been one weird, evil grandma. Not only she lived in a spooky (however a bit flat-lit) castle, not only she didn't share her recipes with Cate's mother (what suggests total despising of the closest family member), but she also left the latter guarded by a sentinel knight. The level of aggression he shows and the lack of space he has suggests it's a suffering grandpa, first trapped in marriage, second imprisoned on two squares. He also must be eternally frustrated, as he actually makes no threat at all. I was surprised the castle didn't include his massacred body, and the murderer's (I mean grandma's) tomb. Getting those recipes from a coffin would be a great idea - however here, the title character has just left it on the library floor, and there's no getaway element, while Cate just gets teleported to the main menu as soon as she picks up the book. Shame there's no opportunity to get on the surrounding shelves, what makes the game feel a bit unfinished - as well as one pushable which can be bypassed, being one of those cases when I have no idea if the author commited a mistake, or hidden a secret, easier way. From usually marked secrets, I found none. SUMMARY: Excellent idea, but too short for a serious raid. This is not One Room Challenge, trimmed with object or room limits, so I am sure it's possible to extract more gameplay from a 8000-cubic space. I expected at least 30 minutes in stats, while the fun ends after ten, and unfortunately, like in many cases, the majority of this time comprises of pushables. Optional." - DJ Full (13-Aug-2012)
"In retrospect this was the easiest of them all as well as peaceful. Go back and fro a few times and get your hands on the missing recipe. What is a bit sloppy is the invisible blocks in front of doors. It is no real science to avoid that" - Gerty (25-Apr-2012)
"Good looking, nice, easy, even interesting but maybe the shortest level (not a demo) I've played so far. So, I'll make my review equally short... Once you start, it'll be over in 10 minutes or so if you're really slow. Worth trying nonetheless." - Jorge22 (26-Mar-2012)
"Too short to enjoy this level, but I think we can expect very good creations from this author. Easy puzzles, well worked lights and textures, well placed objects, good atmosphere and correct cameras... Sure that this medieval adventure could be rated more than eight if it was longer, with enemies and another features. Continue so; good work." - Jose (15-Feb-2012)
"I found this level pretty entertaining even though I had to restart in the beginning many times because I was rushing things! The whole level is in this character's grandma's castle and I have to admit this castle looks brilliant. The texturing, the object placement: everything looked amazing. The lighting was great as well. The knight puzzle was so straightforward but I was too stupid to recognise it but thanks to the walkthrough I found out how to solve it. There were no real enemies in this level apart from an immortal knight that is stuck on a block with an important item. I found this level to be very fun and want to play more levels from him. Recommended for a short raid." - afzalmiah (29-Jan-2012)
"This level uses the Complex Simplicity textures and objects, which are always a pleasure to see. But the outfit of the playable character (Ana) clashes so badly with the surroundings that I spent most of my fourteen minutes in this level being distracted by it.
The gameplay is rather simplistic: find an artefact, pull some switches, and avoid one enemy who is confined to two squares. There's also one fairly straightforward push-block puzzle. Space could have been used better in this level - this is an especially vital point in challenges like this. For example, the end consists of a series of long empty corridors, while the tiny courtyard at the beginning is overstuffed and far too small. Several doors are incorrectly placed, so Lara - sorry, I mean Ana - keeps running into invisible blocks all over the place. There's a serious bug near the end, in which a timed door closes even though it looks like it's still open. I spent several frustrating minutes try to jump through an apparently open door, only to encounter an invisible wall.
Overall: A decent enough level, but apart from the pretty surroundings, there's nothing much in it that I enjoyed in particular." - Mytly (29-Jan-2012)
"Some running to and fro in this room with some block and statue pushing. Lara appears with short hair and an orange coat - an individual note. Gameplay is creative, sound in this castle-styled level is quite nice. Recommended!" - Christian (28-Jan-2012)
"I consider this ORC entry to be somewhere between Snow Business and Veiled Monastery in quality and playability, so in keeping with the tight scoring range into which I've boxed myself, I render my ratings accordingly. I got a kick out of Lara's Buster Brown look, and the use of the Complex Simplicity package (wonder why all the ORC levels aren't uniform in this regard) brought back some fond memories. The looping ambient music was pleasant and not an irritant as is usually the case. Gameplay is quite easy, so this is a level for everyone to enjoy. What was called a timed run near the end didn't seem to be that for me, as I took my time, flubbed a bit along the way, and found the gate still to be open upon my arrival. Playing time was only 12 minutes, but everything about this level was pleasant in my humble eyes. Recommended." - Phil (28-Jan-2012)
"This nice looking and well textured castle style level has simple game play with a bit of back and forth for some switches and a bit of statue pushing. Overall a pleasant experience, except that I couldn't get over Lara's - oops I mean Ana's - look and outfit. It was just too strange and just didn't really fit with the rest of the otherwise nice little level. But everybody has a different taste, so I don't want to complain too much. Good level. (12min, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (24-Jan-2012)
"Mini-level set in a sort of little castle with Complex Simplicity textures. Playable in ten minutes Lara, dressed in particolar outfit, has to find some switches, push a statue on still pushable blocks (nice enigm but too simple), to find a couple objects and to jump on libraries during a simple time trial. We find one enemy, a slow knight, who isn't so annoying considering he moves around 2 tiles. Very good setting, TRAOD music and textures." - Steven Svorticher (22-Jan-2012)
"Lara has never been a natty dresser, at least in the games, but this refugee from the 1960's takes the biscuit. Luckily, Lara's (Ana's) dress sense is the worst thing about this level. It's well made, nicely lit and has a certain 'old-world' charm. The baddies consist of one crumbly crusader and that's your lot! I was certainly having a 'senior moment' with a block puzzle that wasn't that difficult but after banging my head on the nearest wall my single brain cell started working eventually. There is a strange timed run with a jump into a door half way up a wall that fooled me as it didn't close when the time ran out, it just wouldn't let you through! Good use was made of different objects, a missing sword from a display, movable statue and so forth. Much better than the tedious 'throw a switch to find a switch'. Overall a very pleasant twenty minutes of gameplay." - Diz (21-Jan-2012)
"We already know that Pilip creates good looking levels and this one is no exception, largely based on the Complex Simplicity texture set. The 15 minutes you spend here though, are rather uninspired in terms of the gameplay or rather lack of it. The only element worth mentioning is a small but clever push block puzzle. Other then that you run around the rooms, go back and forth a few times and eventually find the recipes you came here for. I really enjoyed the setting, the solid camera work and the nice lighting, but what spoiled the general impression were three invisble door blocks throughout that really should have been avoided." - MichaelP (21-Jan-2012)
"This level is more of a castle than cold/snowy. The atmosphere is dark and nifty looking, but there are few challenges. Lara looks neat as Ana, who is dressed in what appears to be 1960's fashion. There was a missed opportunity for an added challenge toward the end, when you flip a switch and jump around book shelves to an open gate. I was almost positive that this would be a timed run, but nope. The last room was very lackluster as well. Quite a pity since this is another very nice looking Pilip level." - Shandroid (20-Jan-2012)
"Much of this looks pretty good, and we know that this is an accomplished author from other levels. But having played the author's other levels, I am baffled by this entry. The appearance is good, yet Ana keeps hitting invisible blocks in front of doors. There is a knight in one room adding a nice touch to the castle, yet even when Ana is here she is running into an invisible block for a side gate. The one-room challenge has severe space restrictions, but about a fourth of the available space is unused, and another fourth of it is devoted to a bland ending of rooms with bookcases. The worst part was the false jump to those ending rooms. Ana throws a wall lever which opens a high gate. Then for about fifteen minutes she made simple jumps to that opening and kept falling down as though she were hitting an invisible wall--which she was. The wall lever is timed. So even though a gate opens, and stays open, if Ana isn't fast enough an invisible block raises up, making the jump to what looks like an opening impossible. From such an accomplished author this seems a half-hearted effort." - dmdibl (20-Jan-2012)
"This level started with a very amateurish cutscene but it also had some nice Complex Simplicity texture usage and a nice main character. The gameplay is decent with some platform jumps, a little pushable puzzle, picking up a sword while being chased by a knight (that only can walk on two tiles though) and a not too hard timed run. I however didn't like that we have to get back through the area twice and I didn't know where the door leading to the stable was located, a better camera hint would have been appreciated. All in all everything ended way too soon for me after 10 minutes." - manarch2 (20-Jan-2012)
"This is a rather colourful and peaceful little offering.Ana (the chosen character,who appears to be a 1960's air hostess) is on the hunt for her grandmothers recipe's;and it's all about pushing objects,activating switches,and performing simple jumps.The level's appearance displays an individual touch,and is pleasing to look at;objects are used well;and the textures are well applied.The lack of any opponents must be noted,however;and there's only so much you can do with atmosphere within such a quirky environment as this;but,for a short and tranquil little outing,it does the trick." - Orbit Dream (20-Jan-2012)
"Another short level from the one room challenge. This one is done in about 15 minutes. Lara is dressed in medieval european garb and it looks fantastic! she has to throw a couple of switches, find a fuse and a sword and at the end a short timed run. This run stymied me for a bit because the door it opened stays open after the time is up but Lara can still not get through. I thought I was too stupid to do this easy jump. Lighting and texture are fine and all lend to the medieval atmosphere. Apart from one indestructible knight there were no enemies and the level end with Lara finding her grandmother's book of recipes. A fun short level for all players." - Mister-B (19-Jan-2012)
"Since I love short and simple levels, I decided to play all releases of this challenge. I enjoyed the level - the gameplay was simple and it didn't featured a real puzzle, which is why I downrated it, the music was kinda...scary...just like the whole atmosphere. Everything was textured great. I loved the castle settings. Recommended, but some players may find it too short and not challenging." - misho98 (19-Jan-2012)
"A pretty nice explorer level with great visuals, as in the authors other releases - but this time also in terms of texture placement. Indeed I could only find one stretched texture. In search for a recipe the character Ana gets to explore a typical castle-setting here that looked pretty realistic (except the fact that the entrance is 2 meters above the ground ) and made a good use of the Complex Simplicity Package. In terms of gameplay I missed some real challenges - basically there was just one very easy puzzle and apart from that it was all about looking for not so well hidden pickups and placing them at obvious spots. Especially the ending of the game felt rather odd with 3 consecutive parts that lookied all the same and just lead Lara to the level's end. Given the fact that just one room needed to be filled with gameplay this was a little underwhelming. So, all in all I think that this level might appeal to beginners but experienced players will feel unchallenged." - Soul (19-Jan-2012)
"Another short (13 minutes) but fun entry in the one room challenge as Ana (looking somewhat like an air hostess, probably because of the hat) searches in and around a snow bound castle for her grandma's recipe book. The gameplay is mainly exploring, with a simple block puzzle and nothing taxing and no enemies, just a pleasant raid that is entirely appropriate for a Christmas one room challenge. I didn't find any secrets, but that does not, of course, mean there weren't any. Pity we didn't get to see the recipe though." - Jay (19-Jan-2012)
"This level looks very good, with very few stretched textures along with decent lighting an a nice mix and Manor and Castle themes, there's also a decent amount of variety. Unfortunately the gameplay is where this level feels a little lacking, there's one block puzzle and then it's mostly exploration and a quite a bit of backtracking towards the end. It also feels like it wastes space a bit considering the contest it is part of; the end in particular is an empty path with bookcases that seems begging for some sort of gameplay to be added. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the music lends it a slightly creepy atmosphere which it never really goes with, and something horrible jumping out towards the end would have certainly spiced up the last area a little. Enjoyable enough, but it feels like it's missing some opportunities." - Mman (19-Jan-2012)