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One Room Challenge - The Veiled Monastery by Mman

afzalmiah 8 7 8 9
alan 8 8 8 8
Blue43 8 7 8 7
Christian 9 8 7 8
Diz 8 8 8 7
DJ Full 8 7 9 8
dmdibl 9 8 8 8
Drakan 7 7 6 6
Gerty 8 7 7 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
John 8 7 8 7
Jose 8 8 9 7
manarch2 8 7 6 6
MichaelP 8 7 8 8
misho98 8 7 8 8
Mytly 9 9 8 8
nerdfury 8 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 9 7 7 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 7 8
sonnyd83 10 8 9 8
Soul 10 8 9 8
Steven Svorticher 9 8 8 8
TheStig 9 8 8 8
Torry 9 7 10 10
Xela 8 7 9 8
release date: 18-Jan-2012
# of downloads: 103

average rating: 7.93
review count: 26
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file size: 25.33 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level all takes place in a monastery packed full of tricky platforming challenges and traps, never dull or boring this one as it keeps you constantly on your toes avoiding "yellow snow", boulders, fire, blades, swinging spiked objects and nasty eagles and demon dogs. I thought the task with the moveable block and boulder was very clever and the timed run with the 2 switches and the fire was so tight! but i managed it thank god lol. There is a couple of places where you might get stuck thinking you have to shoot a bell when you dont and also wonder where to go next but most of the time there a fixed camera or an open door nearby. My favourite surprise was the santa turning to satan cutscene before you have to take on the devil himself haha very good!" - John (27-Apr-2022)
"The gameplay aspect was the highlight of this level for me, with such creative, fresh and engaging tasks. My favorite parts were the platforming at the beginning, as well as the multiple-use of a pushblock in a boulder puzzle room. I enjoyed the ambient background loop, as well. I wasn't quite sold on the atmosphere, however; I feel like the story that the builder was trying to tell (and an associated enemy) would be fitting in a different environment; a western Castle, for example. What also contributed negatively to immersion were a number of warped textures, as well as a ghastly looking yellow texture which served as lava. Lighting was done well. Immersion and appearances aside, the gameplay is wonderful. 8/7/7/7." - nerdfury (02-Nov-2020)
"Santa turns to Satan. I had no idea this was an Xmas level but for the 20 minutes I spent here it was some seriously intense raiding. The satanic dogs that spawned back to life were a surprise. Very enjoyable and I only got stuck once because a casual look around simply will not suffice in this level. Nicely done." - Torry (19-Oct-2019)
"Level quite short but difficult, the author places traps difficult to cross or jumps with a low ceiling. The timerun was very difficult to do. For experienced raiders." - Drakan (15-Oct-2019)
"This is a nice, short adventure in a monastery. Some places being dark and gloomy. Many traps to avoid, timed sequences, and some jumps. I started to think that this place couldn't belong to Santa, and I was right. The dogs near the end surprised me, as I thought there were a lot of them, but actually they came back to life. Sounds are well used for every occasion. A nice short snowy level with some christmassy elements thrown in." - alan (06-Oct-2018)
"This was great fun. Admittedly, the aesthetics aren't outstanding and the textures are rather plain, but gameplay really sells this level. A fun timed run, nice slope jump sequences, a target shoot, boss battle and a nice plot twist. A nice little gem lasting around 25 minutes." - Ryan (24-Feb-2017)
"Surely one of the best One level I had a pleasure to play. One that obeys the ancient rule of prologue, main part, climax and epilogue. One that shows the importance of background audio track, and the balance of platforming, exploration, riddles and fight put in their righteous spots. Cannot say much without giving spoilers, because the surprises in this game are many. Unfortunately, I was the one who got stuck with the bell, though I didn't touch it before the author intended, so I had to replay from the beginning. Luckily enough, this is a short level so I returned within five minutes and had no further problems until arguably the best conclusion any ORC ever had - I would say the ending quality matches certain regular-sized projects. I only wished for more shotgun, but I guess the author didn't want me to fight all the enemies and just force me to flee in panic - sir yes, sir! [jumps out of the dog pit]. SUMMARY: Few would handle an ORC of such complexity as good as it was done here. Mman is a really talented builder and it's a pity he rarely releases something, but it's always quite different and memorable when he does. Recommended." - DJ Full (09-Apr-2015)
"here as other levels perhaps focus on the visuals in this one room challenge series, this puts the emphasis back where I really feel it should the gameplay. It's a very pleasing (if occasionally frustrating) affair that takes place in a series of monastery chambers reminiscent of what you might remember from Tomb Raider II. The only bit of gameplay I didn't much like was the in the small maze with the dogs, that you can't kill! Nice flip rooms & touches like the word Santa changing to Satan! All in all I netted just over 24 mins from this one. Probably the best in terms of gameplay I've played on this set so far. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (15-Feb-2014)
"When you've seen as much slock as I have, you'd be able to see the twist in this level coming from a mile away. Still, this level is remarkably intuitive and enjoyable for how short it is. The challenges were decent, but not ridiculously stressful, making them fun to tackle. The atmosphere was adequate for what the author was trying to do; it doesn't really catch the eye, but it works well enough. My only gripe is that the "boss" was put in a very non-boss-like room, with not much space to maneuver. And the dogs and the end were more of an annoyance than an actual threat, as they kept falling down at Lara's feet, blocking the path. A great level overall, especially considering the restrictions of the challenge. Recommended for a nice, somewhat short raiding experience." - Xela (07-Aug-2013)
"This for me was the longest of them all. The looks weren't as pleasing but the gameplay made up for it." - Gerty (25-Apr-2012)
"This raid in the monastery will be very dangerous for Lara. It's a level with many traps, not difficult to play but with some tricky tasks, like the combination of two timed buttons or certain jumps. For me was entertaining, but I had to reload several times though. Enemies are well placed, and I was surprised near the end with the haunted dogs rising again and again. Also the letters moving was a cool surprise. Only the stretched textures give a bad touch to the set. Recommended." - Jose (15-Feb-2012)
"Well this was another great One Room Challenge. The story was different and the monastery looked nice. There were some stretched textures but it is only one room so it is understandable. However, the texturing was good and the lighting was too. I thought the traps from "Santa" in the monastery were nice. I did think it was challenging as well and I loved how the word SANTA rearranged to SATAN. Brilliant! A great level from this series and can't wait to see more levels from this builder. Recommended." - afzalmiah (02-Feb-2012)
"In retrospect, I should have played all four of these ORC levels before reviewing any of them. Now that I've started, however, I'll continue my practice of play and review. The reason is that this second level is vastly superior to the first one, both in terms of playing time (22 minutes) and gameplay. The difference in the quality of the levels (although I enjoyed both) is much greater than the difference in my scores. There's a killer of a timed run, an extensive pillar-jumping exercise, and demon dogs that persist in raising themselves from the dead in cramped quarters. While I was playing I couldn't help thinking that this was very much like the Sacred Emerald levels of recent release. Such a comparison in itself speaks highly of this effort, which I found to be a thoroughly enjoyable raid. The remaining two ORC levels are going to have to be mighty impressive to beat Veiled Monastery. Recommended." - Phil (28-Jan-2012)
"The most challenging level of this series with the most creative gameplay! The run over spikes and timed burners was really fun. My favourite adventure out of this one room-challange!" - Christian (28-Jan-2012)
"This little level has excellent game play and therefore was my favorite from the One Room Challenge series. I wasn't overly crazy about the quality of the texturing and overall looks, but the entertaining game play, interesting story and clever architecture made definitely up for it. Lots of fun with some good jump/slide and shooting sequences. Well done! (22min, 1 secrets found)" - Blue43 (24-Jan-2012)
"The best One Room Challenge level. Very funny gameplay and not always easy. You start from an external room with some slopes and columns to climb; once entered the temple Lara has to find some objects, front a not simple time trial with 2 buttons, jump on columns with spikes and swinging traps, trigger a boulder without getting crushed, shoot to a bell with revolver and lasersight, avoid metal blades, find jumpswitches etc. At a certain point the temple is changing becoming a sort of hell and Lara is going to deal with Satan, a demigod. Finally Lara has to escape along a maze corridor avoiding immortal dogs annoying her. So an excellent gameplay where Lara has to make particolar jumps to reach some ledge. As enemies, we can defeat the demigod more easily thanks to the shotgun and its ammo are counted to kill him; about dogs it seems they die but after a few seconds they awake again. Good setting, music and textures." - Steven Svorticher (24-Jan-2012)
"Clearly the strongest ORC level from a gameplay perspective and hence for me a joint winner of this small competition alongside Alexia's debut level. Here we have a very dense 20 minute raid, packed with modest agility tests, a few sneakily hidden switches, a timed run, that really does not need to be a timed run, a bit of target shooting and little but very effective use of enemies. What the level stands out for most though is a very original plot twist towards the end - very accomplished, especially given the constraints of the competition. The overall look and feel may be slightly below par of some of the other entries, but I did not mind at all. Great little gem of a level!" - MichaelP (22-Jan-2012)
"This is undoubtedly my favourite among this batch of One Room Challenge levels. At first, it doesn't look very promising, especially because of the hideously stretched textures. The deadly greenish snow (?) that covers the floor in the whole level also clashes badly with the brown and red colour scheme of the level.
The jumping challenge outside the monastery is quite nice, but the gameplay really picks up once you get inside. The boulder task for one bauble is fun, but the highlight is the gauntlet of traps and timed run for the other bauble. And then when you place the baubles ... there's the twist, which I won't ruin. Suffice to say that the effect created and the shock it generates is simply excellent. A very cool idea indeed.
Overall: A very enjoyable level - and it's great to see Mman's improvement as a builder from his debut level in the previous ORC. How about something a little longer next time, Mman?" - Mytly (21-Jan-2012)
"A good twenty or so minutes of gameplay squeezes the most out of the 'One Room Challenge'. A Tibetan monastery level, one of my favourites, and plenty of agility, again one of my favourites. The builder has very cleverly made the agility aspects of this level appear far more difficult than they are, which is actually well within the abilities of most players. A few puzzles, I particularly liked the multiple use of the movable block on the slopes. Well lit and structured although there is a slightly bland look to many of the areas. Watch out for the dogs!" - Diz (21-Jan-2012)
"My favorite of the one-room challenge in that it provides good game play, the sort you might expect in a larger level. And it has a clever twist on mounted SANTA letters. Admittedly it starts out with visible stretched textures due to the height of the one room, and has a flaw in that Lara can shoot a bell through metal bars when she isn't supposed to be shooting it. But it was easy enough to replay, as Lara had learned what to do, and replaying is one way to extend the length of short levels. Major changes in a flip room add a lot, when Lara suddenly encounters lava and undying hellhounds. Since shooting them only leads to their resurrection, she can only flee. (One other entry used a flip effect, mostly in one area, but here the flip effect is used to much better advantage.) Lara also uses her skills on jumps, including squeezing by swinging spike bags. All around good fun and recommended." - dmdibl (20-Jan-2012)
"My clear favourite of this year's One Room Challenge - the gameplay is plain fun and challenging whilst not being in too narrow areas. The start contained some trickier jumps and even a boulder chases you on your way. Afterwards you get a message from Santa which tells the main objective and you go on search for two silver balls to eventually shoot the bell, the tasks are brilliant - some jumps across some pillars with spike balls, a timed run over firepillars, a nice boulder puzzle and so on. Maybe the starting area could have looked much better but that's due to the restrictions; else than that the Tibetan texturing was decent enough. And what comes after shooting the bell has to be seen to be believed. This fifteen-minute level gets high recommendations by me." - manarch2 (20-Jan-2012)
"This level is quite ironic with the 'SANTA' sign, as there's nothing christmassy about it! You'll understand the sign towards the end - work of genius in my opinion. You begin with a great number of challenging jumps which resulted in a few reloads of the game. From there you get into the heart of the game, which has a number of very fiendish traps which you must negotiate whilst collecting a couple of balls and pulling switches etc. I particularly enjoyed the rolling ball where you had to move a block to stop something happening. The swinging spiked balls were also a nice touch as you can't just jump straight through them. Once you've shot a bell or two, the game changes quite suddenly, and there's a boss fight - I loved that part! I won't spoil it but it is good. The dogs that come back to life were also good (but difficult as I had run out of medipacks!) Texturing and lighting were about average and the credits and title were really professional. I didn't notice the odd gate mentioned in the readme, and there were no real bugs I could see. There was a crash in the level which was something to do with missing font graphics. All in all, this a thoroughly enjoyable, challenging and fun level, and would advise you to play it!" - sonnyd83 (20-Jan-2012)
"I wasn't too sure about this to begin with;the looks are less appealing than the other three levels in the challenge;and,for the most part,the atmosphere wasn't too convincing...and then you experience the gameplay! It's not that it's brilliant per se; it's that the author has succeeded in packing the level with so many varied and enjoyable moments,and is an object lesson in how to make a superbly entertaining adventure of only 25 minutes net duration.Actually,I was kept absorbed for about an hour(thanks to a sneaky hang-lever);and,it has to be said,experienced some unnecessary aggravation with re- spawning hounds and a somewhat sadistic column-jumping challenge.Nonetheless,the plot twist had me laughing out loud;and the whole displayed a vibrant imagination. Definitely the best of the four levels in the challenge;and a perfect example of how a 25 minute level of great gameplay can be so much better than something relatively uninspired at three times that length." - Orbit Dream (20-Jan-2012)
"I had the honor to test this level and and after having played all the other entries I can finally say, what I expected since I finished it the first time: This is by far the best level in this One Room Challenge! Once again Lara visits Tibet, this time to explore a monastery with the letters "SANTA" on top that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and while this adventure had a rather odd start for me, as it was visually a bit underwhelming (mostly due to the limitations of just one room and resulting stretched textures) it got a whole lot better once Lara entered the monastery both visually and especially in terms of gameplay. There's a good number of timed tasks, jumping sequences and puzzles that should please every raider out there and even if MMAN is an expert player himself he managed to make it both challenging but also doable for the majority of players. All these things should already make you want to play the level yourself, but believe me, when I say that I didn't even mention the best part so that I don't spoil the fun! All in all a very well done must-play level that will keep you entertained for 20-30 minutes." - Soul (19-Jan-2012)
"There are some very good fun agility tests in this level. In fact the whole thing is nicely devised - a bit of a pocket gem. At 22 minutes, it's the longest of the four one room challenge levels and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed getting past swinging spike bags, avoiding boulders and general leaping about in pursuit of bells to shoot. No secrets, but there are a few enemies about, most interesting of whom are the hell hounds in the small maze area - they come back to life after Lara shoots them." - Jay (19-Jan-2012)
"For me this is the second best level from the challenge (after Snow Business). Unlike the others, the gameplay wasn't that simple and some traps were hard to avoid, which was frustrating at times. The end was totally unexpected and original! But I won't spoil it. Recommended!" - misho98 (19-Jan-2012)